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    Hi all! Wanted you all to know that we are looking at ways to improve the Mika Fan Club website -- we're 13 years old and we need a makeover! Well, maybe not a HUGE makeover, but we think there are lots of little things we can do to make things better around here. In addition, Invision, which hosts MFC and is the software that the site uses, will be releasing a new version with a number of improvements soon. So you might be noticing some changes to some things -- nothing major, don't worry! For one thing, we've made some tweaks to our home page here: https://www.mikafanclub.com/index.html/ We have a News Blog there now, which we'll try to keep updated with the latest big news of the day. And we'll also try to add more photos there as well. Also, we've given the MFC Subtitling Team's videos a little more visibility by adding a special tab along the top of the main menu you see across the top of every page in the dark gray bar. That link will take you directly to the Subtitling Team's thread and all of their fantastic translated and subtitled videos, making it easier for you to find them. Stasera Casa Mika, the latest Mika interviews and television appearances, all just one click away! We have a few other changes in mind that we'll be implementing in the next few months, and we're also open to any ideas/suggestions you might have. (Yes, we know, you want an app -- we're looking into it!) Let us know what you think!
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    Exactly. Mika controls his Twitter and Instagram account 99% of the time. Occasionally some of the more "advertisement" type posts might be written by his team, but otherwise, believe me, it's Mika. As for yesterday's post/tweet, I think it may well have been from him, actually. It's not the first time that he's said something like this and upset fans from other countries/groups -- I'm sure it wasn't an intentional thing, it's just that this competition was from Ticketmaster ITALIA, so it's natural that he thinks only Italian fans were involved. I'm not sure why anyone would get upset over that, and try to pit the Italian fans against the French fans or the UK fans or the US fans, etc. Seems like someone just wanted to stir up some drama to me. 🤷‍♀️
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    This is heartbreaking. That you can't be with your loved ones in such a situation must be the absolute worst, I actually have tears in my eyes thinking of it. Joannie is a fighter, I hope so much that they'll all get through this crisis and can hug each other again full of joy when they finally meet again. After a day of successfully convincing myself that everything's OK and he's just taking a break, this morning I got worried again. I thought, at the last cooking show he said how these make him happy... and then suddenly he would stop?! I spent all day trying to push away the thought that it could only mean something must've happened. I'm not really happy about being able to trust my intuition in this case though, I rather wish it had been just me worrying too much because I'm a crazy stalker who can't be happy for a few days without hearing from her fave popstar. Anyway I'm so glad he told us. That he found the strength to write such a long post, even in 3 languages. He really didn't need to apologize though, also the way he thinks of others who are in a similar situation is unbelievable, he is so kindhearted... not that this is new to me, but even in such a situation when he's so worried about his family. ❤❤❤
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    Today's cooking with Mika: part 1 2020-03-26-cooking-with-Mika.mp4 part 2 2020-03-26-cooking-with-Mika-part2.mp4
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    Here is the live on Instagram Mika broadcasted tonight. Mika Live Instagram 12 03 2020.mp4
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    Here is the video with Mika's live on Instagram 19/03/2020 Mika Live on Instagram 19 03 2020.mp4
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    I don't know what was wrong with the quality in Mika's first video, thought it was my phone / connection at first but apparently it was on his side or Instagram reduces the quality, same as Netflix and Youtube do, so the internet won't get too busy in these days. Weirdly, in the 2nd one it worked. Anyway, here's the recordings: 2020-03-23-cooking-with-Mika.mp4 2020-03-23-cooking-with-Mika-part2.mp4
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    Yes, it seems likely. Also, a few of the cities Mika is supposed to play early in April have announced restrictions on large gatherings, which effectively cancels concerts of several hundred people -- San Diego and Seattle, for example. Here in DC, the venue Mika is supposed to play at in May has cancelled ALL shows regardless of size until March 31. Who knows if that will be extended? I've been in touch with Mika's team and they aren't ready to make any announcements on any of the other dates or the tour yet, but as soon as we hear something for sure, we'll post about it. Until then it's all just speculation. Besides, the tour will be rescheduled. We just need to get through this crisis period. Hang in there, everyone!
