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    Mika at 1'16 https://www.cadena100.es/eventos/por-ellas/noticias/vuelve-ver-todas-las-entrevistas-photocall-del-cadena-100-por-ellas-20191019_531074
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    Mika IG stories 75442791_446117029345523_7469456436835125187_n.mp4 74087889_1109036292628356_7155814199313274290_n.mp4
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    To review the event: https://www.cadena100.es/amp/videos/mika-blas-canto-james-blunt-concierto-cadena-100-por-ellas-2019-20191019_897711?__twitter_impression=true
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    Jajaja Love u ✨😂 3fbbdaea4aca7c24eca7a9f1ad77c91a.mp4
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    It would be great if he would replace BG with Platform Ballerinas! I'd like to hear any song from NPIH, I hope he adds at least Good Guys to the setlist! Even Last Party or NPIH would be great. My dream is Hurts, Good Wife or All She Wants but that doesn't seem realistic. I also think in French speaking countries he can add a French song as Les Baisers Perdus and in Italy Domani, maybe he will sing part of the song in English and part of it in Italian, like he does with GK in France sometimes.
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    I hope for Platform Ballerinas and Dear Jealousy as well.
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    Mika doesn't just sing. He brings us together. A group of fans at the exit of La Cigale in Paris on October 8. Some of you will recognize yourself
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    Yes @carafonI'm also tired of Lollipop. And totally agree with you @giraffeandy Platform Ballerinas instead BG. As the tour it is to promote the new album, I think he should play most of it. Then a couple of LICM and make a mix of the other albums. But maybe I ask too much and he could spend 4 hours singing. Tired for him but a blink of an eye for us. *Mika if you are reading this, take note*
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    I think it depends on the country, as he said different countries requested different songs as singles. So in London it'd be Sanremo, in Italy Tomorrow / Domani (maybe he'll sing it half English / half Italian, so he won't have to remember all the lyrics ), and yes, in France he'll probably do EMD or BBB. Apart from that, I expect a setlist similar to the NA gigs, with Jealousy, Tiny Love and Ice Cream. I just hope he sings all of Stay High and exchanges Big Girl for Platform Ballerinas, and Popular Song & Lollipop for other songs. Pretty sure he won't sing Popular Song in Europe, so maybe we can hope for one more new song compared to NA, but I guess BG and Lollipop will stay. edit: Lol @giraffeandy it seems we had the same thoughts!
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    Tired of Lollipop as well ……. I think that he has to sing "Relax" because it was probably his greatest hit and I also hope for some songs from NPIH I think that "All she want's" would be perfect with the new songs
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    They are among my favourites so I am totally with you Altough I can only wait for some videos as I won't see him live
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    Good choice. From LICM I'm tired of BG again and again That's sad. I would like to hear No Place In Heaven song and Staring At The Sun Underwater it's a classic as EMD, he sang them last tour And probably he sings LYL in Spain due to the beer ad
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    The singles (Tiny Love, Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Tomorrow, Sanremo) and probably Blue and at least a part of Stay High... Maybe sometimes he will skip one of those songs. I also hope for Platform Ballerinas. From the other albums, I think unfortunately there still will be many songs from LICM (for me, Happy Ending and Love Today would be enough to be honest). I'm a bit afraid there won't be any songs from NPIH and also TBWKTM, probably only WAG has a chance to make the setlist. From TOOL I expect OOL, Underwater and EMD, at least in French speaking countries. The same with BBB, it seems, he likes to sing it live. However, I hope he will surprise us with some songs from the new album he didn't perform live yet.
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    Translation: hey, I'm not really active on the MFC and I don't really know if it's the good place to post it but I have a ticket for the concert because my friend can't finally come so if someone want it let me know ( I sell it at the original price ) If you want to contact me, this is my email adress : mauderobourdouille@gmail.com hope to make someone happy with this ticket
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    Se vi siete persi l'esibizione di Mika di ieri sera a Madrid, (Grace Kelly, Relax ed Ice Cream), potete recuperarla cliccando su questo link: https://www.cadena100.es/amp/videos/mika-blas-canto-james-blunt-concierto-cadena-100-por-ellas-2019-20191019_897711?__twitter_impression=true E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
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    I have to upload again my files. Mika's speech between the songs VID_92300419_113605_388.mp4 VID_92401023_230611_876.mp4
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    That video totally made my day! And yes, it's really amazing that we can see the underwear finally again! Thank you, Mika!
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    Hi! I’m Lucy from a small town in Nebraska. The middle of nowhere United States lol. I love music and art. I love my family and all seven of my cats. Yes my house gets a bit crazy sometimes. My favorite time of the day is early morning before anyone else gets up when I can sit and drink my coffee and watch Mika videos. Yes I’m that person that pays for YouTube just so I can watch Mika without being interrupted by commercials. I’ve been a Mika fan for years. I ran across him on accident one day and fell in love instantly. I know I’m not the average fan but I figure I’m just special that way lol.
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    On zazzle i found that, when you select the country, you can also select “rest of europe”. If you do this i think you can buy for italy
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    I think he will certainly sing Tiny Love at every gig of this tour. And Tomorrow as well. I'd be surprised if he didn't choose these two for sure. Maybe will also sing Sanremo and Stay High. For the others I don't really know... he has to choose from five albums now so the time will be limited.
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    Jajajaja lo amo!! Sigue siendo un niño pequeño!!! ✨😂 3fbbdaea4aca7c24eca7a9f1ad77c91a.mp4
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    "Blissful undrwear" is back!!!!!! My favourite Mika's part of wardrobe
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    Hey hey Catherine contente que tu m’aies écrit 😉 Dommage que tu n’aies pas vu Mika après mais contente que tu l’aies vu en concert : ça fait du bien 👍🏻😉 Moi aussi serais très contente de te revoir 😉 Antoine sera au concert du 22/12 avec Béa (en gradins) et pour Muriel, j’attends confirmation de sa part. Ce n’est pas sûr qu’elle vienne bien que nous ayions déjà les billets en fosse. Je ne sais plus quel âge a ta fille et, si elle n’est pas trop petite, pourquoi pas en fosse... Si Muriel ne vient pas, ma fille de 13 ans la remplacera peut-être. Je l’ai emmenée à plusieurs concerts dont Bercy et le Stade de France (mais toujours en gradins car elle était petite à l’époque et elle est comme maman : elle adore ça 😉 et elle aime Mika aussi) Ce qui m’inquiète avec elle, c’est l’attente pré concert, elle va trouver ça « long » Je vais essayer de convaincre Muriel de venir en bus ou en train car, à l’origine, on devait y aller ensemble mais j’ai décidé de passer plusieurs jours chez mon frère de Paris avec ma mère et mes enfants... du coup, la voiture est complète et nous serons là le vendredi. Béa peut qd même ramener Muriel après le show et si j’ai ma voiture, je peux vous déposer à votre hôtel, comme après le Casino de Paris 😉 Je vois rarement Mika en festivals l’été car il m’est difficile de poser des congés comme je veux à cette période (et oui je bosse dans le tourisme 🤷🏼‍♀️ et c’est chargé niveau clients) Bises à toi ainsi qu’à tous les Mfcers francophones
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    Cherisse interview where she mentions Mika, Nîmes and Shepherd's Bush venue
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    Hello and to MFC I'm happy your love for Mika is back and it's a great time to join as we're all buzy and happy with MNIMH Enjoy yourself with us here
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    I got mine a couple days ago, but the one I had them send to my sister hasn’t gotten to her yet, so don’t give up hope! The email they sent after I submitted my address said it should ship in 7-10 days after the release. I never got an email saying it actually shipped.