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    Sorry I took so long, but here is my report about La Cigale It came as a total surprise that I was able to go to la cigale. I had met Florine, a sweet Mika fan on MFC and welcomed her and we became friends instantly. She played for her and for me to get tickets. And she won for her, then for me. I'll never thank her enough. I was so overjoyed even though I knew it would be complicated to go...but I managed even though it's always tricky to negociate with my husband but it was so worth it Several dreams of mine came true on that very special night We left at 1 PM , I live 500 kms from Paris and there were demonstrators on the street with trucks blocking some roads....thanks to gps we could get there by smaller roads and not long before the doors opened. I was so happy to meet lots of MFCers who had been queing since the morning and hug them and talk with them finally I told the security guy I was staying there to be able to chat, but that I would wait for my turn to get in and he was very nice. I must say it was so much better organized than at The Voice. The first rows began to go in. After a while the security guy said I could go in too. I thanked him and I dropped my little bag so my phone kissed the floor and it still works but the screen is into pieces now...but I didn't mind, I was so happy I was going to go in the balcony because as much as I would have loved to dance with everyone downstairs, my knees don't allow me to do that anymore. I left my bag (with the chicken and heart shaped confetti) at the coat check but on the balcony I thought it would have not been a good thing to try and show the chicken to Mika as it would have bothered people behind me... Once seated, we waited. There was a DJ then a young woman singing rap. At some point there was an extra guest singing with her and I think it was doc gyneco, a French rapper whose first album I still love. The sound was not good but I knew it would be fixed before Mika's turn came. Mika always makes sure the sound is good I recorded the sound of the concert with one phone https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nRTdZYyoHXnlcZGJBEQkxBu2lAKi8jn/view and with my other phone (the one that fell on the floor) I took a few short videos but some ended up in my sd card by mistake I shared a few on instagram before though https://www.instagram.com/p/B3cOQVmIW2E/?igshid=c365pb9t3xdt The show started with Mika's voice talking about the creation of the world from colors. Each song was then introduced by a color. Yellow for the color for love, green for jealousy, and what is the color of sin when something starts with a sin, but then you realize it was not a sin anymore but when desire and sin are the same what is the color? it is pink and pink is the color of the origin of love (and he sang Origin of Love It have no words to describe all the energy Mika had and how close to the audience he was. Fans who had their hands on the stage could have had them stepped on by Mika. And he was on fire. The setlist was wonderful Underwater live was so good It moved me so much I wanted him to sing Tomorrow as it is my fav song and he did He was also wearing red which is my fav color. It was just him and the fans, the music and the lights The only props were the ones the fans had brought and it turned out super sweet For Ice Cream a giant inflatable ice cream was thrown to Mika who played with it a bit, then threw it back. There were also confettis during Tomorrow and red heart shaped balloons that Mika had fun bursting with his feet. He was simply giving himself to the audience, flesh and soul and it felt so strong I wished I had been in hell with him (by the stage) as he said heaven was too quiet (the balcony) and he chose hell, I really wanted to burn in hell with him and I knew he was going to be within the fans when he said that...although he said we didn't know I sure did...if I still had good knees and if I could have found the big good gone girl blue top I had made for myself to wear I would have been in Mika's heavenly hell.... But it was an absolute wonder to see him interacting with the audience, all the time he was singing Big Girl (You are beautiful) and dancing with each single fan and touching hands with everyone It was an ocean of love and it was beautiful to see that huge wave of love from the balcony. I hope he felt the love pouring from up there too, but I think he did as he even managed to make eye contacts with people up there. He is magic. The setlist had almost all my favorite songs in it and happy ending when he sang a capella was an absolute delight What else can I say except that it was too short...and I'm so glad I can relive this wonderful concert thanks to my audio and the videos. I just realised it hadn't been a dream listening to the audio yesterday After the show I found Florine and her