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    and... more 67333274_370805276966081_1995486176399932189_n.mp4
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    Mika IG stories 67236211_439054336948527_3414013343551955530_n.mp4 66748523_338682473716979_4892058692943169861_n.mp4
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    I'll send my cat's pics if Mika needs "TINY" cat pic !!
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    So, I had a feeling about that cat photo. It just looked kind of professional to me? So I did a reverse image search, and it's a stock photo! https://www.123rf.com/photo_44052973_persian-cat-in-front-of-white-background.html
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    poor Mika and poor girls but very funny gift thank Mika
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    I can't see her original IG story, but BBC has posted to Twitter.
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    Mika IG story 67170787_2837670046306231_8231779085667835998_n.mp4
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    Hello! How are you all?
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    Hello, my name is Sophie, I live in Canada. I already saw Mika twice in show by the past and it was amazing. 😍 I just see I will be back in Montreal in september! Yahoo! 😃 My phone ring is one of the song of Mika. I love him so much. 😊. And my first language is french so sorry if I do do a lot of mistakes.
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    i can't see a thread for this.... anyone going to this one??? where are my Mika buddies??? 🙈
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    After taking or uploading a pic you'll see some icons on the top right of the story: the second one is square, click there! At this point you'll have a page with many options, one of them is "Gifs", click on that. A search bar will appear, now you will be able to type the word "Mika" and find his gifs
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    FOOD, glorious FOOD ! Looks good enough to . . . EAT!
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    BBQ in the garden - from Instagram Andy!!!!! 1562872503009.mp4
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    @Kumazz no problem he post Always something of his trip on the tour
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    🤩 those are pretty much my emotions related to this show
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    I love your choreography! And I agree with you that we have to move if we want to make the flashmob in each concert
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    Hope Mika posting more TINY's vids and pics when he backs to the Miami home. 😻
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    Yeah, sorry we didn't have time yet to open threads about the NA shows, or add them to the calendar... there'll be a RSVP list on the calendar event once we set it up, I'll add a link to it to your post then. Would love to see you again, but I'll have to pass - maybe next time, I'm still planning to visit California again some day.
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    Story with the beginning 😁 YouCut_20190710_221420316.mp4
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    At least he gave us enough time to save our money for that tour. I don't think it makes much sense to compare ticket prices - if we enjoy ourselves, it'll be worth it, whether it's 45 or 80€.
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    First of Mika's Canadian dates - pre-show chat here Don't forget to RSVP here
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    This thread is for pre-show chat, meet-up arrangements, travel etc Don't forget to RSVP here if you are going:
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    This thread is for pre-show chat about Mika's gig at The Fillmore. Don't forget to RSVP if you are going
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    He's a big scoundrel
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    instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BzyqCcfFjyv/
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    apparently I had zapped the translation ..... a thousand excuses : So I thought ..... and I prepared a choreography. I remind you that I am not a dancer and that it took all the will that I did not even know myself to register. It's simple, but it may be too repetitive. I still integrated the "stages" of Mika's chore. Now you have to improve, modify or propose something else. The first concert is September 13 ...... if we want a "flash mob" identical for all concerts ("spirit of sharing of unity" it would be so much better), it is urgent to make proposals and urgently make a choice for participants to take advantage of the summer to train!
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    @Sophie Rondeau and @Marjolaine to the MFC !!
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    INSTAGRAM works very strange a few days for me... MP4
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    But then ....it means you now see when he is connected and when he is not... right? 😃
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    @Mikasister Oh yes Alba he is a Golden good guy
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    Encima se me ocurrió: capaz lo traen como soporte de Cande Tinelli al Lollapalooza... y dije de dónde saco 9 mil pesos eh????? EH? y así todo el dia... digan que ya estoy de vacas eh
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    no se si no son alentadoras pero como mika viene c este patrón de pensar que méxico es todo latin america y que después de Asia nunca sigue latin america, se me hace que si pueden ser desalentadoras estoy como las chicas de la Logia
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    We thought of lots of names when we were getting a puppy. But when we got him home, none of the names seemed "right" . I think we must have had him for a month before the right name occurred to us. And now I can't imagine him being called anything else. So my advice is, wait until you actually have your girl before you name her
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    I'm so excited to say that after years of wanting a dog that soon my boyfriend and I will be getting a French Spaniel puppy. I have never had a dog before so I'm incredibly happy to have a animal that is truly my own. I've thought of a few names (we are getting a girl) and my boyfriend didn't oppose to Mika as an option LOL, but let's see.
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    I think you are right. The best is to do: - the same flasmob at every concert - at the concert venue (parking, esplanade .....) - before opening the doors to the public That there are only 10 participants or 40 (or more) of them is the same. If the project is realized, it may be necessary, for places where there will be many participants, to inform the concert hall. For this it will be necessary to know the number of participants.
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