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    I just discovered another interview (2012) where he talks about cooking.
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    Domani sera non ci sarà la diretta del MFC, ma se nel frattempo avete domande o proposte da fare, rispondete alla IG story e... Stay tuned perché prossimamente ci sarà un altro watch party su FB.
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    Mika's post on IG and Twitter. I love it that he writes both in Italian and English. And also little bit of Mika on alecattelan's pic:
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    Mika's Story VID_55271015_142350_189.mp4
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    I think he reads it out so fast because it's the only way not to laugh at how pretentious it all is. Can you seriously see anyone - even stupidly rich people - wanting to wear any of that?
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    Mika speaks in a video of Viktor & Rolf: So he certainly prepared some things during lockdown (or after). Tho I find it strange to hear him talk like that, he's talking so fast at times that it's hard for me to understand, and his voice sounds somewhat different. So I can't even say "lovely to hear his voice", his advertising voice isn't something that's meant to entertain his fans. Tho of course it's much more interesting to me to watch that video than if it was spoken by anybody else. He could even convince me to buy that princess bathrobe with the hearts, if I had the money. Anyway, good to see a part of what he's been up to in the last few months.
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    Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture, Autumn/Winter 2020: three wardrobes for three mindsets in extraordinary times of change. Viktor&Rolf subvert the traditional catwalk by showcasing this collection in a special haute couture presentation. The film is directed by Marijke Aerden, narrated by MIKA and shot on location in the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam. The 'Change' animation is realised by Studio Maan Bijster. Concept and text by Viktor&Rolf.
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    First press Il Secolo XIX https://www.ilsecoloxix.it/cultura-e-spettacoli/2020/07/07/news/x-factor-si-parte-al-via-le-auditions-emma-grandi-emozioni-1.39054599 Google translation X Factor, let's go: the auditions are underway. Emma: «Great emotions» The recordings of the talent show broadcast on Sky Uno from September are underway. Great harmony between the judges ... and Manuel Agnelli debuts on Instagram ROSARIA CORONA07 JULY 2020 Genoa - Music, emotions, a dinner all together and the debut of Manuel Agnelli on Instagram . Thus ends the first day of XFactor 2020 . The countdown for the departure of the talent show, aired from September on Sky Uno, officially started with the auditions: "Today the new story of X Factor starts . The XF2020 recordings begin", says the Instagram account of the program produced by Freemantle which publishes a first shot of the jury of the talent made up of Emma Marrone, Manuel Agnelli, Hell Raton and Mika (and announced last June by Alessandro Cattelan during the last episode of “And then there is Cattelan”) some pictures of the studios and the agitation of some of the aspiring competitors before going on stage. To reveal something more about the first day of casting, which took place in Rome, was Emma Marrone: « Hi everyone, the first day of auditions has finished ... great emotions. I'm still a little so ... excited. I hope to tell you more soon ... », in one of the Stories on Instagram the Salento singer, former coach of" Amici ", made her debut as a judge, just like Hell Raton, the rapper and record producer who according to many will be the revelation of the fourteenth edition of talent. And among the judges there seems to be full harmony: after recording, the "magnificent four" dined all together. "Today I learned a new thing ... if you eat pasta without anything it's pasta in bianco," said Mika, who has three editions of the talent, from 2013 to 2015. "But if it is eaten by Manuel Agnelli it is" rock ' n roll "true ..." added Emma, then sharing the moment when, after dinner, they created the Instagram profile of the Afterhours frontman, @colleghidimanuelagnelli , who already has more than 3,000 followers. Between one joke and the other you can breathe a nice atmosphere among the judges. But we are only at the beginning ...
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    Playing the clown for the camera, but I'm happy he did post a little video, and it does make me smile.
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    Could anybody from Italy confirm that the new law sais that if we do not use our vouchers during 18 months we will have our money back?
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    Mika's story VID_55271015_142350_189.mp4
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    Eliana Guerra / The executive producer of FremantleMedia Italia
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    So good to see more of him! They won’t air the auditions until later this year, but I love these tidbits in between 😍
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    mikainstagram is following X-Factor members. https://www.instagram.com/mikainstagram/following/ alecattelan real_brown hell_raton
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    A whole of Rai1 replay YouTube Andrea Bocelli - Ali di Libertà / Андреа Бочеллі "Крила волі", 2019
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    Hi, welcome on MFC and have a lot of fun here
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    I really love the new logo!
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    Really I always heard "stars are magic, life is tragic" too