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    Ok, I think I'm ready to describe this concert in words. We all waited so much for this first performance, starting the "Revelation Tour". But this concert was a little different from those that will follow. Due to the fact that Shepherd's Bush Empire can only accommodate 2'000 people, Mika did not show us the new scenography. But there were a lot of colorful lights that created a great atmosphere. Yes, colors are Mika's specialty. Since I had a place on the first balcony, I did not stand in a long queue, which began to set up in front of the building very early in the morning. Fortunately, it wasn't raining. Although the temperature around 5 degrees is not nice when you have to spend long hours outside. Me and Zlata, who flew from the Czech Republic, we arrived to a queue at 4pm. MFC fans are very well organized. We prepared two "fan actions": after the first song we were to lift up the cards with the words "We've missed you". During "Tiny Love" we were to show colorful paper hearts and highlight them with our phones. Already in the queue girls distributed most of the stuff. I saved about 80 hearts for distribution on my balcony. And I did the right thing because a lot of people didn't have hearts and I gave away almost all of them. I put them as well on all (still empty) chairs for all VIPs on the left and right. Little later I explained some of them what to do with the hearts. They liked the idea! After entering the hall, I wanted to take a seat on the left or right side of the stage, but unfortunately all these places had pinned cards with the inscription "reserved for ..." I did not notice the name Penniman on any of them. We took the first two chairs on the right in the second row. On the right was only a passage separating us from VIP seats. While waiting for the concert, we listened to music played by two DJs and waited for Mika. Every once in a while I looked at places for guests looking for familiar faces. I recognized one - Mika's little nephew, Paloma's son, Beauregard. He was probably sitting with his father. The concert started around 9pm. Like at the "Tiny Love Tiny Tour" we heard Mika's voice talking about the Love that created the whole universe. The first color was yellow: "Love created the Sun. The Sun created us. Yellow is the color of the Sun. Yellow is the color of Love. " Mika hit the stage with the first sounds of "Ice Cream". He was dressed in a black suit made of soft fabric and a white shirt with black polka dots with frills around the neck and cuffs. Immediately after he stopped singing, we raised our cards with the words "We've missed you." Mika looked at us for a long time, smiling, then bowed deeply. He wanted to start another song, but the audience shouted "Mika, Mika, Mika" !!!! Here is Zlata's video. I was not filming. I wated to show my piece of paper to Mika so much Before the song "Dear Jealousy," Mika admitted that jealousy made him return on stage. He was jealous of the Mika he used to be, so he decided to finish the new album and return on stage. Yellow is the color of love, but it is also the color of jealousy. Then there was songs "Relax", "Origin of Love", and after them, for the first time performed on stage "Platform Balerinas". Mika and Max performed a "choreographic" arrangement. Of course they missed some steps and Max got a kick from Mika because he was just back to him :-) Before the next song, Mika told us to close our eyes and move to a certain place in our imagination. I already knew it was an introduction to the song "Big Girl". And Mika once again jumped over the barrier and entered between the audience to sing and dance with people. An unforgettable moment for those fans who are next to him! After returning on the stage, Mika sat down to the piano. We heard the first sounds of "Tiny Love". We took out our paper hearts and turned on the lights in our mobile phones. The whole room was filled with colorful lights. Thank you @Emily2b for mentioning that he closed his eyes. I did not see it from far. I hope he was surprised while opening his eyes Mika went to the first row and took a yellow heart from one of the fans and waved it during the song. Then he dropped it on the floor ... because at the moment when Mika was to sing "My name is Michael Holbrook, the woman from the music video" Tiny Love " - Ronke – appeared on the stage. We all started to shout with joy. Ronke stood behind Mika and put her hands on his eyes. Then she moved her arms simultaneously with Mika. Sometimes their gestures were synchronized, sometimes it looked like Mika had four arms. Then she left, majestically. With the last words of the song, Mika picked up a yellow heart from the stage and sang "we are giants with our tiny, tiny love" and showing it to us. I found this video on Youtube. Someone sitting just a row behind me on the left posted it. You can see my blue heart in the right low corner.And VIPs with hearts as well I recorded fragments of songs but I tried to watch the show and feel every single second. Two next songs made me put down my mobile and listen to "Blue" and "Underwater". I was about to start spread soap bubbles. But it was so wonderful to be able to look at Mika, listen to him and sing with him that the soap bubbles became not important at all. But then I heard the beginning of "Sanremo" and I turned my camera on again. For the first time Mika sang this song on stage. During the chorus, Mika was teasing Tim and tried to dance with him. He even grabbed his butt :-) The voice of Max singing in the background beautifully composed with Mika's voice. They both sang a part of the song standing close together. Yes, Max sings in this song almost all the time. Voice synchronization is great. It's „Tomorrow's” turn. Of course, everyone sings with Mika. The room is filled with tiny patches of light circling the walls and auditorium. Beautiful view. As if we were under water. Mika sits down to the piano again. We hear this characteristic sound that resembles the sound of a train on the tracks. "Lollipop". But before the song begins, Mika begins to talk about the fact that here, not far from Shepherd's Bush, one "motherf****r" dumped him at five o'clock in the morning. The audience starts doing boooo ... (You can listen to this on my Audio recording – at 50 minutes) The whole concert audio is here. Maybe some native speaker could translate the whole speach. I did not get everything. 