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    The Subtitling Team is working on it! Almost finished! ☺️
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    Here in Edmonton, Canada winter lasts wayyy too long, but lately we've been blessed with some beautiful sunshine so I've been blasting Ice Cream on repeat! 🍦 My roommate and neighbours have also been listening to lots of Mika (against their will, but they'll come around eventually). I think I started listening to Mika some time around 2012. I loved Grace Kelly, Elle Me Dit, and his other biggest hits but never really dived into his albums until 2017. That's when I realized every song on every one of his albums is a masterpiece. Everything he touches turns to gold, and it's a shame he's not more well known in North America or I may have discovered him much earlier. At any rate, in 2017 I started learning his songs (I'm a singer and pianist) and gained an even bigger appreciation for his work. His melodies, harmonies, vocal clarity, and vocal range are probably unmatched in pop music today. He's famous for his high falsettos of course, but it's impressive how beautiful his voice is in the lower register as well. When I learned Ordinary Man, I was surprised to find he hits an A2, which is really low for a tenor! I ended up having to raise the key, which I never thought I'd have to do for a Mika song. Anyways, I'm hoping this freaking pandemic gets under control soon so Mika can get back to playing shows. My biggest dream is to see him live some day, even if I have to fly to the other side of the country. Until then, I'll keep his latest album on repeat and keep learning more of his songs. Peace and love to all of you around the world! 💖
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    Mika IG story. His smile...(it's good that people can only see that you've watched their stories, and not how often... ) mikainstagram_107896180_297710231426696_3500680367335131489_n.mp4
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    I think it's stiloso / stylish, not ironic. And simpatico is rather "nice" than "cute", I think? t4p, I saw the first part in Xfactor's IG story, but I never used TikTok, so I wouldn't have known how to find the rest! 😅
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    TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@xfactor_italia/video/6850012727750970630 Sarete d’accordo? Il giudice più stiloso MIKA Il giudice più bello MIKA Il giudice più simpatico MIKA Will you agree ? The most stylish judge MIKA The most beautiful judge MIKA The cutest judge MIKA
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    OK, OK. I did create an account on Tik Tok... My God! So many different platforms to follow!!!! Not easy to be a fan.
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    Just want to shout out to the subtitling team for doing this!! You guys are amazing!!
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    We can see that the interview has been cut in postproduction. So I think they put "I saw the sign" in a teaser only. I would like to see the whole conversation!
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    In Poland we have Zewa and Velvet for tissues, kitchen rolls and toilet paper. Usually I buy Velvet tissues (I use them a lot) but sometimes Zewa. But Velvet is the best for me. Tissues have 4 layers and this is what I prefere. If I have a choice I take the packages with nice designs. Yes, I think it's important too. Even if we throw it all at the end I like nice objects. I think we do not pay attention to how important the desing of packages is. But the marketing departments know that we buy with our eyes. They are smart enough to give us things we will desire to have. Example: Mika's logo and drawings on the product And it works
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    Bonsoir Bonsoir Interview Mika dans Bonsoir Bonsoir au Canada- 15 juillet 2020
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    Mika tells us he enjoyed studying during lockdown. He's right. Lust for knowledge is a form of intelligence. Only fools know everything
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    Ma è bellissima e poi... Pink is punk!
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    Any chance of a translation, @Subtitling Team , @Anna Ko Kolkowska or someone else? I think it's just about the work at Xfactor, but from the bits I understand, he says a few things on how it's like for him this time, I'd love to know what he says about it. He says something about tension at the start, a destabilisation because they can't do it like it has been done for years, and I think he says this change is a good thing? And later he talks about the fact that there's no crowd, but I don't understand what he says about it. Neither do I understand what he says about his work with the other judges, I think that's what the presenter asks for the 2nd question?
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    It's still without the "I saw the sign" singing - so I think it's the same, just with a bit of talk in the studio before & after thr recorded part.
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    guess it's a full version of Mika interview
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    I can't even think how you would describe that outfit
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    I also thought in this smilie when saw the story
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    An interview about Xfactor, so we're talking about it on the XF thread... but thought I'd mention it here as well, as it's an Italian radio interview with Mika.
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    In Russia Zewa is №1 brand for toilet paper :))) But they sell tissues too
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    First Italy then France, if they get released in the UK I don't know whether to laugh or cry seeing as I've already payed for some coming from Italy and the shipping price alone is more than the tissues 😕 I don't mind though, it's Mika merch (I still find it strange) of course I'm going to buy them! 😁 Some of those Essity brands are in the UK too so maybe next time I go shopping I might just find some here!
