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    Hello everyone ! I'm SO sorry about everything. My first intention was to talk about my illness and when the article came out I was very disappointed about it. I sent a message to the reporter immediately after that to say how I was feeling. Thank you to EVERYONE of you for all your kindness and words. I never wanted to met Mika in private or anything else. All I want for him is to put some happiness in his life and showing my story wasn't a good way to do that. I receive several message from people Who also are suffering and Who wants to help me. But I'm so sad about the things this article says... I had the chance to talk to Mika when he came out to see us after the show and it was TOO much kind. As I said before I am so sorry. It wasn't my intention. I sent messages yesterday to tell all MY truth. I really really hope that you know I'm an honnest person and that you will forgive me for all those crazy things !
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    The smile that lights up my day every time.
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    https://youtu.be/b-_8yfXRPv0 Voici le lien vers le dernier concert européen du Revelation Tour à Strasbourg 😀 🎶 💘 Merci pour tout ce que vous avez donné durant ce Tour #Mika : amour, énergie, humour, partage, tendresse, bonheur, folie 🥰 🤩 On t'aime tellement 💕 💕 💕 💕
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    Bad news: There's a reconstruction in our house so there's a lot of noise lately (drilling etc.). Good news: Songs like Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Tomorrow or Platform Ballerinas sound really good when you play them really LOUD.
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    Today it's three months since my first Mika gig...
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    This is pretty interesting interview about future plan.. - a series of different EPs which have different styles, both musically and visually - filming mini travel and culture documentaries Mika welcomes his local fans’ enthusiasm: British singer-songwriter is excited to perform in Seoul for the 7th time since 2009 Korea JoongAng Daily 1362 words 21 February 2020 http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3074080 Are you ready to rock with Mika? He certainly is. The British singer-songwriter will be performing at the Jamsil Arena in southern Seoul on March 4 and 5 as part of his “Revelation Tour” that kicked off last year. It’s his first time in Seoul since 2016, and concert organizers had to add a date to his original schedule after tickets for the first show sold out in just three minutes. This will be the seventh time he has visited Korea since 2009. Mika released his fifth full-length album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook” last October, and it is a bold and powerful compilation of songs filled with wit and ingenuity. The singer received positive reviews, especially for the tracks “Ice Cream” and “Tiny Love,” and kicked off his tour in London in November, followed by stops in Australia and Asia. “I am very excited to be coming back,” Mika wrote in a recent email interview. “Every single one of the six shows we have done in Korea have been exceptional experiences for me and my band. The warmth of the audience, the volume of their singing, the surprises they plan collectively during the concerts. It’s a very special place to play and I always say that in interviews, no matter where I am in the world!” Mika answered questions from the Korea JoongAng Daily via email prior to the upcoming concert. The following are edited excerpts from his responses. Q. It’s been four years since you last visited Korea. How have you been? A. I have been good these past few years. Working hard, and I made a very conscious decision to focus on music and creativity, stepping away from the TV shows I was doing. This has made me happy and helped me understand life and what is important. It also comes at the same time as some very big personal challenges, deaths, illnesses […] However, the writing and the creativity have helped me be strong and stay happy. So it was good timing. As a result also, these shows have a very, very special, urgent quality. The upcoming will be the seventh time you have come to Korea. What makes you enjoy your shows in Korea and come back again? It’s the generosity of spirit of the Korean fans, which is so special. They understand that a show is meant to be a roller coaster of emotion. That real life stays outside for two hours. This understanding allows the audience and also me, to lower the defenses we all have in our everyday lives. We become more fragile and bigger at the same time. It’s really an amazing feeling. A lot of your songs deliver mixed emotions, like the happiness along with sadness found in “Happy Ending” (2007) and “Lollipop” (2005). Why do you like to use two contrasting emotions in your songs? The contrast is very useful. It creates tension. However it’s more than just a writing technique. It is also reflective of how I deal with life. I always mix the two emotions, it makes it easier to deal with things and see beyond just the sadness, or be blinded by joy. How would you like the listeners to take those songs in? As individual bubbles. Each one contains a little bit of air and time from the moment or the part of my life that I am writing about. That’s why my albums are so varied, even within themselves. There are all these different stories that happened during the writing period of the album. The only thing that binds them together is that it happened to the same person. What is music to Mika? Would you say that it has changed since you first started music? It’s storytelling. It’s also about collaboration. Music is not a solitary activity. Even a classical composer who writes music at a desk on their own can’t make