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    These are the lyrics as I hear them, after about a thousand listens! [ brackets ] around what I'm not positive about. When I hear that sound I know what's coming around 39 degrees Too hot for the breeze [bees?] Grass is turning yellow Streets are slow and mellow Faucet keeps on drippin' And the clock it keeps on tickin' Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny brand new teeth Laughing at my body as it's sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses [sex is?] on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more [Still working on the second verse where they're coming down the runway but the sound is so fuzzy...] [something] car [something] far Lose the space to stand in Temperature's so hot Everywhere I'm so heavy [something] [something] Til then I've ever been Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny brand new teeth Laughing at my body as its sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses (sex is?) on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more And yes, it's a very Prince meets George Michael vibe, that's the first thing I said as soon as I heard it! It is SO DAMN GOOD!
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    Electric energy in Brooklyn tonight! Mika is so comfortable in his skin and in his songs, and he shared that with us tonight. Some thoughts in no particular order: In the intro, there is a recording of Mika talking all about love: how love created the universe, and lit up the sun, and how the sun created all of us with its yellow light. During this recording the band is all on stage waiting, and you don't see Mika at all, and then he just runs on all at once! Red! Suit! Frilly! Shirt! CURLS!!! And Velcro Shoes???? Dear Jealousy was the second song he played (I think) -- beforehand, he talked for a bit about he hasn't been on tour in four years, and he is starting something new. To start something new, you have to start with new music, and this song was acknowledging something new...basically, how he is a "jealous bastard." 😂 Crowd reaction was great, it felt like everyone around me was either familiar with the song or caught on really quickly. The venue itself had great sound, high ceilings, and a very wide stage that meant a lot of people could get close. Mika did a good job of walking back and forth and giving energy to every corner of the room. Mika was really hamming it up, saying "this song is for my aunties..." he named all of the aunties, some of whom were here tonight, and his mother. Then he said "you'll see why I'll be getting 56 slaps in the face when you find out what song this is" -- then launched into Big Girl. The gig was also RECORDED, which was at first apparent because of the team with the huge camera who walked around filming for most of the concert. Mika also mentioned the name of an accomplished sound engineer who reached out to him about turning a show on this tour into a live album. Mika was saying he's never dropped a live album before! So this was the show that's going to be mixed into an album. When we were leaving the venue, they opened up the side door and you could see into what looked like all the sound engineers mixing right there. Setlist was almost the same as last night, with the omission of Sanremo Lots of LICM songs tonight, followed by TOOL. Plus all the new stuff! Funny, because I think those were the two albums he toured most on in the U.S. so it makes sense to stick within those tracklists. Sofia (not sure of MFC handle) gave Mika a cool jacket (I have photos below) with embroidery and patches that were relevant to the tour. He put it on and it fit perfectly! The renditions of the older songs are some of the best I've seen. Lollipop and Love Today really stand out. Lollipop, they start with a bit of a dueling pianos soundfest that resolves into what the crowd eventually recognizes as Lollipop. He had a spiel beforehand about how his mom told him to avoid the girl next door, but she didn't need to worry about the girl next door...it was the boy next door! Love Today he had the balcony and the floor wave at each other, then told us all to close our eyes and dance our hearts out because no one cares how you look. Encore was GK and a Tiny Love reprise that ended with Mika riffing off the theme of getting and staying high on a tiny love. He said "stay high!" as the last message before he went off stage. The new tracks were great, though the sound made Blue a little difficult to understand. Technically it is a very challenging song, and Mika sings most of it solo with very basic accompaniment. Very cool to see it live, and I'm looking foward to hearing it a couple more times. TOMORROW is a CLASSIC already, the chorus is so catchy and cleverly timed -- it's just doing what Mika does best: clever lyrics, interesting melody, timing that's a little different. He gave us the intro, that this song is about being "15 cm" away from someone in the back of an old Mercedes Benz and making a mistake that you may or may not regret. Pink is the color of sin. Especially when you grow up as a Catholic boy -- because pink is also the color of passion. He used this intro to talk about Origin of Love. This kind of comment is touching to see as a fan who has followed him for so long. He's so much more comfortable in his own skin and sexuality, and open in expressing that. One of the great joys of following Mika over the years is seeing him grow and process this part of his identity through music, and being able to process alongside him. He's come a long way. Show ended around 10:30pm, Mika came out around 11:30pm to sign. There was a big crowd and he must have spent about 20 minutes talking, taking photos, and autographing with everyone. He really made his way around the crowd and took time to talk to those who were at the front. Several times during the concert, he had mentioned how he hasn't been here in four years. So it seems he's making the time to get to know his fans over here. We are lucky! Some photos:
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    Mika quote of the evening, before he got in the car: "see you soon with new music!" - and he looked really happy and excited. I asked him about the tour for next year, but he can't say anything yet - just that it's "a lot". I guess the Voice recording was nice too, though I have no comparison to others - I did enjoy myself, and others who are there more often said it was a really good one. But let's face it, I didn't travel to Paris for that, but to see Mika, and that was worth it. He even dug out a few German words for me. Fangurl mode, lol. ... I'm off to bed now, early train tomorrow.
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    Many years ago, a rather odd animation with a silly song "Lollipop" was shared around by my furry friends. It was quite a hit in the community, but it seems most thought it was just an animation project that someone had managed to make a catchy song to. Including me and my wife. At one point around a year ago, we even added it to one of our Spotify playlists. We somewhat managed to still thing this was a silly "made for a fun animation". But fun songs are important, and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to see if the creator of this melody had made other fun things that we could possibly enjoy. Two weeks ago, I clicked on the "MIKA" word next to Lollipop, to see what Spotify could show me. I had no idea... Spotify played "Grace Kelly" - I had heard this one before. This was the same guy that did Lollipop? What a song, but mostly WHAT a voice! My curiosity peaked. This guy had TWO good songs? Spotify gave me "Elle me dit" - Now I drew the conclusion that MIKA was a french artist. This was just a really cool song! Appearing rather simple disco style, but with a twist that gave it quite an appeal. This really was not my kinda music, and I LOVED it. Spotify gave me "We are Golden" - And I was sold. I was pulled right back to the 80s. I knew I had found gold. I had heard 4 melodies. They were all amazing. They were all COMPLETELY different. It was even difficult match these to the same singer, indicating a voice talent that could put even the best singers of the 80s to shame. It was through listening to "We are Golden" as I started to feel angry. Apart from "Grace Kelly", that I had heard some time long ago, this wasn't on the radio. This was not played... anywhere... I had been bombarded with music like "Dark Horse", lost track of how many times I had tried to close my ears as "Diamonds in the Sky" was played. But this... This was just friggin AMAZING, and somehow, it was ignored? I broke my rule of not listening to music I did not already know while I was at work. Whenever I hear music I have not already heard, my brain works overtime analysing, and working becomes a tad more tricky. Spotify gave me Boum Boum Boum, and Wiki told me that MIKA was not French, but had true language skills. Spotify kept playing. Then came Stardust - It was like hearing Per Gessle sing one of his love ballades together with someone that was not Marie Fredriksson. It was Roxette, just better. And being a huge Roxette fan in the 80s, I do not add "just better" easily. How in the world could this guy sound like Freddy Mercury in one song and Per Gessle in another? Dang, this song was the best I had heard in like.. well.. I have no idea.. This was instantly my MIKA favourite song. It could not get better than this. Then came "Good Guys"... At this point I felt blessed that the guy that sits next to me at work was not at the office. I was in tears, how in the world could a person write this so beautifully, sing it so beautifully. I was proven wrong, Stardust was left in the dust, and I had now stopped questioning what this guy was capable of doing. I shipped off several links to songs to my wife and told her "This is the guy that did Lollipop... Please listen to this... like.. NOW!" In one day I had gone from "I wonder if this person that made Lollipop did anything else worth listening to" to feeling like the world had been granted a genius of the scale of David Bowie. I was in love, I felt like a teen, fanboying over hits after hits from an amazing artist. Only that.. they were not hits... I was in joy of my discovery and in anger of this being kept away from public waves. Why wasn't´t this guy the most popular artist right now? Was I really mistaken, could the music really be no good, just somewhat appeal to me? I got home, "Good Guys" was playing. "I have been playing Good Guys and Stardust on loop all day!". We spent the evening exploring even more songs. I most definitely was not alone. That day, MIKA had gained at least two new superfans. It has been around two weeks, and MIKA has been about the only thing we have listened to. "The more we hear of his music, the more depressingly obvious it is that MIKA is seriously the most underrated musical genius of our time." - my wife wrote on Facebook. "Lets party", "Any Other World" are other musical master pieces. They are more proof that MIKA isn't just a "good musician". He is nothing short of a musical genius. "Hello, I am Panduck, and I am a MIKA superfan - it took me 4 songs to realise". I am a hobby composer (reason for being overly analytical when listening to music), feeling both like I have gotten more inspiration and fear, because dang, my music would be stupid compared to this guy. Both me and my wife are members of the furry fandom, where "Lollipop" became quite a hit some years back, and we have been surprised that the fandom, where straight people are in a minority, had not embraced MIKA more. We have found a few that are, but most do not even know him. We are both turning 45 soon, and I am not at all surprised that many MIKA fans are our age. We grew up with many of the "good guys" being played on the radio. MIKA brings back memories and feelings. But he does not copy the style, he reinvents and expands it. Thank you for ALL the music! Please, do not stop. The world needs your music!
