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    We missed this article. Instinct https://instinctmagazine.com/mika-takes-us-away-with-a-hedonistic-trip-to-sanremo/ Mika Takes Us Away With A Hedonistic Trip To “Sanremo” November 7, 2019 Global pop superstar MIKA has returned to the music scene with his critically acclaimed fifth studio album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”. One of the songs he has released is easy, breezy, beautiful “Sanremo”, a bubbly journey through hedonistic joy and finding that magical place with a lover filled with freedom and happiness. In a complete juxtaposition, the accompanying video is a stark commentary on the plight of LGBTQ people in recent history straight up until today. Homosexuality is still criminalized in over seventy countries, some in which it is punishable by death. Set in a black and white fantasy world somewhere in 1950s Italy, Mika’s character says goodbye to his wife and kids in the morning. After a solo dancing scene in his apartment, he then sets off nervously and cautiously to find male love in the shadows while avoiding the gaze of clergymen and policemen alike for fear of being found out. Hints of “Querelle”, Jean Genet’s homoerotic novel come to life, are in obvious homage as he stumbles upon a somewhat netherworld of androgynous characters and eager seamen. One could also say there are little nods to Madonna’s 1990 Jean Baptiste Mondino directed clip for “Justify My Love” as she too discovered a world where her fantasies came to life without fear of judgment. The dreamy wonderland escape in which the song creates is quickly broken as the video ends as he is stopped by a police officer. The encounter is accompanied by an audio clip from an Italian politician warning about firing anyone who is homosexual working for his administration. This creative embargo really speaks to the current political climate and reminds us how not so long ago, being homosexual was completely socially unacceptable reminding us that the plight of the LGBTQ community is still strong.
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    Someone is very bored at this quarantine Oh and there's missing one more good evening... in Polish - Dobry wieczór!
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    M: I'm a knight, woman! W: Oh really? So where's your white horse? M: ... W: ...
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    It's very likely that Mika got drunk and after a while realized what kind of video he posted
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    PrimerBeat Producción 6 hrs · Cierra los ojos y escúchalo... el próximo 30 de julio lo disfrutaremos juntos! Close your eyes and listen to it ... next July 30 we will enjoy it together! I hope so
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    Here's something Mika related to make you feel better - Lola
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    Mara Venier ha appena detto su RaiUno che nella replica di Domenica In di oggi pomeriggio, ci saranno Mika e Gianna Nannini! 🔝🌈❤ #iorestocasa #tuttoandràbene
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    hi guys stay high!!! andra tutto bene!!!
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    1 I went to hell last night. I dreamt that I lost something ! 2 I had to check 3 I counted it all 4 Phew ! Everything was in place 5 I went back to sleep relaxed Thanks Zlata for the pictures.
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    Hi all! Wanted you all to know that we are looking at ways to improve the Mika Fan Club website -- we're 13 years old and we need a makeover! Well, maybe not a HUGE makeover, but we think there are lots of little things we can do to make things better around here. In addition, Invision, which hosts MFC and is the software that the site uses, will be releasing a new version with a number of improvements soon. So you might be noticing some changes to some things -- nothing major, don't worry! For one thing, we've made some tweaks to our home page here: https://www.mikafanclub.com/index.html/ We have a News Blog there now, which we'll try to keep updated with the latest big news of the day. And we'll also try to add more photos there as well. Also, we've given the MFC Subtitling Team's videos a little more visibility by adding a special tab along the top of the main menu you see across the top of every page in the dark gray bar. That link will take you directly to the Subtitling Team's thread and all of their fantastic translated and subtitled videos, making it easier for you to find them. Stasera Casa Mika, the latest Mika interviews and television appearances, all just one click away! We have a few other changes in mind that we'll be implementing in the next few months, and we're also open to any ideas/suggestions you might have. (Yes, we know, you want an app -- we're looking into it!) Let us know what you think!
