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    I already see a few things that are a little wrong... but it does make me anxious to hear the entire song! Yep, it's tomorrow. I suspect that you'll be able to hear it after midnight in your respective countries! I hope we get the artwork for it tomorrow as well.
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    I can already imagine future contest question: Find x places from Mika's songs: Sanremo, Central Park...
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    "Sanremo" is Full of Joy !! The song delight my days, thanks a million Mika !!
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    At this point of the week, with no announcement, I wasn't expecting it before next Friday at all! What a wonderful surprise!
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    Guys I just read that SANREMO premiere is tomorrow!!! Mika Facebook
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    Sanremo is fifth song of the album
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    Butterfly lounge :))
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    Already in Japan!!! Wooow!! I like it! It sounds different
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    https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mika/sanremo.html "Sanremo" Light brown skin Lips like [?] And words like soda Can I come over? Just let me in I wanna go where The nights are blinding The sun keeps shining If I could I know where I'd be In a little town in Italy Close your eyes, come away with me Tomorrow we will be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours Just the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo To feel like this Is one in a million A suspended moment Can we seal it With a tender kiss Out of a movie Made by Fellini Love that you need me Over there you shine like a star Doesn't even matter who you are Hold my hand and travel far 'Cause your eyes, we'll be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours Just the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo (Sunset in Sanremo) There you can shine like a star There's a place for you whoever you are I know you're tired of the rain But tomorrow we'll be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours Just the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours Just the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo (Sunset in Sanremo)
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    You can listen to a snippet here: https://mora.jp/package/43000006/00602508240867/ ... apparently it's already released in Japan, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for it at midnight your time. From the snippet I'd say it sounds nice, but it won't be among my fave songs on the album. It reminds me of Bill Withers' "Lovely Day" ... which I also think is nice, but not very special. Both this and Sanremo (from what I heard of it so far) are nice light songs for a summer's day. I guess it'll take another 10-12 years for Mika to top Tiny Love (for me).
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    This song is so dreamy! Love it!
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    It also means new music video soon! He got me so curious about the direction they will take, after Tiny Love
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    Le Parisien, interview about leaving The Voice: http://www.leparisien.fr/amp/culture-loisirs/musique/mika-je-ne-pouvais-pas-continuer-the-voice-04-09-2019-8145738.php
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    You are right, Mellody. You have to have a mobile number registered in France. And there are some other conditions to follow. In total 425 lots (850 tickets - 2 places per a lot). 250 lots for new joiners (you have to sign a contract between 27/08 and 24/09) 75 lots for contracts signed befor 27/08 100 lots for "other" participants 5 lots 'Pass VIP" - you can meet Mika befor the concert - it will be tossed between La Poste Mobile customers who wins one of the above lots. (1) Jeu co-organisé par La Poste Telecom et Universal Music France SMP du 27/08 au 24/09/2019 minuit inclus. La participation au jeu est réservée aux particuliers et nécessite de disposer d'une adresse électronique valide, d'un numéro de téléphone en France Métropolitaine, d'un mobile compatible avec OS Android 4.1 ou iOS 9 et leurs versions ultérieures, de télécharger l'application "MUSIC La Poste Mobile" et de s'y connecter (coût d'une connexion internet). Pour les personnes souscrivant un Forfait SIM La Poste Mobile sur la période du jeu, la ligne doit être activée au plsu tard le 24 septembre 2019 inclus pour participer au jeu. Sont à gagner : (i) 425 lots de places pour le concert privé de Mika à La Cigale à Paris le 08/10/2019 répartis de la manière suivante : (a) 250 lots valables pour 2 personnes (soit 500 places) pour toute personne qui souscrit en bureau de poste uniquement, entre le 27/08 et le 24/09/2019 inclus, un Forfait SIM 60Go et sur la même période : qui ouvre un compte Ma French Bank, ou qui souscrit une offre box La Poste Mobile (engagement 12 mois) : (b) 75 lots valables pour 2 personnes (soit 150 places) pour les clients titulaires avant le 27/08/2019 d'un Forfait avec Music La Poste Mobile et pour les personnes qui souscrivent entre le 27/08 et le 24/09/2019 inclus, un Forfait SIM avec Music ou un Forfait + Mobile avec Music (hors Forfait SIM 60Go avec Ma French Bank ou avec une offre box La Poste Mobile); (c) 100 lots valables pour 2 personnes (soit 200 places) pour les autres participants : (ii) 5 lots "Pass VIP" valables pour 2 personnes permettant de rencontrer l'artiste en coulisses avant le concert. Lots attribués après tirage au sort et réservés aux clients de La Poste Mobile ayant préalablement gagné 1 lot de places pour le concert.
