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  1. I love my new poster
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  2. Update: I finally got the beads on Friday and spent today making one earring, it took me hours but it's finally done... Now I have to start making the second one.
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  5. Thank you so so much @carafon for sending this to me! You're the best! It arrived super quick!
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  8. Wow, I actually had the most likes on 19 March. Thank you everyone.
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  9. Happy Easter, everyone! 🐇🐣🌸
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  10. Hi everyone... Salut.. Ciaoo... i wish you a by me...
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  11. This is something I wanted to start a little while ago when Mika had quite a long break from social media, however that was when we learned that his mother had died, it didn't feel right or respectful to me to launch this thread then. It is here now though for all of us to come up with unusual reasons why Mika is missing! 😁
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  13. Hello everyone.. have a nice week..
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  14. Don't mind me, I'm just reminding people that this thread exists. We do have minors using this site after all.
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  15. Hi Everyone.. Happy 1° April..
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  16. Happy Palm Sunday my friends..
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  17. Auguriii ragazze!!!! è meraviglioso stare qui in questo forum l'ho già detto ma lo ribadisco perchè qui con voi mi trovo benissimooo siete persone semplici e simpatiche che sapete sempre spiegarmi tutto e tranquillizzarmi e sapete rispondere ad ogni mia domanda su Mika sempre in maniera semplice ed esaustiva.. in particolar modo voglio ringraziare @Gabry74 per la sua disponibilità e simpatia ed anche voglio fare un ringraziamento a @Serendipity e @Elena Mastro siete simpatiche e sapete sempre farmi tornare il buon umore grazie a tutte voi di questo Forum e se Mika si collega come settimana sc
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  19. Will the next MFC live this Wednesday be on Instagram or will it be a Zoom call??
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  20. I spent over an hour yesterday trying to choose the right colours of beads for my next rainbow project inspired by the Revelation Tour... And this is the best I got. The order is on the way!
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