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    sorry for my long absence on this forum, i've been focusing on school and other important work ! but i'm returning to present a second version on my ordinary man fan animation project , more of a animatic this time ! a bit cleaner, some changed scene but some are still missing / have to be change, some part are a bit rushed/ messy but no worries, i'll work on that, but enjoy some progress <3 as stated in my last update, the story showcase my character julian, in his last day as a living, drinking beer with his friend, falling in river and drowning... again, this is not mika related, but using his song/ referencing to his work ~ note : all background characters belong to friends that allowed me to use theirs -------------------------------------- i'd also love to announce that i'm currently working on the script for the Heartland Series (animated series where julian, a character inspired of mika and his work, comes from) and still on that subject, i'm starting to wonder where will i find a person to voice julian knowing that he sounds like mika in my head :' D but i have time to think about it
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    From the album: Prior to April 2015

    I was at Coachella Music Festival, on the third day, Sunday April the 29th Mika was performing on the main stage. I wanted to share some of these pictures with you guys. I got to meet Mika after the show for an autograph at the Virgin on site store. I had a great time!