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    Are you sure you want to get people worried again?
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    It must be stressful that thousands of people pressure you to say on social networks if you are right, wrong, what you are doing and where. When he needs to talk to us, he will do it, I'm sure.So I'm not worried.
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    He definitely does NOT announce when he's taking a break, he can easily disappear for months and then come back after an eternity like "oh hey guys sorry i forgot my password!". That's typical Mika 😆. I do agree with Melody that the combination this time could make one think that something more is going on this time. I remember for example that he was also supposed to attend the Ferragnez wedding in 2018 and we never really got an explanation as to why he didnt go in the end (at least i think? Could be wrong on this so feel free to correct me). Tracing back the timeline in hindsight makes me think that probably it had to do with his mom. It could be the same this time, that's the only thing i can think of (if we're thinking of bad things, that is). But either way, us worrying is not going to change a thing and all we can do is wait for him to show up again and tell us what happened. He's been very open lately, so i think in any case we'll hear something at some point. I also sincerely hope he'll see the hearts as a sweet gesture, and not as some kind of pressure like ohmygod i have to be online or else my fans will be worried, cause i think that's the last thing we should want and the last thing he needs. He's got enough to deal with already, lets not add a few hundred worried people on top of that 😬
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    No, it's the same one. The video is simply mirrored because this time they used the front camera. Mika had to see the screen when he was connected to Viviana and Antonella, so, even when he gave the phone to Andy, he didn't turn it to the back camera.
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    So from what I understand, Mika first talks about why he is in Athens (same things he said on the first cooking IG live, that his family is nearby and Andy can't go to the US). And can I just add, why do his videos always keep freezing when he tries to show the view out of his window?! Probably bad connection out there. At least here we can see half of it. Then the presenter asks how the situation in Greece is, and Mika says everything is closed, and something like that when going to buy food, people keep a distance voluntarily. And that people are very friendly there despite the situation, unlike in London where his friends told him it's terrible, people are getting aggressive. The next question where Mika laughs I don't understand. Then Mika shows his fingers with some small bruises and the presenter says something about it being the hand of a worker, I think? And Mika says it's the hand of a hypochondriac, but I don't understand the rest. About the next question I'm not sure, does he say he's learning Greek with the App "Duolingo"? Then they're talking about piano playing, I think the presenter asks what was the first song Mika learned to play on the piano? And Mika says he doesn't have a piano there. But he has this piano app on his tablet and he tries to teach that song to the presenter (who fails ) - it's this one btw, if anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyIQgUt-WIc ... or here the version from the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks, which the presenter recognizes and Mika says "Yes!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF7-rz9nIn4 (can I just say, I absolutely LOVED that movie back in the 80s!! ). In the end the presenter wishes Mika good luck, and I think he says something like he can use that? ("ho bisogno") I hope some of the Italian speakers can add a few more details.
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    Btw, Mika himself wasn't in the video, not even his voice, he just filmed Andy, that other guy and the phone, where Lorna, a college friend of his, was talking. He wrote under the post that the phone call in lockdown took too long, and something like 'sorry Lorna. We are bastards.' Btw, iirc Lorna used to sing Happy Ending with Mika on stage back in the early days. I found it lovely to hear that they're still friends now. And obviously Mika, Andy and that other guy were having fun, so we don't have to pity him for being stuck at home on his own, with nothing to do.
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    To all Italian fans, sorry to hear about the quarantine, but hopefully it won't be too long before things get back to normal . And it might give you more time to watch Mika videos (Maybe someone could translate for me)?
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    I'm glad that Joannie is at home surrounded by her loved ones. Those are good news. She's a strong woman.
