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    Aha - nice support! Kiesza's grandfather is from Norway, btw... Love, love me
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    In the Instagram live he called him his musical director, therefore I think he will be present in the whole tour 😉
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    I wonder if these photos on the wall we can see closer in the directior's cut version are real Mika's family photos or just a "decoration"... Actually the photos were for me the reason to think that the video tells the story of different generations of Penniman family...
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    YouTube Andrea Bocelli with Mika" Ali Di Liberta" Live From Teatro Del Silenzio, July 25, 2019
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    C'est fou quand mĂȘme. Il y a un an j'ai commencĂ© Ă  discuter avec une fan de Mika sous une vidĂ©o sur YouTube, et le feeling passait bien. Puis il y a quelques mois... On se promenait sur le MFC et on s'est retrouvĂ© ! Le monde est petit.... Allez, plus qu'un peu plus d'un mois avant la sortie de "My name is Michael Holbrook" ! Je ne tiens plus en place !
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    The title Jealousy makes me think about this song, it's my favourite song from her, I hope that I'll enjoy Mika's song at least as much as this one... But I guess it will be more up-beat because Mika described the next single as melodic and catchy.
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    I was just watching again a documentary about making of "Parc des Princes" concert. I think Mika is now in a similar stage where he is preparing a new show and he thinks about every single detail. Just to remind us what is behind a gig and to support Mika even more now BTW - in the documentary they are talking about a "bird" - not mentioning any "wild goose" Fingers scrossed for rehearsals and all peparation for the show.
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    Mika : Summer Playlist Tiny Love Because I'm me All for You This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Up All Night Multi-Love Via con me Kifac inta Couleur Cafe Zealots Carmensita Candela You Need To Calm Down Ice Cream Djadja After The Disco Are You Still Certain ? Preacherman Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, pt.2 Dance To This ( feat. Ariana Grande ) Friends ( feat. Bon Iver ) I'm On Fire Time To Pretend TOOTIMEYOOTIMETOOTIME Accentuete the Positive Youth & Love ( feat. MIKA ) Sit Next To Me Emmenez-moi San Francisco La groupie du pianiste Zina All My Friends Pata Pata
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    I know @Elvaraaa We watch all the interviews but I haven't got a clue either Unless that particular interview is not out yet or else I'm losing my mind on this thing that he does to us