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    For everyone in the seats helping with the organization, would it be ok for you to meet around 17:00-17:20 at the Entree Grand Hall? Or would you prefer earlier? Especially those who bring the papers (apart from @carafon who can't be there early, we need to check when she can give me the papers in advance), please let me know what you think. Please check again everyone if this list of who brings what is OK and let me know any changes: @miknikel 500 orange, 500 yellow, 450 light pink, 100 dark pink, without print @carafon 500 orange, with printed instructions @Marie-christine Suire 500 violet, 500 blue, with printed instructions @Farnaz 500 light green, 1000 dark green, without print @Stefania Serafin 500 yellow, 250 light green, with printed instructions @mellody 500 violet, 500 blue, 500 pink, with printed instructions, plus 2700 labels with instructions Thanks everyone, really looking forward to what it will look like in the end! Edit: I've attached the venue map with colours and block numbers, I've printed this 20 times, but if you'd like to print it yourself or take it with you on your phone, here it is: 2019-Paris-rainbow-map.pdf
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    Hi I went to a shop and bought 200 of each color I will be definitely standing in the crowd and hope to join the queue in the afternoon maybe before 2 pm (it depends on my daughter but I will motivate her to go there early if necessary ) I hope I will be able to distribute the coloured papers for the crowd - it will be definitely a mix up of colors because it is too complicated to organize otherwise... Maybe mark my place, try to reach front queue and see people in the front queue before me and tell them what to do... then go back to my place 🤷🏼‍♀️ I did it in London, it worked perfectly 👍🏻 Let’s see... it should be amazing 🤞🏻👌🏻
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    For the moment I am still going standing so, yes, let's try to distribute in random order to, at least, front rows…. Won't have enough for the whole crowd… but OMG the crowd is huge in Bercy 🌈 Thanks @mellody, I have read the thread and the information. Can't guarantee the best but we will try, at least
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    It is interesting to note Nina's remark, @ Mikagig. With the habit she has of following concerts, she described the Dijon concert very well The Burgundian public, which I know well, since I am one of them, is not an audience that is easy to win over. But if we can do it, then it's for good. I was with my daughter last night, we were surrounded by people who came in curious, on their own terms. One even added: oh ! I'm here because someone gave me two places! That's telling you! I tried to struggle to do at least one fan action, but I really felt alone, to be honest a few people around me and in the pit played the game. But we were not numerous enough and too scattered to do anything effective. A little anecdote by the way, with my Mika sweatshirt, people totally thought I was some kind of Mika intelligence agency, and by the way, I thought it was very nice! Thank you, my Sy!!!! Besides, it amused my daughter. But let's get back to the concert itself because it really allowed us to take the measure of Mika's magic. I think I can say that our darling took pleasure in taking up the challenge. I don't know if the people present felt it, but being in the stands I really experienced it. I saw people transform throughout the show. It started with the hands, then the feet, then the buttocks... until it ended up with an entire room dancing and screaming. If I hadn't already been convinced that this guy has something that others don't have, no doubt, that that night, it would have been done In summary, Mika can be particularly proud of this concert, he has conquered the zenith of Dijon
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    I'd say that the left version would be enough, I think it's clear 👍 So looking forward to this huge FA, I can't even imagine how beautiful it'll look like! Hope everyone will follow the instructions and take part in it!!
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    Thanks. I just printed another 688 extra labels (luckily I have a bunch at home, which I never use anyway, so it's good they finally get used! ). At least that way we won't need much Scotch tape.