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    I don't believe it's a technical problem, because him or the TV people just could've told us. But maybe he just wants to take a break from media in general, with all the bad news everywhere. I watched some of the Domenica In show, I think it was an interview with someone in Bergamo, and even though I didn't bother to try and understand something of what they said, just the pictures and the tone of people's voice were enough to make me feel sad and worried. Stories on news websites and especially media like Twitter don't really help to make anyone feel better, there's too much negative and sad stuff on there. Might help to avoid all of that for a while. Let's hope that's all it is and after a few days' break he'll be back with another cooking show.
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    He says that is in quarantine but wants to send her congratulations for her doctor's degree, and I think in the end he says that it'll be unforgettable. It's Pierpaolo's daughter, I suppose?
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    That's why I hate this ageism, it shouldn't matter if you are an younger/older fan, I don't know the age of many fans I follow on Twitter and I don't really care about it either... It's just another thing that splits the fandom like nationality etc. even though it shouldn't. We are all on the same boat, we are fans and that's all that matters to me.
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    A lot of 30-something fans were 20-something fans too when they started following Mika.
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    Mika will be guest at EPCC on all social network the 24th of March h 21: 2270401334384088469311403318.mp4 2270398023920917009311403318.mp4
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    Hello @Kumazzz, Alessandro Cattelan says that the episode will be based on three different time zones: his guests will be Mika (currently based in Athens) and the chef Giorgio Locatelli (based in London), plus Anna (don't know who she is, honestly), and each of them will tell how their lives are going on and how they feel during this peculiar period
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    I've downloaded the IG Live with a Chrome Browser Add-On I found tonight, the quality is quite good so I thought I'd share it too, although it has been shared already (thanks @Anna Ko Kolkowska !) Unfortunately I also didn't record the 2nd live 15 minutes after that, where he said he'd come back in an hour and show us the finished dish. He accidentially filmed the room instead of himself first for that, maybe that's why he didn't leave it online. 2020-03-19-cooking-with-Mika.mp4
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    Thanks to @giraffeandy I saw those tweets and made my day. In the middle of these grey days this made me laugh and I thought about sharing it here So... @beepbeepmikachu Don't forget to wash your hands
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    We missed this article. Instinct https://instinctmagazine.com/mika-takes-us-away-with-a-hedonistic-trip-to-sanremo/ Mika Takes Us Away With A Hedonistic Trip To “Sanremo” November 7, 2019 Global pop superstar MIKA has returned to the music scene with his critically acclaimed fifth studio album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”. One of the songs he has released is easy, breezy, beautiful “Sanremo”, a bubbly journey through hedonistic joy and finding that magical place with a lover filled with freedom and happiness. In a complete juxtaposition, the accompanying video is a stark commentary on the plight of LGBTQ people in recent history straight up until today. Homosexuality is still criminalized in over seventy countries, some in which it is punishable by death. Set in a black and white fantasy world somewhere in 1950s Italy, Mika’s character says goodbye to his wife and kids in the morning. After a solo dancing scene in his apartment, he then sets off nervously and cautiously to find male love in the shadows while avoiding the gaze of clergymen and policemen alike for fear of being found out. Hints of “Querelle”, Jean Genet’s homoerotic novel come to life, are in obvious homage as he stumbles upon a somewhat netherworld of androgynous characters and eager seamen. One could also say there are little nods to Madonna’s 1990 Jean Baptiste Mondino directed clip for “Justify My Love” as she too discovered a world where her fantasies came to life without fear of judgment. The dreamy wonderland escape in which the song creates is quickly broken as the video ends as he is stopped by a police officer. The encounter is accompanied by an audio clip from an Italian politician warning about firing anyone who is homosexual working for his administration. This creative embargo really speaks to the current political climate and reminds us how not so long ago, being homosexual was completely socially unacceptable reminding us that the plight of the LGBTQ community is still strong.
