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    Cologne was sold out, and Munich was pretty full as well. Though yes, he's not exactly famous here (anymore), I think it's not that. If he can do gigs in New Caledonia and the Netherlands, he can do it here as well. My interpretation is that it's about some industry people here in Germany. I remember him talking about it already back in 2009 how unhappy he was about some people from his German label - and just recently he talked about industry people turning out to be an older version of the school bullies, maybe that's related. At least that's an interpretation I can easily accept, I can't blame him for wanting to stay away from people who make him feel bad. But well, that's going a bit OT here, sorry.
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    Just checked with the website, 7pm is doors open, 8pm is chela (supporting act), 9pm is mika. But yeah will defs ask the Brisbane and Sydney ppl
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    I hope things get better soon and Mika will come back to Asia before long.
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    @Anna Ko Kolkowska I know, it seems in September / October 2019, but I've never seen this small clip before. ( this thread is French Press 2019 )
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    There will have been 2 other gigs before Mika gets to Melbourne, so you should be able to check with other fans what time they started queuing, and whether they got front row places. But general advice would be to queue as early as possible (not as early as in Europe, but probably mid-afternoon ).
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    Can you give a little review of the gig? Or are you still on
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