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    So, I know it was a month ago, but since I only introduced myself here a few days ago, I'm going to post my report of the concert today... I hope nobody gets annoyed that it's so late... 😊 It was my first Mika concert (and my first concert ever, actually 😆) and I was really excited about it 😊 My parents and I had decided to eat before the concert, but while we were walking to the restaurant, we passed in front of the Sala La Riviera and saw all the people already queuing up, so we changed our minds and decided that we would eat later, so we went to queue up as well to be able to get a good place 😂 It was definitely worth it, I think we were in the first 100 people to enter and we were relatively close to the stage, I was really happy about our place! 😊 The show was amazing!! We've had such a great time!! When Mika appeared on stage, I was so happy to see him in real life that I started crying 😭😂 I was crying for half of Ice Cream (the first song he sang) 😂 I loved hearing Tiny Love live, it was so beautiful! I had a lot of fun hearing Tomorrow translated to spanish by a fan 😆 I also loved Origin of Love so much 💕 I actually loved all the songs haha 😊💕 I was really very happily surprised during Big Girl; I knew that Mika would go down in the audience because I had seen some instagram stories, but I thought that he would stay in the middle of the room, and quite close to the stage... and since my parents and I were a bit on the side and not in the very, very close front rows, I thought he would not come near us... But he did!! Omg I was in shock when I saw him walking straight toward me 😂 he passed right in front of me and stopped a bit further to sing the chorus of the song 😃 Happy Ending a capella was very beautiful, even if there were a few annoying people who kept on screaming while they should have kept quiet 😑 some people (including me 😆) went "ssh!" for them to stop making noise 😐 When Mika walked off the stage at the end of the concert, I couldn't believe it was finished already 😢 but I'd had a wonderful time! 😃 I hurried outside to be able to meet him. I had brought a drawing I would have liked him to sign and one I that wanted to give to him... I was happy because I was one of the first people to arrive at the door...... but sadly, I was waiting in front of the wrong door!! 😭😭😭 After a while, the security guard said that Mika had left. But he was saying it very low and with a little smile, as if it was a joke. So I didn't believe it. People started going away, but very slowly, I think that no one wanted to believe that Mika was really gone. Some people asked the security guard if he was REALLY gone. The guard answered "yes", but still with that unconvincing smile... So a lot of people still stayed, and me too, because the people in the crowd who said he was gone could only say that they had seen someone who had seen someone else who had seen Mika leave... I thought they just wanted the most people to leave as possible (especially because after saying that, they still stayed 🤷‍♀️) We were freezing, it was so cold! The crowd diminished slowly... by the end, we were only a little group of 20 people (if one of you reads this, please tell me haha 😊)... we waited next to that door until 1:00 AM... we were like "if we waited until now, we'll wait until that door is closed". So we waited until the security guard closed the door and the big tour bus went away, at 1 o'clock in the morning... And we didn't see Mika 😭😭😭 I was really sad, but still, I was very happy to have seen him on stage and these two hours and a half I spent outside waiting didn't change anything to the fact that I've had a great time and that the concert was so amazing! 😊😊 I just hope I'll be luckier next time, on the 10th of February in Utrecht... 😊 I'll bring my drawings again haha 😆😊
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    Hello sorry, we wont be able to access the venue earlier - even minutes before - to set everything up sorry. Tried my best i’ve been told this was too short of a timing to organize
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    Beh che bello!!! A questo punto salve cause di forza maggiore ci si vede a Padova!!! 👌👍👏👏👏
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    Hello, I have no clue about any streaming or filming action for the moment … but that would be great for people who can't come or had to cancel due to strikes in our crazy country 😉
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    Hello MFCers Wow it’s going to be awesome 👍🏻 Sorry for not having taken part in this fan action but I was very busy with our pompons for Lille, Mika enjoyed them a lot and our doves, too 😉👍🏻 And I have used a lot of ink and coloured papers for our hearts in London. As I am going to Paris by car on thursday for several days with my 3 children and mother and that we will have some luggage, the car boot is already very full 🤷🏼‍♀️ But, maybe I could bring the coloured papers I have still at home to build up some planes in the queue for « standing people » ? I had cut it squared 20cm x 20 cm to built some doves. My son was supposed to built them but he has eventually given up. I think I will do that, even if it is not white in the crowd (as seated people will built up some coloured planes ?) What do you think ?
