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    Mika always says he isn´t in the slightest romantic or he is as romantic as a bar stool. I would like to know what he thinks is romantic when he is not....... eating with candle light - not romantic, flowers everywhere - not romantic, sitting in front of a fire place with partner - not romantic, telling the partner how much he is loved in front of hundreds of people - not romantic, writing many love songs for partner - not romantic............ what is being romatic in his eyes????
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    I watched the video and listened to the song without watching 5 or 6 times. And I can say it's not just a song it's the whole world of music! I can hear references to Queen, The Beatles, to the piano of Elton John, even Lighthouse Family and other different music. And on the top of it Mika's music, all his previous songs. This song is marvelous! Lyrics are very beautiful! I can't wait to buy the song and to listen to it in the best quality! I like the song video very much too, it reminds me of Happy Ending and Good Guys.
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    My pass at the lyrics It's not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn't bursting into song in Central Park It's not the outline of your face drawn in the stars It's a still-there-Monday-morning kinda love There's no dramatic declarations in the rain It's not a love that finds its pleasure after pain I couldn't train a bunch of doves to spell your name It's a don't-know-what-they're-missing kind of love Our kind of love, it gets better every day Crazy colors in the grey, our love is a tiny love, it's a tiny love My life was dull, I used to walk in a different way But now I'm dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing Don't care who can see me dancing Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love Aaaaah, Aaaaah, Aaaaah This tiny love has spoken, and bigger hearts get broken Oooooh tiny love So small that you can't find us, the world revolves around us Ooooooh tiny love This kind of love, there can be no other way One kind of love blows the other ones away Sometimes it's tough, others think we're acting strange But it's our kind of love, our kind of love Oooooh, tiny love Oooooh, tiny love My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983 No I'm not losing my mind it's just this thing that you do to me You get me higher on a tiny love You get me high And if it all goes bad, and our love sets like the sun I'd give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one You get me high on our tiny love You get me high on our tiny love It's not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn't bursting into song in Central Park We may be tiny to the world but in our hearts We be giants with our tiny tiny love
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    The pic of his mum could be this one
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    As there's more and more info not related to a certain song but to the album itself, I'm opening a thread where you can share info about the album, chat about what you expect from it, and after its release on October 4, 2019, say what you think about it.
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    I've opened a new thread for talk about the album, so this thread can be kept for talk about Tiny Love.
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    The video should NOT have been released early. Maybe the director naively didn't think anyone would be stalking his Vimeo account, but he really should not have posted it when he did. It's clear Mika intended for it to be released on Friday, as he had just said that very day to look for the video and single out on FRIDAY. It's difficult when something like that leaks early -- we're all fans, we're all excited for the new music and new video, obviously... but still, it would have been nice if there could have been some restraint to honor what Mika intended. I feel sad that all his careful planning and hard work were somewhat spoiled I'm afraid that having viewed it early, a lot of people won't think to watch the video again when it's finally out on YouTube, so I DO hope that everyone watches and rewatches it, and leaves lots of comments for him to read on YouTube and elsewhere. I guess what I'm saying is I hope everyone is as excited and enthusiastic about it tomorrow as they were yesterday.
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    THE CARINA NEBULA taken by Hubble telescope. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/feb/28/hubble-at-25-the-cosmos-at-its-most-breathtaking-in-pictures#img-1 One of the largest regions of star-birth in the galaxy, the Carina Nebula is made up of vast towers of cool hydrogen that are laced with dust and which are rising from the nebula’s wall. This strikingly beautiful image of stellar creation, taken in 2010, reveals the head of a three-light-year-tall pillar of gas and dust that is being eaten away by the brilliant light from nearby bright stars. The pillar is also being pushed apart from within, as infant stars buried deep inside it fire off jets of gas that can be seen streaming from towering peaks like arrows sailing through the air.
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    About Mika being romantic, well it has been a while since he said he isn't. I think it might have been because of the difficulties he had to face by being "different". If you look at his earlier albums, you don't have typical romantic love songs on there, the lyrics are full of sadness, frustration, difficulties. It has changed. He has changed - or rather he has found the confidence to publicly express his romantic feelings without fear of rejection. I think a lot of younger guys claim they're not romantic, because they fear it makes them too vulnerable and soft to admit it.
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    Prepare yourselves . . . >
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    To be honest its probably Mika's best song ever. Just complete from the first second till the end. A lot of varations, changes of voice range (or diapason at all), unpredictable, full of energy, joy and melancholic, poignant at the same time. Masterpiece.
