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    I'm answering your question here... I don't think there'll be an additional UK date this year, for several reasons - but Mika will continue his tour in 2020, there'll be dates in the far east, and maybe also some more in Europe / UK. I'm thinking it might depend on the album sales in the UK - I just hope he'll do enough promo there!
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    I don't know when it was recorded but posted on Radio Contact FB page the 1st of September. They asked Mika if he would have turned his chair at the Voice while listening to Maria's song " La luze de la luna". Mika (with eyes closed): What's this? A guitar... I would have turned if it were a sort of "Crazy Frog" or an hamster or a chipmunk wearing a sombrero... Mika opens his eyes. Oh, no. It's a woman. OMG! Is it serious? And this guy hunging out on the beach... he's not even handsome. Hey, is it OK? But.... I like videos recorded on iphones.
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    Mika got interviewed today in Paris. Cant wait to see it 😍
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    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156874609138040&id=6006248039&ref=m_notif&notif_t=notify_me_page
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    Competition! Mika is giving away a pair of tickets to each one of his Revelation Tour 2019 dates in France! Some of the dates you enter HERE and some of the dates are exclusively prizes for members of the Mika Fan Club! See below for the list... Here on Facebook… 18 Nov - Aix-en-Provence, L’Arena du Pays d’Aix 19 Nov - Saint-Étienne, Zenith 15 Dec - Lille, Zenith 17 Dec - Dijon, Zenith 19 Dec - Bordeaux, Arkea Arena 22 Dec - Paris, AccorHotels Arena To be in with a chance of winning, just like this post and comment below who you would bring, and tell us the city of the show you would like to go to (one entrant must be 18+)! The prize is tickets to the show only, you’ll need to make your own travel arrangements… We’ll announce the winners on Wed 11th September! The following dates are exclusively for MFC members, so head to www.mikafanclub.com for details of how to win those. 15 Nov - Pau, Zenith 16 Nov - Toulouse, Zenith 20 Dec - Nantes, Zenith Don’t forget, tickets are still on sale for the tour at www.mikasounds.com. Good luck everyone! MP4
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    Quite a few people looking for London tickets, I'm afraid. And no information about another UK show. Some spares might get offered nearer the date, sometimes people find they can't attend, so keep checking this thread.
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    Hallo Sabine, ich kann dich voll verstehen. Ich ahne dass mir ein grandioses Konzert bevorsteht und habe schon nach Tickets für Paris geschielt. Allerdings strapaziert das doch mein Konto und die Geduld meines Mannes😉. Ich habe das Glück dass mich meine 14jährige Tochter nach Brüssel begleitet und wir Mika gemeinsam anstarren können😂. Sie ist mit "Lollipop" aufgewachsen und mag Mika auch sehr. War spannend als sie die Lyrics von Lollipop begriffen hat🤣. Wie sagte sie...Danke, Mama meine unschuldige Kindheit ist genau JETZT vorbei😂😂😂.