2019-11-10 London.mp3 Then when we hear the beginning of "Popular Song". Mika disappears from the stage. Finally he is back and we see that he changed his shirt. This time it is in red polka dots. Mika starts to move his hips and says, "I'm on Shepherd's Bush stage and I am dancing in my grandmother's blouse." It's „Happy Ending” turn. With the words "little bit of love," fans raise their arms with their hands arranged in the shape of a heart. Some keep paper hearts up. Finally, silence falls in the room. Mika puts the microphone away and sings acapella a fragment of the song. It also begins to be a tradition. Mika slowly lies down on the floor and silences the audience. I already know that this is an introduction to "Love Today". I can't listen to this song while sitting in my chair. I put my phone down and go to the passage next to the VIP seats. I start dancing with others. I have a lot of space around me, but I happen to touch the person behind me. After a while I recognize Paloma. She holds Beauregard in her arms. The child is tired and sleepy. One of the VIPs gets up from her seat and suggests Paloma to sit down. Paloma stands beside me (on my right) but does not sit down. We smile at each other. I'm starting to look at the boy. I have flashing bracelets on both hands. I take off one of them and put it on Bobo's little hand. I show him how to switch the light. After a minute Bobo was not sleepy anymore and again began to watch the scene holding a flashing green bracelet in his hand. I go into a crazy dance with the rhythm of "Love Today", "We Are Golden", "Grace Kelly". Even Paloma began to sway and sing. At "Tiny Love reprise" and "Stay High" we all jumped up and down and we wanted to be "high" !!!!!! It was the end of the concert. We slowly began to collect our things. Bobo wanted to give me the bracelet back, but I told him it was a gift and he could keep it. He was very shy. When we were heading to the exite I passed in front of Paloma and Yasmine, who joined her. I greeted them and went outside. We wanted to wait for Mika, and I still had to go to the hotel for the gifts I brought for him. Fortunately, our hotel was right next door, so after 10 minutes me and Zlata we were back in a group of fans waiting next to the venue. It turned out that there were two places where people were waiting for Mika. But he came to both groups. Unfortunately, there were many of us and Mika gave only a few autographs to people who were standing right next to the barrier. I was happy seeing some colorful hearts signed by Mika ❤️ I was only able to give my gift bag to a bodyguard. And after a while Mika left. There was already a truck in front of the venue, to which the equipment from the stage was packed. Paloma, her partner, Yamine, Bobo and Mika got into the cars and drove away. And I came back to the hotel with my head in the clouds. At 5 am I had to go to the airport. But whatever. I was so charged with positive energy (Mikaenergy) that I didn't feel tired at all. In one month I will see a concert in Lille! This time there will be a new scenography and a new show. See you soon, Mika !!!! 106 Platform Balerinas.mp4 110 Sanremo.mp4 113 Popular Song.mp4 115 Happy Ending Acapella.mp4
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    Mika as vocal coach for Fiorello on VivaRaiPlay! on RAI 1: https://www.raiplay.it/video/2019/11/Fiorello-VivaRaiPlay-terza-puntata-dd62ac59-106d-4db8-bad7-5dd5f39b6e36.html
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    ATTENTION MIKA FANS: Several of you have written to us asking about someone on Facebook or on Instagram pretending to be MIKA. Please know that this is NOT really Mika - he will not contact you privately in this way. Mika is not starting an account for his "best" fans, and he is NOT asking for money for you to join a private fan club. If someone saying that they are Mika contacts you like this, please take a screen shot of the message and send it to us here at Mika Fan Club. Please make your Mika fan friends aware of this, too! Be suspicious and cautious of anyone who asks you for your personal information or, worse, money! Mika Fan Club will not ask you for money to join -- it is free and open to all Mika fans. If you have any questions at all, please write to us here, or send us an email at mfcregister@gmail.com
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    I was there and it was probably one of the best day of my life. 🥰 It was the third Mika show for me, the first time I saw him for about 4-5 years. I was so excited and scared at the same time. But all the emotions were gone once he went on stage !! The show was amazing. The crowd was good and Mika...MIKA WAS THE BEST.😍 It was also the first time for me meeting other fans. What an exeperience...it's so beautiful to being able to share our love for an artist especially when it's Mika. Of course I'm a very very shy person and I'm always scared of the people but it was okay because a lot of people who are now my friends, show me that I WAS OKAY. Concerning the show, I know we don't have the same love for all the songs and it's okay. It's something normal. Paloma, Blue, Tiny Love, Sanremo etc...we can't agree on everyting but all that matters is that when Mika sang his songs on stage, it's always a pleasure and a good experience. No matter how much we like or dislike the songs. I'm not a big fan of Blue but I know he's probably gonna sing the song once and I'm okay because it will be something to live and remember !💝 I'm not as good in english as I want to 🤔 but I'm a work i progress. 😛
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    As long as you only think it and don't say it, you can escape the Naughty Corner
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    Buonasera MFCers! @Anna Ko Kolkowska sta organizzando una FA per il concerto di Londra. Durante Tiny Love, sarebbe di grande effetto alzare tanti cuori colorati, illuminati con le torce dei nostri cellulari. Vi posto quelli che ha ritagliato lei... Ne ha creati un centinaio, ma l'obiettivo è raggiungere i 1000/1500. Basta piegare un foglio A4 per ricavarne 2. Buon lavoro!
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    From what I understand, Mika said that Giordana's outfit wasn't the best choice for her, because it looked like an outfit from San Remo 20 years ago, he was shocked that she is under 18. Then the other judge told him that he is talking about Giordana's outfit, but he is dressed exactly like her, and that he should only talk about the song. Mika said that he knows that, then started to defend his opinion.
