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    There are a very few words that I'm still not quite sure of here, but this is 99% of this beautiful song. Blue is a feminine color Blue is deep and bold Blue is like no other as sacred as it's old Blue like the ocean's water But your blue when it falls as the rain Blue for your sons not your daughters Blue not for pleasure but pain All this to say that it's okay no matter what life throws at you I will always love the blue in you I don't trust rainbows Made by the sun For a friend of many is a friend of none Coming out of nowhere but quick to end like any other fair-weather friend All this to say that it's okay no matter what life throws at you I will always love the blue in you Green is prettiest for two but not as deep and dark as blue Red like the flame that burns in you but the hottest part of it is blue Yellow beams its joyful power But bite a lemon it tastes sour Why are humans cruel to you your faithful friend, your truthful blue All this to say that it's okay no matter what life throws at you I'll always love the blue in you
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    Just for future reference, remember this: Security ALWAYS says he's not going to come out. Or that he's already left. ALWAYS. So if you really want to see him, you have to wait a while just to make sure! Just... NO! Please Mika, no man bun! LOL!
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    Yes, you're right, he was mistaken the word for sure, because the song was about his smile and he talked about this song only in this French interview. Then some fans started to spread the mistranslated word around on Twitter, and everybody took it as a fact.
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    I am SO excited for the show tomorrow :) I'm bringing my best friend who has never even HEARD Mika. Good idea?
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    Writing the song he was probably lived his dreams To me, I'm not disapointed at all with this song, I like it a looooot! Although I can understand the point of view of the others. I think, the main point whether you like this song or not is your own experiences or just what kind of moode brings you the melody of the song and not necesairly the lyrics.
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    From one of the FB groups I know that a lot of Mika fans won places for this private show!!!! Without having a contract with La Poste Mobile. A part of places has been reserved for "other" - if you only upload the app you can play one a day.
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    Ha ha ha! But in the first song on the album we have: My life was dull I used to walk in a different way But now I'm dancin', dancin', dancin', dancin' Don't care who can see me dancin' What a smile!!!! All his body is smiling - see the final scene of the video
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    So planning a very simple fan action which is to make little paper stars and hearts in all colors and gold and glitter and put them in little bags so everyone who wants to join is and is close to the scene throws them together on the stage when Mika will sing "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars" (Tomorrow)
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    This is a translated text from that French interview posted by @carafon and around 42:30 you can hear he said "sorisier"
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    I am the guest of a winner actually...but keep playing, many people have won in the last days and I hope you will too Good luck
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    I kind of feel that way about Ice Cream as well, its fun but definitely not strong lyrically. I agree about the realness that Tomorrow has, and like I said before about how its very relatable I think that's why its better song than I was expecting it to be when I really analyze it. It's definitely not the best Mika can do, so it's just a little disappointing I guess. See, that's my point. Mika has to be talking about quite recent self here! I assumed this when I heard it for the first time in Brooklyn, his description of the song was along the same lines but more scandalous and daring. I'm sure its in some videos people took and posted. But, honestly Mika talking about the song gets me more excited than the song itself. Mentions about production I think I have to agree with, it seems a little lack-luster.
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    Underwater (with special appearances by my stupid arm) IMG_3753.MOV
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    It's been a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy long time since Mika rocked my world, but he sure did!!! It had been over 4 years since I last saw him perform. At first I wasn't sure if I would still feel the same way, but after the first song, it felt just right! Since I didn't want to queue, I decided to join my friends on the balcony. The view was absolutely perfect and I didn't regret it. When Mika first came on, we got up to dance and someone behind us wasn't happy about that. The guard came over and told us to sit. Within a few minutes, Mika told everyone to "Get the f**k up" ... so we did! We were only following Mika's orders .... 🤣 A few pictures i took and also a video of Lollipop This concert has definitely put me back in a Mika mood. I guess the love was never gone, but it was dormant. For those of you who know me, I don't really enjoy the tv shows he's been doing. But since he's returned to the music, all i can say is.... I"M BACK BABY!!!! Looking forward to the album! I can't wait! Guylaine xx lollipop.mp4
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    JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY ALL OF OUR NEW MEMBERS! Now that we have a nice long list of tour dates coming up, I wanted to let you all know how important it is to us that you let us know if you're going to a gig. Be sure to RSVP for any upcoming shows you're planning to attend. It's nice for us to see who will be at which show, and also the list of attendees comes in handy for any meetings (with or without Mika!) we may want to plan. Visit the Community Calendar, click on the date of the show you're attending, then click on the event link and RSVP to let us know you'll be there! SEE YOU SOON!
