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    Vanity Fair Italia - 7 Aug 2020 Interview with XF judges https://www.vanityfair.it/show/tv/2020/08/07/x-factor-2020-giudici-intervista-emma-marrone-mika-manuel-agnelli-hell-raton-tv «È la prima volta che noi giudici ci frequentiamo anche fuori dal programma. Usciamo, andiamo a cena e visitiamo mostre. È come se fossimo il cast di una sit-com» rivela Mika con il consueto entusiasmo. MIKA: «Torno a X Factor con la stessa anima, ma con più esperienza» Sono passati 4 anni dall’ultima volta che si è seduto dietro al bancone di X Factor, eppure per Mika sembra passata una settimana: «In questi anni ho fatto tante cose: tv, ho ripreso con i tour, ho trovato il mio linguaggio. Sono dovuto andare via per crescere e ora torno qui con la stessa anima e un po’ più di esperienza di prima». La parola d’ordine per Mika, dopotutto, rimane una: leggerezza. «Solo così riesci a essere cosciente del meccanismo, ma anche a dimenticarlo totalmente: è questo mix di leggerezza e prendere le cose sul serio il segreto di uno show di questo tipo». I colleghi li conosceva poco – Hell Raton non lo aveva mai incrociato, con Manuel Agnelli aveva parlato 5 minuti nel dietro le quinte una volta sola, ed Emma l’aveva intervistata nel suo show, «anche se all’inizio della sua carriera, poco dopo Amici, si era presentata alla presentazione del mio album in maniera molto candida. Ritrovarci seduti insieme oggi è molto bello» -, ma tra loro è subito scattata un’energia particolare: «È bello avere la mattina le stesse energie che abbiamo a cena la sera prima». Insieme alla gioia di aver trovato alle selezioni meno «karaoke» e cover in linea con lo spirito del cantante in gara, Mika, nonostante abbia partecipato come giudice a 3 edizioni e non abbia mai portato a casa il titolo, alla vittoria non pensa: «Io vinco sempre nel mio cuore, chi se ne frega del resto. Se perdo, perdo con grazia e aplomb: faccio un big splash anche perdendo».
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    Translation of Mika’s part on @Subtitling Team IG Stories! 🇬🇧 https://instagram.com/stories/mfc_subs_team/2370433527480817178?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=5kayph9ma9sr 🇫🇷 https://instagram.com/stories/mfc_subs_team/2370433534762061803?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=hbe6q1lb86qk
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    I know I know I’m really late with that but I don’t think you guys would mind if I add some of my pictures I made at Strasbourg 😄🙌🏼 So here we are: Both Videos are Tomorrow (I accidentally pushed the stop button😄) Edit: ups accidentally posted a video twice! IMG_0539.MOV IMG_0856.MP4 IMG_0856.MP4
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    Herzlich willkommen an alle neuen. Wie geht es euch allen so? Gibt es News? Mein Englisch ist eher sehr bedürftig verstehe daher auch längst nicht alles. Dann ist mein Sohn seit mehreren Wochen im Krankenhaus und kam nicht dazu alles zu lesen. Daher danke für News. Wünsche euch einen tollen Tag
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    Thank s you all for share the wonderful Reports, vid and pict 🌻❤️
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    Good Morning from Europe 😇 Have a nice Friday🙌 I just wanted to ask which devices you are using most of the time in the MFC Forum? Well, I use my phone and computer at the same time a lot. What about you?
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    My name is Giovanna, I live in LA, my native language is Spanish, but I speak some others. Currently I am a language teacher, I switch from Math lo Roman languages😆. I love teaching not only the language, but the culture, and this how my story with Mika began. Thank you for giving me this space to talk about my road to Mika. Like many of you, I can say that Mika saved my life, perhaps not in way many people might think, more of mental/ personal issue. I am in a much better place right now. Part of my well being has to do with Mika’s music. I cannot explain how, but I just feel alive and vibrant 😊🙃 First of all, I signed up to MFC in 2018, but for some reason this platform is not so friendly to me😅. Seriously, I do not know how to work it out. Please forgive me if I do not comment or do not reply in this site, I am still working on it. So this year I’m giving it another try. All thanks to the live video chats on IG. Which by the way, thank you Debrah❤️love them. Well, so let me begin...🤔I heard “Grace Kelly” song around 2007. I just remember saying to myself: who sings about “Grace Kelly” ? ( I admire her and due to my passion for movies, I knew who she was and I learned her story since I was a little girl). So the name Mika did not click. Although, I like the beat of the song. Years went by and then again by 2012-2013, I saw a video click with Ariana Grande : “Popular Song”, I love the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm; more importantly, the song is about bulling, and that is a huge problem in our schools, that’s way I took notes. Overall I 💕 the song. But still, dots did not connect in my brain. It was Mika singing along. So, more years past by and in 2016-17, I was teaching French language and I always incorporate culture in my lessons, so I showed to my students clips of French music, many French artist new and old. I even introduced the original Kids United group. 🙃 I researched and found out about the voice French version and I found Mika as a judge who one of his protégés was Kendji. Kendji was one of my artist that I included in my teachings, some of his songs have words in French & Spanish, great for my classes. So going through Pop French music ( for some reason, Mika and Kendji will always be linked together on the Internet , thanks to the voice) I discovered many of Mika’s French songs for my classes, “Boum Boum Boum”; “ Elle m’a dit”; J’ai pas envie”; etc. by this time I was getting to know who Mika was, a French singer🤔or is he? Out of my research, I found “ Tant que j’ai le solei” et voilà, my favorite song❣️even better, I found the English version. yes🙌 I said to myself, oh this guy sings in more than one language, perfect 👌🏻 for my students to encourage them to speak more than one language. Now my real research began, as the scholar I am🤓 I did a lot of research about Mika. I spend the next year almost writing a paper about him. All I could fine was so pleasant and unbelievably facts about his life. For instance when he did the French show : Le Divan (de Marc Olivier Fogiel). Mika was so candid when he revealed important moments and struggles of his early years. 