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    A little bit off topic but in relation to racism I found this photo. Sometimes humans should learn from them
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    It's a blog from a blogger/journalist who deals with television shows. He isn't very fond of Mika and I don't usually follow him, but I read on Twitter that he is right very often about the news he gives in advance. So I think he can be considered quite reliable. In 3 days we will know for sure. What are 3 days for a Mika fan? 😂😂
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    Ciao a tutti! 😘😘😘 Anche io sarei felice se Mika rifacesse XFactor, pur sapendo che con la sua bravura potrebbe fare altro, ma in questo periodo, questo è.
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    A racist supporting the UNHCR ….........no comment ! As for the "XF affair" , I'm very surprised that they are already planning a new season as nobody has a clue on how the sanitary situation will evolve within the next month (some scientists say there may be a second wave in Europe this fall) I just hope they will be extra carefull whatever Mika is in or not XF is not what I expected when he talked about new things to come , but with the concerts being cancelled who could blame him for accepting a substitution job ?
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    That one doesn't sound like a rumour though. What kind of website is it, can they be trusted?
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    Probably they will start the auditions without audience, only the judges and the candidates, or even use the online system if it's possible. As for the second wave, I read more and more opinions saying that there's quite little chances to happen, but of course no one can be absolutely sure... we still must be careful and keep the rules for our safety.
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    https://velvetgossip.it/2020/06/05/gossip-news-mika-torna-a-x-factor-amici-senza-i-the-kolors/ Indiscrezioni, rumors, pettegolezzi e molto altro ancora nella rubrica di Velvet, Gossip News! Questa volta vi parliamo di Mika e il ritorno a X-Factor, dell’assenza dei The Kolors, di Sirius e Gemma e della programmazione televisiva prevista per questa sera. MIKA: Erano in tanti a chiederlo e oggi sembra siano stati accontentati: Mika siederà nuovamente al banco dei giudici di X-Factor. E’ Davide Maggio a servire lo scoop; sappiamo anche, dalla medesima fonte, che anche Emma sarà un giudice e che sarà l’unica donna. La conferma vera e propria arriverà martedì sera durante E poi c’è Cattelan Live. Martedì sera, sapremo se Mika rifarà o non rifarà XFactor. Io grazie ad XFactor ho avuto la possibilità di conoscere anche il lato umano del mio artista preferito: Mika e se lui decidesse di rientrare nel programma come coach, in questo momento particolare e difficile per tutti, ne sarei più che felice. Poi comunque è un periodo di stallo e visibilità e soldi per potrebbero che giovare a chiunque, pur essendo cosciente del fatto che con il suo talento, potrebbe altro.
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    Bonjour J'ai traduit en français ce que Mika disait dans son dernier post insta (vous pouvez suivre le hashtag #mikatranslations sur instagram ou regarder sous mes reposts de Mika les traductions sont dans les commentaires) Bon week end à tout le monde Ce qui s'est passé ces dernières semaines a mis en évidence la gravité de la situation et le besoin urgent de répondre à la discrimination raciale qui prévaut dans tellement de domaines de notre société et dans les façons de la gérer. Ceci est un sujet dont nous devons tous nous occuper en urgence, un sujet qui demande des connaissances, des engagements et des actes. Pour moi, cela commence en utilisant mes moyens de communication de la meilleure façon possible pour soutenir la lutte pour l'égalité raciale. C'est un moment pour écouter, réfléchir et travailler ensemble à faire un changement positif. 2 Voici les noms de certaines organisations qui font un travail très important et qui a du sens. Pour ma part, je leur ai fait des dons financiers, si vous voulez les suivre et voir quelles sont leurs actions, ou même faire des dons, les liens sonr dans le commentaire ci dessous. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Official George Floyd Memorial Fund Stand Against Racism & Inequality🇬🇧 LICRA 🇲🇫 Mamme Per La Pelle 🇮🇹 https://linktr.ee/mikasounds 3 Rejoignez moi en signant la pétition Color of Change ici (lien en story) https://share.colorofchange.org/176/207236?action_id=277677420&akid=.3034012.SAIckN&ar=1&rd=1 4 Lire peut être très utile, ça l'est pour moi. Voici deux listes de lectures pour en apprendre davantage. (Liens en story) https://linktr.ee/mikasounds 5 C'est aussi le début du mois de la Pride et en tant que membre engagé de la communauté LGBTQ, je voulais aussi mettre ceci à l'honneur ainsi que les efforts de Stonewall et Exist Loudly qui sont engagés dans la lutte contre le racisme au sein de la communauté, ainsi que GLAAD aux Etats Unis. https://linktr.ee/mikasounds
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    This is even worst than what I had read And totally stupid Those people are silly trolls I believe they only do this to get attention. No one who knows Mika would call him a racist
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    Do you mind if I share this everywhere? I love it so much
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    I'm sure there will be a new outbreak in the fall but maybe not as deadly as the one we've had because the virus will still be here with us.