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    @nvk Hey! I use Lyft/Uber to get around to and from the airport so I highly recommend using them to get around with your kids. I haven't had any bad experiences in LA using Lyft/Uber so you should be in good hands for the time being Also there's a specific pick up area if you'll be taking Lyft/Uber it should say "Ride Share Pick-Up Area". Lyft/Uber has a flat rate and an option to tip at the end so you'll know how much you're spending and there's a map you can follow on your phone so you'll know how long it'll take to get to where you're going! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    As long as your friend knows people will be standing up and dancing and not sitting in their seats, fine.
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    Finally have gone through my photos and videos -- I've put everything into an album on my Facebook, which everyone should be able to see here: https://www.facebook.com/dcdeb/media_set?set=a.10162285669545321&type=3 I only took one full video this night, of the new song, Blue. I was going to film the opening, but I was enjoying it too much, so stopped after just a few seconds. But I think it captures the excitement and electricity that was in the venue that night quite well.
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    Am I the only one who feels reminded of the cherries in the Tiny Love video by this video? I can't make a connection though.
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    Thanks for that quote - I had forgotten that he said "been with for a very long time". I had hoped the song was about Mika and Andy getting back together rather than about an affair - and I think this quote confirms it.
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    Late to reply, but yes, I think you're right. Light brown skin Lips like Campari And words like soda Can I come over? Just let me in I wanna go where The nights are blinding The sun keeps shining If I could I know where I'd be In a little town in Italy Close your eyes, come away with me Tomorrow we will be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours To the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo To feel like this Is one in a million A suspended moment Can we seal it With a tender kiss Out of a movie Made by Fellini Love that you need me Over there you'll shine like a star Doesn't even matter who you are Hold my hand and we'll travel far Close your eyes and we will be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours To the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo (Sunset in Sanremo) There you can shine like a star There's a place for you whoever you are I know you're tired of the rain But tomorrow we'll be Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours To the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo Sitting by the seaside Drinking up the sunshine You're here so why don't we go Dancing in Sanremo We can be there in a couple of hours To the place with the yellow flowers Somewhere only we know Sunset in Sanremo (Sunset in Sanremo)
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    It's funny because this is exactly how I felt hearing the lyrics of Ice Cream, I can't even listen to it because of that .... instead Tomorrow sounds so real and frank to me, he manage to catch perfectly that feeling that all of us know and lived, and his voice fits so well along with the lyrics But I also get it why it's not everyone's favorite, since we have different tastes and our reactions are biased, mostly on how a song touches us on a personal level ( I suppose ) I know this is my case with Good Wife and Tomorrow, and right now I can't stop listening to the last one.
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    This song is giving me late '80s vibes, really reminds me of Fleetwood Mac. Loving the ever-so-slightly naughty lyrics!
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    I loved this song from the first listening of the live version, and I agree with you, the recorded version it's nice, but it clearly didn't get the best production... it's a shame, because it could have been much much better. Anyway, I really like it and think that this would have been the best choice for the first single and has all the qualities to be played on the radios
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    Well, I was supposed to be at this show, but for personal reasons, I couldn't make it. I was so glad to hear that a long time fan got to use my ticket. He had come a long way and the night before was his very first concert. After the show, Mana (lollipop_monkey) spoke with Mika and he signed this for me
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    These two shows were everything I didn't know I needed. 🥰 I hadn't seen Mika since he played the Adelphi in London in October 2015, and I had almost forgotten how great his shows really are. I try to go to concerts rather frequently, and while a couple of artists have come close, these shows really reminded me that Mika is in a class by himself. I do believe there will be future fans (who probably aren't even born yet) who will discover Mika's music and wish they had a time machine to go back and see him live – if I may employ an overused comparison, much like people of my generation tend to speak about wishing to go back in time and see Queen live. For the first Montreal show I had floor tickets, and ended up near the front on the far right side; the second night I had a seat in the balcony for a different perspective. There was no barrier in this theatre, so the first night we were right up against the stage. This show opens with a cool monologue about love and energy and the Big Bang - I'll probably try to transcribe it at some point, if no one else has already. He then bounds on stage and launches into Ice Cream, which is just killer live and will probably have a place on his setlist for a long time. The Tiny Love Tiny Tour is beauty in its simplicity - there's really no set to speak of, and it seems to be all smaller venues. It's just Mika, the band, and the music. Both nights his voice was in great form, and he seemed genuinely pleased to be back on stage. He's completely re-worked Lollipop – not sure if this version is new for this tour or if he's played it before, but it's jazzy and sassy and shows a spot-on progression/maturity 12 years after LICM. "Mama told me what I should know; too much candy gonna rot your soul. If she loves you let her go, cause love only gets you down. But now I'm 36 years, and all that bulls**t I was told I live my life, and love was found – And mama, it never got me down." The new songs are really, really great. Don't get me wrong, No Place In Heaven is a good album – but I think this new album is going to be several notches above it. Whatever combination of his headspace, his creative process, his collaborators, and any other factors - it all seems to have come together