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    I think Siri explained a lot of things that I have seen too. But, and I’m going to put my marketer hat for a few minutes, there is not much that needs to be done within MFC as a site. Maybe better explain some sections, and there might be a few threads that are totally useless (such as the clubs for instance). what I think MFC needs is a complete awareness campaign: what it is, why it’s there, how it is run (and ultimately, who is behind it). It would even be better (and more effective/legitimate) if Team Mika (or even Mika himself) would participate in a way. Obviously, we can never control all the bad (and false) stuff you can sometimes see. We are humans, we are greedy and jealous by nature. But MFC had a very fond place in my heart, I might (in real and online) fabulous people through it, and it makes me sad to see it bashed. Let me know if you need help with anything
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    Gig report! (and the rest of my Paris trip) Tuesday Morning 6:30 we got picked up, not by the mercedes we were told would be coming but in an Audi A8 (which incidentally is one of Dad’s favourite cars) which set the tone a bit for the rest of the trip. There were a few unexpected surprises, which I will be emailing Peugeot about tomorrow. We arrived at Heathrow over 3 hours before our flight was due and got through security pretty quickly so we went and watched the planes for a few hours. Plane journey was uneventful thank god, I haven’t flown much but Dad is big into planes so every little noise Dad would go ‘Landing gear up’ or whatever which was helpful! That noise is normal, good to know! Arrived at Charles de Gaulle where another driver was supposed to be picking us up, there was no one with a sign saying ‘Briggs’ or ‘Peugeot’ so we didn’t know what to do. After the wrong car turned up in the morning I wasn’t sure I could trust any of the transfer details but I texted the number I was given and the driver called me back. He had a sign saying ‘Crown Agency’ which is apparently the agency Peugeot used to book the trip. We didn’t know that! None of the details I had mentioned the name of the agency. We arrived at the hotel about an hour earlier than the itinerary said which was good but then they asked us for a credit card ‘for damage deposit’. Neither of us had brought a card with us. We thought we were only going for 24 hours, we both have apple pay on our phones if we did desperately need more money for something. So they asked for €100 instead. We only brought €200 total and we thought that was excessive just for 2 days. So we had to give up half of our money as soon as we arrived. So first we went to check out the Peugeot Showroom on the Champs-Elysee where the showcase would be later then we headed for the Eiffel Tower. Got a few pics then it started raining Went back to the Champs-Elysee to get dinner and caught a little bit of the set-up for the evening with a ‘stage’ about a foot high with the piano and a few other bits. Got back to the showroom just before 7:30 to find a bit of a crowd gathered around the barriers, maybe 30-40 people? They didn’t start checking tickets and IDs until a little before 8 but we did finally get let in and it was a proper corporate event with complementary champagne and random canapes. People started hovering around the stage so I decided to grab an open spot behind the piano. Most people were crowding around the front of the piano because that would appear to be the front but it was a circular stage so I thought I don’t care, he never sits still in front of the piano for more than 30 seconds at a time so anywhere would be fine! Was wrong unfortunately he did stay sat the whole time but he did a little Q&A thing (I think? It was entirely in french so I don’t have a clue what was actually being said) where he was stood right in front of me ahem, facing away from me a little They had a big screen over to one side that was playing Mika’s advert on repeat. They had us all watch it then introduced Mika to properly start the showcase I’m not sure where the livestream kicks in but I have a video of the Q&A if you didn’t get to see it. It’s all in french and I didn’t understand a word so if someone could translate or at least give me a summary that would be lovely! Luckily it wasn’t all french, Mika started with a french introduction then said ‘Don’t worry I won’t only be speaking french, I know we have some people from the UK here’ *looked around* ‘somewhere?’ So obviously I said ‘Here! Behind you!’ and waved. Then, and I can still barely believe this happened, he started talking to livestream ‘Hello from the Champs-Elysee, with my friends here, my french friends, and one english person, representing the UK, what’s your name?’ I just about died, my heart was racing (literally I’ve just checked my fitbit and my HR jumps about 20 points!) and managed to squeak out my name. ‘So from me, Heather *points to me* and all of us, *some french that I didn’t understand until bonjour bonsoir*’ little clipped video I also put on facebook this afternoon. It’s very jumpy because I was throwing my hands up to wave. First song up he covered She’s Always A Women To Me which was beautiful, I was looking round the crowd a bit and everyone was just kind of standing there, no one else seemed to be singing along. There were quite a few more people than had been queueing, 100-150 maybe? Could’ve been more I’m not sure but they kept coming in for what seemed like ages after the original queuers had got through. Next up Grace Kelly where Mika discovered no one had actually switched on the piano! He got it going and this time people started singing along and looking like they were enjoying themselves. I was also right next to where Max was on the stage and it was really nice to hear him singing. I’ve listened to my video for this and you can hear me singing rather badly so I’m not going to put it or any of the others up unless you can’t hear me. It’s all on the stream anyway! He did Good guys with a new(?) ending complaining to his mumma about the lack of good guys which led straight into Lollipop with 2 of his extra ‘now I’m xx years old’ sections, when he did the 1st one I thought he’d made a mistake saying he was 32 years old! The person next to me’s phone rang right after lollipop ended and Mika took it and tried to talk to the person’s daughter in french but got hung up on! Next was Pick up off the floor which I’m not actually sure I’ve seen live before, it was gorgeous. Honestly it was so nice seeing Mika in such an intimate setting, hearing every little nuance of his voice and from where I was actually hearing it not 100% through amplification. Boum Boum Boum - an organiser came up to me at the start of this one and told me to meet her by the car in the corner in 10 minutes, and to make sure I went, I figured this was about a meet and greet so kept a close eye on the time after that (luckily I bought a fitbit on my birthday so it was only a flick of my wrist to check the time, didn’t have to keep checking my phone) Relax - 3 new albums later this is still Dad’s favourite Mika song so that made his day and I could hear him singing behind me, normally he stays quiet. Then was Underwater and Elle Me Dit, I pretty much completely missed these because I LEFT MY PERFECT FRONT ROW SPOT 3 FEET FROM MIKA to go to the back corner and stand behind about 6 rows of people. Anyone on here who’s met me will know, I’m 5’6”. I literally couldn’t see a thing. The stage was only raised a foot and Mika was sitting the whole time. The woman was nowhere to be found and I was pretty pissed off. If I’m honest I was almost crying it seemed so unfair. I had an amazing spot, he only played 9 songs so I literally missed almost a quarter of the entire show. I’m still annoyed, there was no reason I couldn’t have gone straight over there when EMD finished. Dad went and found her during EMD and she came and told me to stay put and I’d get to meet Mika afterwards. After the show she told us he played a couple of extra songs and it was meant to end at the point she told me to go over but I don’t think that was true. I think he played exactly as many as he was supposed to but it took longer because the start was so delayed (and he was quite chatty). I was only waiting a few minutes before he came out to start doing pictures but was told to stay put and I would be called forward when it was my turn. This was a bit of a mistake, it was just the corner of the showroom so everyone could see Mika was there and started crowding over, I think it should have been somewhere more closed off. I brought an iPad case specially for him to sign so I got that and my sharpie out ready. When they called me through he recognised me (or it could have been because they called me over by shouting ‘English! English!’) And called me by name I sort of shoved the iPad case at him and said ‘Could I be very cheeky and get you to sign this?’ This particular iPad case was also signed by Daniel Radcliffe a few months ago, Mika drew an arrow to Daniel’s signature and started writing, I said what are you writing and he just laughed then I could see and laughed too. (Front pic of iPad too to show why it’s my favourite, was so rushed both times neither Mika nor Daniel got to actually see what they were signing!) Then the organiser people tried to push me on so the next person could come in while I was fumbling with the case and pen trying to close both before I ruined the signature and Mika stopped them saying we hadn’t done the photo yet and pointed out my Dad ‘This your photo person?’ ‘Yep that’s Dad’ *He waved* ‘Hi Dad!’ put his arm around me while Dad took the photo (turned out he actually took about 4 seconds of video instead which I have grabbed some stills from). I reluctantly walked away and Mika said ‘Nice to meet you’ which confirmed to me that he definitely didn’t recognise me from the choir in London, was 2012 to be fair. That’s twice now that I’ve been ‘The only english…’ when meeting Mika! I was the only person in the Choir who spoke up when he asked if there was anyone actually from England in the London choir and now the only english fan in the crowd in Paris! He kept taking pictures for a few more minutes then disappeared. Saw Max and Curtis come up to the stage to get things a couple of times but the only time I saw Max I was on the other side of the room so couldn’t get across quick enough to ask him for a picture (I love Max, he was really nice to me in London). The party in the showroom kept going for quite a while with more wine and food. We talked to the woman again who asked me to send her my picture with Mika for ‘promotional material’ then we left. We got given gift bags on the way out and I got my picture taken again, more promo pics I think of them giving me the bag. What was my loot? A Peugeot Music CD and a Peugeot brand combination salt and pepper mill. We went back to our hotel to drop stuff off and change shoes to find someone had been in our room and left a little present, bit surprised but got to try some Parisian macarons without have to pay €1.50 each! Then we walked back to the Eiffel tower to see it all lit up. I don’t think the photo does it justice, it was amazing! Obligatory forced perspective picture. Then back to the hotel where we basically collapsed. It was about 11:30pm by the time we got back and we’d both been up since 5am. Day 2 Breakfast was included in our trip (thankfully, sign on the room door said €25 each!) so we had a lovely french breakfast and tried to decide what to do before we left. The weather forecast had said rain so we were planning to maybe go to an aquarium I spotted just off the Seine but it didn’t open until 10. We checked out and got Dad’s €100 back then left our bags with the concierge. Luckily the rain held off so we went on a walking tour of Paris. First to the Moulin Rouge which wasn’t as impressive as we expected. Saw a picture of it lit up with the windmill spinning in a shop a bit down the road which looked more like it! Then up a lot of steps to the Sacre-Coeur, pretty amazing view looking right across Paris Decided to make it a bit more of a circular walk and head back to the hotel via the Louvre. About half-way there the rain started and unfortunately didn’t stop for the rest of the day. Diverted slightly from the route to pass by a certain museum, we had decided beforehand though that it wasn’t worth paying to see a waxwork of Mika when were actually seeing the real thing the day before! Stopped at a few souvenir shops, got a keyring, some matching bracelets for me and my best friend, a pretty new bag and of course a small model of the Eiffel Tower. Are you actually allowed to visit Paris without buying an Eiffel Tower replica? Final stop was the Louvre which would’ve been better had it not been raining I think. I was a bit miserable at this point. We did a lot of walking over the 2 days and I had a blister, add in the rain and it felt like a bit of a slog. Started walking back to the hotel, stopped to get some lunch, a lovely hot dog baked in a baguette and covered in cheese. A few minutes after that I wasn’t paying attention and Dad suddenly stopped and said ‘Mika!’ Obviously that caught my attention as I was ducking out of the way of some guy in a blue suit’s umbrella. Yeah, Mika was the guy in the suit!! I’m so annoyed with myself for not spotting him quicker but he was on the phone so wasn’t paying attention either and it would’ve been rude to interrupt anyway. I had my hair up in a bun because I dyed the ends bright pink on sunday and didn’t want the dye to leak all over my graduation hoody so I was also missing my most identifiable feature. I turned around and watched him walk away debating whether or not to run after him, he was wearing his Louboutins, I could see the red sole as he walked. So that was a bit of a perk up in our last hour in Paris You’d think that would be the end of it but we still had some drama left. Got back to collect our bags from the hotel to be told the city tax hadn’t been paid and we owed them €4.96 Our driver came and we had the Crown Agency issue again, they were looking for Crown and some random name, the receptionist asked if they meant Brown and eventually came and asked Dad if it was for us since we were the only people waiting. Our flight wasn’t until 6 but Peugeot had arranged our car for 2 so we got the airport with over 3 hours to kill again. Spent almost €10 on a coffee and a hot chocolate from starbucks and bought an Eiffel Tower picture from a shop to clear out our euro coins. Then our flight was delayed 30 minutes and they changed the gate without announcing it! We’d been in the same seats at our supposed gate for 3 hours, Dad went to the bathroom and checked the board we were sat behind when he came back to find we were supposedly boarding 3 gates further down! This one obviously isn’t Peugeot’s fault but the main contact details for our flights were set to someone at either the agency or peugeot, not me or Dad. So even though I added myself to the details online on Monday night (along with filling in all of our passport information which was blank - that one is their fault) I didn’t get any notification of the delay to our flight because they were the primary contact not me! We finally get to boarding the plane and the cabin’s full. At least a dozen people still waiting to board, including us, and they’re saying all luggage now has to go in the hold. Thankfully we both had fabric bags rather than the mini suitcases so we were told ours could go under the seats. Someone in front of us was arguing because they had a connecting flight to Brazil at 9pm and couldn’t afford to wait for baggage reclaim. They stored her bag on the flight deck in the end. I think just so they could get the line moving again. All the stuff with the bags having to be moved delayed us another 15 minutes. But the flight back was uneventful, still raining in Paris so couldn’t see much of anything past the airport. Got through Heathrow and found our driver from the previous day waiting. Felt a bit bad for him really because he lived 45 minutes the opposite direction from Heathrow so we got home just before 9pm and he had to drive another 2 hours plus still to get himself home. Not to mention the fact that to pick us up at 6:30 the first day he must have left home before 4am! 24 hours in Paris plus walking through 2 airports we walked just over 16 miles in total over the 2 days. No wonder I was exhausted! But it was a good trip overall. Would’ve preferred to not miss the last 2 songs and to get a bit longer to talk to Mika, didn’t even have time to tell him it was my birthday. I was going to wear a badge saying Birthday girl but I managed to leave it in the hotel room. Also didn’t have time to ask him my big question, I got a dragon tattoo to celebrate the end of uni and I wanted to ask him for name ideas since Melachi and Amira are such cool names. But it was a free trip to Paris so I can't complain too much can I?! It's mostly going to be a 'for future reference' email to Peugeot reminding them not to assume everyone is a frequent traveller. Most importantly I finally got a solo picture with Mika and there's a possibility he might remember my name in future??? Might have to keep my hair pink forever to make it easier! Well done to anyone who’s actually read all of this, I’ve just pasted it into word and it’s almost a third the length of my dissertation! I started writing this at about 10pm I think? It’s 2:30am now! I’m going to bed!
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    So I fixed google translation : My mother's obsession: that I am the best. She's always afraid of others pulling me down " An interview with Marc-Olivier Fogiel MIKA Marc-Olivier Fogiel. In your new album, "My Name is Michael Holbrook", your name in the civil registry, your mother sings. She appears on the cover, appears in the clip "Tiny Love" and in photo on stage ... Why is she so present? Mika. My mother built me. She had in mind a "destination" and she told herself that I had to reach it at all costs. Today, I am grateful to her. This need to recognize her sacrifice and the intensity of our bond, I had not felt before. Your mother wanted to save you? She saved me. For her, I had a lot of qualities but that put me a little at risk. She always told me, "Either you'll be successful and you'll be happy, or you'll have a lot of problems." It's strange to hear your mother say that when you're a child. There was no alternative. Hence a huge pressure. How did she say that to you? In a sweet or in a tough way? Tough. But at the same time with a kind of duality. Because, on the other hand, she was extremely tender, maternal, protective. I was fired from school, I truly had problems. Instead of becoming a victim, I had to work and grow up much faster. Did you understand then that it was for your good? It seemed unfair to me. Why did I have to do three hours of music a day while my sisters were not? How many times have I been unable to sing for half an hour straight because I was just crying! She forced me, "I'm staying here until you stop, you're going to sing me that song right now without crying." Today, you speak of a need to thank her ... I would have been terribly wrong not to pay a tribute to her while she is still alive, by my side. One of the first songs I wrote for this album is "Tiny Love": it talks about surpassing oneself, about going as high as we can with the means we have to give ourselves the feeling of having value. And that's what my mother taught me. By the time I finished "Tiny Love", she learned she had a serious heart problem. She had to be operated on within 24 hours. The same evening, I was on a plane to join her in Dubai. As I sat down beside her, I felt invaded by a form of chaos linked to this coincidence; the day I finished this song, the disaster happened. I thought, "What if the operation went wrong?" Well, it went well, but there were complications. My mother was bedridden with gaping wounds on her legs. Yet she wanted to fight, because her heart had not stopped. She decided to walk again and do everything to get there. She was supposed to draw the costumes for a TV show I was showing in Milan. I formally forbid her to come. Now, the day of the first rehearsal, in Italy, she shows up! In a wheelchair, accompanied by a nurse and one of my sisters. And she said to me, "Here, I came to work." Even sick, she could not help but accompany you? Even if it was less present, she took risks ... I thought: my mother goes through hardships, life is difficult, so I'm going to dedicate myself to writing. I want to make a beautiful album, a kind of medicine, not only for me but for my family. Something that warms the heart. because you were touched in the heart? Because I was touched by the fragility of life. Have you thought of the worst? If anything happened to my mother, if I lost her, I was afraid of not being able to work. I would have said to myself: "It was me who hurt her by exhausting her, I killed her." She is begged to stop and she takes a plane to cross the world. For who? For me. How would you define your links? Very, very intense. It can ignite quickly. When people hear us, they are often shocked by our harshness: it is honesty because there is nothing to hide. But it's always guided by love. Your mother finally recovered from her heart problems ... Yes, and she said to me, "Now I'm changing my hips, so I will not be in a wheelchair anymore and I can follow you on the next tour." She does it for you or for her? She wanted to continue working. Being mobile was very important. And everything is going well. Life goes on. Until this summer 2018. I wrote half of the album and we find a house in Italy, we set up a studio. She comes to see how it goes. I notice that she is a little hard with me, not too much, just a little. But hey, I keep going Following my birthday, we are meeting in a hotel in Sardinia. And I realize that she is very worried, very tired. My sisters are wondering too. I'm leaving for a concert. T hey make her have examinations. After the scan, I get a message: there is a big mass in her brain and I must immediately go back to Milan. There begins this new phase, this new fight. She has a brain tumor ... A very important tumor. That's why she had this strange behavior. We decided to have her operated at La Pitié-Salpêtrière. We are told that she is suffering from an extremely aggressive brain cancer. From that moment, the life, the album, everything is paused. My sisters, my brother, my father and I, we put ourselves in a bubble, we hide. After the operation, we go back to this little house in Italy. We close the door and stay together. Then the chemotherapy begins in France. And there, life must resume. My life must resume. Does this mean that you continued to create as the earth collapsed? Yes, I realized how much she was a big part of my foundation ... I did not know that much before. I then I stop working a little, I take a step back. But one morning I get an e-mail from my mother, who says [silence]: "You do not answer me. You judge all my interventions around your work displaced. You're wrong. Who more than me cares about your success? I'm old now, about to die from a brain tumor, but all I can tell you is that none of this I do for myself. All I wish is that you always stay the best. I never taught you to be trivial. Now, today, I fear that you are under too much pressure that pulls you to banality. It leads to anonymity and self-satisfaction. Talk to me before it's too late. Why do not you take the time to come see me"? How did you react? It was crazy, was not it? I got into a black rage. Through my restraint, I showed her my affection, my respect. A few days later, I realized that this fury that I felt was not directed against her but against me, because I was wrong. I realized that it was the same process as when she provoked me so that I could make it through when I was 10. Rather than compose, you did not need to spend more time with her, enjoying her presence? Me, I thought about today, and my mother was terrified by tomorrow. Not for her, for me, and for us, for the family. She thought that the effect of her illness on the people she loves, this pause, this time that was devoted to her rather than the construction of the future, was terrifying. And you started working again? It compelled me to throw myself into the emotion rather than confining myself to this kind of misplaced modesty. It compelled me to be as authentic as possible. She came to "The Voice", we saw you at a Christian Louboutin party. she was there, solid, beautiful. Normally, with this disease, it's impossible ... She is in her sixth chemotherapy session and is working on the tour, on styling. She goes out, goes to the opera, to the theater ... My mother absolutely wants to live life to the fullest. And it's dangerous. This disease causes a lot of discomfort. It's very risky for the brain and the heart. We are trying to calm her, but she absolutely wants to go out. She is impossible to stop. Did you get this energy from her? She inspires me. The starting point of the album is the illness of my mother and the whirlwind of anxieties and emotions that resulted. It put us in a sort of urgency: we have to create. In fact, she asked you to