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    Happy Women's Day! "I like many things in women, but one above all: their endurance, their ability to stand against the wind without being afraid. Life, death, fear. Us men, we're not as strong, we're very good at pretending to be strong, but we're actually aren't. Women keep the world spinning, they make men greater. It was like that in my family as well. Men come up with word 'today', women with the word 'tomorrow', because they can look further." ~MIKA~
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    My new album from Bari sweet memories... VID_20200317_151057.mp4
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    Something just to cheer us up...
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    Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Let's share your happy colorful socks!
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    Thinking of all the Italian fans here. I don't know how many of you live in or near the affected area but as long as it's possible, try to stay high not low... Hope you and your families are safe! Wish you health. Of course that applies to everybody who lives in a country that is affected (at this point I think most of us do...).
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    It's my Mika gig anniversary today Exactly 10 years ago
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    So I was walking in the supermarket and this guy comes up to me and he says, "My life stinks". I saw his gold credit card and his trolley full of toilet roll and could smell hand sanitiser from him and I just said "Dude, your prospective on life sucks." Blame it on the virus...
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    As things seem to get worse every day I hope you are all doing fine... don't give up! Especially the Chinese, Koreans and Italians among us! ❤
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    This is so heartwarming... And there are not enough nice news in these times.
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    As the schools are closed in many countries, let's begin with a lesson of geography... (it's quite old so it's not really up-to-date anymore but I think it's still really catchy...)
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    I'm just holding Mika's smell on my hand. You guys maybe remember that he uses Valentino perfume (he showed on story and we always see the bottle) I went to Valentino and I showed the bottle then they tasted for me. This paper smell soooooo I wanna keep this forever! (It smells like normal man perfume)
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    My DIY project for today... Familiar colours, don't you think?
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    Hello guys.. so this is a crazy period with Covid... thank alot for company i like stay here in this forum you're a special people
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    happy melody .
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    It's been a long time I did watch this video. Alway a pleasure to hear Mika's voice ❤️ And he mentions his full name (in 2013)
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    Happy Sunday Mikafans! My morming program is listening to SINFONIA POP, and being lost in my thoughts and feelings, I fall in love with Mika with this playlist 3 years ago.. Good guys, Boum Boum Boum. ecc. I saw some "extra joy" exploded in him,overcontrolled.. his aura was a bit different, but still adorable! kisses, baci, puszik
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    I've been listening to Mika songs all day. It was hard to come back to reality now...
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    My father tonight on the telephone, worried about Coronavirus: - please Camy be safe, avoid big crowd, like these Mika things.-
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    Mika birthday project idea that i can't post in the thread cuz it's closed but i don't want to forget so i'm putting it here: an online video present! people could sing for him or just give Mika birthday wishes or act something out or whatever. a present doesn't have to be a physical thing
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    If it's the end of the world, let's party Like it's the end of the world, let's party Wrap your arms around everybody If we're all gonna die let's party Let's party Let's party
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    hi guys stay high!!! andra tutto bene!!!
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    I can't see this book without hearing Mika sing...
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    Andy or Calvin Harris?
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    Hi guys! Can someone write what is mika saying about colors during his intro please
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    I have now switched my Home Page to MFC, this site is quickly becoming more addictive every day, especially since the yearbook announcement!
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    OKAy this photo of Mika tho....😍
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    I see the users here in another country to me that's usually 1 or 2 hours ahead of the UK. I see you posting and I'm thinking "Why aren't you in bed?" but of course there's a perfectly good reason for that. And the reason is Mika! But seriously go to bed! Sleep is important! 😴
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    Hi guys... Stay high we can do resist of Covid
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    I see my MFC rank has once again changed to Ultimate Mika Fan. This makes me feel powerful!
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    Just by accident I found Mika"s Sound Of An Orchestra playing in the backgroud for this video. I cannot find the thread where Mika's music is used in in differen videos.
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    About our last drinking conversation @Mikasister
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    How Boum Boum Boum and the video for Ice Cream affect me only using emojis: 🍦 😋 ☀ 😏 👅 😘 ♥
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    Hi, I just posted on Instagram and Twitter if Mika would like to organize a virtual mini gig from London. So please go and tag Mika.
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    Today is two years since I registered on the forum. My 2nd and 2nd anniversary with Mika. I am happy being a part of this forum and thank you to all fans.
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    Toy Boy, ehm Mika r u there??
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    "My middle name is Holbrook"... Is this the first interview where he mentions it? September 2010
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    I'm watching some old interviews with Mika. He hasn't changed
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    For ppl who understand spanish
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    Self made protection. Stay positive stay creative
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    Here's something Mika related to make you feel better - Lola
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    Bought another Mika poster and this time I remembered to check the measurements before paying! This one is 10" across, rather than 20" like the last one! Had my eye on another two which I've already bought, at this rate I'm going to have to find a new wall to put them on! 😄
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    Today Mika should have played a gig in Tokyo... As the gig has been postponed I would like to make you smile anyway. Look what I found today (what a coincidence) !!! Let's learn Japanese with Mika!!!! Well, I don't know how to say in Japanese "Stay High" 😞