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    Francos de Spa 2020 https://www.francofolies.be/news-details/mika-confirme-le-vendredi-17-juillet-2020/ Nous avons le plaisir de vous confirmer la venue de MIKA aux Francofolies de Spa 2020 en exclusivité cet été en Belgique ! (Google Translation) We are pleased to confirm the arrival of MIKA at the Spa Francofolies 2020 exclusively this summer in Belgium! Ticket https://www.francofolies.be/tickets/ related article; Soprano et Mika aux Francofolies de Spa en juillet 2020! https://www.rtbf.be/vivacite/article/detail_soprano-et-mika-aux-francofolies-de-spa-en-juillet-2020?id=10365798 Mika et Soprano aux Francos de Spa 2020 ! http://www.vivreici.be/article/detail_mika-et-soprano-aux-francos-de-spa-2020?id=346919
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    I have just passed on a message to ask the girls who have to come to help us to be present if possible between 5:00 and 5:30 pm.
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    It's ok for the orange papers and if I don't have any transportation problems I think I'd be able to be at 5pm at the front door to give you the sheets
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    Thank you Nicole for your report! It's great to know that Mika's magic works on people who came just by curiosity or just because they had free time I hope new fans were born that night
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    I think I can be there around 5:00 p.m. Mélody can I give you my mobile to be able to exchange by text if necessary (I do not speak English .....)
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    I have ordered the vinyl this week as well, I thought I'd be happy with only the cd, but the temptation got too big. Can't wait for it to arrive
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    Hi i like your new profile pic!!!
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    PRESS singingbelle.com [LIVE-REPORT] MIKA au Zénith de Dijon (17.12.19) Pour terminer l’année en beauté, nous nous sommes rendus au concert de Mika à Dijon, dans le cadre du Revelation Tour. Le chanteur et jury de The Voice était venu nous présenter en live et en couleur les titres de son nouvel album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, sorti en octobre dernier. La soirée commence d’abord par un groupe du cru, venu de Caen. DAYSY étaient chargés d’ouvrir les hostilités dès 20 heures. Contents d’être sur une telle scène, les deux acolytes nous livrent une performance douce, mélodique et qui respire la jeunesse. Un guitariste et une chanteuse, c’est tout ce qu’il fallait pour nous faire passer un bon moment avant le très attendu Mika. La voix est propre, le tout est maîtrisé, les gens accrochent et tapent dans leurs mains dès que l’instant s’y prête. DAYSY nous quitteront après une demie heure de set, en encourageant les spectateurs à diffuser un maximum de vidéos du groupe sur les réseaux sociaux. Il est 21 heures pile lorsque les lumières s’éteignent. Le public commence à s’approcher de la scène et à s’impatienter. Soudain, la voix off de Mika se fait entendre. Pour cette tournée, il s’agit de raconter une histoire en présentant les couleurs du spectre lumineux. Drapeaux arc en ciel en fond, Mika entre enfin en scène avec deux nouveaux titres issus de son dernier album : «Ice Cream» et «Dear Jealousy». Le ton est lancé. Tout est coloré, lumineux, l’ambiance est propice aux rêves et on est directement pris dans le tourbillon. Il en faut peu pour monter la température, et Mika, qui danse et se déhanche à merveille, entame la mythique «Relax (Take It Easy) ». On fait alors un bon 9 ans en arrière, pour notre plus grand plaisir. Les fans chantent alors plus fort, et Mika et ses musiciens haussent le son. Une chorégraphie bien ficelée, une voix hors du commun, un charisme époustouflant, Mika n’a pas perdu de son talent et performe encore avec brio. Que ce soit ses nouveaux ou ses anciens morceaux, l’artiste franco-libanais enchaîne les tubes et les fans chantent en choeur chaque phrase. Et lorsque «Big Girl (You are Beautiful)» commence, Mika descend dans la fosse, où il chantera tout le morceau proche de son public. D’ailleurs, le chanteur est plutôt complice avec ses fans, on ressent toujours une certaine proximité, ce qui rend le concert intimiste malgré la grandeur de la salle. «Underwater» retentit, Mika n’est toujours pas épuisé, et ça tombe bien, nous non plus. Les envolées lyriques du chanteur sont tellement bien exécutées qu’on en reste