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    No we never did. Some fans subbed two seasons of The Voice though, but on their own. The thing is those shows are very long and with not much of Mika in them. So they would have to be cut down to the Mika only parts, then compiled and subbed. A French fan did several videos like that which are subbed into English (Melissa and the first one is called something like "five years old Mika is having fun at The Voice" and the second one "Five years old Mika is having fun at the Voice again" They should be on youtube and vimeo. We only subbed a few teasers of The Voice and Mika's audition at XFactor.
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    Sorry to sound annoying again but everybody is free to express their opinion if it has no offence in it. You are supposed to express short thoughts on twitter (ok, you can now write more than before, but it was created this way). Example: I personally don't like xf Italy, because I find that participants are very arrogant (of course not everybody is arrogant, but I can't stand those who are) and maybe there are other reasons too, but this is the main one and the first that come to my mind if you ask me. So I can easily write "oh no, please Mika, don't do xf again!" At the same time I understand very well that, as he always said, he has to earn money in order to be free to set up his own shows the way he conceived them. So I can understand why he could do xf again and how can you blame him? If there is no possibility to start touring again, it would be stupid not to accept this job in a period when you can do nothing but wait. This said I can't write an essay every time I want to express a feeling on my twitter account! I saw many ppl saying that they don't like xf but are ok if he does it again, it's his choice afterall. I saw no drama so far, so where's the problem on expressing one's opinion? I'm pretty sure the Subtitling Team never subtitled x-F and TheVoice
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    https://velvetgossip.it/2020/06/05/gossip-news-mika-torna-a-x-factor-amici-senza-i-the-kolors/ Indiscrezioni, rumors, pettegolezzi e molto altro ancora nella rubrica di Velvet, Gossip News! Questa volta vi parliamo di Mika e il ritorno a X-Factor, dell’assenza dei The Kolors, di Sirius e Gemma e della programmazione televisiva prevista per questa sera. MIKA: Erano in tanti a chiederlo e oggi sembra siano stati accontentati: Mika siederà nuovamente al banco dei giudici di X-Factor. E’ Davide Maggio a servire lo scoop; sappiamo anche, dalla medesima fonte, che anche Emma sarà un giudice e che sarà l’unica donna. La conferma vera e propria arriverà martedì sera durante E poi c’è Cattelan Live.
