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    Such a cute and sweet Mika story mikainstagram_story_2360655327907898089_179779999.mp4
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    mikainstagram “Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go” Kokomo 📷 mdanilodauriafoto Kokomo - The Beach Boys
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    New story: So after we noticed the last time that he didn't look sweaty at all, at least now there's a little bit of sweat on his shirt.
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    This is my neighbots cat, Lolo. I've already poste about him previously. The truth is that he spends the day at my house, in the inner courtyard. Sleeps and hangs out there. It's seems that he's comfortable in our company. He's such a lovely and docile cat
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    I have to admit that I LOVE this shirt. Apart from the fact that I love this person.
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    Look at him bragging with doing 3 pull-ups, I can hardly manage 1 🤪 good for him staying in shape!
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    Mika call her Moo in the video, it's Mel yes
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    It's so lovely. I think it's Mel cos her fur is a bit darker than Amira's.
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    Mika posted a story of him cuddling his dog (Mel? I never can tell them apart ), he's lying in bed and you can just see his hand, but that small clip is just so sweet!
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    Hello everyone! My name is Evergreen from Sudan, I'm 28, I've just joined the forum and I'm happy to do so😊 I'm also in the discord server. I hope everyone is safe where they are during these difficult times. So I've loved Mika's music since I was 15(2007), the last 5-7 years or so I've been a bit too busy though.. life, academics and work so unfortunately I have not always been up to date with all of Mika's work, but here I am for good this time😁!. This quarantine is a perfect time to revive old passions and interests. For me Mika's music (aside from the fact that it's a work of an artistic genius) has alot of nostalgia attached to it, it's also been very helpful during difficult times through out my adolescence and it still brings me so much joy💗 I have never had the chance to be to one of his concerts/live shows before though(those of you who have, you lucky fellas!) given where I live and the fact that I've not been able to travel toany countries where he'd had his shows for the past years (again work and academics😭). I am definitely looking forward for such a chance in the future❤️ Nice to be amongst you all
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    Tempo: Mika Limited Edition La forza degli elementi naturali incontra le mille sfumature delle nostre emozioni: benvenuti nel pirotecnico mondo della limited edition Tempo by MIKA The strength of natural elements meets the thousand shades of our emotions: welcome to the pyrotechnic world of the limited edition Tempo by MIKA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM La forza degli elementi naturali incontra le mille sfumature delle nostre emozioni: benvenuti nel pirotecnico mondo della limited edition Tempo by @mikainstagram! #FazzolettiTempo
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    I’m 99% sure it stands for shrimp muscle, as in him getting nicely toned arms with doing three pull-ups 😆 it’s partly showing off and partly mocking 🙃
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    I love his spotted nose
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    Guess the Mika drought is over! I can hardly keep up with all the stories and posts 🙈 😍
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    Yes. Its Mel. Her face is quite different from Amira. You can see the difference where they are together. But both are classy dogs
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    Can I turn into a dog please?
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    Il team dei traduttori ha sottotitolato la IG live di ieri sera!
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    Jajajaj sii recién lo acabo de ver, ese hombre es un amor! les voy a dejar un dibujo que hice ayer escuchando un poco de su música, espero que les guste 🥰
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    Mika and his music became even more important to me than before in this crazy world.
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    Now we should change the name of the thread and add "Lotus France" as well
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    It seems there's also the box version too:
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    It's true. Florine has found it in Cora store in Alsace. It's a small (compact) version of tissues.
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    I'm getting several packs, so might use some and just keep the packages, but I think I'll keep one set of designs as it is, just looks nicer than an empty package, and tissues aren't that expensive. Also I'll put one individual pack in each of my bags and show everyone who asks for a tissue Mika's cool designs. It's the same with that Mika Oyster Card holder they sold at his merch stands in 2010 - every time my ticket gets checked on public transport, I'm proud that everyone gets to see this lovely design item. And same with the Pilot pens, the Tiny Love design T-Shirt, and the one with the splashes & heart they sold a few years ago. Weirdly, not so much the watches, because they're simply not my style for jewellery.
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    I willy willy willy want some Can a sweet italian fan help please?
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    6 patterns TEMPO package ( caps from the clip )
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    TEMPO FAZZOLETTI 10x9 CLASSICI https://www.piumeshoponline.com/fazzoletti-veline/2756-tempo-fazzoletti-10x9-classici-7322540332735.html Marca TEMPO Riferimento S038461 Resistente e morbido, è il fazzoletto a quattro veli che non può mancare in tasca. Affidabile anche nell'uso più "impegnativo", è indispensabile in tutte le occasioni e per ogni necessità. In Italia è un "classico" da oltre 50 anni e ha segnato il passaggio dal fazzoletto di stoffa a quello in carta. Resistant and soft, it is the four-ply handkerchief that cannot be missing in your pocket. Reliable even in the most "demanding" use, it is indispensable on all occasions and for every need. In Italy it has been a "classic" for over 50 years and has marked the transition from the cloth to the paper handkerchief.
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