become an adult . Have you become in two years? We become adults when we are faced with the fear of losing someone. At that moment, one is obliged to open one's eyes, to open one's heart. This can happen at age 15, it can happen at age 60. This transformation means that we inevitably stop relying on others. On the contrary, it is the others who can rely on us. And that's the point where you at now? Yes, we are here now. Your album exudes gaiety, yet your sister Paloma, who was born with a disability and then miraculously survived a fall in 2010, sings too. And we guess other dramas ... [Silence.] Yes, indeed, dramas that threatened to further destabilize my family and cause even more sadness for my mother. In the face of these catastrophes, we have always refused to allow ourselves to be defeated. On the contrary, we have become even stronger. It's all your story ... Our family was built on this spirit of resistance, reinvention against loss, destruction. My mother calls this " blooming, flowering ". This summer, I was about to deliver the final recording of the album, it was my birthday and I decided to take a three-day vacation. I'm in the car, on the road to my hotel, when she calls me furiously: "You did not want to be with me because it's hard to be with me! Did not you think it would be nice to come back for your birthday"? "I say angrily, " I just wanted a break. Why are you doing this to me"? We fight, I get to the hotel, I go up to my room. She had it filled with nine bunches of flowers! I find a drawing of my flowered head and a little letter in which she wrote: "Remember, may your head always bloom." So what… I am filled with joy. I call her back... she does not answer. I insist. My sister responds, yells, gives the phone to my father who puts the speaker on and says, "Talk to your mother, talk to your mother". She was having a stroke. And I, rather than being there, by her side, I'm in my room, trying to thank her, to calm her. We reassured her, we hospitalized her. When I hung up, I looked at all these flowers ... All day she had only thought of these flowers. That day, I made the decision never to react impulsively again. Because now, in our relationship, the slightest gesture counts. The next morning, I made the final recording and told myself it was a good thing to have her sing it. Why ? Because I gave her all her power . I put in the light this woman from the shadows. When we know that she recorded this passage just three weeks after her brain surgery and the day before the start of her chemotherapy sessions, we realize that she has the power. She has the last word, her and my sister Paloma. They are similar. How important is it for you to speak about it the way you're doing it? The only things that matters in life are the people we love and the stories we tell about them. In the old days, I was discreet when I talked about intimate questions. Now, I understand that these difficult things must be tackled and made into beautiful things. In the song "Paloma", there are these two lines: "I found you fighting in the darkness" "And there was beauty in that too". It seems incredible: where is the beauty in someone dying? And yet, I promise you there is beauty. A horrible beauty, wild, murderous, but beauty anyway. There is also beauty in your mother's illness ... And there is also beauty in the way our family, and my mother in particular, manages such a frightening situation. When you project yourself, are you still afraid? [Silence.] Yes, it's inevitable. But this fear, I compensate with a feeling of liberating gratitude for the love of life that the disease has injected into our family. Is it complicated for your companion to find a place in the middle of all this? Andy has a very strong relationship with my mother. It was with him that I revealed my homosexuality to my family. We were sitting in the kitchen. My mother said to me: "In the end, what difference does it make? I always knew it. If you did not know it, that's your problem". [Laughs] There was a moment when Andy and I separated briefly. And she fought for two months to bring him back. The album is called "my Name Is Michael Holbrook". We could add "Son of Joannie and Michael", right? Yes, I am Mika, son of Joannie and Michael. And I'm proud to be part of this lineage. Interview Marc-Olivier Fogiel https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z_nSrn7owWV4HO_FqJFqdJpXcOMd5Yvc3zLjLX7WMeo/edit?usp=drivesdk
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    Only when I see a new post here, hoping it might be actual news... (Hello to everyone who clicked on here for the same reason! )
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    JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY ALL OF OUR NEW MEMBERS! Now that we have a nice long list of tour dates coming up, I wanted to let you all know how important it is to us that you let us know if you're going to a gig. Be sure to RSVP for any upcoming shows you're planning to attend. It's nice for us to see who will be at which show, and also the list of attendees comes in handy for any meetings (with or without Mika!) we may want to plan. Visit the Community Calendar, click on the date of the show you're attending, then click on the event link and RSVP to let us know you'll be there! SEE YOU SOON!
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    I admire him so much for this. For being so happy and proud to share so many private pictures- with his beautiful mum, with his amazing partner, even with his adorable little nephew. But also for opening up and sharing with us his recent worries and causes of pain, story of his mum. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I got quite emotional reading that as I know how it's like to lose a parent . Now I know I will be even more emotional listening to MNIMH knowing all of that. And I know I will love it with all my heart. What an amazing day to be Mika's fan. Truly proud of him ❤
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    I rebuilt the images hidden in the instagram video teaser. I have to do the bees one and it will finish
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    I've just found this video of the whole performance of Ice Cream and it is in an extremely high definition! 😻
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    release of the 3rd and 4th blind audition
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    I know this whole convo was last week but I haven't been on in a while and I have something to add so I'm gonna add it I agree with everyone else - I'm not worried about Mika. Well, actually I am worried about Mika, but I'm worried about his arm not his mental health LOL (HOW did he hurt that arm? he better tell the story at some point). I tend to worry about the people I love, so I get concerned about him every time he gets sick (which seems to be often) but I don't really ever worry about his mental state. And this is why: I think he's just one of those people who feels things deeply. I think there are some people who simply feel every emotion more acutely, and I think Mika is one of them. At the same time, he's also an incredibly resilient person - nothing ever keeps him down long. I think the writing/recording process is hardcore for him like he says, but I think it's cathartic, and I think the depth of emotion he feels, and then puts into his work, is a primary part of the reason his work is so good! But the key to understanding deep feeling people is that deep thought/intense emotion isn't sad or negative - it's just a sort of thoughtful state. My favorite word here is "pensive". I think it's easy to forget that Mika is quite a serious and deep man, because he also happens to be very energetic and charismatic, which often is more noticeable than the thoughts in the background. I think Mika is perfectly fine and happy - at worst, perhaps the writing process has him feeling thoughtful, and at best he's bouncing off the walls like he always does and is just being bad at social media as he often is. The key is that pensive, perhaps more subdued, or more internally focused periods are very positive states of feeling for some people (I include myself in this, to be honest) and I think Mika is one of those people. He's lovely, goofy, generally quite happy, empathetic, thoughtful, deep, and sometimes pensive and introspective - not sad or down, just thoughtful. So in short I think he seems like himself, goofy and lovely - and if there is any calmer or more serious threads there, it's just his tendency for thoughtfulness and yes, some minor anxiety about the new album - because let's face it, who wouldn't be slightly anxious about that! In general, he seems to have been the healthiest and happiest he's been in a while - maybe ever - over the past two years or so (despite some overwork and tiredness); I've never seen him look happier than he did on Casa Mika - and I think he's just fine! (except for the arm though) (Mika, what did you do to your arm!)
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    They just told me I won the box. I cant believe it. Never win anything @alba_bf it's me.
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    OK, back finally. Sorry for the delay, life is complicated. Anyhow, Siri, we would never ban you for expressing your opinion -- the only people who have ever been banned here are those who have been verbally abusive to other fans or who have repeatedly ignored our guidelines. No one's been banned for simply having a discussion! So to reply to some of Siri's points -- and I'm not singling Siri out, because I know MANY other fans have the same concerns and questions about the MFC: It's a good observation that sometimes Mika's team doesn't communicate with us. That is partly true. As I have learned, sometimes there are legal restrictions that keep them from giving us information. Often, that information leaks out earlier than it should and it makes MFC look stupid, but we can't control that. As the official fan club, we are required to do what Mika's team tells us to do, so that is a frustration for us as well as for the fans. Now, as for the behavior of fans outside the forum, you have to understand that we are not the boss or mother of every fan, so we can't order them to behave a certain way. We are not responsible for how you behave in the Real World. I think it's natural in every fandom that you will have some people who will want to help others, and other fans who are just "in it for themselves" and will be very cutthroat about getting things for themselves and their friends only. I like to think that the people who behave in this selfish, negative way are not representative of MFC in general. They may say they are MFCers, but are they really? Anyone can say that. I believe, in general, most members of MFC -- the ones who have been here a while and who participate actively -- are helpers and try to do positive things for other fans, whether it's translating, providing subtitles to videos, posting information, sharing photos and videos and reports... that sort of thing. We've talked about this before. What sort of action should we take against these people? First of all, we aren't police, and we aren't the law. We have no real authority over anyone's actions beyond this forum. Also, so many times in these situations, we have no proof of what happened. When we ask people to tell us who said or did something horrible, many won't give names. But even when they do, if we weren't at the place when the bad thing happened, or if we were not part of the bad conversation, we don't really know the truth. If someone clearly violates our guidelines, then we can ban them from the forum. If someone is verbally abusive to MFC fans on Twitter, we can block them on Twitter. If we discover that someone has behaved unethically or in a negative way in real life, we can be sure that they aren't included in any MFC activities, but we can't prevent them from buying a ticket to a Mika concert or from attending a public event. I can't explain about why there are more mods for some countries than others. I would guess it's because there are more active fans in one country than another. Another factor could be that the reps selected have limited time so they share responsibilities. Maybe silver, our World Rep organizer, will explain further. The common thread in the comments here seems to be that the site needs to be better organized and better publicized. We'll be working on that as soon as we can. Thank you all SO much for your input! And let's all keep talking! And please do NOT be afraid to share your thoughts -- honestly, we will not blacklist you!