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    Fans looking for lyrics + meaning of Mika's songs gave me the idea to collect links to lyrics/videos/press/interviews/etc. about his albums/EPs/singles, in order to find them more easily. Pls feel free to suggest meaningful missing links. Comprehensive lyrics (including Mika songs from all albums) https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/29020-comprehensive-lyrics/ 2015 Album News: "No Place In Heaven" to be Released 15/16 June 2015! Last Party: Short Film by Peter Lindbergh NEW VIDEO! Talk About You 2013 NEW VIDEO! Popular Song ft. Ariana Grande Ma Jeunesse - Lyrics/Discussion Hia Leah - lyrics and discussion Century Man - lyrics and discussion Live Your Life - Lyrics and discussion 2012 THREADS ABOUT THE ALBUM "THE ORIGIN OF LOVE: "The Origin of Love" - the pieces of a puzzle Where can I get the overseas editions of The Origin of Love? SINGLE SONGS: in alphabetical order - CELEBRATE Mika Filming Music Video for “Celebrate” on the Lower East Side Celebrate - First single radio listening! MIKA'S VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA (acoustic version) Unplugged Version of Celebrate on Antenne Dusseldorf MIKA- Celebrate Acoustic On OFF.TV Live acoustic @ Rock The Games Mika Celebrate live @ canal+ 17.09. 2012 - EMILY- Elle Me Dit in English - HEROES - KIDS (new song) Mika Kids live acoustic @ juicefm sept 2012 - LOLA - LOVE YOU WHEN I'M DRUNK - MAKE YOU HAPPY - ORIGIN OF LOVE video Live acoustic @ wave105 radio Live acoustic @ Rock The Games - OVERRATED - POPULAR SONG Popular - with Ariana Grande Popular Song Video Shoot Feb 2012 - STARDUST - STEP WITH ME - TAH DAH - UNDERWATER Underwater Video FRENCH SONGS ELLE ME DIT New Mika Song in French: "Elle me dit" Elle me dit - song discussion LYRICS TRANSLATION VIDEO Fanny Ardant rumored to be a guest star in the "Elle me dit" clip KAREN (82, Rue des Martyrs) 82, rue des Martyrs - Discussion LYRICS TRANSLATION Son bar a inspiré Mika - leparisien.fr - July 20, 2011 L'AMOUR DANS LE MAUVEAU TEMPS COMME UN SOLEIL MAL LUNé COVERS 'We'll Be Coming Back' by Calvin Harris & Example (live session) ================================================================================= 2011 SONGS BLAME IT ON THE WEATHER Blame It On The Weather - song discussion Piano Cover ============================================== Interviews about the new album: Video interviews @ French Radios Chérie FM + NRJ about the upcoming album 15.06.2012 Mika: video interview by WOTYOUGOT about the new album, himself and more - 20.06.2012 and many others, see French and English audio + video interviews from 2012 here http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25914 VLOG about each of the new songs track by track Videos: Mika about the songs from the album The Origin Of Love track by track ======================================================================================= ABOUT Life In Cartoon Motion and The Boy Who Knew Too Much All music videos on MIKAVEVO's Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MIKAVEVO#g/u and on MIKATUBE http://mikatube.com/archive/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=displayresults&Itemid=56&category_id=0&pattern=official&rpp=0&sort=0&ep=&ex= Grace Kelly 3D 'Making of' on YT/myspace Thanks Babspanky for the myspace videos! LOVE TODAY short version http://www.myspace.com/video/the-spoon-orchestra-of-chiswick/101/33593986 long version http://www.myspace.com/video/the-spoon-orchestra-of-chiswick/16/30261581 HAPPY ENDING http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/29764301 WE ARE GOLDEN English version: http://mikatube.com/archive/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=56&video_id=183 French version: http://mikatube.com/archive/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=56&video_id=509 BLAME IT ON THE GIRLS http://mikatube.com/archive/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=56&video_id=558 KICK ASS http://mikatube.com/archive/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=56&video_id=120 =================================================================== "LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION" LYRICS + SONGS DISCUSSIONS Official Mika Songs Lyrics My Interpretation- Mika song [VIDEO] Mika "Grace Kelly" & Lyrics in Full Happy Ending Lyrics LOVE TODAY LYRICS- help me, I'm confused!! Satellite appreciation thread HMDYLM- lyrics Interviews about LICM Mika @ 999 mixfm Canadian Radio Show Toronto 20 March 2007 About the artwork: (tks Babspanky) Blink interview, London Tonight 11.07.07 Blink Interview July 07 Mika talks about LICM in most of his early interviews: My Mika Archive 2007 & 2008 Mika Video Interviews Collection 2007 & 2008 Mika Audio Interviews Collection ================================================ "THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" + "SONGS FOR SORROW" CHORDS Guitar Tabs & Piano Music for the new songs, calling all