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    I can't watch the video from FRANCE 2 site from Japan... https://www.france.tv/france-2/ca-ne-sortira-pas-d-ici/ca-ne-sortira-pas-d-ici-saison-2/1094229-ca-ne-sortira-pas-d-ici.html But their FB is sharing some short clips ( same as Twitter clips )
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    is it worth us printing out a load of signs that say 'we've missed you' for everyone to hold up, like the hearts? we could hold them up at the very beginning of the show, i know I would be able to print off a load
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    I wasn't too much for the "missing" sheets before I saw his instagram video yesterday But I changed my mind now and I think it could be funny to have something connected with that , as I suppose he will remember the video As for the organisation ,I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to have a big banner on the first row instead of many sheets ? Or would it be possible to have the action at the end when he's waving and to try to give the yearbook at the same time ? As it seems that the" hearts action" is going to be successfull , I don't think that we need another action during the show . I had a look at a website where people left comments about the venue and many said that there was not much space to move when it's full .....and I guess it's gonna be full Also we have to keep ideas for the next gigs too…...
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    Thanks. Though I'll be happy if I can get it to him at all, I don't think I'll actually get the chance to "give" it to him in person.
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    I just rang up the venue! Powerbanks are fine 😁
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    And another Italian program. But I can't listen to the whole podcast Should I download a TIMMUSIC app first???? https://www.timmusic.it/playlist/5dc007b649ee6b01409d1004
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    Hey everyone! A friend of mine had an excellent idea to start off the Revelation Tour in an epic way, and I thought I'd post about it here so we MFC members can participate! Here's my friend's message and all the info: I think it's a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to make a change and help our planet! I'm sure Mika will be very proud of us 🥰 Let's show the world Mika fandom power 💪 Have a nice day!
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    Just look out for people with MFC badges in the queue - they will look after you
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    METRO metro.co.uk Mika reflects on ‘social consequences’ for LGBTQ + community in new music video Abigail Gillibrandn Wednesday 6 Nov 2019 3:14 pm Mika is back with a vengeance and has finally dropped his first album in almost five years, which goes by the title: My Name Is Michael Holbrook. And while we’re used to his pop anthems, like Grace Kelly and Lollipop, it seems the 36-year-old has not shied away from taking a political stance with his latest work. Addressing the social consequences for the LGBTQ+ community the star released an eyeopening music video for his single Sanremo – which is inspired by the 1960s. At the start of the four-minute clip, the radio can be heard introducing a new show where they will be putting ‘homosexuality under the microscope’. In a voice-over inspired by an interview from the time, the host talks to a man and asks why he has kept his sexuality a secret. He replies: ‘It’s unavoidable. I am certain my career will suffer. But I can no longer hide it and I hope I can give courage to others.’ Talking about the bold statement to Metro.co.uk, Mika explained why he reflected on the past in his new project. ‘The voice-over is based on a real interview that was recorded in the late 1960s,’ the We Are Golden hitmaker said. ‘It’s a man describing the consequences of his coming out publically, and I think that the LGBTQ community is one that’s getting more and more of a solid voice, there’s just so much more to it.’ He went on: ‘We have to acknowledge the more difficult times of the past in order to empathise with the enormous amount of countries where homosexuality and the LGBTQ community are still massively discriminated against. ‘There are 70 plus countries where homosexuality is illegal and so we’re talking about a very recent past.’ Addressing the video and it’s aesthetic, the star praised the director Wiz who helped him craft the masterpiece. ‘The theme for the video is set in a time when it’s the late 1960s where it wasn’t necessarily illegal, but the social consequences and the intolerance that was permitted,’ Mika said: ‘And as a result it was a disaster. ‘I think it’s also important to talk about that as it wasn’t that long ago – we’re talking about our parents’ childhood and our parents’ adolescence.’ Proud of his work, the musician continued: ‘But we wanted to do it in a poetic and beautiful way. It was inspired by Italian and French films from the 60s. ‘Even though it is politically engaged and has a statement, it is still beautiful and emotional. ‘I love the idea that pop songs that have catchy melodies can be poetic but also have something really important to say or something deep to say. ‘I really like that combination, I think it’s a good one.’ Mika is heading to Europe with his Revelation Tour and will be kicking things off with the sold-out show in Shepherds Bush, London, on Sunday night.
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    I think it would be really nice to print out and hold up sheets with 'we've missed you' on them, just in plain black and white. I think it would be nice to be able to give them to everybody, like the hearts and we can write on the back the fan club website. We can also then hand them out in the queue when we do the hearts. I like the idea as well of holding them up after the first song We will then have two main fan actions which I don't think is too much.
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    Bueno y quiero ver y que lo contéis todo. Fotos, regalos, meets con Mika, absolutamente todo.
