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    Finally a new post. I wonder where he is.
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    This one could be perfect for going to a Mika gig while keeping the social distancing... plus you never know when you wanna sit
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    From what I understand He said that he's back in Italy and yes he's fed up with Greek food …. About his songwriting he explained when he was writting Under pseudonym ; that he's writting about 60 songs for an album and it's a very important process to choose the good ones
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    Yeah, same here. And today's story is already a few seconds longer than the last one. First just a hand, then a shadow dancing - he's teasing us again, as usually. Looking forward to hear what he'll come up with when he finally decides to show his face again. At least I hope these little teasers mean he's ready to be back soon.
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    Are you ready for Mika Fan Club's 3rd Facebook Watch Party? We think we are! Not sure what a Facebook Watch Party is? It's pretty straightforward, really. We can gather as a group at a designated time on Mika Fan Club's Facebook page, and then all watch the same video at the same time. A live chat runs alongside the video, so we can share our thoughts and comments on the video and just generally hang out together. It's just another way for us fans to socialize virtually, since we can't really do much in Real Life these days! We've done a few Watch Parties already, and tomorrow we'll be holding our third. We've strung together a collection of live MIKA concert videos showing a bit of his evolution as a performer from 2007 to 2013. All the songs in this group are either covers or songs that he's never officially released. Some of these oldies may not have perfect video or audio quality, but it will be fun to take a walk down Memory Lane and see young MIKA and how he has changed over the years. To join in, head over to Mika Fan Club's Facebook page tomorrow, Saturday, 11 July, around 3pm Eastern US/8pm UK/9pm Central Europe Time. And bring your own popcorn and beverage for some viewing fun!
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    I think he reads it out so fast because it's the only way not to laugh at how pretentious it all is. Can you seriously see anyone - even stupidly rich people - wanting to wear any of that?
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    mikainstagram is following X-Factor members. https://www.instagram.com/mikainstagram/following/ alecattelan real_brown hell_raton
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    Mika's PLAYLIST Lucio Dalla PIAZZA GRANDE Fabrizio Di Andre Amore che vieni, amore che vai Eros Ramazotti Ci Parliamo Da Grandi Mina & Celentano A Un Passo Da Te Elisa Mare Mare Polo Conte Via Con Me Ghali Good Times Mika feat. Chiara Stardust
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    REPLAY https://www.radioitalia.it/multimedia/video/artista/3/backstage/5391.php The VIDEO file size is huge ( 3.79 GB !! ) I've converted to the audio file. 🔽AUDIO file download link( m4a / 74.4MB ) password mfc : https://firestorage.com/download/1f0fc46947470655978b9a6775b0dca3ec760b05
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    Just Mika's parts: "How much do we need a big collective hug in this moment! Like the one that Pride gives to all its participants." "Covid has changed many things and also prevents us from doing many things, but it doesn't change the importance and the beauty of diversity among people. " "Long live Pride!"
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    That's why I tried to send an email to the European Consumer Centres Network because I think it's a really customer-unfriendly refund policy. I already got in touch with them once and they replied, even though it wasn't really helpful back then. However, they know the laws in different EU countries and they can help you if you need information about your rights in such situations. I don't think it will help but at least I want to know if it's legal according to the Italian law. I get that they want to protect the business but not under these conditions...
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    I wonder if that's true for all vouchers or if the ticket sellers can decide that. Also I wonder, 18 months from what date? The date of the gig? They say they might take a while to issue all the vouchers, so if they take 3 months, will the voucher be valid from then on? As I said on Twitter, it's rubbish that the voucher expires. Why can't they just issue vouchers that expire only in 5 years, or at least have some sort of rule that if there aren't any gigs by the same artist by the time the voucher expires, it won't expire or you'd get the money back then?! In Germany you get your money back if the voucher isn't used until the end of 2021. But I think that's the laws which are different, they made these especially due to Corona, to protect the production companies, ticket sellers, etc. - which is ok for me, as long as customers are also protected in some way, as it's the case in Germany (here you can also get your money back right now if you have serious financial problems, and you'll get it back after 2021 in any case). I'm seriously a bit annoyed that Mika cancelled these gigs instead of postponing them, even if that might've meant having to postpone them again in 2021. Remembering what he said on the MFC live, iirc it was more or less that his US management advised him not to make any gig plans until you can tell for sure that it'll be safe they'll happen - while I still think this is true, no one knows what'll happen in 2021, I think he / his management should've taken a look at the local rules for reimbursement in the respective countries, before cancelling everything. For France and Spain it's looking good, I think also in the US people got their money back. But in Italy that's a different story, and especially with Verona, which would've been a huge meetup for fans from all over Europe (or even the world), with very expensive tickets (same for Taormina, I think they were even more expensive). I hope they realize they made a mistake with this and find a solution that everyone can live with.