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    After the last recording of Casa Mika we made a surprise to Mika... Two big cakes, Champagne and gifts for him, Mel, Amira and Andy. It wasn't an official m&g, but a meeting with Mikafans and he was so amazing with us! He has served the cake and poured the wine to us and it was a magical moment!
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    Nel regolamento dei nostri concorsi, non c'è scritto che chi è già stato sorteggiato una volta, non lo potrà più essere! A volte conta la velocità e a volte la fortuna, la scelta è semplice e cristallina e non ci sono "strane macchinazioni"!
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    ***NEWS*** Oggi faremo avere a Mika dei fiori in occasione del primo giorno di registrazione della nuova stagione di Stasera Casa Mika, offerti da Mika Fan Club, in rappresentanza di noi tutti. Prossima settimana posteremo foto fiori e biglietto.
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    Ciao a tutti! Grazie a Mika e al suo Team abbiamo tanti biglietti per Il Tempo delle Donne! Se siete interessati affrettatevi ad inviare la vs email, c'è tempo fino alle 15:30! Trovate tutti i dettagli per partecipare qui:
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    For those of you who may have read my hubby's long intro, I'm "Panduck's" American expat wife, and I just wanted to chime in to say hello to everyone as well, and state that I've very rarely had any new musician affect me as deeply and instantly as MIKA has, after hearing the rest of his music. Previously, I had only heard "Lollipop", years back, and thought it (and the vid of course) was awesome, but I never knew there was really anything more. I hadn't even heard "Grace Kelley", so I was pretty much totally in the dark (which is partly my fault; I'll explain below), until my hubby pointed me to more of MIKA's music that he had found last week (we have basically the same tastes in music, thankfully!). I'll be 45 this month, and grew up with all the classic artists, having faves spanning from the 50's to the 90's, and for decades I firmly believed that no new pop artist could ever be on par with the best of them, or even come close, so I had pretty much stopped listening to the radio after the 90's. No offence to any of the other new pop artists, but almost everything I've heard played in restaurants, bars, shopping centres, gyms, bowling alleys, the public pool, the doc's office (and everywhere else that plays current, mainstream "hits") just ground on my ears and nerves, and I would often just want to plug my ears and flee those spaces to avoid hearing any more. And any modern music I did actually love was by obscure artists that you would never hear on the radio anyway. So I stubbornly stuck to my massive retro playlist on Spotify, and in frustration and despair, gave up hope of ever finding any new artist that was worth listening to, aside from a rare few that might have one or two decent songs. Thus I never really even bothered to look any further than that, which was rather close-minded of me, I know. :P But then...finally, thank heavens...I heard MIKA's other songs (literally, everything I could find by him), and it was like...how can I explain it? Like opening your eyes and seeing the world again for the first time...or seeing a whole new world you never knew was there, and immediately plunging headlong into it. It was--and is--completely overwhelming, and I'm still reeling from it, a week later. I can't even wrap my brain around it, or put it into words...I guess maybe the lyrics to "Underwater" sum up best how I feel. So all this is to say...I really can't thank MIKA enough for enabling me fall in love with new music again, for bringing back that joy, hope, depth and life to music the way I remember it used to be for me. For filling my eyes with tears, and sending chills down my spine. For lyrics that painfully grip and rip into the very core of my being, and melodies that set my spirit soaring free. For making me feel young at heart again and helping these achy old bones to dance once more. My only hope now is to be able to see him in concert someday before my health gives out and I can't travel anymore (I have MS). In the meantime, I plan to try to do some fanart to show my appreciation, since I'm better with pictures than words. Anyway, thanks for reading this far, if you did, and it's nice to meet you all! <3 ~Xenia ("Swandog")
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    OK, so now that Mika has performed Ice Cream again at Bordeaux, I have some more lyrics, although there are still some [ brackets ] around what I'm not positive about. I feel confident about the first verse and the chorus, I just can't find a clear version of that second verse! Anyone else? When I hear that sound I know what's coming around 39 degrees Too hot for the bees Grass is turning yellow Streets are slow and mellow Faucet keeps on drippin' And the clock it keeps on tickin' Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny bright blue teeth Laughing at my body as it's sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more [something] [something] on fire Lose the space to stand in With temperatures so high [Underground] so heavy Fed/filled? with gasoline [My hands are] keepin' steady Til then I've ever been Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny bright blue teeth Laughing at my body as its sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more
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    These are my photos of the evening of 12/11/18 ❤️ 😍
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    Well, the record label in Italy does handle a lot of things, and Mika's Facebook page is separate from MFC, but we all frequently coordinate on things like contests and tickets to TV shows. For example, for Stasera Casa Mika, there were several lists of people getting tickets -- fans from Mika's FB page, MFC and fans from the Italian production company -- but each group coordinated with the other. But sometimes it happens that some group may get around the formal, organized channels -- it isn't a perfect world, and sometimes there are communications breakdowns. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I hope that in the future you'll have happier memories. As for the party after Stasera Casa Mika -- MFC did not plan anything because there had just been a big MFC party in Milan a few weeks beforehand. I think your ideas for coming up with some standard logos to help promote the MFC -- for Fan Art Friday, for Ticket Giveaways, etc. -- is great, and I think we ought to try to come up with some graphics for that. I expect that when Mika has the new record ready, they'll be updating his website with a new look and graphics, too. I don't want to spend a lot of time and effort trying to redesign our current look now, when I think it will probably change again by the end of the year. But we can certainly make some small changes here and there while we wait. About merchandise: We used to have a variety of MFC merchandise on both Zazzle and CafePress. T-shirts, mugs, keyrings, tote bags. But they took it down saying we were infringing on Mika's copyright. I tried to explain that we were the official fan club, etc. etc., and asked Mika's people if they could help, but they said they also had had problems with Zazzle about other things. In the end, they let us keep the buttons but took everything else down. I could try again and see if we have better luck now, since it's been a few years. Yes, I noticed that and changed it again. I'm still tweaking so it may be different again the next time you look at it. In addition to changing the home page, you'll see that I added a section called "Our Picks" which allows us to highlight topics or images. We can change that frequently to keep the homepage fresh. Also I enabled the blog module -- I don't have that completely set up yet, I'm still testing it, but look for that soon. Finally, I enabled Facebook login -- you can now login to MFC from your FB account. You can link your FB account to your MFC account pretty easily. Go into your MFC Account Settings and in the left column near the bottom you'll see the option to link your Facebook account. It works great! I'm still sifting through a lot of other information, trying to figure out what other functions this software has that could be useful for us. Still no chat available, but I'll keep looking for some external add-on.