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    Prime foto dalle registrazioni di X Factor 2020 https://xfactor.sky.it/2020/07/15/foto-registrazioni-x-factor-2020/#7 Finalmente a Roma sono cominciate le registrazioni di X Factor 2020! La nostra crew ha costruito un set incredibile per quello che sarà davvero un nuovo inizio nella storia del nostro programma preferito. Rimarrete a bocca aperta! Alessandro Cattelan e i giudici Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli e Mika sono arrivati nella Capitale per ascoltare gli aspiranti concorrenti che sognano di calcare il palco di #XF2020, in onda da settembre su Sky Uno. I nuovi giudici hanno rotto il ghiaccio subito, sembrano nati per stare seduti a quel tavolo! Tra cene ad alto tasso di carboidrati e visite al museo per scorprire le meraviglie di Roma, i giudici hanno stretto un bellissimo legame e queste Audizioni somigliano tanto a una bella vacanza tra amici. Chissà che cosa succederà quando la competizione dei Live Show comincerà a farsi sentire! Fortunatamente per ora siamo solo all'inizio di questa nuova avventura e visto che non possiamo anticiparvi troppe cose (ci hanno già pensato Emma e Manuel a darvi qualche spoiler) vi facciamo vedere qualche foto di queste vacanze romane. Continuate a seguirci per rimanere aggiornati su #XF2020! Finally the recording of X Factor 2020 has begun in Rome! Our crew built an incredible set for what will truly be a new beginning in the history of our favorite show. You will be amazed! Alessandro Cattelan and judges Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli and Mika arrived in the capital to listen to the aspiring competitors who dream of treading the stage of # XF2020, broadcast on Sky Uno from September. The new judges broke the ice right away, they seem born to sit at that table! Between high-carbohydrate dinners and visits to the museum to discover the wonders of Rome, the judges have made a beautiful bond and these hearings look a lot like a nice holiday with friends. Who knows what will happen when the Live Show competition starts to make itself felt! Fortunately for now we are only at the beginning of this new adventure and since we cannot anticipate too many things ( Emma and Manuel have already thought about giving you some spoilers) we will show you some photos of these Roman holidays. Keep following us to stay updated on # XF2020!
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    Tempo and Lotus are part of ESSITY company . So in different countries a different name can be found. In Poland we have Velvet and Zewa https://www.essity.com/brands/
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    LOTUS https://www.lotushygiene.com/fr/produits/boites-et-paquets-de-mouchoir/etuis/lotus-compact/
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    My knowledge of haute couture just tripled since being a Mika fan 😆 awesome though! Feel like he is subconsciously expanding all of our horizons 😊 when it’s not language wise, it’s fashion wise.
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    @Gabry74 oops ok capito, si anche a me piace molto la grafica @Elena Mastro ha scritto che li ha trovati al supermercato spero anche io di trovarliii 🤞 solo che con il covid non mi fido ancora molto ad andare al supermercato
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    It looks like Tempo made an anti-homophobe video where they make connection between anti-conronavirus gestures and anti-homophobic gestures. I find it very smart and funny. Translation from Italian: 1. Do not" wash your hands", if you have seen homophobic acts. 2. In the future, don't avoid gatherings of LGBT people. These are the best vacations. 3. Keep at least a meter and a half away from those who say "Everyone can do what they want but at home". 4. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or elbow instead of insulting a person which is different from you. 5. If you think being gay is a disease, isolate yourself until you are completely healed.
