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    4 years today of this crazy trip to Milan signing sessions for swatch *sigh*
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    Eriko, look, I found a lot of beautiful birds for your collection of birds pictures . But be careful, it's a rare species, and protected by many fans. 😍
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    Hello Mika fans, I would like to present you my newborn baby: Mika website in Polish language!!!! mikapopolsku.com At last all information about Mika in one place! No need to speak English, French or Italian. You will not find anything about Mika in Polish media after 2015 Very bad.... But now it's over!!! Mika's biography up-to-date, his charity and social actions, his music, photos, ect Enjoy reading and first of all share the address with potential Mika fans!!!!! PS. Of course in useful links section you can find MFC address And now the same in Polish Przedstawiam Wam moje najnowsze dziecko: strona internetowa o Mice po polsku!!!!! mikapopolsku.com Nareszcie wszystkie informacje o Mice w jednym miejscu! Nie musicie znać języka angielskiego, francuskiego czy włoskiego. W polskich mediach praktycznie nie ma informacji o Mice po 2015 roku. To przykre... Ale to już przeszłość!!! Biografia Miki na bieżąco, akcje charytatywne i akcje społeczne, w których brał udział, jego muzyka, zdjęcia itd. Zapraszam do czytania, a przede wszystkim do dzielenia się adresem z potencjalnymi fanani!!!!!!!! PS. Oczywiście w zakładce z linkami znajdziecie adres to MFC
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    Received my prize yesterday! Thank you so much, I love it!
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    Blind Mika I adore these pics
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    Have a happy Easter season!!! And our favourite funny bunny
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    The dream, just Mika and me ... And the TF1 logo P.S. : Mika's face is just amazing
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    Have a nice weekend! Today the sun is shining!
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    I've found Songs for Sorrow on ebay.de "just" for 40 €, but the seller doesn't have any reviews and he/she is selling only this one item, so I'm not sure if it's trustful enough... But I thought it's an interesting price for the EP. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Mika-Songs-For-Sorrow-Buch-und-CD/382645602503
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    Tonight I had a dream that Mika announced some new tour dates and he was coming to my city... I was so excited.
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    When you try to make a beautiful photo related to the video clip but that working with eggs is too dangerous ...
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    Have a nice weekend!
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    Finally I made it! My #IWantYourIceCream video!
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    Ohhh so much memories I would like to share this video with you video-1542090328(1).mp4
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    Have a nice weekend!!
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    It's been 3 years since I was a fan of Mika and I collect objects representing him To celebrate, here is a new double-sided treasure offered by my mother Soon it will be 5 years that I know Mika; his music and his universe. Thank you Mika
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    I was going to remove the advertisement when I saw that...
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    just this little note to tell you that if I post a little less here it's because it's more comfortable for me to do it in French. As you may have noticed, I like to play with words. The translator is not always very faithful or sometimes too faithful. He cannot be expected to take into account the subtleties of each language. However, I always come back with great pleasure and very regularly to see what is happening. I don't forget you. Not you, not your warm welcome. It is with great pleasure that I meet some of them from time to time. In short, I remain faithful to you even if I post less, I wanted you to know it.
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    Do you know the new Statue of Liberty ?
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    Me queuing before the next Mika concert:
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    Take me to August ...
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    These days, I feel a little lonely in this period of intense work I don't have time for anything anymore. I'm tired, I'm stressed and this is just the beginning Fortunately, I sometimes hear Mika at my place of school's internship
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    Imagine Mika in videoclip Je Chante... You got it? Good. Now watch this vid It's cruel but it's funny as hell
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    Friday pic. Good morning!!
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    This is how I love Mika
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    I love my rucksack, you know why :))
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    Where can you buy dimples like that ?
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    I'm getting a little ahead of reality.
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    Coming back to this fanclub is always like coming home
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    It's Christmas in 4 weeks 😁 🎅 🎄 Who is impatient?
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