musicians! The Boy who know too much Songbook TBWKTM Piano Book? Dr. John Chords Lonely Alcaholic Piano Chords We Are Golden Piano Chords KICK ASS RAIN SONGS/LYRICS DISCUSSIONS Mika Songs – The fact files Songs in alphabetical order: BLAME IT ON THE GIRLS - Lyrics Discussion Blame it on the girls Intro! BLUE EYES - Lyrics Discussion Let's talk about blue eyes By the Time -lyrics- Mika & Imogen Lyrics for Dr John? GOOD GONE GIRL - Lyrics Discussion The "I See You" Thread KICK-ASS - Lyrics Discussion LADY JANE Lyrics discussion Lady jane Meaning? LONELY ALCOHOLIC - Lyrics Discussion Lover Boy Lyrics Discussion One Foot Boy! SONG DISCUSSION Put your heart back in your pocket... RAIN TOUCHES YOU" thread TOY BOY - Lyrics Discussion WE ARE GOLDEN - Lyrics Discussion We Are Golden vs. We Are Golden (Acoustic) THREADS ABOUT VIDEOS OF/ABOUT THE SONGS How about the video for "We are Golden"? Making of RAIN video Blame It On The Girls Video Kick Ass (Cutmore Remix) Video Premiere MIKA TALKING ABOUT TBWKTM/SfS Video - Making of TBWKTM thread videos + d/l 2009 - Videos where Mika talks about the new songs from TBWKTM 2009 Austrian Audio Interview 2009.09.17 2009.10.07 - MSN.de - Mika interview Mika talks about TBWKTM + SfS in most of his 2009 interviews 2009 Mika Video Interviews Collection 2009 Mika Audio Interviews Collection VLOGS about TBWKTM + EP see this thread:http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27027 24. MIKA STUDIO TOUR 25. MIKA STUDIO TOUR, 1 WEEK LATER 26. MIKA STUDIO TOUR 3, LOS ANGELES 28. NEW MUSIC 29. NEW MUSIC PART 2 30. NEW WEBSITE & ACOUSTIC EP 33. OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY 36. BEHIND THE SCENES OF WE ARE GOLDEN 37. BEHIND THE ARTWORK 38. THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH EPK PART 1 39. THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH EPK PART 2 Download folder http://www.mediafire.com/?mx1quxq9i1ka9 MIXED FIRST!! FIRST!! TBWKTM is released TODAY in JAPAN! Sept 15 2009 First single -We Are Golden!! Second single - "The Girls" We are Golden 7" B Side: Jokers of the scene remix another NEW TBWKTM Magazine Edition from Korea Some of pictures from TBWKTM Korea edition "Adventures in Mubbinland" - THE MUBBIN THREAD Rain Remixes REVIEWS Your reviews of TBWKTM A musician's blog review of TBWKTM What Mika's songs have the most beautiful lyrics? Posted a review at my blog TBWKTM on Dutch List 'Albums of 2009' PRESS The strange world of Mika - Observer Mika - Q Magazine - June 2009 - Exclusive 2009 - Mika by Paul Smith pour L'Express Styles
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    I don't know for sure when they'll be able to shoot things for TV....is it safe? I mean they haven't been able to finish The Voice this year because the virus made it impossible to shoot the lives... tonight they are showing 300 choeurs show that was shot last October for the third time on TV (which is great because Mika's in it ) but things are so complicated for entertainment now... Not that I wouldn't love a Mika show obviously. Casa Mika was my fav TV show ever and it will take time till concerts can start again...it made me sad to see in the news that they are opening plenty of fairs and fun parks and that open air concerts in festivals can't take place this summer
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    It's just a rumor... Cattelan will announce new X-Factor 2020 judges on 9 June. davidemaggio.it BOOM! Mika torna a X Factor venerdì 5 giugno 2020 15:19 Fabio Fabbretti Se Emma Marrone, come vi abbiamo anticipato, sarà l’unica donna della giuria di X Factor 2020, DavideMaggio.it è in grado di annunciarvi anche il nome del primo giurato uomo confermato. Si tratta di un ritorno, quello di Mika. Nonostante le sue partecipazioni come giurato a X Factor Italia non abbiano affatto lasciato il segno (ma la lista è lunga ed è in buona compagnia), il cantante libanese naturalizzato britannico tornerà a ricoprire il ruolo di giudice nel talent di Sky, dove ha esordito nella settima edizione (2012) ed è stato confermato nelle due stagioni successive. La nuova giuria di X Factor 2020 esordirà a breve con le Audizioni, prima tappa delle selezioni che precedono il live show. Messa in onda su SkyUno in autunno. BOOM! Mika returns to X Factor If Emma Marrone, as we have anticipated, will be the only woman on the X Factor 2020 jury, DavideMaggio.it can also announce the name of the first confirmed juror. It is a return, that of Mika. Despite his participation as a jury member of X Factor Italia have not left their mark at all (but the list is long and is in good company), the naturalized British Lebanese singer will return to play the role of judge in the talent of Sky, where he made his debut in the seventh edition (2012) and has been confirmed in the two subsequent seasons. The new X Factor 2020 jury will debut shortly with the Auditions, the first stage of the selections preceding the live show. Aired on SkyUno in the fall.