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    Mika wearing another jacket !!! xfactoritalia IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/xfactoritalia/2352318466352632855/
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    During XF they do change their clothes even during the auditions, the production has always mixed together different pre-recorded episodes with different clothes (https://youtu.be/hO8DxkyzHsQ for example you can see several outfits in this summary of last year's first episode of auditions) I saw an IG story of the XF account a few days ago and Manuelito was dressed differently than the 2 first days, so I think they all changed their clothes but we didn't get any pic yet.
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    IG story by @silvio_tova - Mika & team singing "Sign your name" by Terence Trent d'Arby silvio_tova_107179526_2649068492088219_3970581856444903065_n.mp4
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    Didn’t Mika once say in an interview that the blue suit in the Voice France was worn so often, it would sit up as to how dirty it was? 🤣 I can imagine the same will happen for this red suit!
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    I do! I watch it almost every night. it’s a TV show (same channel as En direct de l’univers) They have been doing a few interviews with international guests lately (via skype), yesterday, it was Josh Harnett. They also had Christine and the queens a few weeks ago. Those interviews last about 5 minutes and they have usually been recorded a few days before. Looking forward to see Mika.
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    Mi scuso per aver scritto in inglese qui Is it possible for someone to buy some of the Tempo tissues (the little packs) that Mika has designed? These would make nice prizes later in the year for people living outside Italy. All costs would be covered. Please PM me if you think you can help. Grazie
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    It looks like Tempo made an anti-homophobe video where they make connection between anti-conronavirus gestures and anti-homophobic gestures. I find it very smart and funny. Translation from Italian: 1. Do not" wash your hands", if you have seen homophobic acts. 2. In the future, don't avoid gatherings of LGBT people. These are the best vacations. 3. Keep at least a meter and a half away from those who say "Everyone can do what they want but at home". 4. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or elbow instead of insulting a person which is different from you. 5. If you think being gay is a disease, isolate yourself until you are completely healed.
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    Hopefully! Tempo sometimes has really nice designs for their packages, the last one I bought actually was quite Mika-ish, very colourful and joyous. Actually more joyous than Mika's own design, he's using pretty dark colours, and partly also dark motifs... Found this pic on Twitter: So I see volcanos with animal skulls, space (with a rocket behind the brand name?), a thunderstorm, a jungle and an ocean. And the other one might just be patterns, anyway I don't recognize anything in it, from that pic. Reminds me of the Kukulakuku design.
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    Finally Mika and his mask bc17d196-c389-4d2b-8196-bd7ed866e5d0.mp4 a4c57c16-f4bb-4405-9975-119a7bd6db5d.mp4 1528e77a-b719-4a5e-961a-b6de3e5b978b.mp4
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    Eliana Guerra / The executive producer of FremantleMedia Italia
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    Finally something about Mika! IG Story by Emma, real-brown. I think what Mika says is that he learned something new, if you eat pasta without anything, it's called "pasta in bianca". real_brown_75916442_880007309187524_8192923774274668573_n.mp4 Edit: and another story by Alecattelan (reposted by Emma): alecattelan_107450016_2771076466513755_3589223145189672894_n.mp4
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    XF2020 casting will be recording at Cinecittà Studios Roma. https://www.instagram.com/zakyss_/ IG stories
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    Thank you Eriko for sharing. Here's approximately what he says. "Mika is the first person for whom I designed a men shoe collection. He called me once and asked me to make him shoes for performing on stage. I said : "why me? normally I design women shoes." He said : "I have female friends, I have sisters, and when they wear your shoes, something wonderful happens, I don't know what, but they feel carried. And for performing on stage, I need to feel carried." The rest is about the shoes he designed for Michael Jackson.
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    Hai everyone!, My name is Fier and im turning 16 this year.. Im a new Mika Fan. I've been listening to his songs since i was in 4th grade but im new to this whole fandom thing. I hope that i can find nice mutuals here and be a better fan my twitter acc is @INTERPRETATION btw follow me and we can chat, i really hope you guys are willing to introduce me to more Mika stuff
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    He's name is Manuel Agnelli, so yes, they're both called Manuel but they rather call the younger one "Manuelito". Manuel Agnelli didn't have any social account and it seems yesterday night they had fun creating him a new Ig account called "The colleagues of Manuel Agnelli" lol 🤣
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    Mika will be the protagonist for an hour at Radio Italia the 27th and the 28th of June. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=262486745174938&id=6006248039 Il 27 e il 28 Giugno anche Mika sarà tra i protagonisti di #radioitaliaora, con la sua ORA di conduzione su @radioitalia! REPLAY : https://www.radioitalia.it/multimedia/video/artista/3/backstage/5391.php AUDIO file D/L link : ( m4a / 74.4MB ) password mfc : https://firestorage.com/download/1f0fc46947470655978b9a6775b0dca3ec760b05
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    Remember he promised us a playlist a month ago? Mikasoon, as always, but finally it's here.