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    Sanremo song will come out and we didn't talk about it! Actually he didn't say something about the song or we didn't hear the mellody.. but some ppl says the song is out in Japan
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    I think it's "Lips like Campari" I like this song, I hoped for particular references to Sanremo, one of my favourite place, but it's not very important for the lyrics anyway, it's a light and lovely song, I love the vibe
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    It's out now I bought it, now waiting for music to synch (which might be long, my phone is full with Mika stuff)
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    And on Youtube now: 900'367 entires
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    When I heard it for the first time (the snippet) I thought about slow version of "Center of Gravity" - Mika's voice sounds very similar.
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    Do you guys think there will be a deluxe or special edition of this album? Looking at his other albums he always has more than one version with more tracks.
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    I had wondered about that gig at La Cigale, which had been part of the list on this dubious concertfrance website. It's not on Sept 14, as they wrote, but there seems to be a private gig on Oct 8 at the same place: https://www.lapostemobile.fr/appli-music - if I understand it right, you can only get tickets though if you have a contract with this French mobile provider and install their app.
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    @mikasounds Hey guys, tune-in alert! I’ll be making an appearance on @LateNightSeth Wednesday September 11th at 12:35 / 11:35C! #LNSM
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    Next Monday the 9th of September Mika will be a performing on the concert POWER HITS ESTATE 2019 organized by radio RTL 102,5. The concert starts at 20:30. https://www.rtl.it/power-hits-estate/2019/l-evento/?fbclid=IwAR3ciy3o7tITiAizelZQ5X56JXTnk4GbKXLJu7eeGGVptuRlzTK4tToI8Yk RTL 102.5, in collaboration with EarOne, launched the ranking of the first 50 songs played by Italian radio stations that awarded the summer 2019 hit. The first Italian radio network provided a new point of view in terms of appreciation of the songs in the competition on the basis of a double criterion: on the one hand the opinions expressed by its audience, on the other the media exposure of the tracks on the front of the radio . On September 9, 2019, the summer 2019 hit will be announced, the winning song of the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019, during a great live radio show, broadcast live on RTL 102.5, from the Verona Arena. During the evening, in addition to the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019” award, the following awards will be assigned directly by the Fimi, Pmi and Siae associations: - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - Fimi the best-selling Italian single in the period June-July-August (gfk data) - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - PMI to the independent single most played by radio - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 - SIAE award for the most played song in all musical events in Italy - from 24 June to 06 September 2019 - for which the new SIAE music program was compiled online through myBorderò. For the third consecutive year RTL 102.5 organizes " RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate ", the biggest summer music event ! On 09 September 2019, at 8.30 pm, tune in to RTL 102.5 ! Follow the live from the Verona Arena to discover the summer's hit together! They will be with us on stage: ACHILLE LAURO BABY K BENJI & FEDE BOOMDABASH FT. ALESSANDRA AMOROSO CALCUTTA CHARLIE CHARLES WITH DARDUST FT. SPHERE EBBASTA, MAHMOOD, FABRI FIBRA COEZ SWEET BLACK ELISA X CARL BRAVE ELODIE & MARRACASH FABIO ROVAZZI FRED DE PALMA FT. ANA MENA GAZZELLE Ghali GIGI D'ALESSIO Irama J-AX THE VIBRATIONS LEVANTE LEWIS CAPALDI LOREDANA BERTÈ LP MEDUZA FT. GOODBOYS MIKA OneRepublic TAKAGI & KETRA FT. GIUSY FERRERI THE KOLORS THEGIORNALISTI TIROMANCINO AND GREAT GUESTS TO SURPRISE! The summer of 2019 , the winner of the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate” award, will be the song in first place in the combination of two special rankings: that of the 50 songs most broadcast by all Italian radios (the EarOne ranking) , and the approval of the public through the votes expressed on the site rtl.it RTL 102.5 Very Normal People
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    Les vengo a avisar que capaz mañana sale Sanremo acá xq evidentemente Mika ni enterado 😂😂😂😂 Asi se promociona un álbum 💪💪💪💪
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    Yes but I also have the feeling that deluxe editions aren't a thing anymore as unfortunetaly most people only stream their music... Maybe he will do a special edition later, a repack like the special edition of NPIH.