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    ciaooo Ragazze martedì sapremoo se mika farà x factor...
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    Hello there! I see you are still discussing about Mika’s last post. I just want to say a couple of things because I’ve read several posts on twitter and I think I can at least collect what was said. Please note that I am reporting what other people said, I’m not expressing my thought on that, so don’t blame or yell at me. I’ll not talk about rude fans though, I think it’s better to leave them where they are and ignore them. About the people that called Mika out respectfully, there’s no reason to attack them. Everyone can simply have different thoughts and express them without attacking each other; we can also change our mind with constructive criticism, so no need to shut them down every time (I’m still talking about respectful tweets, not rude ones). What they wanted wasn’t a tweet where he said that he donated. There was no doubt on his involvement because if you are fan you know he is really concerned about this kind of subjects. What they were asking for was to tell something about what’s happening, and the reason is simple: there are many fans that are just not interested in what happens around the world and having him speaking about that would reach more people. It’s quite sad that you don’t know or are not interested in such things if your fave doesn’t tweet about that, but sadly those people do exist (if you don’t see them maybe you just follow active fans); or maybe you were just logged off every social for a while and missed everything (that could happen too, it happened to me some times). That’s it. Of course there were some rude tweets, but blaming everyone is not the answer. I saw much more tweets about people talking about other being rude than the actual rude tweets, and those whining tweets spread more hate and, as always, they created drama out of nothing. You can’t put everyone into the same basket. If someone was rude, tell them, but not blame everyone without distinction. I just want to add that many artists were called out too, not just Mika. And that’s simply because they have many followers and they could reach more people. I’m not judging if that’s right or not, but I can at least understand why they called them out.
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    Puoi vedere la diretta in un secondo momento cliccando su questo link:
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    He posted it on Twitter as well, together with some links. I agree that he needn't have posted anything and it's purely his own decision. But I love it that, as always, he put a lot of thought into what he posted, all of this is certainly nothing he put together within 5 minutes. You get bombarded with so much information on Social Media, I think the hardest thing is to choose and to select what to follow, to read and to support in particular. Not everything that is done in the name of a good cause really does serve this cause. So I'm very thankful to Mika that he has done all this research and put this together. Mika's text & links: Google translate Italian Google translate French
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    INSTAGRAM icircpremiere Mika en confinement en Grèce (Il est toujours 5h quelque part) S'il n'était pas question de la pandémie de COVID-19, Mika (@mikainstagram) aurait été en ce moment au Québec en tournée pour son album My Name Is Michael Holbrook. Il se trouve plutôt confiné à Athènes, en Grèce, avec ses deux chiens, sans trop savoir quand il remontera de nouveau sur la scène. •Au micro de Pierre-Yves Lord (@monsieurpy), il raconte sans inhibition ses déboires de confinement. •Rendez-vous sur l'appli @rc_ohdio pour écouter toute l'émission! #pierreyveslord #ohdio #icipremiere #été #radio #balado #podcastfranco #dj #musique #mika #mikamusic @revelation_tour_mika
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    Here's the video English subtitles will probably be uploaded tomorrooooow
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    Chi N.16 - 15 Aprile 2020 🔻 PDF file ( 100 pages / 10.4 MB ) Chi_N16_15-Aprile-2020.pdf
