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    It's about the hashtag #BlackLifeMatter not to be used - they ask not to use it for #BlackoutTuesday action. Mika posted first his black square with #BlackLifeMatter. And he removed it quickly replacing by the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday. Social Medias want to use #BlackLifeMatter hashtag for tracking posts concerning racist and police violence acts.
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    Actually it started by two black women - marketing managers from Atlantic Records. And then it spread in different actions. According to Wikipedia: Blackout Tuesday is a collective action by elements of the music industry to protest racism and police violence.[1] The action, organized in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor,[2] is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Businesses taking part are encouraged to abstain from releasing music and other business operations.[3] The call to action was initiated by music executives Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas, Senior Director of Marketing at Atlantic Records.[4] Businesses are participating in different manners. Black Americans are asked to not buy or sell on this day to show economic strength and unity. Spotify announced it would be adding a 8-minute and 46-second moment of silence to certain podcasts and playlists for the day.[1] On Instagram, users participate by refraining from posting other photos than a black square alongside the hashtag #blackouttuesday.[5]
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    I'll be staying away from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today. Isn't that what this action is about? I only heard about it thanks to Mika and read a bit through the #BlackoutTuesday hashtag posts.
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    So as for what individual Social Media users can do, this seems to be the central point, from what I understand. Not stay away, but post nothing but this black square today. I'll stay away nevertheless, apart from posting this square and hashtag. I think if many people do that, it's a good sign especially for Facebook (and Instagram, which belongs to FB), because I think Zuckerberg should take position instead of trying to please Trump.
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    Sadly these YouTube don't work... An Spanish INTERVIEW in 2013 at Madrid.
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    I dreamt last night that Mika announced the Revelation Tour part 2! It was going to start on 1st January next year in Leeds and end on Christmas day in London with a load of other countries in between. (sadly Mika himself wasn't actually in the dream, just me screaming with excitement). Please please please let this dream come true! 🙏 I'm only 20 minutes away from Leeds, I know Mika has performed there in the past, I would love him to come back. I would love to see him in London too but getting down there for Christmas might be tricky I'd find a way though... 😅
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    finally he is aliveeeee!!!
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    Yeeesss, he's looking SO good! And his eyes are sparkling full of happiness, that's sooo good to see!
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    Stories 76403ee4-5b8a-4b60-be9e-301697c3c851 (1).mp4 26d76811-f74f-4272-99d4-74e3345c904a.mp4 bbacd36c-5f8c-40a5-b9b0-f0d0e3b97094.mp4
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    We're trying to determine the whereabouts of all the members of Mika Fan Club, and we need your help! When you register for the MFC, you are now required to include your location, but previously it was not a required field. Many of you long-time members may not have entered your country, or perhaps you added a "fantasy" location, like "In Mika World"... Unfortunately that doesn't help us when we're trying to figure out where all of our members are from! So we're asking you to do two things. 1) Take a minute and look at the poll included with this thread. Tick the box for the country you live in. Check only one box, please, and please just check the country you presently are living in. If, for example, you are originally from France, but now live in London, please check United Kingdom. If the country you live in is not listed, please tick the box marked "Other" and then tell us where you are here in the thread. 2) If you haven't already, please update your profile with the country you live in. Thanks so much -- this will help us in a variety of ways, from helping us organize meet & greets and other potential events, to prize giveaways, and other fun stuff.
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    Quarantine is in progress, meanwhile somewhere in Greece... Mika: Knock, knock! Neighbor: Who's there? Mika: Mika. Neighbor: Mika who? Mika: I know you've got a piano in there! Neighbor: For a hundred time I'm telling you I won't let you in!!! Mika: If you say so... Mika: Oh my dearest, I'll never leave you again! Mika: Regreat nothing!
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    (A)typical Mika night 20:00 It supposed to be a peacefull evening at home with a book. 20:30 I started to think: Maybe I should get something to drink? 21:00 Wine was so good that I drank the whole bottle all by myself. 21:30 I decided to go out so I done my hairstyle and put my best clothes on. 22:00 I was partying in da club. 23:00 I met a colleague from the industry. 23:30 Some girl started hitting on me. 24:00 But I preferred the company of this gentelman. 00:30 I drank some beer. 01:00 I met another friend and I walked her home. 02:00 I saw a staright couple kissing on the street. 03:00 On my way I got to the playground. 03:30 I felt dizzy and fell down from a swing. 04:00 A group of guys shouted at me so I hid in the bushes. 04:00 I called to Andy from a courgette to pick me up. 05:00 I felt hungry. 08:00 Oh my god never again, good morning.
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