bouche-bée. L’atmosphère se réchauffe encore plus quand Mika commence «Elle Me Dit», une des rares chansons en français. «Lollipop» s’ensuit, suivie de «Happy Ending» où la fin du tire sera chantée a capella. C’est à ce moment précis qu’on se rend compte du talent du bonhomme. Le public, silencieux, admire. On ne peut pas cacher nos émotions plus longtemps, et «Love Today» ne nous laissera même pas le temps de souffler. C’est avec la très accrocheuse «We are golden» que Mika terminera son set, avant de revenir pour un rappel des plus mémorables. «Grace Kelly», le titre qui l’a fait connaître, son premier single, retentit dans un Zénith déjà bouillant. Puis, «Tiny Love» et «Stay High» viendront clôturer le set déjà bien rempli. En plus d’une heure et demie de show, de danse, de transpiration, de jolies paroles bienveillantes, Mika s’éloigne de la scène, nous laissant rêveur. Quel artiste. Quel charisme. Un concert de Mika ne déçoit jamais. On a déjà hâte de le revoir sur nos festivals français. Photos et rédaction : Florentine Pautet Google translator Large ORIGINAL size 11 photos
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    Of course, don’t worry! We can give it a try then I’ll wait for your update @Sweetieval and if necessary my friends and I can buy some coloured sheets, so we have more!
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    Yes, Eriko. It's from Lille. And 4 girls talking about the concert are Louison, Anna, Noushine and Mary. They gave us a huge help in our fan actions. Pompoms and paper doves - they made most of them!! Thank you again, girls ,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Ah, you can see our pompoms. And girls in the interview are the very active fans who made so many pompoms and paper doves!!! Louison, Anna, Noushine and Mary. Thank you once again for your great devotion, girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Ciao Camilla, benvenuta nel MFC e ti assicuro che non sei la sola a soffrire di questa "malattia", a me è successo 4 anni fa, l'ho visto a PD per la prima volta, sono tornata a casa e nel giro di una settimana ho organizzato per andarlo a vedere a Trieste 😅. A Padova ci sarò, magari ci si incontra, ai suoi concerti è bello anche perché hai la possibilità di conoscere dal vivo persone che di solito trovi in ig o Twitter, oltre che vedere lui, l'instancabile Mika e tutto quello che ruota intorno a lui. È uno spettacolo magico!!! con la sola controindicazione che crea dipendenza 😂😂 Buona giornata! 🤗🤗
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    So there's no need to buy more? I think the rainbow in the front row is a very nice idea, but maybe a bit complicated to organize during the last minutes, so maybe holding the papers in casual order would be easier and would involve everyone in the crowd. In my opinion it would look really good, even if they're mixed, it's a way to extend the effect to the whole arena. What do you think?
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    "Platform Balerinas" should always look like this
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    No, it's orange and yellow, just in a certain light it looks red and orange! On the floor during the show it gets clearer:
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    All right 👍🏻 Not sure I will be standing, I am trying to exchange my tickets against seated tickets for my daughter and me at the moment 😉 There is some red on Mika’s rainbow, just no yellow 😉
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    Girls. You are amazing with the organisation of this fan action. I am sure it will look great. And Mika and the audience will appreciate it 👍👍👍👍👍
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    It past so mady days after Barcelona and I can only say I'M JEALOUS I'M JEALOUS OF EVERYONE who can attend a couple of Mika gigs Besides how are you doing this with your jobs and financials!? I miss Mika, miss the the excitement of waiting, I even miss the feeling of being tired after travel and waiting. Every minute is worth it! Wish he performs somewhere closer where I live to not to travel sometimes few days but just to get the train and be there I know I shouldn't complain, I already saw him two times this year and each time I was able to talk to him. Others might not have such luck and I wish them to have such opportunity because it's truly dream come true. Happy to see videos from other gigs, it's fantastic that everyone are sharing their experiences but it's not the same as see him live.