to create a really solid bunch of songs, and that's having only heard a handful of them. Tiny Love is an anthem for the ages. It doesn't really sound like today, it doesn't sound like yesterday... it wouldn't have been amiss in 1982 and I don't think it will sound dated in 2032. It's definitely even better live than the recording - it just weaves from section to section beautifully. Blue is another new one that's really well done, simultaneously powerful and delicate. During this tour he's bathed in blue light as he sings Blue, which then progresses into Underwater, still bathed in blue-ish light. Pretty cool how something as simple as lighting can add so much. He did Elle Me Dit both nights, which was a highlight each time. The vibe in that theatre during that song was just on fire. The crowd was really great both nights - on the floor everyone was super into the music and really enjoying it, but there was little to no pushing and shoving or other ridiculousness. When he went off-mic at the end of Happy Ending, the crowd respectfully quieted down to hear him. (That part is such a treat - if I had at all forgotten how lovely his voice is, that was quite the reminder. 💕). All in all, two really stellar shows. As we sit here on the verge of the My Name Is Michael Holbrook era, I feel like we're about to see some greatness from Mika in the coming year. I'm so glad he's back, and I can't wait to see what's in store.
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    I totally understand why Mika decided to make a live CD and DVD. I love Tomorrow studio version to bits but the live version is a lot more stronger and emotional and I think I love it even more
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    Studio version Did I ever say how much I love him? Thank you Deb Could the missing words be: "catching on"?
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    Well...I haven't posted on MFC for a very long time 😊 but these gigs were so special to me that I just had to...When I heard that he was coming back to Canada and that my Canadian friends were going to be there (the Toronto and Calgary gang going over) I figured that -since I've been to most of his Canadian gigs over the years and see it as my second 'local' gig 😋- I simply had to!!! Any excuse to see the gang and get up to some of our usual shenanigans, and also see the Montreal girls who I haven't seen since 2009! 😄 The two shows were fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Mika was in great form, and especially during the second night I thought that he was in a great mood and had a fun, playful vibe to him. He seemed happy and relaxed. I've noticed this time round that he has grown a lot as a performer and seems so relaxed and comfortable on the stage, it's like he feels a lot better in his own skin and even though he was always great, I found him even better this time. I don't know how to explain it but for me it was a very real and clear feeling. Like he's matured as an artist and performer. I got a standing ticket for the first gig and a balcony front row seat for the second gig, and loved them both even though they were different. The advantage of the first night was that I had a great spot, 3-4th row in the center depending on how the crowd moved, etc, which -with the lack of barrier- meant that I was very close and had a great view of Mika. He came into the crowd for Big Girl as you know and then he was very close again, about 2 people far or so, which was good fun since he was going all out and so was everyone else around him. It was great to see that everyone was really respectful and nobody (that I saw anyway) tried to grab him, etc, which is what I would have feared if I'd known that he was going to do that! He seemed to enjoy his little stint right there in the middle of it all. The gig was absolutely fantastic, but I was a bit annoyed that he didn't do San Remo, since I've loved all the new songs that he's released (a first for me in a few years!!) and I was really looking forward to hearing them live...but the ones he did, I loved. Dear Jealousy is probably my favourite for now, I love the way his voice sounds in that one, but I also really like how he sounds in the San Remo recording which is why I wanted to hear it live. When he left the stage for the last time I kept saying: " He'll be back in a moment, he hasn't done San Remo" but I stood there like a lemming and Mika did not come back out 😅😅 He didn't come out after the gig which was disappointing, as it's been years now since I saw him last and during the last few London shows it was impossible to talk to him, so I was really hoping that he'd come out, but it was not to be. The second night I didn't want to go through the whole queuing/stress of a standing ticket and wanted to have time to spend with my friends during the day so I got a balcony seat, which was front row center so also great views. Of course this time the view was more distant, but as a trade-off his mood seemed sillier and this gave a good chance to see the full picture and watch everything properly without missing out on the details and things going on in the sidelines...which is also nice. The gig was great, he killed the new songs, and once again I was disappointed at the lack of San Remo...but I guess I'll have to wait until next time! I did wish he'd do all the new ones instead of some old ones which I don't particularly care for such as Popular or Lollipop. On a slightly critical note (sorry Mika, it wouldn't be me if I didn't dish it out 😅) I preferred the way he did Happy Ending in the older/earlier days. I'm not that keen on the way he does it now, especially the end, as I preferred the old tune that he followed then..even if this is one of my favourites live! It was nice that he could do the last bit a capella though and that we could hear it, since the venue was so small. I love small venues and simple stripped back shows, they are definitely always my favourite Mika shows! After the second night he did come out and we had the chance to have a little chat, which was lovely as it had been years!!! He said it himself, that he hadn't seen some of us for so long, but that it was 'heartwarming' to see us again and that really made me feel all warm. I think that I'm in fangurl mode again big time after these gigs, hahaha!!! Unbelievable 😜 It was SO lovely to see the Montreal girls again after so long, although they look exactly the same as 10 years ago!!! All in all it was just an amazing few days which I will be revisiting and remembering for a long time now, as we had so much fun and such a great time as always. Until the next time! 😍 I didn't take any photos, and only took a few videos. but here are the ones that I did take: 15 September Happy Ending TOOL Dear Jealousy Stay High 16 Sept Dear Jealousy TOOL
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    Mika posted some photos made by ael.ael.ael. And she is.... Ael Pagny. Do you recognise this name? Florent Pagny's daughter!!!
