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    I did record my television when his family was singing for him 🤣 It's not great, but it gives you an idea of the surprises they had for him Enjoy my tv! 😂 video-1579403617.mp4
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    You can watch full video on VK: https://vk.com/frmusic?z=video-23729576_456240612%2F8fe5589a89794a4e2f%2Fpl_wall_-23729576
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    The concert at the Bercy Arena was as spectacular as that of three years ago. Mika was very excited, but at the same time full of energy. He loved the fan action of the paper airplanes for Paloma! He was moved and forgot the words of the song. ❤ I loved this concert from start to finish, from the scenography with the rainbow that framed the stage and the two side screens, to the participation of the gospel choir. In the end we all danced and sang together with Mika, the band and the choir Pump up the jam and it was wonderful! Wouter is not only a fantastic drummer, but also a very good dancer and not only... I hope he will stay in the band forever! 🤞 Some pics and video: 20191222_223525_1_1.mp4
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    I wanted to take this opportunity to actually introduce myself because i dont think i really did that. I’m from a small town in Texas. Im an actress in Dallas and Arlington and I paint surrealist art for fun. My favorite color is pink and like to collect tea cups and mika merch. HOW I CAME TO KNOW MIKA: When I was little, My grandmother used to play these cds with yearly hits and kid songs on them. Grace Kelly was on one of the cds and i remember asking her to replay it all the time because I liked the opening conversation and when he went "kACHHHIINNGG". I then grew up to be obsessed with Michael Jackson and focused on his work for most of my life until i was in my dorm room last year trying to remember all those car ride songs. it took me 11 years to find the song again only remembering the words “ green” and “ mean”. it was absolute heaven when I heard it after all those years. it was a rush of nostalgia and I’ve been in awe of Mika’s work ever since. his music is the majority of what i listen to now. I really wish to meet Mika one day or at least paint something for him . It would be an absolute dream come true.
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    Tbh Jaela, it was the first time we'd come across it too. But this promoter seemed to be very concerned that the rainbow fanaction was going to leave a lot of litter and make for extra cleaning. (Obviously they'd never promoted a Mika gig with confetti cannon )
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    Hi there! I haven't posted a report here in a while, even though I've attended a lot of gigs but I wanted to share a little bit of my feelings about this show here. It was just completely surreal to me, a dream come true to see such an engaged audience in front of Mika (and not the smallest audience on top of that!) Mika always gives his best to the audience (and I engage a lot too, you might have noticed if you've ever been next to me at a gig ) but it's not always reciprocal. Especially on this tour the audience has been mostly attentive but not loud or dancing much during Ice Cream and Jealousy, only really waking up with Relax or even Big Girl. But in Bercy, after these first 2 songs, I was already completely out of breath! And I think Mika felt the good energy right from the beginning, which promised to transform a very good show into a magical night. I can't say this gig has been my favourite because I've loved so many different other gigs of this tour, and as he said it's great that it's a big venue but the drawback is that it's such a big venue.. but I will forever remember the good vibes and love coming to and from Mika, the metaphor of this being the paper planes. Anyway, I've definitely preferred that gig to Bercy 2016, which felt for me way too calculated for TV and did not let Mika express himself on stage at his fullest. I 'recovered' quickly from Bercy 2016 but I'm still very very high from this last Bercy gig
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    For everyone who haven't had the chance to see the show tonight, here's one of the best moment of the show! 🎶 Happy Ending by Max Taylor and Ida Falk Winland En direct de l'univers,Ici télé Max T..mp4
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    Sorry for posting so much