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    I am Lille Kråke (Cori M. Avara-Sanchez,) a Gothic artist born in California, currently living in Norway. While I was living in Washington State, I listened to music on Pandora, and one of the songs my station discovered was Rain by Mika. I fell in love with the sound, and checked out more of his music. I'm hooked! They play Grace Kelly on Radio Norge, one of Norway's public radio stations. I haven't heard any of his other music on the radio stations, but I have Spotify, so I discovered a ton more favorites. I really hope he come to sing in Oslo!
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    Me too. I'm glad he's smiling and seems to be in a good mood considering what he's going through right now
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    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Our prayers go out to Mika and everyone who is going through something similar or worse.
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    mikainstagram I want to apologize for the recent radio silence. This past week has been turbulent for my family as it has been for so many others around the world. Multiple members of my immediate family, all of them in Paris, came down with symptoms of COVID-19. On Sunday afternoon however, just as I was about to go live on air on Italy’s RAI UNO, my mother was sent by ambulance to urgent care. I was forced to abandon the broadcast and help my younger brother and sister from a distance. My mother has been battling an aggressive brain cancer, for this reason among others, as the days went by and her condition worsened, we were told to prepare for the worst. We sat at home, each one of us separated, unable to contact her or speak to her, just like so many of you in similar situations right now. Yesterday, by some miracle, we were informed that she is stabilizing. I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to write this message, and such enormous gratitude for those healthcare workers fighting this virus on the front line. We are taking it a day at a time, and we are far from out of the woods. My heart goes out to any one affected by this terrible virus. Not being able to speak or see those you love as they are suffering and fighting is heartbreaking, and I want to express my deepest of sympathies to those who are currently in the same situation and worse, those who have lost someone they love. From my family and I, we send you our love and compassion. Those are two things we will need to hold on to with all our might, to get through the coming weeks. Photo by @francois.roelants used by kind permission. Je tenais à m’excuser de mon silence-radio de ces derniers jours . Cette semaine a été agitée pour ma famille comme pour tant d’autres à travers le monde. Mes proches, tous installés à Paris, ont présenté des symptômes du COVID-19. Dimanche dernier, au moment où j’allais participer en direct à une émission de la Rai UNO en Italie, ma mère a été transportée en urgence en ambulance à l’hôpital. J’ai été contraint de faire faux-bond à l’émission pour aider à distance mon jeune frère et l’une de mes sœurs. Ma mère lutte depuis de longs mois contre un cancer du cerveau très agressif, c’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles, au fil de la semaine son état a empiré et qu’on nous a demandé de nous préparer au pire . Chacun d’entre nous s’est assis, seul, chez soi, tous séparés, dans l’impossibilité de la joindre et de parler avec elle... comme tellement d’entre vous aujourd’hui dans des situations similaires . Hier, par miracle, nous avons été informés que son état se stabilisait. Je me sens incroyablement reconnaissant d’être en capacité d’écrire ces mots, et j’éprouve une immense gratitude envers ces soignants en première ligne qui se battent contre ce virus. Nous ne nous projetons pas, nous vivons chaque jour l’un après l’autre, nous ne sommes pas tirés d’affaire ... Ce soir toute mon affection va aux personnes touchées par ce terrible virus. Ne pas pouvoir parler ou voir ceux que vous aimez pendant qu’ils souffrent et se battent est déchirant, alors je veux exprimer mes sentiments les plus chaleureux à ceux qui sont dans cette même situation, ou pire qui ont