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    A short part of the Mika's talk at the beginning of the TRL 102.5 broadcast. twitter_20200611_182611.mp4
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    xfactor.sky.it I giudici di X Factor 2020 – X Factor | Sky Uno Ebbene sì, è arrivato quel giorno dell’anno, il giorno che tutti stavate aspettando: l’annuncio della giuria di X Factor 2020! Sappiamo che la curiosità vi sta divorando e ora è il momento di svelarvi i quattro nomi più attesi di sempre. Anzi, è Alessandro Cattelan a farlo, durante l’ultima puntata di E poi c’è Cattelan. Il padrone di casa, che rinnova la sua presenza come conduttore di #XF2020, ha ospitato la nuova giuria del talent show più rock della TV italiana rivelando finalmente la loro identità: Emma Marrone, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli e Mika sono i quattro giudici della nuova edizione di X Factor! Quattro artisti molto diversi, due ritorni in famiglia e due new entry, uniti da un comune obiettivo, trovare quei 12 talenti che si distingueranno per fantasia, inventiva, creatività e originalità. Perché al centro dello show che sta per ripartire, quest’anno più che mai, ci sono loro, i concorrenti, la loro musica, i loro sogni, i loro valori. ... Ritorno a casa anche per Mika, che come Manuel siede al tavolo di X Factor per ben 3 stagioni, dal 2013 al 2015. Giudice molto amato e mai dimenticato dal pubblico del talent, lo scorso autunno è tornato sulla scena musicale con “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”, un album frutto di una marcata maturazione artistica avvenuta nel corso del Revelation Tour. Tour che è proseguito in Europa e Australia prima di essere interrotto a causa della pandemia sulla strada per l’Asia e i grandi festival americani che erano in calendario: dal Coachella (USA) fino al Lollapalooza, in Argentina. A X Factor 2020, Mika ritorna sul piccolo schermo italiano dopo mesi di assenza: «Torno a X Factor con una forte motivazione e una missione che mi hanno convinto ad accettare questa sfida. La mia risposta alla crisi sociale che i recenti eventi hanno portato è quella di partecipare, di condividere e quello che so fare da artista e entertainer è appunto di intrattenere, fare sognare la gente. X Factor quest’anno sarà una nuova, grande occasione per avvicinarci, per sognare insieme e io rispondo a questa chiamata: ci sono!» Che squadra, ragazzi. Non vediamo l’ora di ripartire più forti che mai in compagnia di questa nuova, esplosiva giuria. Al timone di questa nuova edizione, come sempre, il nostro capitano Alessandro Cattelan. La famiglia ora è al completo. Bentornati al tavolo Manuel Agnelli e Mika e benvenuti Emma Marrone e Hell Raton! The judges of X Factor 2020 – X Factor | Sky Uno The judges of X Factor 2020 - X Factor | Sky One Well yes, that day of the year has arrived, the day you've all been waiting for: the announcement of the jury of X Factor 2020! We know that curiosity is devouring you and now is the time to reveal the four most anticipated names ever. Indeed, it is Alessandro Cattelan who does it, during the last episode of And then there is Cattelan. The landlord, who renews his presence as host of # XF2020, hosted the new jury of the most rock talent show on Italian TV, finally revealing their identity: Emma Marrone, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli and Mika are the four judges of the new edition of X Factor! Four very different artists, two returns to the family and two new entries, united by a common goal, to find those 12 talents who will stand out for their imagination, inventiveness, creativity and originality. Because at the center of the show that is about to restart, this year more than ever, there are them, the competitors, their music, their dreams, their values. ... Return home also for Mika, who as Manuel sits at the X Factor table for 3 seasons, from 2013 to 2015. Judge much loved and never forgotten by the talent audience, he returned to the music scene last fall with “My Name Is Michael Holbrook ”, an album resulting from a marked artistic maturation during the Revelation Tour. Tour that continued in Europe and Australia before being interrupted due to the pandemic on the road to Asia and the big American festivals that were on the calendar: from Coachella (USA) to Lollapalooza, in Argentina. At X Factor 2020, Mika returns to the Italian small screen after months of absence: «I return to X Factor with a strong motivation and a mission that convinced me to accept this challenge. My answer to the social crisis that recent events have brought is to participate, to share and what I know how to do as an artist and entertainer is precisely to entertain, make people dream. X Factor this year will be a new, great opportunity to get closer, to dream together and I answer this call: there are! " What a team, guys. We look forward to starting again stronger than ever in the company of this new, explosive jury. At the helm of this new edition, as always, our captain Alessandro Cattelan. The family is now fully booked. Welcome back to the table Manuel Agnelli and Mika and welcome Emma Marrone and Hell Raton!
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    Sky Official YouTube I giudici di X Factor 2020
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    I hope the other judges are a lot more interesting than they seem to be.
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    Sky I giudici di XFactor 2020: i primi commenti 10 giu 2020 I giudici di XFactor 2020: i primi commenti di Emma, Manuel Agnelli, Hell raton e Mika https://video.sky.it/xfactor/speciali/video/i-giudici-di-xfactor-2020-i-primi-commenti-596833 A part of Mika
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    Does anyone know if is it possible to listen it after the live ? Will it be saved somewhere? Unfortunately I have an important commitment at that hour😞
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    Probably somewhere with good internet 🙈
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    New Header of X Factor Italia Twitter https://twitter.com/XFactor_Italia
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    I couldn't figure out whether the Italian Sky Uno is part of any of the German Sky subscriptions, or whether it's possible to subscribe to Italian Sky from abroad... but I suppose not - so we'll probably have to wait until someone uploads it on YT.
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    Yeah, It think he mixed up the English and Italian word (July and luglio) and came up with Julio. When asked if he's still in Athens, he just says, "I'm not with you yet, but in a few weeks!"