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    Corriere di Como.it 12 Marzo 2020 A Locarno l’estate dei grandi concerti spera in Mika Tempi davvero difficili anche per la musica live. Darsi un orizzonte dal quale provare a ripartire sembra sempre più difficile. Eppure, con le dovute premesse, ci prova il Canton Ticino con il “Connection Festival” di Locarno: «Abbiamo deciso di annunciare questo grande artista perché abbiamo pensato che un’infusione di positività servisse a tutti. Sono momenti duri per ognuno di noi, eppure continuiamo a sperare che la cooperazione di tutti argini il problema quanto prima, per tornare ad abbracciarci stretti davanti a un palcoscenico cantando a squarciagola la nostra canzone preferita». Ed ecco che il 21 giugno a Locarno, naturalmente se l’emergenza virus sarà rientrata come tutti speriamo, arriverà Mika, una grande voce, un eccezionale performer, che ha la straordinaria capacità di coinvolgere il pubblico dall’inizio alla fine dello show, un artista internazionale, apprezzato in tutto il mondo, che in molti ricorderanno anche protagonista al Teatro Sociale di Como nel 2015. Il “Connection Festival”, giunto quest’anno alla sua terza edizione, si conferma l’evento di apertura dell’estate ticinese che, dopo l’annuncio di Marracash, atteso il 20 giugno, aggiunge al suo cartellone un nuovo grande nome a garanzia di un’edizione emozionante e ricca di divertimento. Dopo il singolo Ice Cream, che ha anticipato l’album My Name Is Michael Holbrook, uscito a ottobre 2019, Mika porta le nuove canzoni e tutti i suoi straordinari successi in tour con uno spettacolo colorato ed eclettico che farà il giro dell’Europa e del mondo. Dopo la partecipazione a show televisivi di successo come Stasera CasaMika e X Factor in Italia e The Voice in Francia, Mika ha deciso di riportare il focus totalmente sulla musica: a dodici anni dal debutto di Life In Cartoon Motion che fu lanciato dalla hit Grace Kelly, il nuovo progetto dell’artista libanese arriva dopo quattro album che gli hanno fruttato certificazioni d’oro e di platino in 32 Paesi del mondo per oltre 10 milioni di dischi venduti. Anche a luglio, protagonista della musica live ticinese sarà ancora Locarno con il suo luminoso “Moon&Stars”, considerato dal pubblico e dai big del pop il festival più bello della Svizzera. L’attesa kermesse, sperando che per l’estate sia tutto tornato alla normalità, si terrà dal 10 al 19 luglio; gli organizzatori hanno già annunciato quasi tutto il programma della rassegna. Tra gli artisti internazionali più attesi troveremo a Locarno Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie e James Blunt. Andiamo con ordine e partiamo dalla pop star americana che si è vista costretta ad annullare ben quattro date del suo tour a Las Vegas a causa di un esaurimento nervoso. Fan in apprensione ma per Gwen Stefani, nota anche come vocalist dei No Doubt, c’è tutto il tempo per rimettersi in salute e tornare in concerto con la sua musica. Se per Lenny Kravitz ci saranno le canzoni del suo ultimo album Raise Vibration, per Lionel Richie la scaletta sarà invece una cavalcata fatta di 30 anni di successi. Infine, il corpo del concerto di James Blunt sarà incentrato sui brani del recente Once Upon a Mind. Google translator
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    INEWS GENNAIO FEBBRAIO 2020 Published on Feb 18, 2020 PressReader https://issuu.com/inews-swiss/docs/inews_gennaio_febbraio_2020.pdf_/62 page 62 page 63
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    Festivalnews Il Quotidiano del Festival, Giovedì 7-2-2020 Published on Feb 7, 2020 Da 30 anni raccontiamo il Festival. 70° Festival di Sanremo 2020. PressReader https://issuu.com/innovationconsulting/docs/festivalnews-2020-02-07-numero5-defbassa 🔻 PDF file FestivalNews-2020-02-07-Numero5-DEFbassa.pdf
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    I'm also posting this interview here, because at 5:42 he talks about sending the song to Brian May & Roger Taylor and them liking it
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    Thanks a lot for the translation Anne !! uploaded the file to YouTube. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
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    Thanks a million for the translation Anne! "Last Party" is one of my BEST MIKA fav songs !!! I'd like to hear this song at Japan tour !!! btw, this is the direct MP4 : https://fbcdn-video-j-a.akamaihd.net/hvideo-ak-xfp1/v/t43.1792-2/11043850_488632794621804_1255491931_n.mp4?efg=eyJxZSI6ImhpZ2hfcXVhbGl0eV9zZF8wMzAyLDI0MHBfd2ViX2lwYWRfMjI0cF9tb2JpbGUifQ%3D%3D&rl=1500&vabr=631&oh=ab6447ea0aea18dd99732fc10a02c511&oe=552BF799&__gda__=1428944218_035506b1b6b58c445474c27d227159db
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    it made me giggle too... lol, just the way i see it, a cheap 70s p*rn star. thank you, very interesting!