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    At 18:30 - 19:55 Mika talks about his new show. @mellody here he explains an idea of the stage as a sunbeam which is changing colours and throws Mika into the audience. Musicians are in the back part of the stage. NO DANCERS! NO LED SCREENS BEHIND. Only screens to watch the show. "I didn't want a show when people start to eat pop corn or drink beer. They go out, they come back, they go to the toilet. I wanted a show where during 1 hour and a half people don't want to miss any moment of the show. I was inspired by George Michael - this one-man-show, where he has an orchestra behind a curtain. And of course from Jacques Brel who was doing a show with a curtain and one spotlight. And this is the point. Artists do the show which are similar. Even if they spend 14 millions, it's the same aesthetics, the same emotions, something we've already seen. And I didn't want it. I will stay me. So if the screens are everywhere, I said - Ciao screens - and I will keep a scenography I designed in my kitchen".
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    Awh he wasn’t speaking that much, but when he saw me he skipped a few people and came to me and spoke to me, then went back as I left to let others forward cx Paloma also walked past with Beauregard and they said hi to a few people while walking past everyone and Beauregard was even giving a few high-fives!
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    Attitude December 2019 issue pressreader https://www.pressreader.com/uk/attitude/20191107/page/119/textview PDF file ( page 116,117, 118, 119 / 1.9 MB ) Attitude 12.2019.pdf The Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards, powered by Jaguar, stormed London’s Roundhouse on Wednesday 9 October, bringing the glam to Camden with our signature blend of worthy award-winners, celebrity presenters and sparkling friends, supporters and sponsors. This year, for the first time in its eight-year history, the event was live-streamed, with Sink The Pink’s Glyn Fussell on hand to chat with stars as they walked the red carpet, before Katherine Jenkins and Tsemaye Bob-Egbe,from the Tina Turner musical, opened the event in style with special performances. After a three-course dinner, the 600-plus guests were fed a baker’s dozen of awards, with pronoun proroguer Sam Smith taking home the top gong as our first-ever Person ofthe Year, presented by non-binary friend and part-time drag queen Tom Rasmussen. The night’s Icon Award was collected by Dame Joan Collins, and rugby star Gareth Thomas gave an emotional speech as he collected the Game Changer Award, just weeks after revealing his HIV-positive status. In the year that the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of New York’s Stonewall Uprising, StonewallInn bartender Tree Sequoia accepted the Activism Award — presented by Dustin Lance Black — on behalf of all those who took part in the rebellion, as he did on that fateful night in 1969. Actor and former cover star Taron Egerton collected the Film Award for Elton John biopic Rocketman, presented by Queer Eye’s devilishly dapper Tan France, while Christine and the Queens bounded on to the stage as the winner ofthe Artist Award. Our Hero Award honoured Ruth Coker Burks, a true ally who cared for hundreds of dying gay men during the Aids epidemic. Appearing via video link to present her award was her friend, the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Other winners were Dr Ranj (TV Award), Armistead Maupin (Literary Award), Russell T Davies (Culture Award), and Peppermint (Inspiration Award). Ava Max, winner of the Breakthrough Award, performed her single Sweet but Psycho, and Music Award winner Mika treated guests to a five-song set to close the ceremony, while host Ross Mathews had the audience in fi ts of laughter throughout the evening. There were plenty of sore heads at Attitude Towers the next morning, but we don’t regret a second . To all our winners, we salute you. Time to start planning how to top it next year...
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    Picture of the day @Mikasister
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    I like him with leather jackets - although I prefer brown to black. But the hair.... that looks as if he's been playing with the hand dryer again. Combined with hairspray.
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    VIDEO Tiny Love VK https://vk.com/video232312753_456240050 Tomorrow VK https://vk.com/video232312753_456240053 A Part of Mika VK https://vk.com/video232312753_456240051 A WHOLE of LIVE - 1 VK https://vk.com/video232312753_456240052 2019.10.24_XF13_LIVE-1_MIKA.mp4
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    I suppose it's this: http://armoryonpark.org/get_involved/2019_gala If anyone's interested, individual ticket prices between $2,500 and $10,000. 😎
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    Thanks a million @krysady !! Here is an extrait video from https://www.france.tv/france-2/ca-ne-sortira-pas-d-ici/ca-ne-sortira-pas-d-ici-saison-2/1109765-comment-mika-a-t-il-surmonte-le-harcelement-scolaire.html Ça ne sortira pas d'ici Comment Mika a-t-il surmonté le harcèlement scolaire ? Michel Cymes reçoit Mika, ce dernier revient sur le harcèlement scolaire qu'il a vécu étant plus jeune et dévoile comment la musique lui a été salvatrice. Google translator Comment Mika a-t-il surmonté le harcèlement scolaire - Franc.mp4
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    Translation: How do you keep your form? Mika: I have 4 coaches in 4 different countries. They contact themselves via emails. I do a lot of horse riding. I swim. I run. And I walk. How do you keep your optimism? Mika: I am curious. And I am trying to find people which have interesting stories to tell. Really. It's almost an obsession. And because I am interested by people around me it makes me engaged and amazed by the situations I find myself in. What you have to have while touring? Mika: My dogs. Two Golden Retrievers. They are cool. And they travel with me around the world. Where is "at your place"? Mika: For me to be "at my place" is to be with people I love. With people who make me laugh. And it is the place where the food is. The kitchen.
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    Happy and hyper for all of you who are going guys, it is getting so close now Have the best Mika gig ever everyone I'll follow as much as I'll be able to online. I'm sure this is going to be so special for everyone including for Mika
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    I think it's hard to predict, as there'll be so many fans from all over Europe / the world - and most will probably decide spontaneously, depending on the weather and what their friends do, etc.. Surely not all 100 MFCers who RSVPed can be in frontrow, but "near the front" shouldn't be a problem if you arrive before noon, or even in the early afternoon, I suppose. That's just an assumption though, don't blame me if I'm wrong. 🙈 And as I said before, there can always be problems when the doors open, like an O2 priority queue getting in first, or bag check taking too long, ticket scanner in your line not working, separate lines for girls and guys (which means all guys get in first and then you have the tall ones in front of you), etc. - I've seen all of these things at Mika gigs. I'll be queueing nevertheless, but also more for "near the front" than for frontrow center... and for being with my friends, that's how the queueing AND the gig are much more fun. 😊
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    He posted some more stories after that one... he's at the Louvre, Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.
