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    Happy Women's Day! "I like many things in women, but one above all: their endurance, their ability to stand against the wind without being afraid. Life, death, fear. Us men, we're not as strong, we're very good at pretending to be strong, but we're actually aren't. Women keep the world spinning, they make men greater. It was like that in my family as well. Men come up with word 'today', women with the word 'tomorrow', because they can look further." ~MIKA~
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    Things get better today. Little by little everything is solved.
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    Just now I'm watching new season of Polish Top Model. One of the participants who came for casting was from Lebanon. He came with his girlfriend who stayed backstage with the host of the show who said to her: You know that there is the saying, when you once look into the eyes of a Lebanese, you are lost. So hard to disagree with it
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    Memories of #CasaMika... (Yesterday evening)
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    Today I played Mika songs for two hours to my parents and my mum danced with me to Platform Ballerinas.
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    Have a nice weekend, a happy holidays and a joyous 2019. Hope to see some of you next year in some Mika's concert. Love you all.
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    We are young We are strong We're not looking for where we belong We're not cool We are free And we're running with blood on our knees
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    Yesterday evening waiting for Stasera Casa Mika...
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    7 years today. What a day!!
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    My new album from Bari sweet memories... VID_20200317_151057.mp4
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    The smile that lights up my day every time.
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    Fantastic night in Barcelona with Mika! I share with you my review, pictures and videos when I get my s**t together after the whole trip Meanwhile I'm on a Mika cloud and I'm staying high on his tiny love!
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    Enjoy this Sunday with this sweet voice
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    This photo is dedicated to those who are studying and have exams
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    When i try to kill mosquito
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    The end of this year is coming and I reminiscing the BEST day of my life! So this is how I looked like when I read a mail about winning the entries for The Voice recordings... This is how me and my friend said 'Okay, let's do this!' While sightseeing Paris for the first time... Meeting other Mika fans like... While sitting in the studio... Hoping to meet Mika after the show... And then actually talking to him... Coming back to reality was like... How did it all happened my little brain still can't handle it
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    This is what I can call Christmas surprises!
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    I'm preparing christmas performance with my class for their parents. I think Mika's song will be in it
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    Happy Sunday! Safe trip who's going to Paris!!
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    Today, November 5 at 2:00 p. m., I have a strange thought for myself. I'm going to say that a few months ago, I didn't know any of you and today, you have no idea what place you take in my life. Oh ! I wasn't looking for a relationship, I have a family that loves me and that I love, nice colleagues and friends around me. I was not aware of the place that was made for you and that was waiting for you. So thank you for finding it.
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    I wanted to share this. My desktop wallpaper, I found it from here from somewhere. Superb photo.
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    Look what I have received today!! 😍😍😍
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    My new frame for MIKA! This is what you can call: shine bright like a star
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    Finally the complete spot! #CasaMika #Rai2
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    Today the 10th anniversary of my first Mika concert *sigh* it seems impossible! And I'm still here!
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    Pic of the day. Happy Monday!!
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    My red Mika pen w/ the mushroom on it went on an adventure without me! It fell off me into a delivery bin at work and I didn’t know which one so I frantically emailed my coworkers as soon as I realized it had gone AWOL, saying it had β€œgreat sentimental value”. Somebody all the way across the city found it and sent it back to me several days later. So let this be lesson to everyone: hang on to your Mika pens cuz they are wily little things that will escape first chance they get!
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    What a cutie! My future kids will be singing Mika's songs like that. Poor kids haahaha
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    Fortunatlely, this time again, Mika had not forgotten to put on his suspenders !!!!!!!
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    Someone has been watching Doctor Who and wanted to be as cool as he is
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    Good evening girls! Introducing you the youngest Mika fans in Poland! Maja and Oliwier are singing Love Today They made my day today and keep me busy as well. (I hope the vid will work here ) VID_20180827_125445.mp4
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    Hello girls !! Here are some photos we took my friend and me recentely. We will take photos again.
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    Memories of Stasera Casa Mika...