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    Hello everyone! My name is Evergreen from Sudan, I'm 28, I've just joined the forum and I'm happy to do so😊 I'm also in the discord server. I hope everyone is safe where they are during these difficult times. So I've loved Mika's music since I was 15(2007), the last 5-7 years or so I've been a bit too busy though.. life, academics and work so unfortunately I have not always been up to date with all of Mika's work, but here I am for good this time😁!. This quarantine is a perfect time to revive old passions and interests. For me Mika's music (aside from the fact that it's a work of an artistic genius) has alot of nostalgia attached to it, it's also been very helpful during difficult times through out my adolescence and it still brings me so much joy💗 I have never had the chance to be to one of his concerts/live shows before though(those of you who have, you lucky fellas!) given where I live and the fact that I've not been able to travel toany countries where he'd had his shows for the past years (again work and academics😭). I am definitely looking forward for such a chance in the future❤️ Nice to be amongst you all
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    I won't lie, it took me time to think of accomplishing my account here because I'll be the one with the least experience and info about our artist, Mika, but here I am sending you my regards from Jordan ❤️
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    Well, after seeing the instagram stories it's clear he won't perform at this festival. Nor in those that have not been canceled in Italy yet, I guess
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    Yeeesss, he's looking SO good! And his eyes are sparkling full of happiness, that's sooo good to see!
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    Cool topic, there. I've been browsing it for the last few days and I laughed a lot (some of you have very strange minds!) If I remember well, I dreamed about Mika three times: The first one was in 2016 when I became a Mika fan but still hasn't had the chance to attend a gig. I dreamed I was going to a Mika gig. It was in a kind of roman theater (I made this dream just after Mika's gig in Baalbek) and I was very disappointed. I didn't knew any song and most of all, he didn't play Origin of Love, my favorite. At the and of the concert, I was going out when I saw the Criminal Minds team (Reid!😍) doing security. They asked me to replace them as they needed to go on a case and I accepted gladly! END OF MY DREAM. Well, Criminal Minds appart, it was a rather frustrating dream. I think it was born of the high expectations I was putting in Mika's gigs (which would be my first gig ever) and, by consequence, my bir fear of being disappointed. Well, on this point, I don't have fear anymore. I had the chance to be at Mika's gig in Toulouse, the 16th of november 2019 and it was AMAZING! Plus I knew all the songs and HE PLAYED ORIGIN OF LOVE!!. So, It was just a bad dream after all. The second one will be brief. I don't remember much, just that Mika and Andy were there. It may or may not have happened of a theater (a classical one, this time) and they may or may not had given me advices but I'm not sure of anything so I won't say more on this one. The third one happened a few days ago, probably because I was reading this thread and hoped having my own dream about Mika. So, in my dream, he was just at the beginning of his career and so, had just gone famous and rich (that important in the dream). He was searching for his family from which he was separated (don't know when or why) and who lived in poverty. He first found his sister (which didn't looked like any of his sisters). He arrived in an helicopter (In my dream, Mika is a bit bling, apparently!), clothed like a businessman with a golden watch (told you, bling!) and they hugged. Then, they went on a big luxury cruise ship (bling again!). I was also there with my whole family (don't why!).Happened some stuff unrelated to Mika (mostyy, as I'm emetophobic, I feared one of my sister would be seasick). Then, Mika entered a cabin with Yasmine (yes, his sister transformed in Yasmine, don't ask) and on the bed, under the covers, they found their mother in a colored gown. Then, she disappeared like smoke and reappeared in a form, all white like a statue (but alive) and she was wearing her gown and a scarf on her head because she was sick (like in reality, unfortunately!😢). END OF MY DREAM. I won't analyse this dream because I'm pretty sure it doesn't make any sense but I think it was the first time I was confronted to my phobia and my brain lets me continue my dream so I will put that on Mika's power! Globally, I'm very happy of having had this dream! That's all for me! Sorry for the long text. I wish you all wonderful Mika dreams!