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    Ah ah it’s been ready for weeks! But I dont want to be of any bad luck, I know he is superstitious, so I’ll wait for the official announcement
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    Hello from Instagram Story 2108326320912458275179779999.mp4
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    see you Tomorrow bye
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    Zurich is probably the smallest venue in Europe that you can still get tickets for - maybe along with the ones in Spain, I don't know what their capacity is. Utrecht is even smaller, but it's sold out. None of the Italian venues are exactly "intimate" though - they're all about 6000-8000 people (or more), from what I've seen (I haven't looked at all of them though, you'll often find capacity info on Wikipedia or on the venue website). Zurich is about 2500, but it's all standing - it's an industrial hall, not really intimate either. Of the ones in the last week of November I'd probably have chosen Montichiari (and Bologna), if I was able to go to any more gigs.
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    LOOK at her go . . . Cherisse Osei - Simple Minds Live Performance VIC FIRTH - https://youtu.be/gOVi7Nk4akk via @YouTube
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    F3F97CE0-617E-4F20-B0A1-6F8F85B8370C.MOV i think LA is sold out, dont you think? 🤔
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    I've moved Pam's post into the Tour Rumours thread as I think she will get more answers there
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    Hello mods and fellow fans! New to this site so I apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong thread. Thinking of flying to Europe (ideally Italy last week of November) to see Mika live. Just not sure where exactly is the best place to see him. While big concerts are fun and full of energy, I prefer more intimate settings... where the performer isn't just a speck from the distance. Y'all seem to have seen him EVERYWHERE so I'm hoping you have some advice to offer me. Cheers, Pam p.s. Italy is my first choice but please feel free to offer other suggestions within Europe!
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    Can I ask, would this be likely to be a big meet up? Never been to mfc meet up before and I won't really know anyone so a bit hesitant about coming
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    I went to check how many tickets are left and got this ... Does it mean it's sold out??
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    Does it mean that pilot pens is the "sponsor" for the tiny love vidéo ????
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    With the new list of 2019-2020 tour dates, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone to re-read our guidelines/policies on meet & greets with Mika! Thanks!