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    Mika is making a progres, he changed the suit
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/parkavearmory/ parkavearmory-1.mp4 parkavearmory-2.mp4
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    TV MAGAZINE http://tvmag.lefigaro.fr/programme-tv/programme/les-130-ans-de-la-tour-eiffel-f156644732 Broadcasting date FRANCE 2 Samedi, 26 octobre 2019 21H05 / Saturday, October 26, 2019 9:05 pm
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    Thank you @mari62 ! I'm torn between the beautiful emotional interview and that presenter who is seriously getting on my nerves. I may not understand that much, but sometimes I think she tells his story instead of letting him tell it, and I'm just like "STFU and let Mika talk!" Anyway this is another one I'd really love to get a translation for. I think it's all the things we know already, right? Or is there anything new? But it's still a difference to see Mika when he's talking about these emotional moments, vs just reading about it.
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    I'm afraid I sing like a donkey too as Mika recently said about Andy (our nickname has to be cursed).
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    RMF France Créé le 12 octobre 2019 à 19h35 Découvrez l'interview de Mika au micro de Pascal Nègre Pascal Nègre recevait Mika dans le cadre de son émission « L’invité de Pascal Nègre ». Découvrez son interview sans plus attendre ! C’est votre rendez-vous du week-end ! Tous les samedis et dimanches, entre 18h et 19h, Pascal Nègre vous propose ses interviews en compagnie d’une personnalité du monde de la musique et du spectacle. Ce samedi 12 octobre, Pascal Nègre recevait Mika pour une interview dans nos studios. Découvrez sans plus attendre son interview au micro de Pascal Nègre ! Googl translator Translation by @Anna Ko Kolkowska Thanks a million for your amazing works ! Pascal Negre: Today my guest is Mika. Hello. Mika: Good morning. Q: Well, here we are, the new album has just been released. It took you some time. M: (laughs) It's interesting that you ask about it, because I usually brought you the CD and presented it to you. Q: However, it's been a long time. M: That's true. It took me four years ... even a little bit more. Q: But that's good. I will be honest. This is a great album. Listening to the previous two I did not fall into hysterical admiration, but this is the great, great Mika. And I say it straight. Once again, we discover your talent. Melodies, arrangements, voice! Well, let's turn the question machine on. Machine: How do you define your latest album: crazy pop-funk sound with an amazing voice or very personal with quite dark lyrics? M: Well, that's both of these things. This is the contrast: lyrics are very touching, personal and music is very joyful. But there is one difference and you, Pascal will understand it. You've always listened to my CDs before they were released. It's about the need of creation. Creating, communicating, sharing. And this can be seen in melodic lines, colors, arrangement intensity ... in energy, which is very gentle on the one hand and also very firm. You can feel that when I wrote these songs everything was boiling in me. And in all this I didn't care what others thought about it. At first I wondered maybe it was too melodic, too colorful. Are there too many images in this? I told myself: no, you have to give in to emotions and it is emotions that will guide me. And I don't care if anyone thinks the song is too melodic or too colorful. Because that's the only way I could find my insolence. The insolence that one has when writing the first album. And then life falls on you, the music industry falls on you ... And even if there are good people in this industry, the industry itself becomes a monster that surrounds you. And you have to free yourself from it. And this is not easy. Q: Yes, indeed, Mika's latest album is very successful. Let's listen to "Dear Jealousy". Machine: Michael Holbrook or Mika? Q: The album title is "My Name Is Michael Holbrook". M: Yes My full name is Michael Holbrook Penniman Junior. Did you know that? No? Q: (laughing) You shortened it a lot. M: This is my dad's name. And if I have a son, I will call him Michael Holbrook Penniman the Third. And this is not aristocratic accretion at all. It comes from immigrants who came to America and adopted this Anglo-Saxon custom. So, first, second, third ... to show where they came from. Q: So you have your dad's names? M: Yes. And to make it funnier, I didn't know where I came from at all. That's why I walked in the footsteps of my dad's family to discover myself, to reset myself. And I started with this declaration, "my name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983". That is why the album begins with the song "Tiny Love". Now I know that my name is Michael Holbrook Penniman Junior, but I am Mika, son of Michael and Joannie. And this is the most important thing. Machine: France, Italy, United States, Great Britain or Lebanon? M: How should I choose? Q: That's a lot of places! Okay France - you have no choice. You lived here. M: Yes, I lived here when I was a child. Now my home is primarily in the United States. This is where I built the recording studio where the last album was made. Q: Are you American? Your father is American. M: Yes. And I have an American passport. Which is strange, because at the same time I feel very European. And the proof is that I don't have a passport of any European country, and yet I feel European. And this is the main idea of the universality philosophy of Europe. Q: But Mika, where did you live? In France. In England? M: Yes, I lived in England for a long time. Q: All your childhood and youth is Europe, not the United States. M: Yes, it was Europe. And then, when my siblings scattered around the world, I stayed alone at home. I thought I should create something new. The United States seemed like a good idea because all my co-workers were there. All my albums were made there. My mother's family lives there. And even if I've never really lived there ... I speak English, my family is there ... and when I'm in Miami ... I bought a house where I have a recording studio ... Miami is a bit strange to me ... Q: Miami has its European side. It's also very Latin. M: It's very Latin and I like it very much. I don't like the European side too much, because it's primarily Europeans who come to have fun there. I am not like that. There is another thing ... my home is from the 1920s and is rather in Arabic style. It is built around the yard and is divided into a "design" part - we have a design studio, a residential part and a part where I create music. So it's a kind of miniature village. And