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    Fantastic night in Barcelona with Mika! I share with you my review, pictures and videos when I get my s**t together after the whole trip Meanwhile I'm on a Mika cloud and I'm staying high on his tiny love!
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    Just found those pics. They are from Mika's gig in Razzmatazz (Barcelona) in 20 - 11 - 2012. 7 years ago and the story goes on.
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    i'm so happy for next sunday i see Mikaaa . i'm so excited!!!
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    I went to bookshop where xmas card sell but xmas cards didn't come so i need to wait 2 week for cards other stuff are complated
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    I have many physical CDs so I don't listen to Spotify as much but the Spotify statistics still don't lie... (If you use Spotify, you can generate your charts here: https://spotifystatistics.com/ ...and please share them, I'm curious.)
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    A year ago, I realized my dream ... A year ago, I met Mika for the first time. It was a magical moment, shared with part of my family Thanks again Mika Fan Club MFC And in about three months, I will attend for the first time one of his concerts (moreover, it will be my first concert :P) I can't wait to go 12/11/18
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    Goodmorning! Great day started, cannot see the sea and Asia side dear clouds
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    I tried to find "Sanremo" behind the scene on YouTube, but instead, I found this! Making of "Rain". I haven't seen it for such a long time.
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    aiutooo ciao Gabry per favore mi puoi dire come funziona di solito un concerto di Mika te cosa fai prima del live? ti porti dietro qualcosa da autografare , acquisti merchandising? per cortesia qualche consiglio per domenica prossima grazie tua amika Paola ps. sono agitatissima e felicissima di vederlo finalmente liveeee
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    Hello ! ça fait super longtemps que je n'ai rien écrit ! Il faut dire que depuis la dernière fois, j'ai changé d'études,...j'ai grandi ! Non mais en vrai mes études me prennent beaucoup de temps... Mais bon si je viens ici c'est surtout parce que j'ai une MEGA SUPER NOUVELLE à vous annoncer !!! Je vais enfin aller à mon TOUT PREMIER CONCERT DE MIKAAAAA !!!!! J'irais a celui de BRUXELLES ! Je suis tellement excitée !!!!! Si vous savez comme j'attendais ce moment avec impatience !!!
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    Feels like I could go Revelation Tour Guys, enjoy the concert for me
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    spero che a Torino faccia autografi cosa ne pensi? Buon Concerto per stasera è arrivato il regalo di Silverina stamattina finalmente ho anche io il CD!!!!