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    OPI https://www.opi.net/ Vendor Profile: Pilot Editorial, 22 December 2017 https://www.opi.net/issues/2018/decemberjanuary-20172018/features-decemberjanuary-20172018/vendor-profile-pilot Celebrating with a splash – and a celebrity OPI speaks to Ken Schoellhammer, European Brand Manager at Pilot Corporation of Europe about how the company is marking its anniversary in 2018 OPI: 100 years in business is a very special occasion. How are you planning to celebrate the event in Europe specifically in 2018? Ken Schoellhammer: It is indeed a very special occasion for our company. Marketing-wise, it is a great opportunity for an outstanding campaign. Awareness of the Pilot brand is generally good already in Europe, although it needs boosting in some countries. One of our key priorities was to use this anniversary opportunity to highlight Pilot’s leading products. Of course we want to throw a big party to celebrate, but the aim of the party is also to raise our brand and product profile in the minds of our distributors as well as consumers. We wanted to come up with something very special and unique for this 100th anniversary. Typically, you would launch a new range of products that embodies the special occasion. This would then be followed up with top-notch advertising material, a dedicated website, plenty of brand content, etc. But we felt there was still something missing, a kind of special ‘wow’ factor that would make the campaign really stand out and be seen. Because, let’s face it: in our particular sector we don’t have the financial resources of industries such as automotive or high-tech. Pilot is probably the writing instruments’ brand that invests the most in media and advertising, but our share of voice still remains tiny in the universe of advertisers. OPI: So how can you be more visible with a limited budget – what did you come up with? KS: We explored the concept of a celebrity endorsement. This type of campaign can build brand equity and awareness. You have to be careful though as there can be pitfalls. It could be the celebrity overshadowing the brand, so even if the ad recall is good but brand attribution weak, the campaign overall cannot be considered a success. When we started on this path, we set ourselves a list of objective criteria: the international character of the celebrity, because the playground for this particular campaign is Europe; his/her cross-generational appeal; and perhaps most importantly how he/she resonates with the type of product we manufacture. As a marketer, I see myself as a constant gardener – my approach is perennial and I’m not looking for one-shots that provoke a big spike in noise and activity that cannot be sustained over time. My belief is that there has to be a connection at a deeper level. Obviously, Nike and Michael Jordan come to mind as the most successful endorsement ever, but very often it is about piggy-backing on a famous celebrity just because he/she is famous. Mika, the celebrity we chose to partner with and who accepted our proposal, ticked many of our criteria boxes. He is best known as a singer obviously. But first and foremost, he is an artist. An artist who has chosen music as his preferred way of expressing a unique worldview. But that’s not it. His tailor-made, unique outfits he wears on stage – the design of which he is very much involved in – and past collaborations with Coca Cola and Swatch designing limited-edition products all show that he has expressed his creative side outside of the music industry. He has had tremendous success as a TV personality and has appeared on The Voice in France and The X-Factor in the UK. In September 2017, Mika won the prestigious Rose d’Or international television award for best entertainment programme for his variety show Stasera Casa Mika in Italy. All of this speaks volumes about his creative mind. Pilot Corporation of Europe, meanwhile, began work on its communication platform #happywriting in 2014. This ongoing campaign celebrates the emotional aspects of physically holding a writing instrument and explores issues such as creativity, self-expression, relaxation, learning and connecting with others. Mika, as part of our anniversary campaign and with #happywriting in mind, was thrilled to have the opportunity to redecorate a number of pens that have been a part of his life since childhood. Overall, we felt there was a real fit and a real connection between Pilot, its products and Mika. OPI: Tell me a bit more about these limited editions that Mika created with you? KS: The limited editions by Mika encompass the four bestselling ranges of the Pilot rollerball family, each in six colours: G2, V5, FriXion Ball and Clicker. That’s 24 designs overall. These will be on the market only during Pilot’s 2018 anniversary year. The idea is that Mika’s world is reflected on each of these 24 pens – colourful, weird, fun, unique, full of energy and life. The 24 writing instruments form an eclectic mix and are based on a number of themes: pop culture, Pilot’s maritime origins and candy stores. Another inspiration came from the popularity of collectable cards, so each of the four ranges is like a family of unique pens that consumers can collect and enjoy together. Apart from these limited editions that represent the core of our anniversary campaign, we’re supplementing and underpinning this with a whole range of marketing and advertising collateral. This includes an exciting new television commercial directed by the very talented Lukas Zanotto and production company TroubleMakers; a dedicated website, and of course a whole array of POS for the mass market, retailers, superstores, etc. Overall, I’m confident that we have covered all bases. OPI: What has been the reaction from your distribution partners? KS: Reactions from our distribution partners across Europe have been excellent. In those countries where Mika is best known, such as southern Europe or the UK, the response has been particularly enthusiastic. But even in nations like Germany where Mika doesn’t enjoy the same celebrity status, reactions have been very positive because of the sheer attraction, energy and momentum of the limited editions as well as the marketing assets and tools that we have produced. Everyone has been complimentary about our 100th anniversary and how we’ve chosen to celebrate it in our own unique style. On a more pragmatic note, I believe there’s a real sense among our partners that the whole campaign has enough gravitas and attraction to actually increase sales – and that is, very bluntly-speaking, what ultimately matters the most to them! OPI: Your celebration year is obviously only just kicking off, but what is your view now – almost in hindsight – on collaboration with non-industry personalities and celebrities? KS: I believe that collaboration with external talent is definitely something we should be looking at again in the future. It’s positive to expose our company to new energies, inspiration and influences from outside our industry. I will never forget my favourite-ever brand campaign of Absolut Vodka which started with the successful collaboration of musicians and artists – including Andy Warhol – in New York in the 1980s. The collaboration with artists fits in well with Pilot’s ethos and what we do, and it can be a very powerful combination. We also, for example, began work with artists for the Pilot Pintor, our new paint marker range in 2017, producing videos of their creations.
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    Se vi siete persi Mika a Radio Deejay, potete vederlo cliccando su questo link! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155149486067252&id=75575542251
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    Ok, I think I'm ready to describe this concert in words. We all waited so much for this first performance, starting the "Revelation Tour". But this concert was a little different from those that will follow. Due to the fact that Shepherd's Bush Empire can only accommodate 2'000 people, Mika did not show us the new scenography. But there were a lot of colorful lights that created a great atmosphere. Yes, colors are Mika's specialty. Since I had a place on the first balcony, I did not stand in a long queue, which began to set up in front of the building very early in the morning. Fortunately, it wasn't raining. Although the temperature around 5 degrees is not nice when you have to spend long hours outside. Me and Zlata, who flew from the Czech Republic, we arrived to a queue at 4pm. MFC fans are very well organized. We prepared two "fan actions": after the first song we were to lift up the cards with the words "We've missed you". During "Tiny Love" we were to show colorful paper hearts and highlight them with our phones. Already in the queue girls distributed most of the stuff. I saved about 80 hearts for distribution on my balcony. And I did the right thing because a lot of people didn't have hearts and I gave away almost all of them. I put them as well on all (still empty) chairs for all VIPs on the left and right. Little later I explained some of them what to do with the hearts. They liked the idea! After entering the hall, I wanted to take a seat on the left or right side of the stage, but unfortunately all these places had pinned cards with the inscription "reserved for ..." I did not notice the name Penniman on any of them. We took the first two chairs on the right in the second row. On the right was only a passage separating us from VIP seats. While waiting for the concert, we listened to music played by two DJs and waited for Mika. Every once in a while I looked at places for guests looking for familiar faces. I recognized one - Mika's little nephew, Paloma's son, Beauregard. He was probably sitting with his father. The concert started around 9pm. Like at the "Tiny Love Tiny Tour" we heard Mika's voice talking about the Love that created the whole universe. The first color was yellow: "Love created the Sun. The Sun created us. Yellow is the color of the Sun. Yellow is the color of Love. " Mika hit the stage with the first sounds of "Ice Cream". He was dressed in a black suit made of soft fabric and a white shirt with black polka dots with frills around the neck and cuffs. Immediately after he stopped singing, we raised our cards with the words "We've missed you." Mika looked at us for a long time, smiling, then bowed deeply. He wanted to start another song, but the audience shouted "Mika, Mika, Mika" !!!! Here is Zlata's video. I was not filming. I wated to show my piece of paper to Mika so much Before the song "Dear Jealousy," Mika admitted that jealousy made him return on stage. He was jealous of the Mika he used to be, so he decided to finish the new album and return on stage. Yellow is the color of love, but it is also the color of jealousy. Then there was songs "Relax", "Origin of Love", and after them, for the first time performed on stage "Platform Balerinas". Mika and Max performed a "choreographic" arrangement. Of course they missed some steps and Max got a kick from Mika because he was just back to him :-) Before the next song, Mika told us to close our eyes and move to a certain place in our imagination. I already knew it was an introduction to the song "Big Girl". And Mika once again jumped over the barrier and entered between the audience to sing and dance with people. An unforgettable moment for those fans who are next to him! After returning on the stage, Mika sat down to the piano. We heard the first sounds of "Tiny Love". We took out our paper hearts and turned on the lights in our mobile phones. The whole room was filled with colorful lights. Thank you @Emily2b for mentioning that he closed his eyes. I did not see it from far. I hope he was surprised while opening his eyes Mika went to the first row and took a yellow heart from one of the fans and waved it during the song. Then he dropped it on the floor ... because at the moment when Mika was to sing "My name is Michael Holbrook, the woman from the music video" Tiny Love " - Ronke – appeared on the stage. We all started to shout with joy. Ronke stood behind Mika and put her hands on his eyes. Then she moved her arms simultaneously with Mika. Sometimes their gestures were synchronized, sometimes it looked like Mika had four arms. Then she left, majestically. With the last words of the song, Mika picked up a yellow heart from the stage and sang "we are giants with our tiny, tiny love" and showing it to us. I found this video on Youtube. Someone sitting just a row behind me on the left posted it. You can see my blue heart in the right low corner.And VIPs with hearts as well I recorded fragments of songs but I tried to watch the show and feel every single second. Two next songs made me put down my mobile and listen to "Blue" and "Underwater". I was about to start spread soap bubbles. But it was so wonderful to be able to look at Mika, listen to him and sing with him that the soap bubbles became not important at all. But then I heard the beginning of "Sanremo" and I turned my camera on again. For the first time Mika sang this song on stage. During the chorus, Mika was teasing Tim and tried to dance with him. He even grabbed his butt :-) The voice of Max singing in the background beautifully composed with Mika's voice. They both sang a part of the song standing close together. Yes, Max sings in this song almost all the time. Voice synchronization is great. It's „Tomorrow's” turn. Of course, everyone sings with Mika. The room is filled with tiny patches of light circling the walls and auditorium. Beautiful view. As if we were under water. Mika sits down to the piano again. We hear this characteristic sound that resembles the sound of a train on the tracks. "Lollipop". But before the song begins, Mika begins to talk about the fact that here, not far from Shepherd's Bush, one "motherf****r" dumped him at five o'clock in the morning. The audience starts doing boooo ... (You can listen to this on my Audio recording – at 50 minutes) The whole concert audio is here. Maybe some native speaker could translate the whole speach. I did not get everything. 