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  1. Amazing how a little bit of sunshine can make everything seem better. Suddenly there are blue skies, birds singing, early flowers appearing.
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  3. If you're looking for a show to brighten up your days and you do have Netflix, watch Julie and the Phantoms, believe me, you won't regret it! The series is a bit like a musical and it's so uplifting with a great story, lovely characters and catchy music. I finished it in two days, unfortunately it's quite short... Do you have any recommendations for other uplifting series/movies? I need more right now.
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  4. Happy Monday.. Happy 1° March... Spring is came...
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  6. Me after an one hour dance class before the pandemic: Me after a 20 minute dance work out on Youtube now: I hope I'll be fit again before there are any gigs... Unfortunately, it seems I have plenty of time.
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