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    Hi everyone! I'm also interested in a meetup. Grand Central Market sounds good, or maybe the Ace Hotel bar (super convenient)?
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    'Tomorrow' will be out this Friday! 3 songs in time span of 3 weeks...Mika is really spoiling us, not that I'm complaining
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    I wasn’t sure if I was gonna even queue much for this since in the morning I wasn’t feeling great and even pondered asking if someone wanted to trade a balcony seat for my floor ticket and I’d pay them the difference. But I finally got up and started getting ready around 10:30 or so, then my roommate Yang messaged me that the queue wasn’t long yet so I’m like screw it, I’ve gotta go queue or I’ll regret it! The day was lovely and warmer than the day before and I had a fun time with the Mika fans again, including exploring a pharmacy with Naomi and Rose, and walking to get poutine with Stephanie and Mélanie and just generally chatting with folks. Once doors opened Yang got held up getting in so was separated from us then someone pushed in front of her, put otherwise that was the only kerfuffle that I’d heard about. I got a spot front row again just a tad right of his piano. Over the 4 gigs Kiesza had grown on me (her type of music just isn’t what I usually listen to), but now I especially dig Giant In My Heart. During You’re The Best I was filming a little bit and she spotted me, and pointed at me when she sang “you’re the best”. ❤️ Since I’ve more often than not been on the other side of the piano I used this opportunity to take several videos of him playing. Mika opened with Ice Cream again then Dear Jealousy (still the best song ever!). /extreme fangurl mode activated/ He knelt down on center stage during Big Girl and I had a clear view of his cheek and his jaw and his throat from the side and all of a sudden I was really struck by how perfect it is. Like obvs I’ve seen him from the side before (actually I had quite an unhealthy obsession with that region for some years!) but I guess it’s been a while since I focused on that specific detail cuz DAYYYYUMMMMM! Ofc I then took like 20 photos as he sang and not a single one does justice to him! I’m serious, like, how can one side of a face be so so striking?! Ofc, the front part isn’t too bad either 😛 /end extreme fangurl mode/ I didn’t film Lollipop but I hope someone got a good video of him as he was singing & playing piano because he was making funny faces and otherwise being adorable. At first he forgot the lyrics to Popular Song, but quickly recovered. The set list was the same as the night before, yes Elle Me Dit but no Sanremo or Tomorrow. A little girl at the left end of the stage had a sign written in French. He went and looked at it, then went back again later and read some more, then a few different times I saw him doing some dancing or smiling or singing for her and he took the sign and put it in his piano. Could anyone read what it said? During Elle Me Dit he pulled her up on stage. Poor girl seemed a bit nervous and in awe but did great. It was so adorable! I hope someone got a video of the amazing moment for her. He whispered a lot in French at the beginning of Love Today while on the floor. I don’t know what he said but it was sexy af, even before he started humping the floor. I hadn’t yet filmed the finale, Tiny Love/Stay High, so I decided to do that this time, the last time I’ll see him in who knows how long. Of course my phone cut off the video after one & a half “we’re gonna stay HIIIIIIIIIIGH”s cuz it’s memory was too full. Ooh I could’ve smashed my phone right then and there if I hadn’t more important things to do! We gathered outside afterward in the alley at the back hoping he’d come out to greet us all, and there were many! Again I was nervous he wouldn’t come out and even if he did that I’d get caught too far from him and wouldn’t even be able to say thank you to him. But they lined us up along a wall in a much appreciated fashion and all of a sudden he was out! SUCH RELIEF!!! The security told us only autographs, no pictures! I used Yang’s phone to film him signing her NPIH magazine edition (in two places!) but it was so dark all you can see is his hand writing thanks to the security guy’s flashlight, then she filmed me (it was too dark to see I think, but the audio is clear) as I told him that I had nothing for him to sign, just a gift for him. OH MY GOD I WAS SO NERVOUS, I’M SURPRISED AN ACTUAL SENTENCE FORMED! He said thank you, then looked at it and once he saw what it was he seemed so happy and said he didn’t have the book yet and told me thank you again, and I’m like THANK YOU and blurted out can I please have a hug even though I don’t think anyone else had really asked for a hug. When he said yes my brain stopped working but my body took over. I remember