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    some fans think he could be in France (since he was spotted in the restaurant with the Remy plush) but then he posted the hummus IG story which was posted also on the Athens shop profile, so someone thought he could be back in Athens again, but who knows 😅 he could also have sent them the pic from somewhere else
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    Se vi siete persi il collegamento telefonico di Mika a Radio Italia, potete ascoltarlo cliccando su questo link: https://www.radioitalia.it/multimedia/video/artista/3/backstage/5391.php
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    The replay from Facebook: https://www.radioitalia.it/multimedia/video/artista/3/backstage/5391.php
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    You're welcome! Yes, I think because it's geotagged for Italy. Actually we don't know when Mika will be on air. The podcast will be available on the website. We hope we'll have news in the next days.
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    Manuel Agnelli IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/colleghidimanuelagnelli/2353094168687508044/
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    Thanks. He talks about how different the Xfactor recordings are this time, for him and everyone else. But the interview stops in mid-sentence, I hope we'll get the whole interview somewhere. Ah, and at the beginning he says he's happy, "Sono felice".
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    Just found out through a fan (in a whatsapp Mika fans group) that some lyrics of Good Guys are quoted in a brazilian book published in 2016 The name of the book is ''Homens Elegantes'' (''Elegant Men'' in English), by Samir Machado de Machado, it's set in 1760 and tells about a Brazilian soldier who goes to London to investigate a contraband of homoerotic books in Brazil.
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    Here they are, with animations:
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    Cattelan posted The Drink List to his IG stories. https://www.instagram.com/stories/alecattelan/2343166161669605074/ 106546593_1196764924016242_3547477376499187697_n.mp4
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    Emma Marrone has posted The Dorink List of The X-Factor Stuff to her IG stories. https://www.instagram.com/stories/real_brown/2343108670396378528/ MIKA 5 Cl London Dry Gin 2 Cl Saint German 2 Cl Succo di Limone Top Ginger Beer Mente & Anice Stelatto
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    Mika will be on air from 12 to 13pm on Sunday 28th!
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    @Kumazzz as it's not officially confirmed by Mika or his team, I moved your post to the tour rumours. It's obvious the organizers want it to happen, they're pushing it forward - but even if the fair and the music festival do happen, I don't know if Mika will actually perform. Sure, it's the only hope for a gig we still have for this year, but as he cancelled all the others, why should this one be an exception? I doubt they can guarantee safety from the virus. And it seems to me that Mika wants to reschedule his tour as a whole, instead of just single gigs or festivals. But who knows. I hope for a miracle, I'd definitely go if Mika performs there. I just find it highly unlikely, especially also looking at the new outbreaks of the virus in different places where the restrictions get loosened a lot, or people don't keep to wearing masks and social distancing. It's not over and I suppose this lockdown of the last few months won't have been our last.
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    I won’t believe it until Mika officially confirms it 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    In this interview on June 24, 2015 at BBC, Mika talks about his family and cooking.
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    I have to say this is by far the most expensive ticket I've ever bought so I'm really quite angry now. There would be no problem with a voucher if the concert gets rescheduled, I already have one concert ticket and one festival ticket for the next year (no Mika) but now I'll get a voucher with an expiration date and I don't know if there will be any Mika gigs in Italy I can attend to use it. And I won't travel to Italy to see any other show, also there might be gigs I won't be able to attend because of the distance, date etc. At least you should receive your money back if you don't use the voucher and it expires. It's a lot of money.
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    I had a weird dream last night, actually it was just a short moment, not a dream with a story. I just saw Mika dancing on stage like at any gig, with the difference that he was completely naked. The funny thing is, although Mika certainly is one of the se*iest guys on this planet to me, my reaction in that dream was pretty real and down to earth. I just thought "Oh please, I know what naked men look like - can you just put on some clothes?!" And it made me think... I remember back in 2009 there was this joking about a naked vlog (Iirc Mika started it when he said somewhere he'd do a naked vlog if We Are Golden went to #1 ), which many fans were asking him to do, but of course he never did. The stripping bit in Casa Mika certainly came closest to that. And I found it pretty hot every time he took his shirt off during a gig. I still do, but I think with just a certain look on his face, a certain dance move or pose, he can be even more sensual than just by taking off his shirt. I suppose it goes in the direction of what he says on stage, that you learn much more about a person if they sing or dance for you, than if they take off their clothes.