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    Ohh thank you Anne, I'm not often in Internet lately and don't get the all news, so it's great to read more extended version of the lyrics explanation. I remember, that being 14 y.o it was really hard to me to imagine what exactly Freddie had felt at those days, so I totally understand what Mika expressed with such a dark and controversial song.
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    Philippe Dion posted this preview of accès illimité with Mika explaining Last Party as a tribute to Freddie Mercury https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=488627594622324 Translation Jean-Philippe Dion: I read the lyrics of Last Party and they are filled with melancholy. Mika: Last Party's lyrics are very tough. I read a story about Freddie Mercury and after he learned that he had AIDS he decided to lock himself in a club to party during three days. And I told myself it was so sad , this story really affected me and I told myself, why wouldn't I write something about it , so I asked myself what the most idiotic chorus would be and "And if it's the end of the world let's party, like it's the end of the world let's party" and you can imagine guys in tank tops in Miami at the beach doing this. Jean-Philippe Dion: Ah, that's very moving. Mika: It's a bit rough. That's why I usually prefer , well it is the first time I'm talking about the story behind the song, because I prefer to make people listen to it . Once in a while, it's best not to explain too much a song.
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    Here is the interview with subtitles The part when he talks a bit about the background of the song is at 15:27 (or 14:44 when you want the mustache part, too )
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    Yes I think he likes Freddie and Queen. How could he not like them? I think he just had to distance himself earlier on in his career, because of all the comparisons with Freddie. It got really old, really fast. But after all this time, in his career, he's proved he's not a clone of Freddie, he's his own person and an artist in his own right. For me, the song seems more about the tragedy of AIDS, which Freddie, and others contracted, than about just a tribute to Freddie himself.
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    I don't call it backtracking. After all, he said in an interview that he didn't hear Queen for the first time until he was, what? 17? 15? I can't remember off the top of my head. He was heavily promoted by Brian May early in his career, and attended the Stormtroopers In Stilettos Queen exhibit in London when it was on... tells me that he's more than just a casual listener. It's also not backtracking to me to say he doesn't model himself on Freddie, as he still doesn't. He's very much himself. Just my two pfennigs.
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    He said it here,during the interview,around 21:10 : http://www.europe1.fr/mediacenter/emissions/sortez-du-cadre/sons/sortez-du-cadre-mika-leila-bekhti-selah-sue-charlize-theron-2419211 . He said that Freddie is one of his heroes,and that the songs is talking about all the people who died from AIDS,especially back in '80s and '90s.
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    It seems to be an ode to Freddy Mercury. http://www.universalmusic.it/pop/news/newsdet.php?idn=10956
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    I'm very curious to know how this song came to life, what was the idea that popped up in his head when he wrote such sad words. The music is just heartbreakingly bittersweet... It plays in my head no stop!
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    that's so typical for mika - a song i'd never listen to because it has such dark lyrics, but then a melody that just catches me and keeps playing in my head! it's gonna be a love-hate-relationship for me with this song. i hate this "end of the world" and "we're all gonna die" rubbish - but i get (positive) goosebumps from the melody, the orchestra sounds, and the word combination "future, would ya" - that bit sounds so beautiful, guess it's the combination of the sounds of these words and the melody.
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    True and from what I've heard today it can last until spring of 2021. We'll see...
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    I wonder if those people who called him "racist" and other names on Twitter, bullying and pushing him to post those links, are happy now... what's the satisfaction when someone does something because you insistently pressing him/her to do it? A lot of artists only posted the black photo and that was enough to send the message, why there's always such drama when it comes to Mika?