brother again and many many other fans I have always wanted to meet so it was magic too We hugged and hugged and hugged and everyone was so happy and excited talking about they had danced with Mika during Big Girl (You are beautiful) and touched his hands. It was a very very happy moment as always when Mika fans finally end up meeting after sharing so much online La cigale people were very kind and told us where the door for the artists was so we all gathered and waited there for Mika. The street was very narrow, the sidewalk was dirty, and we had to be in the street and kind of blocked the traffic. Elviraaa kept saying: don't step into s*** Suddenly Mika was out (dangerously close to step in the s***) and Elviraa warned him too He smiled and said good night and walked to his car. I think it lasted a minute or two. He had two body guards glued to him (they had to as the sidewalk was so narrow) and I saw him bent his head (he was talking with fans but I didn't realize it then) Then I saw him in front of me in a split second like the sun coming out of the clouds. I had had a major water leak at my house so I had to clean, throw away and sort out lots of things and in that process I had found the two proof of my book of love poems which I have always wanted to give to Mika, some are based on him and my book is dedicated to him. In Paris I was about to give it to him when brainless people had literally jumped on him and he had had to retreat to his car and go. I had baked chocolatechip cookies but I overcooked them so I decided I would bring him my book instead as it might have been the reason why I found it. So I handed him my book telling him I had written it and he took it The next day I saw on the video that he smiled to me and said thank you, but I was so overwhelmed by emotion and it went so fast that I didn't even know he had. I only realized that my book was in his hand and I cried a fountain with happiness exactly like this emoj. Florine turned to me and was shocked to see me like this and I told her Mika had taken my book that I had been wanting to give to him for so long (It was published in 2014) There are many Mika related writings in it like Good Gone Curls and a poem for Mika and Paloma. I really hope he reads it. As I'm writing this I'm crying again with emotion. So many Mika dreams came true on that night. It was my first Mika private gig. I met a bunch of Mika friends I had been wanting to meet and hug. And he left with my book in his hand. If I had had Mika's MFC birthday I would have been able to hand it to him as well on that night, but there was no way I could have known about that concert, nor that I was going to be able to be there or meet Mika briefly after the gig. And it went much too fast to tell him about it. But I have videos of it and I'll try to show them to him if I get lucky enough to talk with him at some point. Guys, all Mika dreams can come true if you wait long enough. I will ask the French girls who took pics and a video if they are ok with me sharing them here. Edit: They said yes And I forgot to say we had a drink in a nearby café together after and I got to meet lots more fans like Sweetieval, Céline and meet again with Farnaz, Annik Farnaz many, many more I love you all guys Then I took a taxi with Florine and her brother as we were staying in the same hotel. And the next morning I got to hug Florine again before she caught her train home. I think I only realized this wonderful day really happened for real last Sunday as I drove to the beach listening to my sound recording of the concert full blast in my car and feeling so happy I forgot to say Mika's family was in the audience as in Bercy which was really sweet Mika la cigale livre.mp4
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    I was there and it was probably one of the best day of my life. 🥰 It was the third Mika show for me, the first time I saw him for about 4-5 years. I was so excited and scared at the same time. But all the emotions were gone once he went on stage !! The show was amazing. The crowd was good and Mika...MIKA WAS THE BEST.😍 It was also the first time for me meeting other fans. What an exeperience...it's so beautiful to being able to share our love for an artist especially when it's Mika. Of course I'm a very very shy person and I'm always scared of the people but it was okay because a lot of people who are now my friends, show me that I WAS OKAY. Concerning the show, I know we don't have the same love for all the songs and it's okay. It's something normal. Paloma, Blue, Tiny Love, Sanremo etc...we can't agree on everyting but all that matters is that when Mika sang his songs on stage, it's always a pleasure and a good experience. No matter how much we like or dislike the songs. I'm not a big fan of Blue but I know he's probably gonna sing the song once and I'm okay because it will be something to live and remember !💝 I'm not as good in english as I want to 🤔 but I'm a work i progress. 😛