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    Ni idea, imagino igual de irrelevante que Mika cuando agarró XF y The Voice en su momento... Y por la plata ya sabemos que se dejan de lado los principios 😂😂😂😂 #MeEnseñóMika
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    I don't find words to describe what I felt reading this messages exchange between Mika and Ronke ... It makes me cry, it makes me smile... It makes me happy to be Mika fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Next Monday the 9th of September Mika will be a performing on the concert POWER HITS ESTATE 2019 organized by radio RTL 102,5. The concert starts at 20:30. https://www.rtl.it/power-hits-estate/2019/l-evento/?fbclid=IwAR3ciy3o7tITiAizelZQ5X56JXTnk4GbKXLJu7eeGGVptuRlzTK4tToI8Yk RTL 102.5, in collaboration with EarOne, launched the ranking of the first 50 songs played by Italian radio stations that awarded the summer 2019 hit. The first Italian radio network provided a new point of view in terms of appreciation of the songs in the competition on the basis of a double criterion: on the one hand the opinions expressed by its audience, on the other the media exposure of the tracks on the front of the radio . On September 9, 2019, the summer 2019 hit will be announced, the winning song of the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019, during a great live radio show, broadcast live on RTL 102.5, from the Verona Arena. During the evening, in addition to the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019” award, the following awards will be assigned directly by the Fimi, Pmi and Siae associations: - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - Fimi the best-selling Italian single in the period June-July-August (gfk data) - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - PMI to the independent single most played by radio - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 - SIAE award for the most played song in all musical events in Italy - from 24 June to 06 September 2019 - for which the new SIAE music program was compiled online through myBorderò. For the third consecutive year RTL 102.5 organizes " RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate ", the biggest summer music event ! On 09 September 2019, at 8.30 pm, tune in to RTL 102.5 ! Follow the live from the Verona Arena to discover the summer's hit together! They will be with us on stage: ACHILLE LAURO BABY K BENJI & FEDE BOOMDABASH FT. ALESSANDRA AMOROSO CALCUTTA CHARLIE CHARLES WITH DARDUST FT. SPHERE EBBASTA, MAHMOOD, FABRI FIBRA COEZ SWEET BLACK ELISA X CARL BRAVE ELODIE & MARRACASH FABIO ROVAZZI FRED DE PALMA FT. ANA MENA GAZZELLE Ghali GIGI D'ALESSIO Irama J-AX THE VIBRATIONS LEVANTE LEWIS CAPALDI LOREDANA BERTÈ LP MEDUZA FT. GOODBOYS MIKA OneRepublic TAKAGI & KETRA FT. GIUSY FERRERI THE KOLORS THEGIORNALISTI TIROMANCINO AND GREAT GUESTS TO SURPRISE! The summer of 2019 , the winner of the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate” award, will be the song in first place in the combination of two special rankings: that of the 50 songs most broadcast by all Italian radios (the EarOne ranking) , and the approval of the public through the votes expressed on the site rtl.it RTL 102.5 Very Normal People
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    Sooo gut 👍🏻😂😂😂😂😂
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    mir ging es als Teenager so mit Elvis, wobei ich den nie live sah und er auch bald gestorben war und danach dachte ich so etwas passiert mir nie wieder. Aber dann kam Mika und und er hat mich voll erwischt. Mein erstes Konzert in Amsterdam stand ich die ganze Zeit mit offenen Mund da und hab ihn angestarrt und mir war klar, daß ich ihn noch oft sehen werde. Leider zwingt er uns ja immer wieder zu Konzertentzügen......... was sicher gesund für unsere Bankkonten ist.......... Ich werde ihn diesmal in Zürich, Paris, Luxemburg und Strassburg sehen. Ich hoffe er macht nach Strassburg noch weiter und ich kann noch das eine oder andere planen. Zu Asien und USA kann ich mich noch nicht aufraffen, da ich lange Flüge hasse und meinen Mann nicht gar zu lange alleine lassen kann und möchte
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    Hi, welcome on MFC and have a lot of fun here
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    Danke Mellody, die beiden Hotels schaue ich mir morgen an😘. Süchtig bin ich schon jetzt,das habe ich so auch noch nicht erlebt😎😂.
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    Il MFC ha ottenuto diversi biglietti per il prossimo tour di Mika e li metterà a disposizione attraverso un contest. Oggi sono disponibili quelli per la data del 29 gennaio in Lussemburgo. Qui potete trovare tutte le informazioni: In bocca al lupo e crepi il lupo a chi parteciperà!
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    De momento parece que este año no hay Voz.
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    Uuuuuh me hago la misma pregunta??