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    PRESS Europe1.fr En concert à Paris, Mika revient à l'essentiel : "C’est plus spontané !" Par Angèle Chatelier Après avoir dû annuler quelques dates de concerts, Mika était dimanche soir à l’AccorHotels Arena de Paris pour présenter son dernier album, "My Name Is Michael Holbrook", son vrai nom, comme s'il voulait revenir à l’essentiel après plus de dix ans de carrière. REPORTAGE Il n’avait pas donné de concert dans la capitale depuis quatre ans. Dans un AccorHotels Arena de Paris à guichets fermés, dimanche soir, le chanteur Mika a enchaîné ses plus grands tubes et ses nouvelles chansons en presque deux heures d'un show très intime. Derrière lui s'affichaient en grand des portraits de ses parents. Il les a présentés, père et mère, dès son entrée en scène en même temps que son dernier single, Ice Cream L'intimité qu'il offrait passait aussi par la décoration de son concert : un singe géant en aluminium, une grosse lune, un tapis arc-en-ciel, un chœur Gospel, un piano rose lumineux sur lequel il se niche parfois… Un décor certes chargé, mais moins qu'avant. Pour les fans, c’est presque mieux : "Il s’ouvre davantage et c’est pour ça qu’il est encore plus génial. C’est plus spontané, c’est encore plus du Mika !", s'enthousiasme au micro d'Europe 1 une fan venue le voir pour la quatrième fois. Une part de lui-même Tout au long du concert, chaque chanson ou presque avait sa couleur, se rapportaient à un instant de vie du chanteur britannique de 36 ans. Affichées sur le carré lumineux au dessus de lui, il les a racontées, tantôt allongé sur son tapis aux couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, dès fois sans lumière, caché. Comme la couleur verte, celle de la jalousie : "Cette émotion m'a poussé, car j'étais jaloux de l'homme que je voulais être", évoquait-il sur scène avant de chanter l'un de ses derniers titres, Dear Jealousy. Ce n’est qu’à la fin du concert que le fantasque est arrivé : des dizaines de ballons sortaient des côtés de la scène, un gros cœur a soudain surgit du piano… Habillé d’un pantalon et d’une veste à pois, Mika et surtout Michael Holbrook a offert au public avec une émotion non contenue une part de lui-même. Google translator
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    I'm kind of late to the whole MFC party but I've been listening to Mika since I was little. In fact I was watching a video of little me dancing to grace kelly the other day. I got back into to him about two/three years ago and it hasn't stopped since. I saw him live in November 2019 in London which was the best night of my life and yeah. I guess that's my Mika story.
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    Lol! In fact I did clean up in the seats until security threw me out, because I had been told we needed to clean up our papers. I was one of the last visitors who left the arena - they cleaned up the floor with huge leaf blowers to remove the fake snow, and I'm sure the paper planes and coloured papers were simply blown away as well, like the snow. Tho yeah, maybe in the seats it was a bit more difficult - but the paper cups (some of them spilled out) and other rubbish left there surely were worse imo, and they have to clean up these after every gig.
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    Sure …...especialy now that tey're using the "half rainbow" for their own advertisement 😬 And we all received a mail to remind us their policy whith a list of items not allowed inside If they don't want any paper or fan action they'd just have to add it to the list https://www.accorhotelsarena.com/sites/default/files/objets_interdits_20190418.pdf?_ga=2.180843687.145411741.1577107887-533207585.1497636482 What realy makes me mad is that they'll probably throw the papers the same way they will throw tons of food when they are kids associations in need and people who don't eat properly . A friend of mine asked one guy that was kinder than others to keep 2 babanas for himself ,he answered that he was not allowed Btw I was surprised that there were so many planes ,seems it's easier to hide from the security crew than paper sheets It realy looked wonderfull from the stands and Mika loved it soo much ! Seems that he also enjoyed the coloured papers even if the colour of jalousy was kidnaped by the security ,we still had the coulours of love and desire as well as our thuthfull blue that were visible @dcdeb ,I hope they won't bother you too much …..