the music come to life without the musicians or without the audience. It’s this communication that makes it music. I have realized the importance of that. When I was at college, it was about skill and being as good as you can be. I realized later that being good is not enough. Music only counts when it provokes emotion. You once called yourself “a traveler who doesn’t belong” in a past interview. Do you still think the same about yourself? Is it the freedom that you have that makes your songs? I belong to a lot of places. And I can adapt quite quickly to a new place. I have started to realize now, more and more, that I generally prefer the south of Europe to the north. People are softer. I just spent time in Germany and Holland [- and] I felt like I was being told off all the time! However it really comes down to curiosity. I am quite curious. This lack of a main “home” has helped me nurture and encourage that curiosity. One day it might change, or it might not. I really don’t know. You also mentioned in your past interview that you are interested in the indie music scene of Korea. Do you think that Korean music has what it takes to appeal to the global market? K-pop, Korean culture, film - it’s remarkable the reach it has had and how quickly it has grown over the past five years. The world is changing so fast. People are able to make their own decisions as to what they want to listen to or what shows to buy tickets to. If you live in Chicago, you are no longer going to decide what you will listen to based on what the local hit radio station is playing. This is amazing, because most of the time the commercial stations play the same 10 songs a month. K-pop has grown also thanks to this new way of music distribution. Also its production values are so high. It takes a lot of work and I think that audiences respond to that. What is also so amazing is how “Parasite” has been so internationally recognized. It’s a triumph and a well deserved one. More and more people communicate online and listen to the same music. Have you ever felt that the language barriers between people affects them in the way they enjoy music? Language has never been a barrier! This is why we can listen to Portuguese music, Arabic music, French music - even if we don’t understand the words, we can understand the music. The real issue is the media and distribution. They are much less likely to promote an artist from Cape Verde than they are from Los Angeles. The internet is changing that, thank goodness. One of the best ever concerts I’ve seen was Cesaria Evora from Cape Verde, just before she passed away. She sang barefoot and the audience in London lost their minds. Everyone was so happy, so warm. She was like a goddess or priestess and we didn’t understand a word! What will you be up to this year? This year I want to start making new music, NOT an album, a series of different EPs which have different styles, both musically and visually. This is something I’m very excited about. Also we are starting to film mini travel and culture documentaries during my travels. Where I go and explore whist on tour. I will also be filming in Seoul, so keep an eye out for me! BY YOON SO-YEON [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr] Pop star Mika performs at his Seoul concert in 2016, his most recent performance in Korea. [PRIVATE CURVE] Singer Mika will perform at Jamsil Arena in southern Seoul on March 4 and 5. The March 4 show was added to the singer’s tour schedule after the March 5 concert sold out in just three minutes. [PRIVATE CURVE]
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    Mika's music should be available in the pharmacy because today I didn't sleep well and felt quite sick in the morning but then I started listening to MNIMH and I feel much better now... Not perfect, but I have still Mika's whole discography to heal me.
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    How I look vs. how I feel while wearing Mika's merch...
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    So today I was in my room listening to Platform Ballerinas on full volume and on repeat. And when I went back to the kitchen, still playing the song, I found my parents dancing to it.
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    So i had a friend over to my dorm room today and she was going through my library and found the song for sorrow book. she preceded to open it and look through all of the art. i saw her looking through it and explained to her what the book was and that theres music that goes with it. she then asked me to play Mikas music for her so she could look at the art with the music and guys, MY HEART MELTED AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! lol i couldn't pull out that CD fast enough. and even better, she liked his music. 😭
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    Here is Solange's longer version of Platform Balerinas in Brisbane. The drag queen is Skye Blue. https://www.facebook.com/theskyebluequeen/
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    I was shooketh when he sang Over my Shoulder but it was so impromptu because he said he loved the acoustics of the town hall and that he didn't get many amazing venues like it
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    Mika's live interview from The Hague Parliament for the Australian TV. You remember his story from the 13th of February 2020? YouCut_20200213_194444663.mp4 Sorry I don't know who exactly recorded the news Mika for Australian TV 13 02 2020.mp4
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    Mum rang while I was on the bus. I must have left my phone volume up from this morning when I was listening to Mika so it was loud. I'm struggling to find my phone out of my bag. My ring tone is Tomorrow. I'll let you guess what word the song got to before I answered 😳 Old lady across from me wasn't pleased...