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    Mika was talking about July (I think) but he pronounced it wrong. Luglio. He pronounced it Julio. They will start work together in July!
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    A short talk with Mika from Athens. It looks like the recording will start in July?
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    Quoting my post from the other thread:
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    Several people have asked what happened to the FAQ that we used to have on Mika -- it didn't travel over with us from the old site unfortunately. But the truth is it was a bit outdated and had actually grown into more than an FAQ -- it answered a lot of random questions, and most of the information can now be found in kreacher's exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia. Still, there is probably room for something like a Quick Reference Mika Fact Sheet, which I have been working on. Watch for that to come soon. Until then, thought I'd answer one of the THE MOST-ASKED QUESTIONS on MFC: How can I contact Mika? Mika has recently changed management representation, and we do not have an address yet for fan mail. As soon as we learn a new address, we'll post it here. Mika does not have an email address for fans to write to. Does Mika have a Facebook profile? Mika does not have a personal Facebook profile, though you can find a musician's profile for “MIKA” on Facebook: http://facebook.com/mikasounds Mika has said that any personal profile under his own name on Facebook is a fake. Does Mika have a Twitter account? Does he use Instagram or other social media? Yes, you can follow Mika on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mikasounds On Instagram he's "@mikainstagram" -- if you don't use Instagram yourself, you can search for and view his photos by going to http://instagram.com/mikainstagram He also has a YouTube account, separate from the record label's official VEVO account, that he sometimes posts video messages on: http://youtube.com/mikasoundsofficial Mika started a Snapchat account, but says he doesn't understand how it works, so never uses it. Mika's team also has an official LINE account. Mika does not have any other public, personal social media accounts (Tumblr, Google+, etc.). Who represents Mika? In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by YMU Group. In the US, Mika is represented by William Morris Endeavor.
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    Delfi.lt http://www.delfi.lt/veidai/muzika/mika-kele-ant-koju-kauno-publika.d?id=71348674 Mika kėlė ant kojų Kauno publiką Pirmadienio vakarą „Žalgirio“ arenoje savo koncertą surengė populiarus britų atlikėjas ir dainų kūrėjas Mika. Tai antrasis britų atlikėjo pasirodymas Lietuvoje – prieš šešerius metus Mika surengė koncertą Klaipėdoje. Kad pažįsta Lietuvos publiką Mika koncerto metu priminė ir pats. "Labas vakaras", - nuo scenos nukritus uždangai į kauniečius kreipėsi Mika. Arena šį kartą nebuvo sausakimša. Scenoje Mika pasirodė su penkiais muzikantais. Arenos kampe stovėjo namelis anr ratų, kuris hito "Grace Kelly" metu transformavosi improvizuota mini teatro scena. Savo pasirodymą Mika pradėjo metęs bene didžiausią kozirį - hitą "Big Girls". Vėliau skambėjo senesni, puikiai žinomi kūriniai, tarp kurių įsiterpė naujos atlikėjo dainos. Koncerto viduryje sėdęs prie pianino Mika atliko ir labiausiai jį išgarsinusį hitą "Relax take It Easy". Lyrinio kūrinio "Underwater" metu areną nušvietė mobiliųjų telefonų švieselės. Audringų ovacijų sulaukė kūriniai „Lollipop“ ir „Happy Ending“. Pastarąjį kūrinį Mika užbaigė įspūdingu vokaliniu pasirodymu – atlikėjas pademonstravo, kad jam mikrofonas nereikalingas tam, kad jo balsas būtų girdimas visoje arenoje. Netrukus Mika ant scenos pasikvietė žiūrovą, kuris atlikėjui padėjo į lietuvių kalbą išversti vienos iš dainų žodžius. „Ji nori šokti. Aš nenoriu šokti“, - lietuviškai žodžius bandė tarti Mika. Ne visai tiksliai, bet atlikėjo bandymai kėlė tik geras emocijas ir ovacijas. Koncerto pabaigoje atlikdamas kūrinį „Last Party“ atlikėjas atsisveikino su publika. „Ačiū, Kaunas!