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    New year, new thread! 🎉 Let's gather here Italian news & press 🇮🇹 Italian Press 2019
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    Hello! My name is Freja and I currently live in the UK. I've been a fan of Mika since 2007, and I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to work my way over to here but I'm happy to have eventually signed up as I used to love forum communities. I've had a look around for a few days and figured it was time I said hi 😊 I'm really excited to interact with more fans and I look forward to getting to know you all!
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    Different shades of pink...
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    New version of...
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    Buongiorno MFCers! Vi segnalo questa iniziativa di R101, che è la Radio ufficiale del Revelation Tour:
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    Greeting from Hong Kong! My name is Shirley. I start listening to Mika's songs at around 2010 - It all started from the song - Blame it on the girls - which is a really joyful and cute little song. All mika's songs are just soooo amazing and beautiful. I find this fan club site and just so thankful that there are so many information about mika and I just wanted to say thank you to all mika fans here! I don't know why I didn't join MFC earlier but I finally did. I am going to go to the revelation tour (The Japan and Korea gigs) and I am so excited about it!!😍 I am also a calligraphy lover and I just started an Instagram account for writing journal and mika's lyrics, here are some of my works...I hope you guys enjoy it! It's 2020 now, sending my tiny love to all MFCers and I hope everyone stay high during the whole new year!😘
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    Someone told me I had to visit this place and do some cleaning. Blame it on Mika for his nacked gifs I'm a good girl
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    Rolling Stone https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/2019-best-albums-rolling-stone-staff-picks-927916/ Best Music of 2019: Staff Picks 5322 words 20 December 2019 Steven Pearl, Copy Editor 1. Harry Styles, “Treat People With Kindness” 2. Tones and I, “Never Seen the Rain” 3. Megan Thee Stallion feat. Juicy J, “Simon Says” 4. Jonas Brothers, “Sucker” 5. Sofi Tukker, “Like This” 6. Partner, “Long and McQuade” 7. Mika feat. Jack Savoretti, “Ready to Call This Love” 8. Y2K and bbno$, “Lalala” 9. Missy Elliott, “Throw It Back” 10. Adam Lambert, “Superpower” / Katie Kadan, “All Better” (tie) The biggest change in 2019 was how I listened to music: iTunes out; Spotify, YouTube, and every possible kind of streaming in. What I listened to — whether having a kiki, chilling out, or darting around town — was as pop-’clectic as ever. From bouncy alt feel-goods like “Never Seen the Rain” and nasty get-downs like “Simon Says” to stoner singalongs like “Long and McQuade” and the gorgeous, groundbreaking harmony of “Ready to Call This Love,” these are my favorite songs of the year.
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    Sarebbe fichissimo un duetto Mika - Benigni 😜😂😂😂
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    Today, at the press conference they said that Mika will be at Sanremo's Festival on February 6th.
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    Mika al Festival di Sanremo! E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
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    But you still haven't realized that the song talks about when I left him
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    Buongiorno e buon Anno a tutte noi Mikafan.... Lo scorso anno sono stata un po' latitante lo ammetto ma mi sono promessa qst anno di essere più presente... Con tutti gli avvenimenti che ci saranno le occasioni di incontro e scambio non mancheranno sicuro.... Io anzi sto già facendo il conto alla rovescia per la data di Padova.. E voi?? Un grande abbraccio virtuale ❤️
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    I just found the "no more gifts" post again, as someone has asked me for it via DM - it was a post, not a story. "Just music and shows and dancing", guess I got my answer there.
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    but we don't know what he's wearing on the bottom half
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    This is mine We use to make a big crib at its foot but this year we only put a little statue due to late organisation
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    Beiruting.com http://desktop.beiruting.com/LeMag/Mika's_Solidarity_Message_to_Lebanese_People/11146 Mika's Solidarity Message to Lebanese People (World News) English & Lebanese descent recording artist,singer-songwriter MIKA,addressed a message of solidarity to Lebanese people through a video post. Here's what he had to say :
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    Not a regular concert, but a sort of street performance. They play and sing Origin of love in a big square, collecting money from people passing by.