there I am happy. I have never been very popular in the States … Q: And you have peace? M: I have peace, but when I give concerts, like during my recent tour, tickets even sell out for several performances in the same city. There's a lot going on there now. Even if you are a niche musician in the United States, you can have great success in Europe. And it's crazy. Machine: Text or music? M: Both things at once. Q: Do you write while composing music? It is interesting. M: Absolutely. I always do that. Always. The melody inspires the text. The lyrics inspire a melody. Q: So total synchronization? It's quite rare. Often people start with a melody. Or from a melody and a few words. Or they write the text first. For example, when Bashung (a French singer died in 2009) wrote all the lyrics, he thought the album was ready. Although not a single note of music has yet existed. And for you it happens simultaneously. M: Yes, it happens at the same time. It's like digging in the ground. I sit at the piano and start playing. I repeat the same words and repeat and repeat ... The words form sentences ... and the verse arises ... and I start looking for a chorus ... I have to enter into a sort of trance ... and suddenly ... I already know that I have a chorus. Then the temperature of my body changes ... .. Literally it does. My body temperature is changing. I feel hot and suddenly I have a feeling of self-esteem increasing. This is an explosion of endorphins and dopamine. And bam! I have a chorus! So the song is already here. And I'm playing over and over again looking for it with my fingers and my voice. I dig a song with my fingers. I carve it looking for the right sounds. Machine: George Michael, Prince or Michael Jackson? Q: There are different references on the disc. M: Yes There are references to all three. I will ask you something. Normally you ask questions ... we know each other for years and I respect you very much ... You are the person who really promoted me here i(n France)... I know that and that's why I say it. Even if you speak little about it ... because for a very open person, you are very humble. And people don't know that. So, we are abusing your modesty and I want you to answer me, why nowadays pop music does not tell stories and is less sensual than in the 80's or in the early 90's? For example, sensuality, love stories that we hear in the dance songs of George Michael or Prince ... Suddenly something changed. "Backstreet Boys" arrived and... KLAM! BOOM! Sensuality has disappeared ... especially in male performance. Why? Q: Maybe it will sound strange. I think that this turbulent sexuality of both artists meant that their music contained this confusion. M: Hmmm. That this turbulence affected their music? Q: I think so. M: I understand. But I also think that pop music has become popular music. And this is a very big difference between pop and popular. Q: And to close this chapter I will add that I think that pop has shrunk. The space for pop music has shrunk. This is not urban music anymore. It's completely different. M: Exactly. Pop music should return to telling stories, to evoking emotions, which also entails the risk of being more sensual. More sexual, more like "enfant terrible." Because this space has shrunk, we notice the difference even more. And for me this is a very big advantage. And I really wanted to go in this direction, so that the colors and spirit of my album were even more pronounced. Q: What will we listen to now? Michael Jackson, Prince or George Michael? M: George Michael. Machine: The Voice - stop or contine? M: Stop. Q: Because you don't have time? M: I don't have time. But also because ... thanks to The Voice I became very open. Before The Voice - you can confirm it - I wasn't very talkative. I wasn't so open. I paid more attention to how I was perceived. And now, after six years of The Voice, I released an album on which I open up much more. Even in interviews I am ... I got rid of this unnecessary modesty in the way I speak. Q: So The Voice was a great adventure? M: A great adventure. I had a great time. Q: Now your agenda is full, you will have a tour. It would be difficult for you to do everything at the same time. But I wonder if you also wanted to have time to breathe and stay fresh. M: Also. But where does the basis of inspiration come from? From my main work, that is songwriting and performance. To continue participating in projects such as The Voice, you must remain credible. When the source of inspiration dries, it will not work. Machine: Twitter or Instagram? Q: You are active in social media. M: I resisted for a while. But I understood that there is also some independence behind it. That you can do something without asking anyone for permission. And others are following you. I thought this might be a good idea. Of course, this has its good and bad sides in both applications. I think it's very easy to manipulate a photo. And it is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Q: You can misinterpret the photo. M: Contrary to appearances, Instagram is more commercial and Twitter is more information. And I have to admit to you that when something important happens, I don't open news pages, I go on Twitter. The only important thing is that you need to have some discipline to distinguish what is real from what is false. We waste a lot of time reading what is false and do not even realize that we are being manipulated. We live in a time of a new way of education that did not exist in the past. There used to be books, we had teachers, everything was rather institutionalized. Q: We got news from the press. And we knew that this newspaper was more on the right, the one on the left, another more communist ... M: Yes, and now nobody knows what's going on. Everything is similar to each other. And this may not be anything new, but the problem with Twitter is that we are attracted by those who make the most noise. And they are usually not the right people to speak on a subjet. And we fall into the trap. Machine: Recording studio or stage? M: Ha. There are two different people. Maybe Michael Holbrook is more like the one in the studio. Now. Especially with this album. And Mika is on stage. It wasn't like that before. But with an album that tells all those true stories ... it allows me to revisit my older songs again. But the show is quite different. I think when you come to my show at Bercy or somewhere else, you'll notice the difference. Bercy is December 22. I remember because I had to cancel my Christmas holiday. Q: Just a reminder that the concerts will be in all Zenith halls in France M: We start in Pau. Q: This is a really big tour. M: Yes It started in the United States, then it was Mexico. Now Europe. Q: The first date (in France) is November 