“, - tarė Mika. Atvyko su mama Keturiasdešimties žmonių muzikantų ir techninio personalo kolektyvas į Kauną atvyko ankstų pirmadienio rytą po sekmadienio koncerto Rygoje. Grupė atkeliavo miegamaisiais autobusais, juos lydėjo ir sunkvežimiai su visa koncertui reikalinga garso ir apšvietimo įranga. Pats Mika atvyko į „Žalgirio“ areną tiesiai iš Rygos jau gerokai po pietų, kartu su savo mama. Ypatingų pageidavimų organizatoriams atlikėjo vadyba nepateikė, tik prašė parūpinti 80 rankšluosčių, į persirengimo kambarius patiekti ekologiškų vaisių ir daržovių, humuso, alkoholinių ir gaiviųjų gėrimų, o taip pat kramtomosios gumos. Mika arba Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. (toks tikrasis dainininko vardas) gimė 1983 m. Beirute, libanietės ir amerikiečio šeimoje. Kai jam tebuvo vieneri, iš karo kamuojamo Libano būsimos žvaigždės šeima persikėlė gyventi į Paryžių, o kai berniukui sukako devyneri – išsikraustė į Londoną. Čia Mika mokėsi prestižinėje Vestminsterio mokykloje ir Karališkajame muzikos koledže. Svaigios karjeros startu jam tapo 2006 m. išleistas singlas „Relax, Take It Easy“, o sėkmę užtvirtino 2007 m. milžiniško populiarumo sulaukęs hitas „Grace Kelly”. Singlas buvo parduotas daugiau kaip 3 milijonų egzempliorių tiražu, o debiutinis albumas „LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION“ akimirksniu tapo Nr.1 Didžiojoje Britanijoje ir dar vienuolikoje kitų šalių. Antrasis studijinis albumas „The Boy Who Knew Too Much“ pateko į dešimtukus daugelyje šalių, o trečiajame „The Origin of Love“ Mika bendradarbiavo su tokiomis žvaigždėmis kaip Pharrel Williams, Ariana Grande, Nick Littlemore, ir kitais. Vaizdo klipas „The Popular Song“ duete su Ariana Grande, Amerikos „Nickelodeon“ sensacija, internete jau yra peržiūrėtas daugiau kaip 118 milijonų kartų. Naujausias, jau ketvirtas, studijinis dainininko albumas „No Place in Heaven“ pasirodė 2015 m. birželio 15 d., daugelyje šalių iškart pateko į hitų „Top – 10“, o Italijoje jau tapo auksiniu. Gausybė apdvanojimų Mika ne kartą buvo nominuotas prestižiniams apdovanojimams, kurių ne vieną laimėjo – tai „World Music Awards“, „Grammy“, „MTV Awards“ Europoje, Azijoje, Australijoje ir Japonijoje, „Capital Radio Awards“, „Vodafone“, „Virgin Media“, „Q Magazine“, Britų muzikos apdovanojimai, „Ivor Novello“ premija ir daugelis kitų. Dainininkas taip pat yra vieno svarbiausių Prancūzijos apdovanojimų - Literatūros ir menų ordino - kavalierius. Šiuo metu MIKA teisėjauja šou „X faktorius“ Italijoje ir yra prancūziško projekto „Balsas“ mokytojas. Atlikėjas yra pardavęs daugiau kaip 10 milijonų įrašų kopijų 32 pasaulio šalyse. Dainininkas kilęs iš didelės šeimos ir turi vieną brolį bei tris seseris. Viena iš seserų – Yasmin, kurianti DaWack kūrybiniu slapyvardžiu – yra mados dizainerė, ji taip pat yra dviejų pirmųjų brolio albumų viršelių autorė. Be anglų, Mika dar laisvai kalba prancūzų, ispanų ir italų kalbomis, supranta Libano arabų kalbos dialektą. Nors atlikėjas devynerius metus studijavo mandarinų kalbą, kol kas nėra tobulai jos įvaldęs, skirtingai nuo savo trijų seserų, kurios laisvai ja bendrauja. 2010 m. Mika pirmą kartą lankėsi Lietuvoje ir surengė nepamirštamą pasirodymą Jūros šventės metu. Koncertas vyko Klaipėdos kruizinių laivų terminale ir tūkstančiai gerbėjų iki šiol puikiai prisimena spalvingą ir ekspresyvų charizmatiškojo atlikėjo šou. Google translator Pics
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    Kauno diena „Žalgirio“ arenoje siautėjo britų atlikėjas Mika 2016-05-23 22:02:00 http://kauno.diena.lt/naujienos/kaunas/menas-ir-pramogos/zalgirio-arenoje-ziurovus-linksmino-britu-atlikejas-mika-751357#ixzz49WDrVcPB Lietuvių kalba Google translator Pics
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    Kauno diena http://kauno.diena.lt/naujienos/kaunas/menas-ir-pramogos/dainininko-mikos-komanda-jau-kaune-751168 2016-05-23 09:08:00 Dainininko Mikos komanda – jau Kaune Lietuvių kalba Google translator These pics were taken at Riga on yesterday PICS