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    I suppose it's this: http://armoryonpark.org/get_involved/2019_gala If anyone's interested, individual ticket prices between $2,500 and $10,000. 😎
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    ATTENTION MIKA FANS: Several of you have written to us asking about someone on Facebook or on Instagram pretending to be MIKA. Please know that this is NOT really Mika - he will not contact you privately in this way. Mika is not starting an account for his "best" fans, and he is NOT asking for money for you to join a private fan club. If someone saying that they are Mika contacts you like this, please take a screen shot of the message and send it to us here at Mika Fan Club. Please make your Mika fan friends aware of this, too! Be suspicious and cautious of anyone who asks you for your personal information or, worse, money! Mika Fan Club will not ask you for money to join -- it is free and open to all Mika fans. If you have any questions at all, please write to us here, or send us an email at mfcregister@gmail.com
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    Mika is making a progres, he changed the suit
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/parkavearmory/ parkavearmory-1.mp4 parkavearmory-2.mp4
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    TV MAGAZINE http://tvmag.lefigaro.fr/programme-tv/programme/les-130-ans-de-la-tour-eiffel-f156644732 Broadcasting date FRANCE 2 Samedi, 26 octobre 2019 21H05 / Saturday, October 26, 2019 9:05 pm
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/groovydroovy/ groovydroovy-1.mp4 groovydroovy-2.mp4 groovydroovy-3.mp4 groovydroovy-4.mp4 groovydroovy-5.mp4 groovydroovy-6.mp4 groovydroovy-7.mp4 groovydroovy-8.mp4 groovydroovy-9.mp4 groovydroovy-10.mp4 groovydroovy-11.mp4
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/deartyler/ ajtasleyparr.mp4 ajtasleyparr..mp4
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/ajtasleyparr/ 75823163_181442953016075_3573136092282565045_n.mp4
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    With the Chrome browser, I will have translated it ... I'll try quoting it, hopefully it quotes the translated version! Edit: I noticed when it quoted it left some bits out, so I just copy / pasted the translated text myself Edit again, I think I've got it all now! Edit 3 I GIVE UP!!!! it keeps changing sentences after I hit post! I believe the story about the Greek island,
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    He's not invited as a Super coach 😉, he is going to perform with the talents
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    @Rita70 e @Gabry74 ma si dai sognare è bellissimooo hai ragione Gabry nonostante la popolarità è rimasto umile e super simpaticooo e disponibile sarebbe un onore per me poterlo conoscere mi devo già accontentare che viene a Torinooo finalmenteeeeee son già super contentaaaaa bravo Michelinoo che cerchi di accontentare tutti i tuoi e tue fans
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    Article + pics + videos https://iltirreno.gelocal.it/regione/toscana/2019/10/17/news/mika-ospite-al-tirreno-sara-direttore-per-un-ora-1.37755873
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    ONLINE STREAMING https://www.myfree-tivi.com/watch/e
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    Yes I am so sorry we missed each other when we were that close But there will be another time to meet for sure
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    The song is made for us. That's why he should sing it next tour.
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    Foto Conciertos https://www.fotoconciertos.com/cronica-fotos-cadena-100-por-ellas-2019-wizink-center-madrid-19102019/mika-wizink-center-raul-blanco-2019-19-10-2/ https://www.fotoconciertos.com/cronica-fotos-cadena-100-por-ellas-2019-wizink-center-madrid-19102019/mika-wizink-center-raul-blanco-2019-19-10-1/
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    Tired of Lollipop as well ……. I think that he has to sing "Relax" because it was probably his greatest hit and I also hope for some songs from NPIH I think that "All she want's" would be perfect with the new songs
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    You can order MFC badges from Zazzle http://www.zazzle.com/mfc_button_for_members_of_mikafanclub_com-145482498675009942 For the UK: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/mfc_button_for_members_of_mikafanclub_com-145482498675009942 For France: http://www.zazzle.fr/mfc_button_for_members_of_mikafanclub_com_badge_publicitaire-145482498675009942 Doesn't seem to be a zazzle site for Italy, sorry. We have also used Cafe Press for badges, but I don't advise this as they were hacked earlier this year.
