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    Hello everyone That's it, I could not resist the call of the album so I bought another one I can't wait to listen to this beauty
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    We are gonna get a video for Tomorrow, they showed some parts on Rai
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    Tomorrow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFqCAO5D9IQ
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    I feel very distracted...
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    Hi could you put here a lyrics of "Domani" in italiano please bye
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    I found this masterpiece. Available for zoom
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    Wish you a lovely and special day dear Nicole! Nothing in my mailbox yet
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    My friend gave my letter to Mika today in Radio Italia stuff. I hope he read it but i will never know it
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    I dream of traveling to a tropical destination in this rainy and cold weather... So I made a kaki(persimmon)-coconut salad
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    everyday, me: tomorrowww, Tomorrowww, TOMOORRROWWW Classmates: don't scream İrem! It's music!
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    See you tonight MIKA ☀️
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    Playing MNIMH on repeat
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    our Mika without a mask, so vulnerable, touching, honest, full of courage, deserves as much sucess as possible worldwide
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    It wasn't "fly ballon" or something like that! we thought so wrong 😂
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    Hi... the coutdown for the new album is start... friday is the day!!! are you readyyy.... friday party time for the album finally!!!another masterpiece of music by Mikaaa
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    Hi !!! my friends ... just 2 weeks and the album is come!!!good week everibody
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    Merci beaucoup ma chère. I love it!! It will be in my wrist in one month.
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    Mika @ Domenica in is so so sweet ; mika please do a signing Session of your album in Torino please!!!!
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    After Tiny Love Reprise, I Went To Hell Last Night and Paloma make me goosebumps
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    HOY HOY se lanzo el tan esperado line up del LOLLAPALOOZA Argentina, y mi sorpresa fue inmensa al ver AL TAN ADORADO MIKA DENTRO DEL LINE UP !!! QUE HERMOSA SORPRESA EL DIA DE HOY !!! 😍🥰 LAS FANS ARGENTINAS ESTAMOS EXTASIADAS !!!!
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    Everytime that I move to fast, I fall apart
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    hi guys i'm catch a sniffles poor me it's terrible but Mika and this forum keep me company thanks alot i like this forum
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    ciaooo Gabry ascolta quanto ci vorrà prima che trovo l'album di Mika nei supermercati? ciao e grazie
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    Amazon is late, I'll have the album in two weeks I decided not to listen to new songs until I got the album... I even saw it in the supermarket but I do not want to make a double purchase.
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    Hi guys Sunday Mika is to Che tempo che fa
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    🕊 Try to fly against the wind even with a broken wing 🕊
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    Who is excited for album and his Eiffel stuff? ME!
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    Attention : interview de notre Mika sur radio contact dans le "good morning" demain matin (je viens d'apprendre la nouvelle via la radio).
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    ma anche te hai una tartaruga anche io ma è d'acqua e mangia anche lei solo che la teniamo in casa perché ho paura che si perda o si faccia male ciaoo
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    Hello Dominika how are you i hope fine... me fine i wait for next friday 4th october yeees good week
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    ciaooo Denise sono Paola abito a Robassomero prov. Torino , ho 33 anni son casalinga e adoro ogni canzone di Mika , a parte la casa son volontaria presso la mia parrocchia e adoro gli animali (cani, gatti, ecc)
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    hi my friend it's ok i understand
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    Hi guys!!! ready for another song by Mika!!! Tomorrow came Tomorrow i'm ready
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    @Gabry74 ciao Gabry ok preso grazie certo che leggendo l'intervista povero Mika quante cose ha dovuto e deve affrontare mannaggia ma fortunatamente ci siamo noi fan che lo sosteniamo vero Gabry? e poi trovo che Mika sia una persona sensata riguardo ai figli ... non si fanno cosi ...si fanno se gli si può badare altrimenti ha ragione Mika...
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    The farmers who are lent their fields are happy. They haven't seen any sparrows since the shooting !!!
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    Tanti auguri
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    You are qualified to join the Oldlings now ;-)