perdu quelqu’un qu’ils aimaient. Avec ma famille, nous vous adressons notre amour et notre compassion. Deux sentiments dont nous aurons tellement besoin pour traverser les semaines à venir. Voglio scusarmi per il mio recente silenzio. La scorsa settimana è stata una settimana turbolenta per la mia famiglia, così come è stata per tante altre famiglie in tutto il mondo. Diverse persone che fanno parte della mia famiglia, tutte quante a Parigi, hanno manifestato sintomi del COVID-19. Domenica pomeriggio, proprio mentre stavo per andare in onda in Italia su RAI UNO in collegamento da casa, mia madre è stata portata via in ambulanza d’urgenza. Ho dovuto lasciare la diretta e aiutare mio fratello e mia sorella minori da lontano. Mia madre sta da tempo combattendo contro un cancro al cervello molto aggressivo, e per questo motivo insieme agli altri, mentre i giorni passavano e la sua condizione peggiorava ci è stato detto di prepararci al peggio. Ci siamo messi seduti a casa, ognuno a casa propria, ognuno separato dall’altro, impossibilitati a contattarla o a parlare con lei, così come tanti di voi in situazioni simili in questo momento. Ieri, grazie a qualche miracolo, siamo stati informati che la sua situazione si sta stabilizzando. Mi sento incredibilmente grato di potere scrivere oggi queste righe, e ho una gratitudine davvero smisurata per tutte le persone che lavorano nella sanità e combattono questo virus in prima linea. Stiamo affrontando questa situazione un giorno alla volta, e siamo lontani dal poter dire di essere fuori pericolo. Il mio cuore è con tutte le persone colpite da questo terribile virus. Non potere parlare o vedere le persone che ami, mentre queste soffrono e lottano contro il male, è una cosa che spezza il cuore, e voglio esprimere veramente la mia vicinanza più profonda alle persone che sono adesso in questa stessa situazione o che, cosa ancora peggiore, hanno perso una persona che amano. Da parte mia e della mia famiglia, mandiamo tutto il nostro amore e la nostra compassione. Sono queste le due cose a cui abbiamo bisogno di aggrapparci con tutte le nostre forze, per affrontare le prossime settimane. FACEBOOK link
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    Hi everyone 😊 My name is Anaïs, I’m 24. I’m french, I live both in Strasbourg and in the south of France for my studies. It’s the first time I’m using something like this to chat so I’ll try my best to understand how it works! (Please forgive me if my English is not good 🙏🏻) I’m really happy to have discovered this Fan Club. Many years ago, when my mum first had a phone with internet, we could download 2 songs for free. One of them was of course “Relax, take it easy” and I absolutely loved it! I was quite young at the time but I think it’s the first time Mika entered in my life. I’ve often watched the TV show called “the Voice” in France as Mika was a coach in it. When I saw his reactions during the show and heard him talking, I quickly understand that he was not like the other coach, who were great as well, but he had something more. He was the only one who had really something intelligent and meaningful to say, discerning, deep... I was impress by his emotional intelligence ! Few years later, I saw a poster for his gig. I ask my mum to buy me a place for the concert in 2016 in Strasbourg for my birthday. We went there together and it was... fabulous! During the show, I discovered a few songs of him that I had never heard before. So I started listening to all his songs, focusing on the lyrics, trying to understand the artist. Then time passed, and I heard that they were a new show in Strasbourg for the revelation tour. I immediately bought tickets, I didn’t know what to expect going there. But then, I found the show absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t understand how he could make me and all the audience feel so good, so emotional, so deep in sincerity, together. Even if we didn’t know each other we were all connected. And Mika was all here, 100%, sharing those emotions with us. I told myself of can any of this even be possible ? He took us on a break, in another dimension of the world, for almost 2 hours. I’m a really sensitive person, so imagine what I felt during this show. It