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    Mika will be on air from 12 to 13pm on Sunday 28th!
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    Another story by Mika, a repost from someone else's story about Amanda Cerny's birthday - apparently she's dancing there at one of his gigs. mikainstagram_105402082_1159698771052047_812038625387276_n.mp4
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    Concerning vouchers there may be a probleme if you sold your ticket to other fan without changing the name on it. "As regards the voucher conditions, we remind you that: The voucher can only be used by the Ticketmaster Account who placed the order of the event that was canceled. The voucher cannot be given to others, nor converted into cash." Let's wait. There are some movements in Italy to change the law of vouchers reimbursements. May ye the cash refund would be possible. Or extention till 24 months or even 36 and possibility to refund if not used. Maybe TicketOne is waiting for government decisions?
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    già magari è in collegamento vedremo dai non è uno sprovveduto Miko
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    @Gabry74 e @Anna-is-golden ciaoo belle ho visto infatti chi lo sa...
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    Mika posted an IG story, a short clip of him dancing & lip syncing to Kylie Minogue's "I believe in you". Still don't know where he is, the place doesn't look familiar to me. But he looks tanned, maybe a bit tired, anyway it's soo good to see him.
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    Ciao Anna, ho letto adesso la notizia, ma al momento non so se sarà presente in radio fisicamente oppure se sarà in collegamento.
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    Anche se comunque andare a Milano non è ancora il massimo della sicurezza 😕
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    Alex Dermanis IG Story from today. Lab Glyfada Music Education - looks like a music school where Alex teaches to play guitre VID_51070321_211244_990.mp4
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    Mika aveva postato che stava imparando nuove ricette, per cui sarebbe perfetto!
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    oh ragazze sarebbe perfetto un altro cooking eh @Gabry74 e @Anna-is-golden 😋
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    I have just received my voucher from TicketMaster. "This voucher is issued by the event Organizer Barley Arts Srl," - so if I well understand I can use it for any concert organized by Barley. And I hope that this company is still Mika's agency for the future concerts in Italy.
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    Ciao ragazze! Sono usciti gli orari di Mika live a Radio Italia domenica! Ma sapete se sarà là a cologno monzese in presenza o se farà “da lontano”? @Gabry74 taggo te che magari sei più informata
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    This is not an official release, it's a bootleg album with demo tracks on it, not finished songs. it looks like someone just trawled the internet for anything Mika-related at the time - live performances, unreleased demos - and added it to the LICM tracks. Definitely nothing Universal or Mika approved, and although Discogs list it, they won't allow any buying or selling of it.