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    Happy Women's Day! "I like many things in women, but one above all: their endurance, their ability to stand against the wind without being afraid. Life, death, fear. Us men, we're not as strong, we're very good at pretending to be strong, but we're actually aren't. Women keep the world spinning, they make men greater. It was like that in my family as well. Men come up with word 'today', women with the word 'tomorrow', because they can look further." ~MIKA~
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    Today I played Mika songs for two hours to my parents and my mum danced with me to Platform Ballerinas.
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    7 years today. What a day!!
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    My new album from Bari sweet memories... VID_20200317_151057.mp4
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    The smile that lights up my day every time.
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    Fantastic night in Barcelona with Mika! I share with you my review, pictures and videos when I get my s**t together after the whole trip Meanwhile I'm on a Mika cloud and I'm staying high on his tiny love!
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    Favourite photo ever
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    Today the 10th anniversary of my first Mika concert *sigh* it seems impossible! And I'm still here!
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    Part of my Mika shelf.
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    Eight years since that gig in Argelรจs. One of the best nights for me.Extraordinary performance. Meet&greet with few people, something i think will never happen again, my first pic with Mika.Another night not to forget. And first time I could chat more than two words with him.
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    Happy Easter! I hope everyone is safe at home. Wish you a lot of reasons to smile these days. Sending you hugs and kisses from far away
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    Something just to cheer us up...
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    Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Let's share your happy colorful socks!
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    Thinking of all the Italian fans here. I don't know how many of you live in or near the affected area but as long as it's possible, try to stay high not low... Hope you and your families are safe! Wish you health. Of course that applies to everybody who lives in a country that is affected (at this point I think most of us do...).
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    Bad news: There's a reconstruction in our house so there's a lot of noise lately (drilling etc.). Good news: Songs like Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Tomorrow or Platform Ballerinas sound really good when you play them really LOUD.
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    Today it's three months since my first Mika gig...
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    Walking down the memory lane... I'm truly missing these pure versions of songs, just Mika and the piano...
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    I made a second collage from pictures I took, for my shelfs...
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    I bought the boy who knew too much and origin of love CD! They are amazing. I love the books inside the cd. Just amazing, I haven't seen before! I designed my CD's like this (3rd pic), I have no idea for designing so
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    1.73 vs 1.92 I'm not flexible enough
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    We may be tiny to the world but in our hearts We be giants with our tiny tiny love
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    My Tiny Love from couple of days
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    Just discovered that picture. I think I haven't seen it before. But I totally fell in love with it.
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    It's my Mika gig anniversary today Exactly 10 years ago
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    So I was walking in the supermarket and this guy comes up to me and he says, "My life stinks". I saw his gold credit card and his trolley full of toilet roll and could smell hand sanitiser from him and I just said "Dude, your prospective on life sucks." Blame it on the virus...
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    As things seem to get worse every day I hope you are all doing fine... don't give up! Especially the Chinese, Koreans and Italians among us! โค
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    Mika's music should be available in the pharmacy because today I didn't sleep well and felt quite sick in the morning but then I started listening to MNIMH and I feel much better now... Not perfect, but I have still Mika's whole discography to heal me.
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    How I look vs. how I feel while wearing Mika's merch...
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    So today I was in my room listening to Platform Ballerinas on full volume and on repeat. And when I went back to the kitchen, still playing the song, I found my parents dancing to it.
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    So i had a friend over to my dorm room today and she was going through my library and found the song for sorrow book. she preceded to open it and look through all of the art. i saw her looking through it and explained to her what the book was and that theres music that goes with it. she then asked me to play Mikas music for her so she could look at the art with the music and guys, MY HEART MELTED AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! lol i couldn't pull out that CD fast enough. and even better, she liked his music. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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    Get my tickets for Coruรฑa. To celebrate my ten Mika anniversary, first time i saw him, Carcassonne and La Coruรฑa. Yeahhh!!! Because im happy...
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    Merry Christmas to everyone except mee! I hope you all enjoy the holiday
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    This is my photobook from Barcelona's concert on which I was working on lately. To keep these beautiful memories VID_20191128_164329.mp4
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    You can keep your money inside Mika's Album book. I always do it and nobody find I found 50 lira inside Life In Cartoon Motion, I totally forgot that. It made me happy