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    Ciao Camilla! Anche io non ho più 20 anni, ma come dice Mika, non siamo vecchie, ma diversamente giovani, per cui... Se verrai a Padova ci vedremo e dato che è quasi SOLD OUT, non sarai da sola, ma in ottima compagnia! PS: Questa è una sana malattia e nessuna di noi intende guarire!
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    Buongiorno a tutti!! Da oggi ci sono anche io 😊 l'attempata Camillina Mikaddicted di brutto... conoscete qualche medicina che possa guarirmi da questa feroce e impietosa malattia?? 😊 Sono stata al concerto a Bologna e mi è piaciuto così tanto che stavo pensando di andare anche a quello di Padova ma le mie amiche non mi supportano.. chi di voi andrà? Buona giornata a tutti! Kami 🌈🌈🌈
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    Quando in un mercatino dell’usato trovi una copia di LICM come nuova a 1.90€😍....anche se ce l’ho già potevo non comprarlo?😍
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    Thanks a million as always for sharing amazing videos ! @Chriss-MikaFan Ice Cream Dear Jealousy Relax Origin Of Love Platform Ballerinas Tiny Love Underwater Paloma Tomorrow Elle Me Dit Lollipop
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    PRESS CPU https://concertphotographers.be/mika-vorst-nationaal-brussel/ Mika @ Vorst Nationaal (14/12/19) 14 pics some pics from the album
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    PRESS Getty images Mika Concert In Madrid https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/search/2/image?events=775437259&family=editorial&sort=newest#license
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    Although people responded very well to this show it was not as good as the one in Barcelona. There were some problems with the sound, especially the keyboard, at times it was too challenging. Mika forgot the lyrics of at least 3 songs and I don't think he was too happy, however as always, he gave it all on stage.HE a cappella was not as beautiful as in Barcelona because some people shouted and there was no silence that was needed. Even so, the crowd was on fire and I think that Mika did like it. He promised to come back before 4 years. He was very grateful to the samples of affection we showed him with our hearts and posters and in the end we kept sweet and good memories of this concert.
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    I liked the Madrid concert much more than the one in London. Mika has interacted a lot with the fans! Some Spanish girls gave me Tomorrow translated into their Language, I stretched out my arm and told him: Mika, you have the longest arm of mine, I more I can't do that, help me! We laughed... When I managed to give it to him and he tried to sing it, their joy was indescribable! He came down in front of me and my friends during Big Girl and it wasn't easy to create the space to let him pass! I raised my hands and told him: See how you do it! He smiled at me. It was an incredible evening and I can't wait to see him and his fantastic band in Italy again! Some pics:
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    Since there is none (yet), I decided to do a little gig report. We arrived from Barcelona at the day of the gig and I ended up getting number 19 which gave me hope for a good spot, yet I was a little worried about front row because this number could be exactly where the border to second row is. However, we had a good time meeting old and new friends and laying in the sun to fight the cold in the shadow. In the contrary to Barcelona where everything was very smooth and the venue-staff were really, really organized, in Madrid we didn't get to see security until only shortly before the doors were opened. There were no barriers at all. They made us line up in rows of three first about twenty minutes before doors. 