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    Ciao a tutti e tanti auguri per un felice anno nuovo! Apro il nuovo thread italiano per tutti coloro che in questo 2020, che già si prospetta ricco di tante cose belle, avranno voglia di scambiare due chiacchiere o di condividere esperienze utilizzando questa lingua! Buon divertimento __________________ Italian Thread 2019
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    Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope that 2020 brings us a lot of health, good things and offcourse; a lot of Mika!
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    Happy New Year 2020 from Mika! StorySaver_mikainstagram_76701683_2469236483391068_8223484943883933617_n.mp4
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    Buongiorno e ancora tantissimi auguri di buon anno a tutti! Nuovo anno, nuovo Thread e tantissime pagine bianche da riempire... e non sarà difficile farlo, perché il 2020, per noi MFCers, si prospetta pazzesco!
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    Yuppiiiii!!! Buon anno gente 😍
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    Buon Anno a tutti!! Abbiamo un nuovo thread per il 2020 fresco fresco!! Eccolo:
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    New year, new thread! 🎉 Let's gather here Italian news & press 🇮🇹 Italian Press 2019
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    It's the first day of a New Year. I am watching videos from 2019. My first Mika concerts, meetings with fans from France and other countries... Only good memories... "Tiny Love" in Paris a la Cigale... Crazy dancing to "Love Today"... London - "Tiny Love" with Ronke "Popular song" in London Lille "Paloma" with our doves...
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    Buon anno a voi tutte Mikafan🍾🥂💫✨💖😘
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MIKA!!! also me with pijiamas and tv!!! my dear mika love you i hope to see you again
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    Buon Anno!!! a tutte noi un altro anno Mikoso insieme yuppi!!!
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    Buongiorno e buon Anno a tutte noi Mikafan.... Lo scorso anno sono stata un po' latitante lo ammetto ma mi sono promessa qst anno di essere più presente... Con tutti gli avvenimenti che ci saranno le occasioni di incontro e scambio non mancheranno sicuro.... Io anzi sto già facendo il conto alla rovescia per la data di Padova.. E voi?? Un grande abbraccio virtuale ❤️
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    Buon anno a tutti!!!! 🍾🥂😘😘😘
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    Il 2019 è stato un anno incredibile, ma il 2020 non sarà da meno... Tantissimi auguri MFCers!!!!
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    Hello! My name is Freja and I currently live in the UK. I've been a fan of Mika since 2007, and I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to work my way over to here but I'm happy to have eventually signed up as I used to love forum communities. I've had a look around for a few days and figured it was time I said hi 😊 I'm really excited to interact with more fans and I look forward to getting to know you all!
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    New thread for Italian Press 2020 is HERE:
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    Ma certo, gli appuntamenti non mancheranno! Ci sono già tante date estive, 7 in Francia e 1 in Belgio, la trattativa in corso per l'Umbria Jazz di Perugia e chissà quante, che ancora non sappiamo! Più quelle extraeuropee...
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    Che bello non vedo l'ora! Ma poi ci si darà appuntamento da qualche parte vero? Se riesco a venire io sarò sola soletta (che poi come si fa ad esser soli in mezzo a 3mila persone hehehe) 😍😜👏🎊
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    Manca un mese esatto e non vedo l'ora di rivedere Mika e la sua meravigliosa band sul palco!
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    Buon Annooooo❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳
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    Magari Paoletta! Max, oltre ad essere un ottimo musicista ed avere una bellissima voce, è un bravo ragazzo, molto simpatico e che non se la tira per niente. 😊
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    I'm Anneli from Estonia and i'm 22 years old. And i'm a Mikaholic. It all beginned actually few days back after Mika's concert at Tallinn. Before that I liked some of his songs but i wasn't really a fan. But after that concert.. I totally fell in love. I got so much energy of his concert that i danced on the parking lot later. My friends all looked me like I was a crazy person. They were tired but i could dance all night long. So at home i started to read and watch videos about him. I did it all night.. Slept maybe few hours that night.(and other nights too) I even made a twitter account so i could follow him. I read all his tweets too. Also i have watched his soundblog, almost done with it. Hm, what else. I sent some of my pics of the concert to Mika and two pics are now in his facebook. I think you have seen them. But thats me: That is it .. for now.
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    Hahaha io intendevo x vedersi prima del concerto di Padova 😛
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    Oh yeah it's very teasing! I'm jealous, jealous
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    Süvarilerime konuyu anlattım onlar mesaj atacaklar ben daha atamadım ne yazsam bilemiyorum bir de sınav haftamdayım yarın muhtemelen hazırlayıp atarım
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    Mika'nın bu tatili son şansımız arkadaşlar!!
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    I gonna Stay High 4ever🍻 chears
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    Hi Pedro and welcome to the MFC. Sadly I don't think Mika will give you a ticket, however nicely you ask But there might be competitions, both here and on Mika's Facebook page, where you might be able to win a ticket.