15 and it is actually Zenith in Pau. M: And I designed a scene that resembles a sunbeame. And different colors of light "sends" me to the audience. All musicians will be quite far behind. I removed the dancers. I removed the LED screens. There will of course be screens so that I can be seen from afar. But there will be no screens behind me. I didn't want a program where people eat pop-corn, drink beer, go to the toilet. I wanted to do a show where during one and a half hours, one hours and 45 minutes people would not want to lose even a second. I was inspired by George Michael's one-man show, where the orchestra was behind the curtain. Jacques Brel was also able to give a performance using a curtain. Q: And only one spotlight. M: And this is it. You can make a performance that resembles many others. You can spend 14 million on the sceography, and yet it will be the same aesthetics, the same perception we've seen before. And I wanted to avoid it. Me it's me. Are screens everywhere? I say goodbye to them. And I prefer to have a set that I designed in my kitchen. Machine: Your dad, your sisters or mother? M: And what is this question? I hope that in the future artificial intelligence will not be as unpleasant and firm as your machine. To quarrel a family by a robot is not a good future. Q: Family is very important to you? M: Even very, very important. Q: To the point that there are songs on the new record about certain members of your family. Almost all! M: About everyone. We are a clan. A clan that supports itself. Every time a challenge meets us in life, we are able to gather ourselves thanks to the strength of the clan. It's the energy of every clan member. This is collective energy. Q: The challenge, it may be to leave the country because of the war. Your father who was detained for a long time because he was in the wrong place and a wrong time in Kuwait. It could be a disease. M: It could be a disease. Bankruptcy. Loss of home - which happened to us several times when I was a child. It could be illness or death. During the period when I wrote new songs, I lost several people. People who appeared in my videos, people who inspired me. They were close people living in the shadows. Or, for example, my mother's illness. Q: How is she now? M: It's complicated. She is happy that ... Q: She is a warrior. An amazing woman! M: Yes, she is a warrior. but it's complicated. It's a complicated disease ... but it can touch everyone. I think there are similar cases in every family. And I thought, why not pay tribute to a person who has always lived in the shadows; the person who shaped me. There are many people who dedicated their works to their mother or father or to a person who changed their lives and they did it too late. My mother is a warrior and she will fight with all her strength. And when you are in such a situation of uncertainty about illness or awareness of the fragility of life, it is good to talk about it, respect it, and shed some light on that person. Why not? Q: You are right. It is good to tell people that we admire them while they are still with us. M: Yes But you know that my relationship with my mother is quite strange. You have seen how it looks. We are very attached to each other, but we can have hard time. Q: She can be tough. She is very protective of you, but she can be very sharp as well. M: People are often shocked when they see us working together. What? This is mother and son ?! And at the same time, she trained me three hours a day when I was seven. And I didn't want to do it at all. Absolutely. I thought: she is crazy and she is very bad. Machine: Child, teenager or adult? M: Adult. Q: You answered without hesitation. M: Yes I don't want to be a child or teenager again. A teenager? Oh no!!!!!! Please !!!! I'll tell you something. Hell ... I went to a Roman Catholic school ... There is no fire in hell. The fire is for barbecue, in heaven. There is no red color in hell. I like red. Red is not a hellish color. Do you want to know what's in hell? There are first kisses in hell. Again and again. The first kiss is something worst. In hell there is a moment when we felt embarrassed for the first time. But really very embarrassed. There are memories of the first days at school, at the university. There is a moment when we have failed most. There are all those things that happened to us when we were teenagers. All these exams are there. Even the ones we didn't even know existed! All these experiences are repeated again and again ... daily. And this is hell. If you go to hell, you will experience your teenage time all the time. Machine: The right to be different or the right to be indifferent? M: Aaaaa ... I think tolerance of differences is the most important thing. Not only the right to be different, but also tolerance. Indifference and tolerance must not be mistaken. These two things are absolutely not the same. One is born of love and the other of selfishness or egocentrism. Tolerance comes from provocation, which can be difficult or even brutal. Tolerance is something that you have to defend, you have to fight for it. And when you have it, you also need to protect it. Q: Yes. I agree with you. This is not always obvious. M: This is not obvious. And the reasons can be different. It can be sexual orientation, race ... religion. And indifference is associated with ignorance. And ignorance is much easier to manipulate towards intolerance. That is why we must be careful and not be fooled by people who pretend to defend our interests. They are very smart and know well how to manipulate us for their own benefit. And here we return to our conversation about Twitter: when anger arises and a lot of noise is made to have as many followers as possible. And this is very unhealthy. Machine: Strong or weak? M: Strong or weak? .... Take, for example, a diamond. What is this? Have you ever worn a diamond? You never worn a diamond? Even so tiny? Even an earring? Q: I don't wear earrings. With my ears? M: But what is the structure of a diamond? Q: This is carbon. M: And everyone thinks it's hard. But when you take the hammer, you can break it in two seconds. And it turns into dust. I like the idea that you can be very strong and at the same time remain fragile. Q: We can find it on your album. This duality. There are moments of weakness and there are moments when you are strong. M: That's true. I can tell you ... what's your robot's name? Q: Just „Machine”. M: Machine? You are horrible! I'm sorry, Machine, he is not nice to you. I think your artificial intelligence doesn't understand the paradox. She doesn't see contrasts. Every time she asks a question, both answers are correct. Strong or weak? Both. How can be both? (Mika changes her voice) How can be both? And because you can live with