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    Stories 76403ee4-5b8a-4b60-be9e-301697c3c851 (1).mp4 26d76811-f74f-4272-99d4-74e3345c904a.mp4 bbacd36c-5f8c-40a5-b9b0-f0d0e3b97094.mp4
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    Just discovered that picture. I think I haven't seen it before. But I totally fell in love with it.
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    I won't lie, it took me time to think of accomplishing my account here because I'll be the one with the least experience and info about our artist, Mika, but here I am sending you my regards from Jordan ❤️
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    Yeeesss, he's looking SO good! And his eyes are sparkling full of happiness, that's sooo good to see!
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    hi today i'mso happy Mika is came back!! salut, ciao, Helloo
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    Hi and welcome to the MFC We are all still learning about Mika, he keeps surprising us Lots of information about Mika here for you to read
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    finally he is aliveeeee!!!
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    INSTAGRAM nomorethursdays 30/11/19 Spent the day in this place for Mika’s Revelation Tour Concert. Feel like I’ve got something to say about it, so I will. I have always liked Mika. After last night, I do even more. I found a man who went on stage not to show off how cool he is but to simply express himself through his songs and with a great sense of humor. He speaks fluently Italian and he sang about love, colors and values in 3 different languages. In the crowd I saw people of all ages dancing the night out and it was wonderful to see. It was a long day. I mean, very long. Like 7 to 3ish am. I watched the stage taking shape in the morning and how quickly the technicians disassembled it as soon as the gig ended. It’s still so fascinating for me to see so many different people, coming from different countries, working hard together and being able to create something so cool like setting up a show in such a short time. Each of them is a sort of puzzle piece that has to be there to make everything work and despite from the language barrier, they find a way to communicate with each other. I don’t know if this happens in any work field. When it comes to music though, it does..always. And this reminds me why I love this job so bad. Somehow, Magic happens. #wearegolden #revelationtour #livemusic #grateful
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    Well, after seeing the instagram stories it's clear he won't perform at this festival. Nor in those that have not been canceled in Italy yet, I guess
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    I was on The Voice marathon and always liked how Mika is humble and funny yet so talented and real , then I found myself fan-girling 🤷🏻‍♀️😂❤️ Honestly I'm happy to know that I'm the 1st Jordanian here 🇯🇴 and I appreciate your hard work
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    Maybe Marina could help? @mari62
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    Hi Eman and welcome to MFC If you have any questions or if you need any help feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help you Here are three threads you might like www.mikafanclub.com/topic/6970-the-mikanictionary-more-random-funnyness www.mikafanclub.com/topic/30851-mika-rare-video-treasures-for-newbies-and-others/ https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/28644-the-looking-for-something-thread-part-ii/ Enjoy yourself here with us
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    Hello, welcome to the MFC! Here's the link to the MFC Subtitling Team's thread, where you can find plenty of interviews to watch: Hope you're gonna have fun discovering new things about Mika's universe here! And if you have any questions, we're here to help
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    Welcome to the MFC, here is the right place to learn more about Mika. I´m Sabine from Germany
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    Hello @Eman and welcome to the MFC: I'm sure you'll enjoy this place and you'll find everything you want to know about Mika here. To know how the forum works, take a look at this thread: Have fun!
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    Hello Eman, welcome to the MFC! I'm sure you'll find all you need here. Have fun!
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    Hi, Eman Welcome to MFC, good that you decided to join us
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    Beyrouth, 1983, Michael regarde les poussières d'étoiles qui veillent sur lui dans le ciel, Dans les bras de sa mère, protecteurs et rassurants, Tout deux perdus dans l'abîme d'une ville partagée entre désespoir et espérance, Entre pauvreté économique et extrême richesse culturelle. Les gens vivent comme ils n'ont jamais vécu, Malgré les difficultés qu'ils rencontrent Beyrouth, ville de contraste, de « Qalb »1 (coeur) et de « Hayat »2 (vie), Ville ouverte sur le monde et multi culturelle. Beyrouth-Paris, le périple commence, pour la famille du petit Michael, Beyrouth-Paris, la vie de vagabond débute. Square Lamartine, avenue Kléber, avenue Henri Martin, la Tour Eiffel Des lieux qui deviendront ceux de Michael. Huit ans ont passé et Michael est contraint de quitter le square du bonheur, Il part à Londres, contre son gré, Il le sait, sa vie va changer, Paris-Londres, le voyage continue. Paris-Londres, voyage pop, Au pays des Beatles, De Bowie et de Freddie Mercury, Londres, ville cosmopolite. Londres, ville du silence, Du repli sur soi, Ville de souffrances, Mais aussi ville d'amour.
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    I also do it that way. I think this is what you're looking for :mf_lustslow :