15 minutes later they decided they'd prefer lines of two. Add those to the non-existing barriers and the fact that there was no special area for handicapped guests you can guess how the doors were. No wonder the person with number four on their hand ended up in second row, just like us. Having travelled and toured for some days now it got me really frustrated. I partly blame that on my lack of sleep and my upcoming cold as well. The DJ this time was really good, she even got me up to sing and dance along. The majority of the audience seemed to enjoy the little party until finally the intro with Mika's voice started. The crowd was on fire from the first second. But at least in my area no one from the back was being pushy at all which I found really amazing. People just sang along, danced and had fun. Mika was in a good mood, though I could notice that tiredness had kicked in for him as well. I even noticed him coughing one or two times and immediately worried I could have shared my cold with him. But since we hadn't cuddled up and I even muted during the m&g in Barcelona, I guess I'm not the one to blame here. However, he obviously enjoyed being the great entertainer that he is. There still was zero decorations and even though I'm really looking forward to seeing the full show he always prooves that he doesn't need any props, special effects or confetti. My guess is that not a single person in the audience had the feeling that something was missing. He sang Live your Life again and skipped Sanremo just like he had done in Barcelona. I think the setlist must have been the same for both Spanish gigs. But there was one small and important difference: Becks (What's your MFC-name, girl? ❤️) had prepared Spanish lyrics for Tomorrow. She had given them to a band member before the gig, but it seemed like they hadn't been forwarded to Mika. When he started Tomorrow Becks tried to give them to him but he refused more than once. I tried to convince her to throw the paper on stage, but Becks didn't and did look unhappy. The song ended, lights went off. And then we heard Mika saying 'okay, so give me that thing', coming to Becks' direction. Someone was over the moon while Mika tried to sind (he mostly read) those lyrics. The audience was really happy about his attempt to speak-sing in Spanish. During Big Girl he came to the audience and decided to enter exactly between us. We had a big plastic bag full of coats that I tried to put away once I realised what was about to happen. I have no idea where I had that stupid bag, but suddenly there was space and Mika stepped on my foot. It didn't hurt at all, I think he noticed and put his weight on the other side, but it was kinda funny This time a security guy followed him through the crowd. But I must say the award of going over barriers and through the crowds cleary goes to Mika. The security guy was not half as elegant. Happy Ending was as always really good and rather touching since quite a few people around me had to think of the last Madrid-gig that we got to share with David. I think it was his last Mika-gig. So there were some tears and it was a bit strange to get back into party mood afterwards. to everyone around David! When Mika eventually left the stage I noticed how people couldn't believe that the gig was over already. It's exactly the feeling I had after all three gigs of this tour. I wonder if the set is actually short if it's just the good time we have? Afterwards we played the guess-the-door-game and some of us got it right, me being one of them. He used a different door to leave than where he had entered. But we could remember form the last time. The way to his car was about five metres long and there were four securities. Now that was impressive! Mika didn't spend much time with the few fans, he signed maybe five things and took two pictures. He was friendly, but you could notice that he wanted to leave. The driver seemed to be really smart because they avoided the actual road where the majority of fans waited and used the space behind the truck and tourbus to get to the street instead. After Mika had left we told the waiting crowd and I even showed some of them a bad-quality-picture I had just took of Mika leaving. But most of them still didn't believe us. Now I know how security staff must feel when they try to convince fans that stars have already left. Oh well, I hope they didn't wait too long afterwards and decided to curl up in the warmth somewhere. Our night ended at the local Burger King where I had to say good bye to @RAK1 and Becks (I stil don't know your name on here, woman!). Thank you both and all the other lovely people for the really cool day we had and for cheering me up when entering the venue Now real life is calling, but luckily I can get back into the Mikaworld in a bit over a week again. I'm already looking forward to that. I'm undecided what the best way of sharing photos these day is. So far I upload some of them over at Instagram where you can find me under @saslib. Not sure if it's possible to insert them here somehow or if I should make another upload? Ideas welcome!