2019-11-10 London.mp3 Then when we hear the beginning of "Popular Song". Mika disappears from the stage. Finally he is back and we see that he changed his shirt. This time it is in red polka dots. Mika starts to move his hips and says, "I'm on Shepherd's Bush stage and I am dancing in my grandmother's blouse." It's „Happy Ending” turn. With the words "little bit of love," fans raise their arms with their hands arranged in the shape of a heart. Some keep paper hearts up. Finally, silence falls in the room. Mika puts the microphone away and sings acapella a fragment of the song. It also begins to be a tradition. Mika slowly lies down on the floor and silences the audience. I already know that this is an introduction to "Love Today". I can't listen to this song while sitting in my chair. I put my phone down and go to the passage next to the VIP seats. I start dancing with others. I have a lot of space around me, but I happen to touch the person behind me. After a while I recognize Paloma. She holds Beauregard in her arms. The child is tired and sleepy. One of the VIPs gets up from her seat and suggests Paloma to sit down. Paloma stands beside me (on my right) but does not sit down. We smile at each other. I'm starting to look at the boy. I have flashing bracelets on both hands. I take off one of them and put it on Bobo's little hand. I show him how to switch the light. After a minute Bobo was not sleepy anymore and again began to watch the scene holding a flashing green bracelet in his hand. I go into a crazy dance with the rhythm of "Love Today", "We Are Golden", "Grace Kelly". Even Paloma began to sway and sing. At "Tiny Love reprise" and "Stay High" we all jumped up and down and we wanted to be "high" !!!!!! It was the end of the concert. We slowly began to collect our things. Bobo wanted to give me the bracelet back, but I told him it was a gift and he could keep it. He was very shy. When we were heading to the exite I passed in front of Paloma and Yasmine, who joined her. I greeted them and went outside. We wanted to wait for Mika, and I still had to go to the hotel for the gifts I brought for him. Fortunately, our hotel was right next door, so after 10 minutes me and Zlata we were back in a group of fans waiting next to the venue. It turned out that there were two places where people were waiting for Mika. But he came to both groups. Unfortunately, there were many of us and Mika gave only a few autographs to people who were standing right next to the barrier. I was happy seeing some colorful hearts signed by Mika ❤️ I was only able to give my gift bag to a bodyguard. And after a while Mika left. There was already a truck in front of the venue, to which the equipment from the stage was packed. Paloma, her partner, Yamine, Bobo and Mika got into the cars and drove away. And I came back to the hotel with my head in the clouds. At 5 am I had to go to the airport. But whatever. I was so charged with positive energy (Mikaenergy) that I didn't feel tired at all. In one month I will see a concert in Lille! This time there will be a new scenography and a new show. See you soon, Mika !!!! 106 Platform Balerinas.mp4 110 Sanremo.mp4 113 Popular Song.mp4 115 Happy Ending Acapella.mp4
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    Anybody wants to listen to Mika's new music? IG Story from today 1924807385060569491_179779999.mp4
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    Believe it or not San Antonio aka Frédéric Dard used to type all his books which were all best sellers on a typewriter in his swimming pool And I usually get inspired for my poems when I am driving in my car or swimming in the sea (but I'm not famous yet ) ... seing places and meeting people, seing beautiful artwork, strong emotions, everything that trigger feelings gives inspiration. I remember Mika saying it and I believe it is true from experimenting it. Living in a cave like an hermit is not inspiring Life is Also Mika spent a long time in several studios already and he is entitled to a holiday now Best way to get inspiration going again And his videos are such a pleasure to see So to sum it up Mika makes me happy
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    OK here we go! First new song in a while! It's My House Don't even try to tempt me with the keys of the Taj Mahal Or the Leaning Tower of Pisa 'cause I heard it's about to fall There ain't no pyraminds or palaces for me Already got a home, it's the only place I need It might be big, it might be small Ain't no paintings on the wall And the bed might not be long enough The neighbors want us all to leave And they're callin' the police They'd kick us out if they were strong enough It's my house 'Cause my house Is your house My heart is too 'Cause my house Is your house There's room for you Ain't no walls you could keep my heart in Ain't no walls I won't lock you out It's my house You don't need a flying pigeon 'cause you already know the way You can bring your best friend with you and I'd love to have you stay We can make some music, yeah, we can watch the sun go down This house is yours and mine, you can always come around It might be big, it might be small Ain't no paintings on the wall And the bed might not be long enough The neighbors want us all to leave And they're callin' the police They'd kick us out if they were strong enough 'Cause my house Is your house My heart is too 'Cause my house Is your house There's room for you Ain't no walls you could keep my heart in Ain't no walls I won't lock you out It's my house
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    I've just seen it, life in cartoon motion #50 iTunes UK, After X-Factor tonight
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    Fortunatamente buona parte la pensa come noi e cioè che non conti la quantità, ma la qualità, il fatto di sostenerlo nelle sue scelte, anche se a volte, non le condividiamo del tutto, poi se si ha la fortuna di poterlo incontrare più volte rispetto ad altri, non ha importanza, né per lui che non fa distinzioni e neanche tra di noi. È ovvio che se io vedo spesso una persona la possa riconoscere più di un'altra che vedo meno, ma questo non vuol dire che una sia migliore dell'altra. Il problema nasce da chi la pensa diversamente!
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    Hi everyone, quick update about the Peugeot gig tomorrow. I've finally been given all of the information (we're leaving in less than 12 hours!) They're calling it a Private Showcase of Mika and the invite says it will be broadcast on social media so you guys might get to watch live but they haven't said where so I assume keep an eye on Peugeot's facebook page around 7:30 (Paris time) tomorrow night I'm not sure where to post this for more people to see it? Feel free to quote this in a proper thread... In terms of my 'prize' we're being picked up at home at 6:30 tomorrow morning in a mercedes to be driven to Heathrow. Not arriving at the hotel (4 stars!!) until about 3:30 apparently so then have 4 hours free to explore Paris before heading to the venue. No idea if I get to meet Mika but I will be maximising my chances by wearing a large pink badge that says Birthday Girl (we'll just ignore the fact that my birthday was actually Saturday ). Also no idea what time it ends but if it's not too late it would be nice to go and see the Eiffel Tower all lit up. Then the next day we have more free time until 2pm when we'll be taken back to the airport Not really sure what we're gonna do that morning other than just wander about. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! We have about 4 hours the first day but we need to have dinner at some point in that then 5ish hours the next day and will have to walk everywhere. I'm assuming souvenirs will be easy to find!
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    The fiction 'La compagnia del cigno' is the new collaboration between Mika and Ivan Cotroneo after two seasons of Stasera Casa Mika, from 7th of January on RAI 1. https://www.davidemaggio.it/archives/161770/la-compagnia-del-cigno-dopo-i-flop-di-sirene-e-e-arrivata-la-felicita-2-cotroneo-punta-sulla-musica-classica ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-cigno-Extra-Sigla La sigla La sigla de "La Compagnia del Cigno" è stata composta da MIKA. The thema The theme of "La Compagnia del Cigno" was composed by MIKA. DIRECT MP4 rai.it/HD/9927008_2400.mp4 VK Sound Of An Orchestra ( 11.3 MB ) [HQ] 6.8 MB Title sequence : Sound Of An Orchestra (18 MB) St 1 Ep 1 2018 L'arrivo di Matteo RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E1-L-arrivo-di-Matteo Direct MP4 (660 MB ) : La_compagnia_del_cigno/9910928_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.07 LCdC St1 Ep1 L'arrivo di Matteo St 1 Ep 2 2018 Nascita della compagnia RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E2-Nascita-della-Compagnia Direct MP4 (706 MB) La_compagnia_del_cigno/9911008_1800.mp4 VK   2019.01.07 LCdC St1 Ep2 Birth of the company St 1 Ep 3 2018 Il primo concerto RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E3-Il-primo-concerto Direct MP4 (590 MB) http://creativemedia3.rai.it/podcastcdn/Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno/9915708_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.08 LCdC St1 Ep3 The First Concert St 1 Ep 4 2018 La scelta di Barbara RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E4-La-scelta-di-Barbara Direct MP4 (789 MB) http://creativemedia3.rai.it/podcastcdn/Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno/9915731_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.08 LCdC St1 Ep4 The Choice Of Barbara  St 1 Ep 5 2019 L'orgoglio di Sara RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E5-L-orgoglio-di-Sara Direct MP4 ( 698 MB ) La_compagnia_del_cigno/9942877_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.14 LCdC St1 Ep5 Sara's Choice St 1 Ep 6 2018 Un'altra possibilità RaiPlay https://www.raiplay.it/video/2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E6-Un-altra-possibilita Direct MP4 ( 756 MB ) http://creativemedia3.rai.it/podcastcdn/Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno/9942921_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.14 LCdC St1 Ep6 Another possibility St 1 Ep 7 2019 Insieme RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E7-Insieme Direct MP4 ( 649 MB ) http://creativemedia4.rai.it/podcastcdn/Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno/9977800_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.21 LCdC St1 Ep7 Ensemble  St 1 Ep 8 2019 La notte di Matteo RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E8-La-notte-di-Matteo Direct MP4 http://creativemedia4.rai.it/podcastcdn/Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno/9977852_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.21 LCdC St1 Ep8 The night of Matteo St 1 Ep 9 2019 Scoperte RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E9-Scoperte Direct MP4 (713 MB) Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno VK 2019.01.28 LCdC St1 Ep8 Scoprte St 1 Ep 10 2019 Rinascere RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E10-Rinascere Direct MP4 (721 MB) Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno.mp4 VK 2019.01.28 LCdC St1 Ep9 Rinascere  St 1 Ep 11 2019 Un padre RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E11-Un-padre DIRECT MP4 : La_compagnia_del_cigno/10042612_1800.mp4 VK 2019.02.04 LCdC St1 Ep11 Un padre ( A father ) St 1 Ep 12 2019 Il nostro futuro RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E12-Il-nostro-futuro DIRECT MP4 : La_compagnia_del_cigno/10042622_1800.mp4 VK 2019.02.04 LCdC St1 Ep12 Il nostro futuro ( Our future )
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    Heeyyy I'm Emma, I'm 23 and from southern France (from Nîmes specifically, where Mika was last week for La chanson de l'année but also where the tickets were sold out in less than 20 minutes. Can you believe that? 😡) I'm in my last year of a philosophy degree (currently (((/taking my finals))) listening to Mika's music instead. #UpsyDaisy.) Also, I used to live in th UK, went back to France, and now I'm about to move to the US for a year or so (from september, luckly.). I love writing, making short movies, music (Mika, Linkin Park, Queen, U2….) and loads of other stuff. My username comes from my love of wild pansies and more importantly of Oscar Wilde, who is my biggest inspiration and favourite writer ever. I've loved Mika's music for years! When I was 11 I discovered his art with Relax and it all started from this point Since then I've been a pretty quiet fan, as I've not really participated in anything nor met any other fan. But recently (since like nov-dec last year) I haven't found that satisfying and have started wanting to put my fangirl cap on Sooo after being SO P****D watching Mika's IG stories in the Arena (which is literally 500m from where I live) and not being able to go, I've booked a ticket to the Bordeaux event next Friday (I'm really interested in the conferences there will be durng the day and am SO THRILLED about the concert in the evening!) It's one of the reasons I've finally joined Mika Fan Club, as I was hoping I could find someone else going. Really hope to be as active as possible. Also, I'd be happy to chat and/or meet fans from everywhere. Cheers! 🌸
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    Mika fans have to be very good at waiting
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    Thanks, Eriko! It reminds me of a Prince's song, I don't know why Edit: I know, it reminds me of Cream, even the choreography:
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    Hello everyone! I thought I'd send a little welcome, since I'm new and have absolutely no clue where to start in this whole "Mika-Wonderland" 😅 So I'll just introduce myself! I'm Vivien, 22 years old and I live in Berlin, Germany! I kind of "rediscovered" Mika a few weeks ago, I've known his music for a long time but never really dealt with it more intensely. Until now. The urge of "listening to some old songs of Mika" crawled up on me and suddenly I found myself in a deep obsession with everything Mika-related! Since my well-being is not really that well, his music kind of holds me up and just gives me a lot of happiness, that I can't get from somewhere else at the moment! Also his view on life, all of his statements and messages he sends with his songs or during "Casa Mika" or at the middle of the stage, really give me a lot of hope and wrap around me like a big blanket of safety and a pleasant warmth that makes it able for me to feel calm! He really is the purest human being and he gives me the feeling that I'm ok as I am, that I have the right to be here on earth and that I don't have to be ashamed for being a little bit "weird" So ya, he gives a lot at the moment! Also, what I really want to say is that you all, all of the Mika-Fan-Family seem so loving and great and I'm really amazed what you guys did for him and also for each other! I'm happy to have found you!💚💚💚
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    Yes. I think it's a little spontaneous gift for MFC. Everyone of the old MFCers knows what it means. They tried to catch it on camera in 2007, but all he said when the camera was on was "no chicken tonight!". And now, 12 years later, we got it on video from him.