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    Btw, Mika himself wasn't in the video, not even his voice, he just filmed Andy, that other guy and the phone, where Lorna, a college friend of his, was talking. He wrote under the post that the phone call in lockdown took too long, and something like 'sorry Lorna. We are bastards.' Btw, iirc Lorna used to sing Happy Ending with Mika on stage back in the early days. I found it lovely to hear that they're still friends now. And obviously Mika, Andy and that other guy were having fun, so we don't have to pity him for being stuck at home on his own, with nothing to do.
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    Another idea for a thread! Mika with drinks!
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    He was in the kitchen with Andy and another guy and they were kinda making fun of a friend of them who was talking at the phone and they were not paying much attention to her 🤣 while the 2 guys saw him taking the video very well, maybe the woman got annoyed 🤷🏻‍♀️ But who knows 🤣 anyway, we are all stuck at home, all bored, so, thank you mika for even silly videos
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    Hi @Shellbee and welcome to the MFC. If you like, you can introduce yourself in the introductions thread https://www.mikafanclub.com/forum/5-introductions/ and tell us more about you and how you discovered Mika. Also it's good as a newbie to take a look at this one to know how the forum works: Enjoy this place!
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    I can imagine he is bored when he is alone. But he was not alone. More - he spent some time on cooking meal for his friends. I rather say the same as Dominika that he drunk too much wine .
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    It's not the first time he does it. I mean, delete posts. He was bored.
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    Really silly, imagine how that woman felt when she saw the video
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    I got it saved. Yes, it was pretty stupid to post it I was wondering it it will stay It's not
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    Hello, friends, I'm just about to make a list of all questions from fans to MIKA. Therefore I would like to ask you to send me every single question you want to ask MIKA sometime or which ones are already answered (with the Answer). With this I want to make it easier for many fans to search for questions they would like to know about MIKA. I would then create a list with questions that are still unanswered and questions that have already been answered. What definitely still came into my mind to translate the questions into English, French and Italian. If you are interested in it, I would be very happy if you let me come with some questions. A small library for MIKA questions could be a great idea. 🥰
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    Interesting idea but it sounds like a lot of work. Good luck then!
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    Self made protection. Stay positive stay creative
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    More mikainstagram stories 89685329_207943547115760_3832578325139496773_n.mp4 90015929_544208929553461_4409629896674219753_n.mp4 90030921_502355007336464_5439261844225726842_n.mp4 90340871_1065648123800576_4366679950398636347_n.mp4
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    @Gabry74 grazie ma io l'avevo registrato 🔝🌈❤ #iorestocasa #tuttoandràbene
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    Atr Moniiiiii sigamos imaginando un Mila Tour que se cumpleeeee!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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    Hashtag Maldita Sea para todo.
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    Ojalá pase todo pronto!!! 🙌
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    Se vi siete persi la diretta Instagram di Mika di ieri sera, la potete trovare e vedere su YouTube:
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    Messaggio di Mika ai fans e agli amici italiani: Saperlo comunque vicino a noi, mi riempie il cuore di gioia. ❤
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    Everyone understood that Mika was talking about his keys and his phone !
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    Buongiorno MFCers! I concerti previsti in Corea, sono stati posticipati e la trovo una saggia decisione.
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    Camille K'mille AC shares videos, merci beaucoup ! Happy Ending Grace Kelly Elle me dit Last Party Love Today
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    Tato krásná slova nám MIKA napsal do naší knihy v zákulisí. Such beautiful words MIKA wrote us in our books backstage. https://www.facebook.com/colours.of.ostrava/photos/pb.102362984900.-2207520000.1437781526./10153532980554901/?type=1&theater
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    Me too. I had a feeling this was coming when he did the live video. It is for the best but it doesn’t take away that this entirely sucks. I wanted to see him so bad. I had great seats and now we wait for maybe a year. That is the last time I get this excited over something. I always jinx it.
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