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    Comments on it. mikainstagram I want take this opportunity to talk about my co-star and collaborator in the Tiny Love video, Ronke (@doughloverdiner). This was a very intense experience for both of us. One that needed total trust. Ronke is a chef and restaurant owner from Brighton. Wiz, the director of the video, had met her a few years ago and when it came to casting she immediately came to mind. For Ronke this video was a leap of faith, one that made her understandably nervous. A few days before the shoot, we spoke over the phone. I was at home making dinner, she was working, making 30 loaves of bread. We hit it off right away. This video would be about difference, love, tenderness, complex relationships and physical beauty. It meant a lot to her to be part of this video. To be chosen for her natural beauty and for it to be celebrated. I respected that enormously and admit that I was carried by it during the whole filming process. She is the star of this video and her generosity made it all possible. Thank you Ronke. Xxx dough_lover_ Mika. I just saw your post. So hard not to cry as I write this. Being chosen by Wiz and then you was something incredible. Things have been tough for me and I’ve been through such a lot. I was struggling with sadness and asked God to give me something, just something. A few days later, I got a text about the video. It seemed unreal and still does. Like a wonderful dream. Mika, you were so kind and generous. You even gave up the chance of any behind the scenes footage of the shoot in order to protect me as I’ve never done anything like this before. You supported me beautifully at every step as did Wiz. He said he wanted to create an inner world inhabited by just these two people with a special love connection. It felt easy. I can’t thank you enough. To be chosen because of how I look is absolutely new to me. My appearance has brought me all kinds of attention. My younger years were often horrible and humiliating on account of the cruelty of others. I’m still repairing the damage. This was like medicine for my soul. The attention is terrifying but I regret nothing and I love this fantastic ‘Tiny Love’ film and feel honoured to have been a part of it. Thank you. Also you have the most beautiful, symmetrical face ever and look amazing all the time which was very annoying!!!!😂 you have such a beautiful heart and a huge talent and deserve every bit of your success and more. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ mikainstagram @dough_lover_ what an open and honest message. Thank am really touched by what you are saying. It is even more powerful that you are writing this knowing that many people you don’t know will be reading. It warms my heart that things like this can happen and restores my faith in what I do. By the way my face is not so symmetrical... I have a broken nose and when I’m tired (which is often) my face swells like a cauliflower. Thanks again Ronke, you are a special person. X
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    Flights and hotel booked! Now I only hope there won't be any complications, only a bit over a week after likely Brexit. What did Mika's team think choosing this date?!
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    Per chi non l'avesse ancora visto, ecco il video ufficiale di Tiny Love!!!! Reputo Tiny Love una delle più dichiarazioni non solo d'amore, ma alla vita. È meravigliosa!
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    Buonasera! Vi ricordo che mancano 9 giorni al compleanno di Mika e al momento risultano solamente 78 MFCers, ad aver contribuito alla raccolta fondi dell'UNHCR in occasione del trentaseiesimo compleanno del BOSS, ma possiamo fare molto di più! Nel caso in cui non lo aveste ancora fatto, questo è il link diretto per poter procedere alla donazione: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mika-fan-club-2019 Forza ragazzi!!!!!
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    È uscito il video ufficiale di Ice Cream, in versione acustica:
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    I was thinking that we could use the different colours for 4 songs we can choose when the album is out (such as red for tiny love if we don't use the balloons). we could buy and distribute them if we meet beforehand or on the doors. They're cheap, easy to use, and small enough to get into the venue in handbags / pockets.
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    therealpeterlindbergh - When we started this instagram account, I had absolutely no idea what interesting things we could do with it. One thing was sure right from the beginning : to avoid words such as “me, myself and I” or “photo by me” I actually totally agree on the importance of self-love and appreciation, but does it necessarily require selfies to reach that goal? So as promised, here is a very private photo of me (by me). Coming next are personal details about us… With affection, Peter https://www.instagram.com/p/BsyHfqMgIU3/
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    😢 MIKA‏Verified account @mikasounds 8h8 hours ago Mor In front of his lens it was ok to be fragile, imperfect, sensual and strong all at the same time. An extraordinary man and talent.