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    So, Deb has contacted Team Mika about it and got the reply that it's NOT true.
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    Things get better today. Little by little everything is solved.
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    There's a lot to talk about here, but I don't have a lot of time. I'll just answer a few things I can reply to quickly. Yes, Anne, it's been on my "to-do" list forever, I just haven't made the time to do it. I will get to it this week. I see that Silver and mellody have replied to some of your comments, but I just want to add my 2 cents. And these comments are not directed at you personally, but at those who you say have mentioned these things. First of all, MFC is not responsible for how the Italian fan site or any of the other fansites or production companies handle competitions. If they are giving away tickets or opportunities to their "favorites", that's not our fault. But I can tell you, on my honor, that MFC and Mika's FB page do not give out tickets that way. We have occasionally made special accommodation for fans who are disabled in some way, but otherwise we choose our winners using the method Silver described above, using a random number generator. If you see the same people getting tickets from MFC over and over again, that's because the same registered members enter our competitions over and over, so their chances of winning are increased. If the same names are entered into our drawings again and again, with only a few new names thrown into the relatively small pool of MFCers, of course some of the same people will be selected multiple times. Mika's FB page draws from a much larger audience than we do, so it's natural that they select different people every time there's a giveaway. If we had more registered members to draw from, then our results would be different, too. Does that make sense? I'm trying to explain this as clearly as I can. And, of course, as Silver and mellody both noted, obviously people who have more freedom/money to travel can attend more gigs/shows, so it may seem like "the same people" get chosen all the times -- but I would guess that sometimes they get tickets from one source, sometimes from another. MFC is not usually the only source of tickets. I'm sorry that for some the MFC seems like some dark and evil place, and that its reputation has been tarnished, but I'm afraid we're not going to change people's minds very easily unless they decide to visit here themselves. So I'd also like to get back to what other changes we can make on the site and maybe on social media to make MFC more appealing.
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    First of all, I think the most important thing is that MFC remains free. Mika's fandom is composed for the most part by very young people who can't afford a quota and this would mean excluding them from initiatives and events. So I think it's important to make everyone part of the fan club, even the last one, make sure everyone can feel important in the same way, because the goal of each of us is to follow a passion with the greatest possible serenity, without competitions. To improve, however, we must cooperate, if one asks for information, who has it (unless it is confidential news), must give it, should not be silent because of jealousy or because that person isn't pretty. In addition, the graphics, we should give a new appearance by changing the colors and putting in order. I state that it isn't difficult for me to browse the forum, but there are also people who are not familiar with the technology, so it should be simplified a bit. Finally, we must publicize. I see in social media that in the tags of the event of other singers, not only the singers are tagged, but also the fan club. However, we always go unnoticed, as if we didn't exist. But all this process of improvement, in my opinion, will never be possible unless we first improve the way we relate to other members of the fan club. Ps. I'm sorry for my English, but I've just finished a French exam and I'm a bit confused.
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    Our @*Vv* made us a great great gift! At link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/netk8ubbw9uxwng/AAA5q43uhHrcWvk68vDYd-qPa?dl=0 she collected all the mp3 of the songs the boss sang at SCM2016 and SCM2017. Definitely a good way to cure a bit the post SCM depression! Thanks Viviana! Mariagrazia
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    He really seems to have a good marketing team this time... the teasing has become pretty professional! 😄
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    Not a refined work, but still better than nothing: here's the translation of Tu Style magazine I’ll make you fly as Jules Verne did Mika takes his show to Rai 2 once again. Offering “A place created from fantasy” And a thousand sparks. Both to his guests and to his audience Speaking to Mika is something like a scuba diving session. You begin with a standard question about what’s new on the second season of his show, made of 4 episodes to be aired on Raid Due starting from Tuesday 31 of October, and you end up talking about Jules Verne, the changes on TV shows in the last fifty years and even about the fragility of national identity in Italy and in the Arabic countries. Because Mika, besides being a talented entertainer and a virtuoso in singing, is also a pop intellectual capable to mix high and low, quotes from classic literature and people’s massive common knowledge and taste. And all of this always adding a touch of humbleness and congeniality that make him someone, in his very own way, unique in show business. “But I’m not a scholar, I’m just curious”, tries to hide himself the Lebanese popstar. “My father is an intellectual, not me, and my brother as well. He’s an architect and has been working on a housing project on Lampedusa island. And here is where you really measure someone’s substance, cause it’s quite easy building for wealthy people, or for the banks. That’s way too easy”, he says. Which surprises are in your show? The core is always the same idea to show my real way of living. This show is kind of my personal musical. The big news this year is, besides Luciana Littizzetto, a magical door switching not only space but time as well. It’s similar to Jules Verne’s novel “Five weeks in a balloon”. In every show I’ll step into the living room of a normal family living in Milan in 1967. A chance to ponder on all the changes over the last 50 years. Everyone’s saying you’ve made a miracle, giving new life to the TV gender of variety, which seemed to be slowly dying But variety can’t die! Galas are variety, the Oscars’ are variety. Variety is Dalida in Canzonissima. Speaking for myself, I grew up with the Brit Awards. I remember that as a kid I wanted to be on that stage. What can be better, for a kid, to dispose of an expression space as the one variety shows offer? There are talent shows, like X Factor I love talent shows, but they don’t cover the whole spectrum. Stasera Casa Mika is not only about the singing performance. It gives my guests a fantasy place, with no borders between genders, between singing and art, or entertainment. I always try to make my guests feel free and at ease. As I’d do in my real house. On the same subject of the power of imagination, or imagination holding the power, you collaborated with the Literature Nobel prize winner in 1997, Dario Fo Yeas, and we also wrote a play together I’m now using in my show. Dario was a special person: an enfant terrible. He was in love with life, and I felt no age gap when I was with him. He had two opposite sides: one stricly intellectual, the other very popular one. He had multiple facets and was very contradictory, as may artists are. Pompous persons are horrified: you are putting side by side George Michael and Dario Fo, the creator of the grammelot and the king of pop music The were both huge in what they did, and there’s no first or second ranking when you are facing real artists You are proud of your curiosity, but you are apparently stable in your love life: you are an item with your partner since over 10 years. Do you plan to have children? Yes, of course, the time will come. But right now I’m still quite concentrated on my ego, and when you have kids you have to make them room. Within a few years, who knows. You were born in Beirut 34 years ago, but you lived in the Uk, in France and in the USA thereafter. Why have chosen Italy in the latest years? ‘cause a slightly mad TV manager asked me to join the X Factor team. I didn’t want to, to be honest, but my partner convinced me to have a try. He said “Do it. What do you think will happen, in the worst case? You’d may end up being kitch. Remember that even David Bowie had a go at movies acting”. He convinced me. Do you like our country? Really a lot. When I’m travelling to southern Italy I feel as if there are two countries. One leaning towards the Mediterranean sea and one towards Mitteleurope. I’ve not understood so far what keeps the two together: they have the Queen in the UK, the President and the myth of capitalism in the US, but what about Italian people? It looks a bit similar to the Arabian countries They do have a worse situation. They built borders which ripped families apart, destroyed whole ethnicities, they forced Bedu tribes to establish. A real hell. For me especially, being someone who feels a bit nomad and country less. Don’t you think that immigration discussions have reached hysteria? No, I don’t think so. Italians show their generosity even in the little thing. On the other side, I find hysteria in England, in the press and in the politicians’ speeches. Can we expect a new album, after the TV show? The new single, It’s my house, will be the theme song of my TV show. Then, at the beginning of 2018, the whole album will be released