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    The 26th of February a new exhibition will be opened in Paris Palais de la Porte Doree. Till 26/07/2020. Christian Louboutin will show his artworks. Thanks to Mika he started to create shoes for men. So it is obvious that a Mika's corner has been installed. https://www.palais-portedoree.fr/en/christian-louboutin-exhibition Christian Louboutin, Exhibition[niste] 26 February to 26 July 2020 From 26 February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée will present a major exhibition devoted to the work and creativity of Christian Louboutin, the internationally renowned footwear designer and key figure in the fashion world. Designed as an invitation to discover Christian Louboutin’s rich universe, the exhibition will explore every facet of his multi-referential work, in an institution that has played an important role in inspiring his vocation. From the beginning, Christian Louboutin infused his designs with a great wealth of motifs and colours inspired by his love of art and different cultures. Flamboyant, daring, open to the world, generous and at times caustic, the designer’s creativity is informed by a passion for travel and references from the worlds of pop culture, theatre, dance, literature and cinema. Christian Louboutin, Palais de la Porte Dorée © José Castellar In revealing Christian Louboutin’s inspirations and creative processes, the exhibition will showcase the designer’s vision through a selection of the most precious works from his personal collection and loans from public collections. A large selection of shoes will be on display, some of which have never been exhibited before. These historic and artistic pieces will be shown alongside a number of exclusive collaborations which pay tribute to Christian Louboutin’s admiration for craftsman’s know how. Some examples include stained glass panels created by the Maison du Vitrail, a Sevillian silver palanquin and a cabaret sculpted in Bhutan. The exhibition will also unveil collaborations, never seen before, with artists who are important to him: the director and photographer David Lynch, the New Zealand multimedia artist Lisa Reihana, the British designer duo Whitaker Malem, the Spanish choreographer Blanca Li, and the Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, amongst others. Information panel and crucial drawing at the origin of Christian Louboutin’s vocation © Christian Louboutin Born in the 12th district of Paris, close to the Palais de la Porte Dorée, Christian Louboutin was fascinated from an early age by the architectural beauty and ornamental richness of the institution, which was one of the earliest influences feeding his love of art and applied arts. He borrowed a whole repertoire of forms and motifs from the Palais for his first designs, including the Maquereau shoe – made of metallic leather and directly inspired by the iridescence of the fish in the Palais de la Porte Dorée’s tropical aquarium. It was also at the Palais, a masterpiece of Art deco, that Christian Louboutin, then a young adolescent, noticed a sign forbidding visitors to wear high heeled shoes. This sign subsequently inspired the iconic Pigalle shoe which has been reinvented over the course of the seasons. With this exhibition, the Palais de la Porte Dorée initiates a new programme of events dedicated to contemporary creation. Exhibition curator: Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Just to remind you - some videos about this friendship. And Mika's story from February 2019 when he shown us his private collection of Louboutin shoes. Louboutin Mika story 2019 02 03.mp4
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    I met Mika after his concert in Auckland and he is 10000x better than I could have ever imagined. His concert was stunning and seeing him irl is too much
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    Just want to share my happiness about this gig here too for a little😊: It was great! Of course, you all know! Thank you for your nice reports and especially for the photos and videos of the meet & greet afterwards, as I couldn’t stay to wait for that (maybe or maybe not happening ) m&g. For me this concert was great, because it came quite suprisingly after all that I actually went there. I had to cancel Brussels and Luxembourg before and I also was expecting not being able to visit this one. I actually avoided any contact to concert reviews or even Mika songs during the past weeks to not be to sad about not going… So I was quite unprepared for the concert. But eventually everything was good to go that day, so it was a suprisingly happy day. I’m just happy I have new Mika memories that I can live on now for the next months. 🥰 They make me stay high! It was the biggest concert venue I was in yet. That's why I chose a seating place when I bought the ticket half a year ago. My first Mika concert sitting... and I have to say, it was a different feeling. I had a good place though, not too far behind, quite in the front of the seating rows. But I missed the standing and all time dancing. For some songs people stood up, but after the songs they sat down again and every time I was thinking: "No, don't sit down, don't sit down again, please." But they did and I didn't want to annoy people behind me, so of course I sat again, too. 😏 And I missed the feeling of seeing Mika in real life size just in front of me. He looked quite small from that far away 🙈. But I have to admit that I could see the great stage set in whole very well from up there. 👍
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    Nicole Gertrude @nicolegertrude This was without a doubt one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I loved how intimate the town hall felt, but also don't know why there weren't thousands more people. He is a performer with a presence that I've never experienced before. It was magical. More @mikasounds plz. 11:04am · 22 Feb 2020 · Twitter for Android
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    I think so too! I'm just learning Spanish again for the next 3 months (I've already learned Spanish before but I'm still at A2 level at best) so for once in my life I'm learning the RIGHT language.