literally took me a few weeks to process all the emotions I felt these night. I started following him on social media, looked for many many interviews, watched the X-Factor shows even if I don’t understand Italian. I started learning about his “personality” more and more and I think he’s a unique human being, connected to something, with a rare form of intelligence. And his “médecine”, like he’s called it in an interview for “Le Figaro”, meaning the songs he write, are just amazing. The melody, the lyrics, his voice... it’s a delight for my ears. Every day, there is another song that appeals me most, and lyrics that I understand in a different way. I respect so much the fact that he writes is own songs, with his own music, telling his personal stories. It make the songs 100% real and 100% touching. This truthfulness is really amazing for an artist. Mika is for me an inspiration to be a better woman, to never give up, to be creative, to open my heart, and learning how to be my real self, especially the best part of it. Looking forward to see him in the festival this summer! Thanks for reading, hope it was understandable, and looking forward to speak to you 😊 hope everybody is fine in those hard times 🙏🏻
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    Mika will be guest at Domenica In with Mara Venier on RAI1 h 14 the 29th of March 2020. https://bubinoblog.altervista.org/domenica-in-il-ricordo-di-lucia-bose-la-musica-di-mika-e-la-preghiera-del-papa/ DOMENICA IN: IL RICORDO DI LUCIA BOSE’, LA MUSICA DI MIKA E LA PREGHIERA DEL PAPA DI BUBINOBLOG · 26 MARZO 2020 Nuovo appuntamento, domenica 29 marzo alle 14 su Raiuno, con Mara Venier e la sua Domenica In. Ecco gli ospiti che faranno compagnia al pubblico tra ricordi, risate e riflessioni. Tanta musica nel salotto di Mara con alcuni volti amati che canteranno collegati da casa. Nel dettaglio, come anticipato da Tvblog, vedremo Mika, Roby Facchinetti, Stefano D’Orazioe Orietta Berti. Torna un amico di Domenica In ovvero Teo Teocoli, poi il ricordo della grande Lucia Bosè. Spazio alle nuove vite che nascono con collegamenti dagli ospedali di Bergamo, Roma e Bari. Spazio poi alla riflessione e alla preghiera con la partecipazione di Don Antonio Mazzi. In chiusura collegamento con Assisi per la preghiera di Papa Francesco. Tag: domenica indomenica in 29 marzo 2020domenica in ospitidon mazzilucia bosèlucia bosè domenica inmara veniermikapapa francescorairaiuno
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    Maybe they had technical problems with the connection.
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    I love the "cooking with Mika" meetings, each new episode is more relaxed than the previous one. It's really super.
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    I haven't been on in ages but I had to come on and say thank you to the people who filmed/downloaded this. I'm not having a good time of it in this semi-apocalypse and this is gonna improve my mood dramatically - I was working while this was live. Thank you thank you thank you.
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    Mika dancing to Cher on Instagram Live was one of the cutest and funniest things I have ever seen in my life! Thank you Mika for cheering us up during these difficult times Can't wait for the next episode of Cooking with Mika!
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    mikainstagram I just landed into London and am happy to say that not only am I nominated in the category of Outstanding Music Artist at this year’s @GLAAD awards, but I’m also super happy to confirm I’ll be performing in person at the ceremony itself in Los Angeles on April 16th! GLAAD is the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organisation and the awards honour media for fair, accurate and inclusive representations of LGBTQ people and issues. This is really important in contemporary society and I’m proud to be part of it! #glaadawards
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    Hopefully someone will record this, for the benefit of those of us who will be busy ..... cooking dinner
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    M: I'm a knight, woman! W: Oh really? So where's your white horse? M: ... W: ...