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    Hi and welcome to MFC! If you want, you can open a thread in the introductions forum and tell us a bit about yourself, how you discovered Mika, etc.: https://www.mikafanclub.com/forum/5-introductions/ I think everyone on here agrees with this. I don't know how long you've been a Mika fan for, but for the most part the relationship between Mika and his fans has always been very respectful. Of course there are always some people who behave in a disrespectful way, whether in Europe or the U.S., or anywhere else in the world. And probably even more, unintentionally, if we assume that Mika often said Yes when he meant No. It surely is one way to interpret the current situation, but as I said before, either it's not the case, or Mika isn't very consequent, at least re. the "bulky presents", if he even thanks people for it on Instagram. I think Mika is very well able to say what he wants, like, often enough he said he doesn't want to sign things or take photos with people, when he was too tired. Even if he gets a few disappointed looks for it. Also, although I wasn't at any of the improptu Xmas parties (don't know about any improptu birthday parties), from the videos it looked to me as if he enjoyed it. If he had just wanted to please people, but actually would've preferred to go back to his hotel, he could've stayed much shorter than he did. But of course we won't know what he's thinking unless he tells us.
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    I think the best way to express admiration, gratitude and love is to respect his wishes, not to impose on him meetings his doesn't want, bulky presents or an impromptu birthday celebration when all he thirst for is going back home or to his hotel and relax with his loved ones.
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    I think it's good for Mika and if he collaborates in that "project" it's because he wants and makes him happy. I don't think anyone forces him. If this makes him more known in SA countries It will be good for his shows there and for more promotion.
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    Hello everyone, just saw here there are already many things planned for this show. With 7 others fans, we planned something too, we bought approximately 300 fakes roses of many colors (red, pink, white, black, light blue, green, navy blue, orange and yellow) to throw them during OOL... It looks like that Just to let you know Have a good day! Morgan
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    Hello! I'm Ashlyn! I've been a fan of Mika for about three years now! I'm from the US. In the US, a lot of people don't know who Mika is or his music. Honestly, it's a bit sad! I'm kinda hoping that Mika will come to the US soon so I could see him in concert. A girl could dream- couldn't she? Besides Mika ; I enjoy writing, playing piano, Broadway musicals, and a lot of different other music artists!
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    Gracias!! Feliz Año para vos también ✨🥂
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    GENTE 20200/ 01/ 03 page 51 🔽 PDF file ( page 51 / 219 KB ) Gente Italia N.1 - 11 Gennaio 2020-51.pdf Press Reader https://www.pressreader.com/italy/gente-italy/20200103/page/51 MIKA L’artista di origine libanese, naturalizzato britannico, è nato a Beirut il 18 agosto di 36 anni fa. Gli ultimi mesi del 2019 l’hanno visto in tour, anche in Italia, per presentare l’album My Name Is Michael Holbrook: è questo il vero nome di Mika
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    I can understand the "No more gifts" stance - he must have been given enough stuff over the years to fill a warehouse! And I can understand him wanting to save his voice (and not exposing himself to too many germs) while on a big tour. But I do miss him coming out and chatting to fans after gigs. He hasn't been doing that after London gigs for some years, mainly because of the huge crowds that wait for him. He also dislikes badly behaved fans that mob him and try to touch him - guaranteed to make him leave. It seems the best chance of meeting him these days is to attend signing sessions, at least then you might get to say a few words to him, and he gets to deal with people individually rather than face a crowd clamouring for his attention.
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    I'm going to the show! I'ù from France and it will be great to meet some of you
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    I like your theories. I also don't think it's because he doesn't want to or doesn't like us fans anymore. That's certainly not the reason! Maybe one day he'll give us a hint or something...
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    From Doriand Instagram. 8. Au diable le paradis - Doriand's song sang by MIKA 2. Elle me dit - Mika's song sang by Doriand Here is Doriand's version from 1996.