a certain amount of duality. (Mika changes her voice again) Duality is not possible. Choose a different answer. Q: It's just a machine. It is not always sensitive enough. Machine: To love or to be loved? M: She doesn't really have a machine voice. You couldn't make her voice more .... more ... I don't know ... her voice resembles that of a barmaid in a cafe. She is 67 years old. She smoked too many cigarettes. She plays Bingo every Saturday. And she has many lovers. It's a bit like Marge Simpson. Q: Answer the question. Machine: To love or to be loved? M: (changes voice) To love or to be loved? This machine is so old! Artificial intelligence should not resemble your great-grandmother! When you call SNCF (French railway company) or Air France because your luggage is lost, you hear that voice. They are all the same age. "Welcome to Air France." "Welcome to SNCF". "And your machine squawks: „To love or to be loved?" My answer is: to love .... To love and to be loved!!! There is no good answer. This question is stupid! You can't have one without the other. You'll agree with me? Q: But the main question is: what do you need more? M: Oh! ... To love. Q: Interesting. Because most artists would answer "to be loved". They are looking for love. And for you it's opposite. To love means to give. And not to receive Of course, we give and receive in love. And giving is more important to you. This is surprising. People prefer to receive. M: But to love is more interesting. Because you are in ... when it's not platonic love, you have to convince the other person. You have to work on it. This is something that makes you feel alive. Yes, to love. And if at some point you also become loved ... this is your bonus. Q: But is this a battle? Sometimes people don't repay with love. They give a s**t. It already happened to you. M: You can love people who give a s**t - they are fools ... or just "not a man to be". I think you can love people who like you... It's OK. .... And we never love in the same way. I believe that our love for someone is constantly changing. And it's okay that sometimes there is more of love and sometimes a lot less. But love is always present. Q: (joking) Yes. You can say so when you have less of love. You can say that soon there will be more of love again. M: All right. Let's get back to your machine. But really, who is this woman? I hope this is not your friend. Because if this is a secretary from downstairs, then certainly she will not let me in next time. Machine: Devil or God? M: Ufffffff ... There is a song on the album that says there's a bit of God in everything. Q: Apparently the machine was listening to your new CD! M: This is the song "I Went to Hell Last Night". It's a song about addiction. It talks about someone I know, whom I like. This is someone who has returned to addiction. And when you know it, it is very difficult to look at such a person. It is……. Q: Addiction, it can be alcohol, drugs ... M: Yes It is very difficult to come to terms with it. Because on the one hand you start to hate this person; you blame him/her. And at the same time you know that it is not the person's fault, but something else, that it is a disease. And I wanted to describe these experiences in the words of the song. Q: Do you ... believe in God? M: I believe in God. I went to schools where there was a lot of teaching catechism. I also sang in church choirs. I can quote you various passages in the mass. For example in Latin. I can do it even now. If we went to mass, I would be the only person who would know all the passages and answers. But on the other hand, I don't like religious policy. I think many things do not match with my inner current faith. This is a big problem because I know I am not alone in this. Although I like spirituality, I think the stories we were taught from the Old and New Testaments are not THE TRUTH. And that by studying these texts you can get ... you can learn the wisdom hidden there. I accept the concept of God and find it very useful. Was the Earth created in one week? Was the universe created in one week? Was there an apple and a snake? Is my sexual orientation a sin and will I go to hell? No. Machine: Intimate or universal? M: Universality does not exclude intimacy. Universality is the most important idea. This idea has been defended by people for hundreds of years. Since the Renaissance, Enlightenment. Victor Hugo often said that universality connects with humanity. Only by deep acceptance of universality can we save humanity. Give it happiness and peace. When we see this young activist Greta Thunberg, who has a lot of courage in her ... I think that this girl doesn't expresses herself in the way children her age do. There is a lot of emotion in what she says, but when we listen to what she says, we will hear this message about universality. And I think that intimacy can also lead to universality. Q: That's right. On your album you talk about very intimate things, which suddenly turn out to be very universal, because they can affect each of us. When we dare to tell our personal stories - someone may consider it to be a story about your life - but it's absolutely not. Because you are really talking about things that affect everyone. M: We all experience the same. It all depends on how you tell about your experiences. Q: Because in my opinion, your latest album is the most personal album in your career. Just after the first album. Well, just like the first album. M: On the first album I used the characters I created: Billy Brown, Lollipop Girl, Big Girl ... cartoon characters. Q: And on this record, not a single character. M: Yes, because I understood that the people around me are more funny, interesting and more colorful than the characters I puton the first album. Q: And it's over. We spent an hour together. I hope that we encouraged listeners to buy and listen to the new Mika's album. Because this is a really great record. And above all, go to Mika's concert. Because if you didn't see him on stage, you lost a lot. The concert tour in France begins on November 15, 2019 in all Zenith halls. Of course, Zenith in Paris is too small, so the concert will take place ... in Bercy. And this will be when? M: December 22. Q: Just before Christmas. M: Will you come? Are you here in Paris during Christmas? Q: If you invite me, I will definitely come. M: I invite you then. And then we'll have a party. END
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    Hey girls.Already queuing. Just few ppl.We saw Mika's piano getting into the venue. Not cold morning. Saw some friends MFCers. Excited and happy to start again.
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    PRESS Capital Pictures NOV 10 Mika performing at Shepherd's... 119 images some pics from 119 imges.