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    Interesting... he talks about doing an EP based on Arabic music, and he's gonna be visiting Beirut for that. And he'll be doing a project in Mexico for which he needs to speak Spanish fluently, and he has 3 months to learn it. But am I the only one who's wondering why the presenter asks him about the Toyota Previa?! Maybe I missed something, as the NZ accent is a bit hard to understand for me at times. But Mika going on about that Toyota on NZ radio is just so totally random. He told that story somewhere before, that his father would wash the Toyota with the hose from inside and there are plants growing out of it meanwhile, but they're gonna keep it alive til Mika's book gets published, then shred it and give pieces of it as relics with the book.
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    New Zealand News Talk ZB https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/saturday-morning-with-jack-tame/audio/international-pop-sensation-mika-speaks-to-jack-tame/ International pop sensation MIKA speaks to Jack Tame Sat, 22 Feb 2020, 1:51PM International pop sensation MIKA is currently in Auckland for his first ever show on our shores. He is a judge on The Voice in both France and Italy. The British singer has released his fifth studio album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook. MIKA joined Jack Tame this morning on the show. 🔻MP3 ( 14.4 MB / 15:41 min ) 2020.02.22_NewsTalkZB_MIKA_speaks_to_Jack_Tame.mp3
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    REPLAY ( Melbourne ) JOY 94.9 Mad Wednesdays https://joy.org.au/madwednesdays/2020/02/20/mika-hits-australia-for-his-revelation-tour/ Mika hits Australia for his Revelation Tour February 20, 2020 by Dean International singer/songwriter sensation Mika joined Dean on MAD Wednesday ahead of his Revelation Tour hitting Australia and New Zealand. Currently on a world tour, Mika spoke to Dean about the evolution of his sound, his latests album, and bringing his unique style of pop to live audiences. Mika is touring Australia thanks to Frontier Touring. Brisbane – The Tivoli, Mon 24th Feb Sydney – Enmore Theatre, 26th Feb Melbourne – The Forum, 27th Feb Get your tickets here. 🔻MP3 ( 9.1 MB ) MW-Mika-1902-1.mp3 AUDIO VIDEO 2020.02.19_Australia-radio_JOY94.9_MadWednesday_Mika.mp4
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    Mika is far, far away. Lost in the pacific islands
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    Love these articles. I've always been adoring the shoes Louboutin creates for Mika. Thanks for posting, @Anna Ko Kolkowska!
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    PRESS Tour Buzz.co.nz Concert Review : Mika Live In NZ Mika rocked Auckland Town Hall last night with the Revelation Tour. Although he gained popularity back in 2007 after releasing his hit single Grace Kelly, this was the first time that the Lebanese-born singer had made his way to New Zealand in his career. The concert was nothing short of a great night as he brought his moves and personality to the stage, engaging with the audience for the entire show. As the lights went down, Mika came blasting out on stage in a bright red suit and began performing ‘Ice Cream’, the lead single from his fifth album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook. Everyone that was sitting in their seats were out of them now, as the singer instantly turned his show into a dance party. Although a theatrical performer, Mika was very soft spoken when interacting with the crowd and was an incredible storyteller, giving the meaning behind his songs before performing them. He continued the first part of his set with more up-tempo songs like ‘Dear Jealousy’, and ‘Origin of Love’. He also included some throwbacks from his first album, Life in Cartoon Motion, like ‘Relax, Take It Easy’ and ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’. Hearing these songs definitely took me right back as I hadn’t heard them in years, and the fact that he performed them so well made it even better. He also took his audience interaction to another level by going into the mosh pit while singing as the crowd danced and jumped around him. It was cool to see to see that he was enjoying it just as much as the crowd was too. After starting the show on such a high, Mika started to slow things down for the night as he went onto performing songs like ‘Underwater’ and ‘Paloma’, which are both piano ballads. He quickly picked up the pace again and performed ‘Tomorrow’, and his 2013 hit that features Ariana Grande, ‘Popular Song’. Even though the dancing had slowed down a little bit amongst the crowd, everyone was still singing along to every word he sang which was really good to see considering we don’t always hear a lot of his music being played on mainstream radio over here! To slow things down again, he performed a stripped-down acoustic version of ‘Happy Ending’, another throwback from his first album. He closed out the show on a high and energetic note with ‘Love Today’ and ‘We Are Golden’, and came back for encore with his iconic hit ‘Grace Kelly’. By then, the whole crowd was up off their seats again. As the show came to an end, Mika liked the venue so much that he even performed another song that was not usually on his tour set list, ‘Over My Shoulder’. This is another song from earlier in his career. It was also quite slow and stripped back as he played it solo on the piano without help from his band. This was such a fun night! I went in not knowing what to expect as I had only heard his earlier work and wasn’t completely up to date on his recent stuff. However, I felt that I didn’t really have to know every song to enjoy the night as I was kept up on my feet the entire time. Mika has a really great stage presence and always knows how to keep the crowd on their toes with his high energy and quirky way of storytelling. He interacted with the audience with every chance he got and certainly knew how to capture everyone’s attention with his amazing voice and electric moves. If you’re ever in need of a night to just dance all your troubles away, I would highly suggest going to a Mika show! Reviewed by: Shelley Earwaker Images: Tom Grut
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    Cologne was sold out, and Munich was pretty full as well. Though yes, he's not exactly famous here (anymore), I think it's not that. If he can do gigs in New Caledonia and the Netherlands, he can do it here as well. My interpretation is that it's about some industry people here in Germany. I remember him talking about it already back in 2009 how unhappy he was about some people from his German label - and just recently he talked about industry people turning out to be an older version of the school bullies, maybe that's related. At least that's an interpretation I can easily accept, I can't blame him for wanting to stay away from people who make him feel bad. But well, that's going a bit OT here, sorry.