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    If Ice Cream reminds of Prince and Tiny Love of Beatles, Billy Joel and Queen, Sanremo gives me somehow Phil Collins vibes, idk why...
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    I could only listen to the snipet but Mika's voice is so sweet and tender and it's a beautiful love song like a tender hug and a sweet cuddle Iove it Thank you so much for the snipet @mellody
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    It's "Lips like Campari".
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    If you love it, I am sure I will too Midnight is almost there
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    La Poste Mobile https://www.lapostemobile.fr/appli-music le concert privé de Mika à La Cigale à Paris le 08/10/2019 Téléchargez l'Appli MUSIC La Poste Mobile* pour tenter de gagner vos places !(1) Téléchargez l'Application :
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    Apparently Sanremo is already released in Japan, so we might get it at midnight... so weird that we got no official Tweet or anything about the release date. We're talking about the song here (including a preview snippet from a Japanese site):
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    Biglietti in palio per le date francesi: Buona fortuna a chi parteciperà!
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    I'm answering your question here... I don't think there'll be an additional UK date this year, for several reasons - but Mika will continue his tour in 2020, there'll be dates in the far east, and maybe also some more in Europe / UK. I'm thinking it might depend on the album sales in the UK - I just hope he'll do enough promo there!
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    LIVE streaming http://123tvnow.com/watch/nbc-2/ https://www.plex.tv/ad/watch-nbc-live-stream/
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    "L'Anno che verrà" Casa Mika 2017 : episode-4 ORIGINAL : Lucio Dalla
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    Only seems to be available in Japan so far
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    Where did you get the new song?
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    BFMTV People Photographe des stars, connu pour ses clichés en noir et blanc, Peter Lindbergh est mort à l'âge de 74 ans Caps from the news clip. Photographe des stars, connu pour ses clichés en noir et blanc, Peter Lindbergh est mort à lâge de 74 ans.mp4
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    Instagram imagineformargo_officiel Peter, très cher Peter, Te voilà parti toi aussi rejoindre nos anges, au plus haut dans le ciel. Nous sommes très tristes de ton départ, toi qui as tant apporté à la cause. Nous nous souvenons de ton enthousiasme contagieux lorsque nous t’avons demandé de faire des photos pour les enfants. Tu avais tout de suite accepté, toi le grand photographe de mode internationalement reconnu. Tu nous avais prêté ton immense talent, ouvert ton coeur, ta maison, tes amis de Camargue. Tout pour que les enfants se sentent bien. Avant chaque tournage, tu voulais des photos des enfants, pour les connaitre avant. Avec ta gentillesse légendaire, tu voulais pouvoir les appeler par leur prénom dès le premier moment, qu’ils sentent ton amour pour eux. Tout était magique, magnétique et simple avec toi. Tu nous laisses seuls mais avec ce cadeau incroyable de générosité que sont ces magnifiques photos que tu as prises pour l’association. Aujourd’hui nous pensons très fort à toi, à Petra ton épouse si présente dans notre aventure, à tous tes enfants -Joseph en particulier qui nous a suivi à chaque tournage-, et à toute ton équipe. La famille était le coeur de ta vie. PETER, merci FOREVER ❤. 📸 @therealpeterlindbergh mikainstagram My thoughts go to Peter Lindbergh’s family this morning. I never met anyone else like him. His generosity of spirit, his talent his warmth. When shooting you, he made you feel remarkable. In front of his lens it was ok to be fragile, imperfect, sensual and strong all at the same time. An extraordinary man and talent @therealpeterlindbergh