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    My friend and I are getting the megabus from Manchester to london so we have plenty of time to cut out hearts (7 hours!😱) well make as many as we can but we cant get to the venue super early so doubt well get to the front of the balcony but ill try
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    Or we could keep it to "We've missed you", print as many as people manage to print, hand them out to whoever would like to hold them up, and print the MFC website on the back. The hearts could also have MFC on the back. It makes it look more official. Could we get some more members from that maybe?? Though I like the idea of representing the international fan base too. I also think you are right that we should not forget to enjoy the show that Mika has prepared for us, it's kinda what we have paid to see 😂
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    I think this is a great idea. I think for Mika to look out on a sea of signs all saying "We've missed you", on the opening song, of the opening gig of his European tour, would be incredibly moving for him. Being in London where his career began, but knowing full well what an amazingly international audience he is playing to, would make it all the more poignant and symbolic. We already know what it means to him that people travel to his gigs. I love this idea. However, the list of "stuff" we are going to have to try to get into the venue is becoming a little daunting??!! 2000 sheets of paper is quite a stack. Though I guess if everyone going to the party on Saturday takes some plus a few more of us, it's only 20 sheets each?? Wish I was going to meet you guys on Saturday. Sorry. But I could come and say hello when I get up to London early afternoon, if you are queuing then. Before we go to check into our hotel and find some food. Were you thinking that these signs would have an instruction on the back like "Please hold up during the first song" ? There was talk of putting a simple instruction on the back of the hearts, are we still doing that?
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    I think most countries will have tree planting/carbon offset charities, for example the UK has the Woodland Trust. They are having a national tree planting day on November 30th
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    Que les parece la idea de armar un grupo de whatsapp? (Si, toda la emoción. Sepan entender(?)😂
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    Btw, we'll be accepting donations in the queue (voluntary, preferably in €), to cover our costs for glowsticks etc.. We'll have nearly 1200 yellow glowing hearts. @Statue_of_Liberty , @Graciosa and me will bring the holders and some glowsticks, @daeni28 , @Tina78 and @mariposa will bring some more glowsticks, which we'll have to attach to a rubber band on the holders in the queue and give them out to the crowd. Any help is appreciated, so please don't hesitate to ask us.
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    i like stay in this forum there are a fantastic people hugs for everybody of this forum by me
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    Me alegro un montón por vosotras y todos los fans Argentinos. Después de tanto tiempo esperando seguro que valdrá la pena. ☺ Yo estoy ya de los nervios. En 7 días lo veo después de tres largos años, que es mucho viviendo en Europa en medio de los dos países donde está un día si y otro también.
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    I love the bubbles idea. I'm sure my friend Carole would add to that on the first balcony. However you could well be right that security won't allow them in. Worth a try though, they are cheap and cheerful 😍
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    50 hearts & one bag of heart "confetti" finished! So it looks like we'll have enough hearts for everyone, with so many MFCers contributing! I'm sure it'll look beautiful, with all those rainbow colours! So, now with the hearts set, is anyone planning anything else for a certain song, that others can take part in if they want? Or is it just general outfit things, like blinking bracelets? Any A4 signs planned? I think for TL we won't need any in addition to the hearts... Also about the heart balloons, I was wondering whether it'd make sense to use them for OOL or Love Today instead, so it's not too much for one song? What do you think?
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    I've moved your post here, as this is the right place to sell or look for tickets.
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    Deb won't be there (see her post on the event discussion), but if you don't have Paypal, it's ok if you bring the money to the party. See you there!
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    Wow! Wonderful! Great job, Emily! Thank you very much for your effort. It will be a great fan action. I have a confirmation from Italy about 200 hears. So for sure we will have much much more than 1'000 hearts to distribute. I would say close to 1'500 . Yeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Hey thanks! I’ve found a ticket! Silver sold hers to me ♥️
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    @Anna Paula I don't think it's a good idea for this show, as it's been sold out for so long -- and you have seen how quickly extra tickets are selling here. If you buy one at the door you run a higher risk of getting ripped off. A Japanese fan is selling a ticket right now in the extra ticket thread -- you may want to try to grab that one!
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    Hello Emily. Thank you for helping us ❤️ Yes, it's a half of A4 sheet. So if you fold it you can cut 2 hearts at the same time.
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    also i found some flower crowns that light up which could be really cool!! Light up flower crowns
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    Not long to go and im so excited!! id love to join in with the heart ballons and paper hearts but because my phone crashed when the tickets launched i only managed to get tier 3 tickets 😓so i dont think ill be seen at all! my friend is coming with me shes a fan but not like us but she would love to do something to join in ive also got a fully sequined jacket which totally reminded me of mika and we've got glitter and uv paint too 😁 id love to do a mfc meet& greet, ive never been to one, my last mika gig i was 13 (tbwktm tour in Belfast) and i dont remember seeing anyone organise one for there but im super awkward so i probably will freak out and not go 😖 but im so excited for this gig, i just hope i can actually see the stage from where i am
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    Wow! Great, @carafon !!!!!! Yes, the small hearts can be useful too, I think. Maybe glue drops could keep them on shirts? So we have now 450 hears ready. I am expecting next 200 hearts to be done this weekend from one fan from Czech Republic. @mellody will prepare 50. So it makes 700. And I am sure this is not the end. I don't have information from Italian fans yet. Hello, if anybody else is preparing hearts, please write it down in this thread. We will know more or less what we can expect. AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR EFFORT, GIRLS!
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    Congratulations! I am so happy when someone is adopting a pet from a shelter and don't buy them from shops, it's the best thing you can do
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    She is such a big cuddler, she always wants to sleep on my head especially. It's making kennel training her a nightmare because she is very needy and has a lot of seperation anxiety, but she is so stinking cute. She's gonna be a very loving animal. Good thing too, because a huge reason we got her was for an emotional support animal for me. I feel quite emotional supported already.
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    Me too. I will post here until forever. I was actually about to post here too because I'm having major anxiety and I need to vent, lol. I am getting my dog today and I'm super excited and nervous at the same time, we are about to leave to pick her up and I can't hardly wait!