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    Sharing this playlist found by @Sonelle Thanks a million to you
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    Maybe for not putting all the blame on Holland. I also wonder why (and when?!) he "spent time" in Germany - maybe his flight to New Caledonia went from Frankfurt, I think that's closer to Strasbourg than Paris. Anyway, he does have a point there. In Bavaria we have a saying which expresses that if you don't tell someone off for once, it's enough of a compliment. ("Oimal net g'schimpft is gnua g'lobt!") It's meant in a funny way, but there really is some truth in it, as in 'don't show too much of your emotions', parents are worried they might spoil their children too much, stuff like that. I feel it has become a lot better over the years, but it's the way a lot of us got raised as children. Anyway I think it just means that we certainly need more Mika, more colours and emotions in our lives in Germany, he'd have a lot of work to do here!
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    He mentions Germany! Only to say that he's a different kind of artist in France than he is in Germany, but hey, at least he still sees himself as *some* kind of artist in Germany, that's a start! T4p! Seems it was recorded when he was in Holland.
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    Here is a better quality version but it is missing some parts. YouCut_20200219_215458680.mp4
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    There is not need to apoligize ,it's not your fault if the reporter didn't make his job properly I hope he'll make another paper because it was not fair to you neither It's nice that you are in touch with other suffering people , and I hope you'll be able to enjoy the show in Colmar 🤞
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    Haha, well, I don't think so. He didn't need to read MFC to know his fans were sad about the change (not just me, tho I was a bit more explicit online about my feelings than others ), I'm sure he knew. What's funny is that just after I had found a way for myself to deal with the situation, Mika decided to change his approach as well. So when I went to Luxemburg, I expected nothing but got everything. After Padova I was still happy, tho I didn't get any special attention by Mika at this gig, nor did I see him when he left (just his car from afar) - because I managed to have no expectations, but simply curiosity about how it might be. Y'know, not like this depressing "I expect nothing, so I can't be disappointed", but more like "I'm sure I'll have a good time and if anything special comes along in addition, I'll embrace it with open arms". And Bolzano, you know what happened. I was sure Strasbourg couldn't keep up with that, but it turned out to be just as good, or even better. I sometimes wonder whether he can feel this attitude by fans, what they do or don't expect. He's very sensitive, so it wouldn't surprise me. And then he often does the opposite to what people expect from him. But he's generally a lot more open this year, making lots of eye contact with people at gigs and talking about personal things not only in his lyrics and to journalists, as last year, but also on stage or when he meets fans. And I'm sure this doesn't have to do anything with what I wrote on MFC or elsewhere. Maybe he just needed some time to open up - like, when bit by bit he started talking about personal things at his gigs last year, it seemed to get easier for him the more often he did it. Yes, it's possible that the getting me on stage in Bolzano might've been because he had read some of my Tweets / IG posts about me missing the good old times. But I prefer to think that at least the general change in his attitude this year, this not keeping up this distance anymore - and that is what matters to me much more than the M&G's - comes from himself, because it feels good to him that way, and not because some fans might feel sad and he feels obliged to make them happy again - that's certainly not what I would want! And I don't think it is that way, because he's being himself now much more than ever before, he wouldn't fake this just to make people happy. He's much more real these days, and although I don't think this actually makes him more my friend than before (there's just too many people wanting to be friends with him ), I love it.
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    Ohhh nooooo. Don't think that. Enjoy the good things and don't think about the rest. Who gives a s**t about tomorrow?