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    He just switches from one language to another so effortlessly
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    From the MFC Subtitling Team: https://youtu.be/PAH-z3ri4Oc
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    Almost links and pics have lost... https://www.qxmagazine.com/2012/10/the-origin-of-mika/ THE ORIGIN OF MIKA By QX Team October 3, 2012 Mika is back, and yes, he’s a gay. Well, we kinda knew that didn’t we? But as many of us can relate, coming to terms with the fact – and the subsequent ‘coming out’ process itself – is not always an easy thing to go through at the best of times. Factor in an international pop star profile, and you can begin to understand why the journey to declaring his sexuality publicly was a deeply personal one for the No.1 selling artist. Now he’s back with a new album, The Origin of Love, and he’s taking to the stage at G-A-Y to sing a few songs for you this weekend! Oh yes, Mika’s come out and now he’s coming home… CLIFF: Tell us about the new album… MIKA: It took me three years to come back with a new album, mainly because I just didn’t know how to start it. I made the first album, that was born out of college. I was surrounded by music-making. And the second one, I was alone, and slightly more isolated. And then on the third, I just knew I wanted to do something fresh, but I didn’t know how to start. Then, loads of things happened. I actually lived a bit of life, for the first time, not being on the road, but then I had writer’s block, and it was terrifying ‘cause for a year-and-a-half I couldn’t write a single thing. Then I had a break-up, my sister had a horrific accident, which I witnessed, and then, I fell in love again, and I ran away. As soon as I’d started to feel alive again, I ran away. I’d booked myself on a flight and the next night, I landed in Montreal, and after a year and a half of not writing anything, I write this candid insane love song called ‘The Origin of Love’, which unblocked the whole record, and from then on I just traveled around for seven months with a suitcase full of clothes, and another suitcase full of hard drives. Just making this random haphazard album that I crafted as I went. A lot of your music’s very theatrical. It is very theatrical and it tells a story as it goes through the song. This one song, ‘Life Dressed as a Man’, could easily find its way into a show; the story is a drag queen falls in love with this straight boy. And the straight boy finds this drag queen revolting and so for the first time in her life, she takes off all her clothes and dresses-up as a boy and becomes a friend of his, but he has no idea that it’s the same person. And the process is that she goes through with her infatuation with this boy. It was like mirroring sexuality, in as many ways as you possibly can, in its own reflection. To the point where, sexuality becomes obsolete, to the point where it’s reduced to its most common denominator, which is just love, and whether you find someone attractive or not. It’s by pairing things down and flipping them. It goes back and forth so much that it makes gender and sexuality obsolete. Seeing as how you raised ‘sexuality’, we have to discuss your ‘coming out’ as it were. How was that process for you? It was a decision I made in the writing of the song ‘The Origin of Love’. The song claims its territory so much, it’s like an affirmation. It’s like a complete freedom statement, to myself, more than anything. So, that’s when I made the decision. In making this record, I did fall in love, and I went through a thing where I lost love and found it again. So, when I decided to come out publicly, it was from a position of joy and a position of confidence, and it was also on my own terms. Because I know that I was often put under a lot of pressure over the past few years to do that. Admittedly, it’s always been in my music and it’s always been in my lyrics and everything, and I’ve never worn a beard. I’ve never pretended to be anything I’m not, but I’ve just never labeled myself. And so when I do that, I do it from a position of having bloomed first, and also just really joyful and confident. The actual action of doing it, did it make me nervous? Yes. Did it feel good? Yeah, kind of great! Did it feel important? Yes, it felt really important. Did it scare me? No. And that’s how I knew it was the right decision, because there was no fear involved in the process. Was there a moment when you looked back and thought ‘What was I scared of?’ Of course. And do you understand why you were? I totally understand why I was still afraid. I still remember the 14-year-old that I was. It was like this weight that I couldn’t understand how it could be lifted. But, I figured that I would invest in every other part of my life, in order to one day be free of that weight. And so music was my get out, and my friends were my get out. Surrounding myself with tolerance. There’s no-one gay in my family, there’s no-one gay in my extended family. Not a single person that is gay, or openly gay. The concept that you’re a different sexuality to your parents is one that takes a while, when you’re a child, to deal with. And then, placing yourself within the context of gay adult men – and how you fit in to all that. Now I know how I fit in to all that and I love it. And I feel very proud. And it took me a while to get there. It doesn’t weigh on me in any way, now. I’m very comfortable with my identity and my sexuality. I’m in love with a man and quite open about it. So, you’re out, back in town and you’re going to perform at G-A-Y! Yes, my show was inspired by the gigs that I used to go to see at G-A-Y… “gigs”, I call them gigs – in very big inverted commas! I used to go there. We have no clubs anymore that are giant theatres, so we don’t have that experience of that old glamorous volume. Feeling that volume in a club is really quite amazing. And I always remember standing on that dance floor and having podiums with drag queens, the giant balloons, all that confetti. I don’t know if you’ve seen one of my shows, but that’s all there and I was inspired by that. What did you think of G-A-Y, as a customer? As a customer, it was the funnest night in London. G-A-Y was the only place we could go and you could dance on your own and feel completely normal. Are you just doing a few songs or have you thought about what you’re gonna perform? I’m gonna do a few songs, and a little bit of theatre. ‘Cause you can’t do G-A-Y without a little bit of theatre. If you don’t do a bit of theatre in a G-A-Y show it would be betraying what I found inspiring about it when I was a teen. THE LUSHES’ LUNCHBOX! MIKA TUCKS IN… Lunchbox Question 1: QX loves a good dress/drag-up. Do you have a drag alter ego? I don’t think I’d make a very good girl, firstly, because I know how hard it is, so when I look at my friends like Daniel Lismore and even Jodie Harsh and the amount of effort that goes into what they do or Le Gateux Chocolat, It’s their life. Don’t tread on their s**t, because those queens have nails. But, that said, you know, John Cameron Mitchell in Head Wig is actually pretty cool, and if I was to be a drag queen, I’d be happy to be head wig, in the Farah Fawcett wig [laughs]. I write songs for other people and all my alter egos names, when I write songs for other people, are women. Like one of them is Alice, and there’s three others and they’re all girl’s names that I hide behind. Cliff: In terms of the credits? Yeah… It’s a way of not bringing my own s**t to the table, but being able to write a song without the track record. It’s quite liberating. Cliff: It’s quite a humble thing to do actually, because most people would insist on their identity being pushed if they’re writing for another artist. Sometimes. The only times I’ve actually pushed that is when I’ve never had control over it. It’s easier to write when no one knows it’s you. ‘Cause then they don’t bring your s**t into it, and you can write whatever you want. It’s Alice! But my name was on the Madonna track [‘Gang Bang’ on MDNA]. Lunchbox Question 2: What are your vices? French red wine. Pretty classy. What else? Erm, I dunno, I seem to spend all my money on art illustrations and paintings. When I got my first pay check as a kid, I went and I bought a Jim Woodring illustration and it all started from there. Lunchbox Question 3: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? It was in Shepherds Bush. I was thrown out at four o’clock in the morning without any clothes on. And my clothes, followed half an hour later, as I was standing on the side road, banging on the door, trying to get my clothes back without any money. Lee: What did you do? Well, it was all pretty sudden, and it was kind of just a brutal awakening that people aren’t always very nice. Even if you think you’re getting intimate with them, it isn’t always a happy ending. Lee: How old were you? 17. I just felt like I’d been kicked in the face. That was nasty, so yeah – that was the worst date I’ve ever been on. Which I thought at the time, it was one of the best dates I’d ever been on, that’s what made it crap! Lunchbox Question 4: What’s your life motto? Well, it used to be ‘Never ask for permission, just beg for forgiveness’ and now it’s ‘Never ask for permission, and run away before you have to say sorry’. Lee: Or before you get thrown out! Mika: [Laughs] Well, exactly. “When I decided to come out publicly, it was from a position of joy and confidence, and it was also on my own terms.” Lunchbox Question 5: Is Mika, the person, different from the Mika the fans know? Well, I think the only difference is, I’m quite similar, it’s just that in my intimate life, I’m just a bit more of a moody ****. [Laughs]. And I bitch a #### load more. Lunchbox Question 6: Have you ever dated a fan? Yes. Lee: How did that go? It lasted five years. Lee and Cliff: Oh wow! Five years! Lunchbox Question 7: What one song of yours is most personal to you and why? I like ‘The Origin of Love’, just because you know, I had a crush, I bottled it like a perfume, and put a cap on it. It’s a crazy piece of music that represents a moment in someone’s life. I like that about it. Lee: Is that your personal favourite of all the ones you’ve done? I would say so. Either that, or ‘Happy Ending’. • Mika is at G-A-Y (Heaven, Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG) on Saturday 6th October. £5 entry wristbands from G-A-Y Bar. The Origin of Love is out Monday 8th October.
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