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    Tonight in London we kick off the European leg of the Revelation tour. After an amazing run of shows in N America I am so thrilled to be back on stage, especially starting off in a city that is so close to my heart and part of my story. The show tonight is a pure musical one... the ones that will follow in the weeks coming, are a beautiful poetic circus of a show. We will be travelling around Europe with our 6 trucks and 39 strong team to bring you a show that is intimate and moving. Let the wonderful, joyous, delicious madness commence.... once again #revelationtour #mynameismichaelholbrook #mika
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    Thanks a lot for posting @mellody metro.co.uk Friday 8 Nov 2019 11:44 am Mika calls for Brussels to ‘change’ amid Brexit as he returns to UK Mika is back, and he is bringing his new album My Name Is Michael Holbrook to the UK on his Revelation tour. But despite selling out his London date within hours of the tickets going on sale, it seems he has returned to Britain at a time of political unease. The star has lived in both France and Italy as well as the US, after he was forced to flee the city of Beirut as a child during the Lebanese civil war. Talking to Metro.co.uk, the 36-year-old opened up on how his past experiences have shaped his politics. He told us: ‘I think the unease is not just in the UK, I think it is more visible in the UK right now, because we talk about it more clearly. ‘But that sense of uncertainty is all over Europe right now it’s just a bit more hidden.’ The star has previously returned to Lebanon where he visited a number of refugee camps, and spoke to the people living there. Addressing the rhetoric surrounding immigrants and refugees, the Grace Kelly hitmaker continued: ‘What drives me crazy is when statistics or when immigration numbers are manipulated to provoke fear. ‘Then that fear is used to manipulate people’s political opinions and I think that is really, really dangerous, so that’s what drives me crazy, I hate seeing stuff like that happening. ‘I think that we are in a major transition period, I think that in order for Europe to thrive Brussels needs to change profoundly.’ Touching slightly on the UK’s ongoing battle with Brexit, he said: ‘Of course I would prefer for Brexit, and for the UK to remain in the EU, but at the same time this stale mate is so toxic right now it has got to move on, and it has got to change for one way or another.’ Mika for Prime Minister anyone? However, despite his political stance, the star couldn’t help but admire the UK as he showered it with praise. ‘I look at the UK and think, “God, there is nowhere like this in the world,”’ he gushed: ‘For such a small country with such an enormous reach with such an insane standard and such a high amount of excellence, it’s really unique there’s a lot to be proud about.’ But while the world appears to be in a dire state of turmoil, Mika’s career is flourishing, as he is selling out his shows across the globe like there’s not tomorrow. ‘What amazed me is the response from the live point of view,’ the Lollipop singer explained: ‘The market has changed so much so it’s impossible to say oh well you know, it’s not about selling records anymore really. ‘So for an artist like me, it’s about selling tickets, and we’re approaching sold out in almost every single venue in the world.’ Mika went onto say how he was extremely nervous about launching his current tour, but was touched by the response he’s had from fans. ‘I make melodic alternative pop music which is weird, because when you say pop music you think it has to be super commercial but it’s not, some of it is commercial but the rest of the time it’s quite niche – quite alternative, and quite melodic at the same time,’ he said. ‘So I was quite anxious about the whole thing. But the response has been really heart-warming in a market that nothing is guaranteed anymore, it’s so tricky nowadays.’ Mika is heading to Europe with his Revelation Tour and will be kicking things off with the sold-out show in Shepherds Bush, London, on Sunday night. Mika calls for Brussels to ‘change profoundly’ amid Brexit (Picture: Getty Images) He’s returning to the UK (Picture: Getty Images) The star spoke about his political stance (Picture: Getty Images) Mika was forced to flee the city of Beirut as a child during the Lebanese civil war (Picture: Getty Images) He’s currently living between Italy and the US (Picture: Redferns)
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    True, they won't tell you, but just laugh behind your back - which, personally, I find much worse. But of course you're right that us Germans also often overdo it with accuracy. A bit of it can't hurt though. That's one reason why I love the international fandom on MFC - it's hard to plan things with all those cultural differences, but in the end the best parts of all our cultures come together to create something amazing.
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    I love the bubbles idea. I'm sure my friend Carole would add to that on the first balcony. However you could well be right that security won't allow them in. Worth a try though, they are cheap and cheerful 😍
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    Thank you Mellody!!!! They look really good! Our LGBT hearts I made some white hearts as well (but not too much) - it's a color too And from leftovers (as @carafon proposed) I cut some smaller hearts and I put stamps on them. For other actions - as I will be on a balcony, I would like to spread soap bubbles during Underwater. Well, we'll see if it works I have a small container of liquid soap so I hope they will let me bring it to the venue.
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    No it's not. They're planting trees all around the globe! 🥰
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    Even though me and my friends won't be in London, we really wanted to contribute to the flowers for Mika! I sent the money for me, @virgi, @SilviaM and @Serena cassai
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    I believe the song he meant to be talking about the fans is "Dear Jealousy". What led me to think about that it's the intro he did for it during the Tiny Love Tiny Tour, when he said he was jealous of the other artist that were singing in front of us instead of him. Jealousy is the emotion that make him realise it was time to get back on stage. So what he probably meant in the Christmas video was not a song about the fans, but his reaction to the fans going to other artists concerts'. It's still about fans but from his perspective, not ours. That's what I think; or it could be possible that the reference to the fans is more subtle and we still have to find it. That could be another explanation.
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    ONLINE STREAMING https://www.myfree-tivi.com/watch/e
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    With the Chrome browser, I will have translated it ... I'll try quoting it, hopefully it quotes the translated version! Edit: I noticed when it quoted it left some bits out, so I just copy / pasted the translated text myself Edit again, I think I've got it all now! Edit 3 I GIVE UP!!!! it keeps changing sentences after I hit post! I believe the story about the Greek island,
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    He's not invited as a Super coach 😉, he is going to perform with the talents
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    @Rita70 e @Gabry74 ma si dai sognare è bellissimooo hai ragione Gabry nonostante la popolarità è rimasto umile e super simpaticooo e disponibile sarebbe un onore per me poterlo conoscere mi devo già accontentare che viene a Torinooo finalmenteeeeee son già super contentaaaaa bravo Michelinoo che cerchi di accontentare tutti i tuoi e tue fans
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    Basically they don't like translation. They say they have ruined one of the best songs with a bad, ugly, horrible text and wonder who has been the author of the translation.
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    They gave out (free but limited) tickets in advance, so I suppose the timing was well planned. And I think he was there for 3 hours or so?