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    Oh right then I can buy 90 of them if I find it on the french website 😉
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    AUDIO Broadcast on Monday October 28, 2019 Duration: 6min France Bleu 🔊 MP3 ( 5.6 MB ) 2019.10.28 France Bleu_Pop Story_Relax, cette semaine c'est Mika.mp3 POP STORY Relax, cette semaine c'est Mika Atelier de création Grand-Est A l’occasion de la sortie du nouvel album de Mika « My name is Michael Holbrook » mais appelez moi Mika, Pop Story consacre une semaine à ce garçon adulé pour sa pop lascive et ses ambiances multicolores. Un nouvel album dans lequel le juré de The Voice promet de se livrer un peu plus, sur sa vie, sa famille, en commençant par son véritable patronyme : Michael Holbrook... Mika « Take it easy » C’est après le succès de sa chanson « Grace Kelly » que l’on découvre la mélodie très accrocheuse de « Relax Take it Easy » dont Mika ne laissera le soin à personne d’en faire cette version acoustique et dépouillée. Le groupe The Tone, quant à lui, s’est chargé de proposer à son public de fans langoureux et accrocs à la musique lounge un « Relax » très aérien... The Tone « Relax » Pour les oreilles affutées, « Relax take it easy » est très inspirée de « Died in your arms » du groupe Cutting Crew et de « Spacer » un monument du disco sorti à l’époque où notre Sheila nationale bousculait le Top 40 anglais avec ses potes de B Devotion... Mais Mika, musicien aux influences multiples, ne s’est jamais caché d’avoir picoré dans les tubes de son enfance pour écrire ses chansons. Alligazer « Relax » En mode « je fais du rock dans mon garage avec mes potes » le groupe Alligazer a pas mal enfumé la toile avec sa version de « Relax »... Un « Relax take it easy » dont l’origine, suivant les versions viendrait de : Petit un : D’un séjour en Chine durant lequel un ami de sa sœur ne cessait de ponctuer ses phrases de ce fameux « Relax take it easy » et petit deux : Lors des attentats de Londres en 2005, Mika et les passagers d’une rame de métro ont été sommés de descendre sous la consigne des agents de sécurité : « Relax, Take it easy ». Google translator
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    So my daughter and me are going to this one 😄
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    @mellody I think that it isn't worth it torturing yourself because whatever the reasons are there's nothing that you (we) can do Imo the only question is if you still enjoy going to gigs anyway . If the answer is yes ,well ,just keep going ,enjoy the moment and who knows you may have a good surprise the day you'll not expect it As this tour is not like any other before I just feel that we are very lucky he didn't have to cancel any gig so far, whatever for personal illness or more dramatic reasons...🙏 Have a good night every one ,see you in 2020 …….with or without M&G
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    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany. Yes Mika is very addictive and only few people can get healed but would we want to?
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    As some of you already said, it's not part of his work going out of a gig and sharing a moment with his fans, though it was really nice of him doing so. I also have mixed feelings and many theories about this change The "preserve the voice and the health" thing is a good thing imo, but I don't think it's the (at least only) reason. And I understand the "no more gifts", and that way he also reduce the occasions but, again, I don't think that's the reason. The first thought is that is "not fair" to those who can barely attend one gig and can't afford travelling or going to more than one show. I was afraid that he was not stopping after gigs only in some specific places, due to the behaviours and bad reputation of some fans, and that would have been even worse. But at the same time if in my sole occasion to see him after a show there would be a screaming and a non-respecting crowd and he'd leave for this, I'd be very disappointed. So maybe one of the reason can be that: he had spoiled his fans in all those years, so after every gig the crowd that wait for him grew and became wilder and wilder; maybe this is a way to reduce it (if is not sure that he'll stop, maybe those who are there but more interested in a trophy than in the person would leave). He also said that this album is very personal and his emotional involvemet during the show leaves him drained; I think that if you add some touching fan action, he is more than vulnerable at the end. Plus, many fans that attend many shows sort of know him, so maybe now that he is talking about his familiar situation and have this huge emotional challenge to face, he eventually want to avoid personal questions, such as "How's you mother going?" "Hope she'll be well soon". Even if they are kind questions, maybe he's not prepared to face them multiplied for each fan at each gig.
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    i found a bunch more pix from this photoshoot on getty images https://www.gettyimages.dk/photos/mika?events=775437006&family=editorial&phrase=mika&sort=newest#license here's my faves ❤️
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    Mika must come to İstanbul Turkey for the third time. i love mika so much and i enjoy his music very much. What can i do for this magical concert
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    Devi cliccare sul simbolo delle emoticons e ti appariranno sia quelle del tuo cellulare e cioè fisse, che quelle del sito, ossia in movimento.
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    The flasmob will not be done, it's too complicated ..... But there are some very simple things that are very pretty ...... in London the Fans made enlightened hearts with mobile phones, there were neon bracelets, paper planes ..... we can redo already seen, even if it's already seen it's nice !!!!
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    I especially like the part where the interviewer calls him Miki 😁