his arm around me but I can’t recall feeling myself touching him at all. It took 14 gigs and what like 7 meetings with him to finally work up the nerve to ask him for anything other than his scribble. Afterward my heart was still pounding up in throat. Even tho so many of us were there he stopped for everyone, talking to those who could form words and signing things. It was all very orderly and couldn’t have gone much better. He thanked us all and said some lovely stuff to the group which hopefully someone filmed to share. He really is the best! I know I say that a lot, but yeah. He is magical, enthralling, gorgeous, talented and all that fun stuff, but he’s also just as kind and generous and thoughtful ❤️ Ugh f*ck me, he’s making me a bit mooshy on the plane just thinking about everything.
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    I feel really happy to have been to this kick off date of the MNIMH era! I flew from Rome and I had been told I was being a little fangirling too much 😂 but it was totally worth it of course The atmosphere is quite different from Italian shows, I feel really lucky to be able to see different kind of gigs
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    We are golden Grace Kelly end of the show Sanremo
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    Hallo Sabine und herzlich Willkommen
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    Last year, Mika shared a recommendation on Twitter, for a stand-up on Netflix. I watched it and a part of it was so inspiring to me that I made it a section of my degree thesis. Because of that, it really stuck with me and in November, when we heard the first snippet of Blue, I immediately thought that he could have taken inspiration from that as well. So, after reading this part of the lyrics "Red like the flame that burns in you but the hottest part of it is blue" my feeling (and happiness!) grew stronger and I went back to the thread of the Vanity Fair event to find what I wrote about it. I really wanted to share it here with you all, now that Blue is officially on the album and is touching me so much:
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    Hi Sivan, I respond to your question here in the main thread as for some reason I didn't get an email notification from the Calendar that you posted a question for me there. Anyway, the kids are 12 and 6. Both are excited to go to the show :). I booked a hotel near LAX for now, as we are flying into LA the night before (Friday @ 7 pm), and we have an early morning flight on Sunday @ 8 am, so I believe staying near the airport is our best bet. What do you think? I am not looking forward to going back to LAX late at night (the little one, I am sure, will be exhausted) but it's probably better than going to the airport early in the morning. Or Sunday morning traffic is fine? I just want to make sure I don't miss my flight :). What time should we leave LAX on Saturday afternoon to make it downtown around 5 pm or so? I hope to have time to feed the kids dinner somewhere, so if you have any recommendations for Japanese food (or pizza), I'd be great. Also, if any MFC's are meeting for dinner somewhere, I'd love to join the group and meet everyone in person. Many thanks in advance for your help!
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    Done for London, Paris, Strasbourg Thank you !
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    SOUND OF AN ORCHESTRA (We're talking about this song HERE) You lower your hand clarinet will play Raise it back up And it flies away When you smile violins will soar When you move your legs a timpani will roar I can hear it, I can hear it, I can hear it, I swear All the music you’re provoking, filling up the air It's getting louder This is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are There is a sound for everything you do This is the sound of my love for you Listen to the sound of my love for you You don’t even know everything I hear Every move, every note, every time you’re near If I close my eyes I promise I can see A hundred people playing and it’s just for me I can hear it, I can hear it, I can hear it, I swear All the music you’re provoking, filling up the air It's getting louder This is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are There is a sound for everything you do This is the sound of my love for you Listen to the sound of my love for you Before you even say What I know you’re gonna say There are the sounds I hear Unrolling in my head Comes down really close Hold me like you do Then all the music in my head you’ll hear it too This is the sound of an orchestra I can hear it playin’ everywhere that you are There is a sound for everything you do This is the sound of my love for you Listen to the sound of my love for you
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    Hold me in your arms I'm just a boy like you ?