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    I dreamt last night that Mika announced the Revelation Tour part 2! It was going to start on 1st January next year in Leeds and end on Christmas day in London with a load of other countries in between. (sadly Mika himself wasn't actually in the dream, just me screaming with excitement). Please please please let this dream come true! 🙏 I'm only 20 minutes away from Leeds, I know Mika has performed there in the past, I would love him to come back. I would love to see him in London too but getting down there for Christmas might be tricky I'd find a way though... 😅
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    Don't say I didn't warn you! Now paint me like one of your wrinkly girls... 😂 I'm still very tempted to turn this into stickers. 😜
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    Happy Birthday to Andy Hope they can celebrate a little bit under these circumstances...
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    Happy Bithday to Andy Mika's patner...
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    Happy birthday to everybody of this beautiful forum!! that today is a birthday
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    finally he is aliveeeee!!!
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    Just discovered that picture. I think I haven't seen it before. But I totally fell in love with it.
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    Tanti auguri