😯 wow, it surprised me how Mika overcame so many obstacles. Great episode, I recommended in case you haven’t see it😙. Also, I can mention that I was so glad to learn that he learned Italian in 2 months, but in a way he forgot his Spanish😕. Thank Goodness 😅 he recuperated his skills in Spanish, so adorable😍 especially when he wishes Feliz Navidad ( I saved the greetings in IG😄). I was definitely falling in love with Mika, his creativity, his kindness, his madness, his looks, a great man😜. So many fun facts about him, like when he broke his foot when he was making his audience jump😆😅. Or the time he took a hike to a waterfall on his 25 th 🎂. How he worked in 🇮🇹 and had his show “Stasera Casa Mika” It’s my house” the theme song became one of favorites😝songs. I ended up watching most episodes online. Questo show è una esplosione 💥 d’energia 🤪Mika even had a Monica Bellucci in his show! 😲 I loved the segment when he drove the 🚕 and heard the cute stories, especially the one of the old lady taking care of her ill husband, oh so sweet😚and a little sad😢. I found the documentary of him visiting refugees from Syria, his travels to Beirut, etc. what a human being Mika really is😘. So many talents, so many good deeds, I went back to all his early music and started collecting them. Finally, I really learned who Mika is, well still learning...😚🤩 I watched a lot of videos that talks about the stories behind the songs, such as the “Staring at the sun” Lovely story about his ancestors. I really enjoy everything he does. His shows in Europe, his music, his collaborations, his human efforts in this society. Suddenly, I had to face major problems in my life😱. Despite many things I did, I was still underwater🌊. Little by little, I began to listen to Mikas’s songs and pay attention to the lyrics. I felt that they were speaking to me. It did not matter in what language; I started to see the light and feel that “I can live under water”, tant que j’ai le solei, “staring at the sun, distant land, we share the same one”.. . “don’t need a thousand guards to lock me in...” Not true. ”doesn’t take a fool to start a fire 🔥 A solitary spark and wars begin... that’s our heart gets Hurt”😞 , I continued listening “My life I'd gave away for this. Don't care what anybody sees, I know I am doing this for me. It’s a beautiful disaster” and peacefully, I realized “I Took a right to the end of the line Where no one ever goes. Ended up on a broken train with nobody I know. But the pain and the longings the same...😖😢 Now I'm lost and I'm screaming for help. Relax, take it easy” 😔🙃🙂☺️ “ I kept repeating to myself: take it easy... “If you could look into the future, would ya? — not really— If you could see it, would you even want to? Got a feeling that there's bad news coming But I don't want to find it out If it's the end of the world, let's party Like it's the end of the world, let's party Wrap your arms around everybody”🎵🎶🎵 ...I came up with my own survival interpretation 😌 No, it was not the end of the world, there is so much to live for🌎 Oh my God, I went in a roller coaster ride of my life. During this time Mika’s music was a true comfort and survival kit. And this is how I got to know the real Mika, the one who saved my life. I’m thankful for him. For the first time, I decided to join the social media outlets( J'ai eu le courage, de sortir de ma zone de confort ) and started to follow people with the same fan love towards Mika💞; therefore, I participated in some outlets to show the beauty of nature and my passions. They’re worth to let the world know that I am still here. I’m still standing and for that I am very grateful. I joined the fan club in late 2018, but is not until now, due to the Pandemic, that I am following some of you closely and got the courage to join the frenzy of social media networks (Je suis fière de moi même parce que je suis d’une autre génération😬). As final note, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to see Mika in a live concert. The year 2019☺️, the city LA😎. I was for the first time face to face with the person that means so much to me. 💝I feel deep in my soul that Mika knows he has help so many of us through his music. And in my particular case music in many languages, that’s how my brain is wired🤪😝. Life is not all about receiving, but giving♥️💯 For those of you who had a similar transformational moment due to Mika, let me tell you that we are together 🤞in this boat ⛵️and we will survive. 🤗😘 Oh sorry, I apologize for my writing, I am a story teller✍️. I can’t help it. Mika is part of my therapy 🙃😉💜...he still is... Thanks for understanding 🙏 more importantly, thanks for reading to the end🙏✌️I sent you comfortable hugs from the distance 🤗 and blowing friendship kisses😘 to all of you. Thank you for letting me be part of this magnificent group🙏💜 C38A5B48-C534-45BD-AE38-DFBC0146C54A.MP4
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    My short video from M&G after the show. YouCut_20200217_171245869.mp4
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    The concert at the Zénith in Strasbourg was wonderful, it was the last date of the European Revelation Tour and there was a crazy energy. Mika and his band were fantastic! We got excited, had fun, let loose with them and it was an incredible concert! After the concert, despite the tiredness, Mika stopped with each one of us and it was a very beautiful and sharing moment between fans from all over the world. It was a lot of fun but also embarrassing for me when Tim and Wouter came out, because we were all silent, but my friends, knowing that I have a soft spot for Wouter said: Gabryyyy, Gabryyyy, Gabryyyyy, Wouteeeer! They turned around and we thanked them, saying they were exceptional. They smiled and thanked us. An unforgettable evening! Some pics and videos: VID_175270626_084037_597.mp4 VID_172050602_211842_558.mp4