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    Bonjour MFCers! Le moment que nous avons tant attendu est enfin arrivé! Nous avons maintenant plusieurs dates de concerts et de festivals. MIKA, MIKA, MIKA est partout (ou Presque) ! Et avec chaque nouvelle date annoncée, nous recevons de plus en plus de questions et de demandes pour rencontrer Mika… Comment puis-je le rencontrer? Quand puis-je le rencontrer? Etc.. etc… Plutôt que de répondre individuellement, nous avons pensé écrire une réponse générale qui servira de référence pour tous. Premièrement, nous devons définir le terme “Meet & Greet”. Plusieurs d’entre nous utilisons ce terme à chaque fois que Mika rencontre et parle à ses fans à la sortie d’un spectacle ou d’un festival. Mais ce n’est pas ce que signifie un “meet & greet” pour le MFC. Quand nous parlons de “MFC Meet & Greet”, nous faisons référence à une rencontre avec Mika, organisée seulement pour les membres du MFC, dans un endroit éloigné de la foule et à l'abri des intempéries. Les “Meet and Greet” du MFC ne sont jamais garantis. Ils doivent être considéré comme un privilège et non pas comme un événement courant. En considérant cette information, voici les réponses aux questions qui nous sont le plus souvent demandées pour rencontrer Mika : Q: Comment puis-je rencontrer Mika? R: La meilleure façon de rencontrer Mika est d'attendre après un spectacle (concerts et festivals). Parfois, en sortant, Mika s’arrête et parle avec les fans pendant quelques minutes. Cela nécessite généralement d'attendre une heure ou plus après le spectacle, car Mika a des engagements professionnels, rencontrer des membres de sa famille, des amis et des personnalités de marque. Il donne parfois des interviews, fait de la promotion, etc. Quand Mika sort pour saluer ses fans, il traverse l'entrée réservée aux artistes. Il parle aux fans, il signe des autographes, mais en général, ne s'arrête pas pour prendre des photos. Il se peut également que vous ayez la chance de rencontrer Mika lors d’un “Meet & Greet” organisé par le MFC. Q: Je serai présent(e) à un spectacle prochainement. Il y aura un MFC “Meet & Greet” après? R: Nous ne savons pas à l'avance s’il y aura un “Meet & Greet”. Les “Meet & Greet” pour les MFCers sont à la discrétion de Mika et de son équipe. De nombreux facteurs entrent en compte et peuvent changer avant et même après le spectacle. Des facteurs tels que la santé de Mika, des obligations professionelles, s’il y a un espace approprié pour nous recevoir, ainsi que le personnel nécessaire. Ceci varie d’une place à l’autre, d’une fois à l’autre et peut déterminer la possibilité d’une rencontre. Q: S’il ya un “Meet & Greet” du MFC, comment puis-je en faire partie? R: Afin d'être admissible à un “Meet & Greet” du MFC, vous devez: 1. Etre un membre enregistré et actif du MFC. 2. Confirmer votre présence (RSVP) sur le calendrier du MFC ICI L’admissibilité à un “Meet & Greet” ne garantit pas votre participation. Quand il y a “Meet & Greet” du MFC, nous faisons de notre mieux pour inclure tous les membres admissibles qui assistent au spectacle, mais cela n’est pas toujours possible. Des circonstances hors de notre contrôle (espace restreint, difficulté à réunir tous les membres de la liste RSVP à cause d’une décision dernière minute etc.) peuvent, malheureusement, faire en sorte qu’un membre ne soit pas inclus. Q: Puis-je amener un invité à un “Meet & Greet” du MFC? R: La personne qui vous accompagne, doit également satisfaire les exigences d'admissibilité pour participer au “Meet & Greet”, sinon il ne sera pas en mesure d'assister. Une dernière remarque: Si vous avez la chance de participer à un "Meet & Greet" et de rencontrer Mika, il est important d'avoir un comportement approprié : ne pas pousser, ne pas crier, ne pas l'agriper. Une fois que vous avez obtenu votre autographe ou votre moment avec Mika, laissez votre place à un autre fan et ne le suivez pas. Ceci va permettre à d'autres fans d'avoir aussi l'occasion de lui parler. Ce comportement est exigé et appliqué du mieux qu'on peut, pendant les "Meet & Greet" du MFC. Mika reste plus longtemps quand les fans se comportent de manière civilisée. Le mauvais comportement des fans peut faire en sorte que Mika parte rapidement ou qu'il ne sorte pas du tout. Nous espérons que ceci vous aidera à mieux comprendre le fonctionnement des "Meet & Greet" du MFC et comment vous pouvez rencontrer Mika. N'oubliez pas de vous amusez pendant les spectacles et de nous faire part de votre expérience... que vous ayez rencontrer Mika... ou pas!