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    I think that now the journalists will no longer say we hear Billy Joel or Queen, or I don't know who ... but we hear MIKA
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    It's like exploring all the sides and emotions of love and life in one song... I don't have the words... it's so good, so great... It's definitely wonderful. I love it so, so much... 😍 And just think there's a second part in the album... It's been a while since I Iiked a song at this level...
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    You guys can listen it on Youtube too
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    I Hear in that song: Billy Joel, Beatles, Queen, and of course, MIKA! I LOVE IT!
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    Deb, I am 100% sure that these few fans who were able to watch the video (it was available only a couple of hours or less) will tomorrow as much excited as these who will see it for the first time. I did not see it circulate in social medias (which would be really not nice for Mika). Good product will stay good product. And this video is so strong that for sure we will rewatch it several times! We will all have a great day tomorrow!!!! Well, in Australia they already have the song.
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    Found it on the Australia Itunes shop! Yes, the tiger is a mystery. i'm counting the hours to midnight to hear tiny love (3 hours left! so much time!)
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    The artwork of the new album! p.s. sorry if it's s a bit out of topic!
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    One girl from Australia on Instagram said that Tiny Love is already available on iTunes in her country (it's already the 16th). So it looks like the song will be released at midnight and the video tomorrow at 5pm (in Europe). We have to check it tonight.
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    Twitter @mikasounds Tiny artwork for Tiny Love, zoom in to see The new single is out tomorrow!
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    What do you mean? That Mika is not romantic? Or you are not romantic?
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    Here are the English subtitles for the second live show 16 - 01 - The Voice 2019 ! - Direct 02 (Saison 08) - MP4 - www.mikawebsite.com.srt 16 - 02 - The Voice 2019 - La suite - Direct 02 - MP4 - www.mikawebsite.com.srt
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    I missed too ...I'll be totally hyper till Friday I so want to hear it Anyway I know it is worth the wait I want it on my phone and listen to it on repeat I know it will be one of my fav
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    Omg, wow...this song...it's so incredibly beautiful, wow...
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    I had to clean my phone to be able to download it but now I'm so happy It's the best song I ever heard It's pure magic Mika I love you even more You're right about the second part @Presci1108
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    So, 2 minutes left until midnight here, let's see where I can find the song then! Amazon, itunes or Spotify? Edit: got it from Amazon! About to listen to it, finally!
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    My name is michael holbrook has 13 track
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    So strange but great way
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    One hour left for me! What do you think about it?
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    I Think so! Just a bit more to wait!
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    Sure ! And reading the lyrics make me think that the song is about his parents or at least his mom
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    It makes sense - if you think of this, every human and every love seems tiny in comparison. On the other hand, in the picture on the right the planets are smaller than the hand. The bird might have a different meaning, but to me it's the feeling I get from the song, as I said, flying like a bird and viewing the world from above. I guess the cover is playing with the different views of what is big and tiny. What I don't get though is the female hand... well, I suppose it's female, at least I haven't seen Andy or Mika wear red nailpolish yet. I haven't seen the video yet, but on the pictures it's also a woman who holds Mika in her arms. I'm curious about the interviews for the Tiny Love promo.
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    Yes, you are right. I was wondering who was wearing pearl neckless His MOM!
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    You can also see his mum and Usa, Uk and Liban flags
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    Oh, and "Pigs can fly" is there (over Mika's right eye - I mean on our right)
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    Don't forget that Mika is full of contradictions... But I think I know what he means when he says he is not a romantic person, I can even relate a bit. For example when I hear a romantic song like Perfect by Ed Sheeran, it sounds so cheesy to me and I can't stand it (sorry for those who are fans... ) or when I see a really cheesy gesture in a romantic movie, I wouldn't enjoy such things in real life at all. But on the other hand sometimes I can appreciate things that are kind of romantic. Not sure if I explained it well but I hope you get my idea...
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    Exactly, Sabine, he is soooo romantic even if he denied it in the past We have terms "Mikasoon", we can have "nonromaticMika" when he does all those beautiful things
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    For someone who is not romantic, I think he has written lyrics that are immensely romantic!
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    . . . . AND it is ASTOUNDING . . .
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    It had happened with Make you Happy as well I remember.
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    I've been to the venue in Bologna several times too, it is actually the biggest event arena in Italy but when you're in you don't feel it at all, it feels much more like an intimate place and you can see very well from every place. In general for this tour most of all the venues in Italy are big arenas with about 6000-8000 up to 18000 (Unipol Arena) people capacity. The more intimate one are probably in other country around Europe as @mellody said.
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    I Don't find it on Youtube..