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    For me it was the only line I could figure out... Apart from Domani, of course.
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    Let me know if you don't so I can mail you one!
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    I wanted to participate in a contest almost for fun, believing that it was reserved for certain people. Well, I’ve discovered that it was not and I’ve won... and it was more incredible because there were two tickets for Mika's private concert in La Cigale in Paris. The Location was small, intimate and the stage was so close to the audience that we moved backward each time he approached, to prevent him from hurting himself and trampling on our hands. There was the same atmosphere of the Tiny Tour.. Indeed he came down from the stage and he sang and danced with us. I can describe it as a crazy evening that we’ve passed smiling, sharing looks.. It was extremely magic! The weariness caused by 12 hours of waiting in the rain disappeared as soon as he came on stage. Thanks to all Italian and French people, who kept me company before, during and after the concert and what else... See you soon on tour. ❤❤❤
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/a_cuffs/ 75858668_710350239375623_296003261926684564_n.mp4
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    I'm so happy with this news Thank you for sharing girls
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    @Sweetieval as Deb said, the party is from 5-8pm. Usually on Paypal you can choose in which currency you want to pay, so you could just enter 10£ and Paypal will automatically convert the sum to € for you. Otherwise you can use a website like https://www1.oanda.com/currency/converter/ to check how much it is. If you choose "send money to friends" on Paypal, the fees are less. I paid 1£ in fees, for the currency exchange.
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    I have to say I'm quite surprised by the fact that this song seems to be the most popular one (apart from the singles of course) from the album and keep thinking it's because of the collab (even though Jack isn't huge, at least I've never heard of him till Youth&Love, he still has a solid fanbase which is of course interested in this song). But maybe it's because I don't like love duets and love ballads as much so I really can't get into it... To me songs like that sounds a bit boring and cliched most of the time, even though I like Mika's voice in this one of course but for me it's still both sonically and lyrically probably the least interesting track on the album...
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    At the beginning I thought that the young boy in the photo could be a young Mika. I’m trying to find a better photo now. I’m not sure about it, i wrote a comment on the YouTube video but some people told me that he couldn’t be Mika
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    Mika a Livorno in giro per la città per la promozione del nuovo album 17/10/2019 Il cantante internazionale Mika oggi a Livorno per far promozione al suo nuovo album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”, ha girato per la città presentando anche il suo nuovo chitarrista un giovanissimo Livornese 21anni pronto ad affrontare il sogno della sua vita in un tour tutto nuovo con Mika che attraverserà anche tante città mai toccate come Livorno appunto al Modigliani Forum il concerto sarà il 2 dicembre 2019. E’ stato un onore intervistarlo e conoscere da vicino una star davvero internazionale una persona squisita e molto disponibile! Seguite le interviste nei nostri spazi informativi su Radio Bruno Toscana
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    ANCONA TODAY https://www.anconatoday.it/video/mika-ancona-piazza-roma-oggi.html Ultimo aggiornamento il 16 ottobre 2019 alle 20:38 Mika ad Ancona. Video Bagno di folla in piazza Roma per il mini concerto a sorpresa. E nella redazione de il Resto del Carlino riceve il Carlino d'Oro dal capocronista Andrea Brusa (video Antic) Google translator
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    I love the video! I took thousands of screen shot
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    Basically they don't like translation. They say they have ruined one of the best songs with a bad, ugly, horrible text and wonder who has been the author of the translation.
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    What a wonderful surprise! I was really waiting for this song from the moment I saw the title. Such a wonderful ballad! One of those which give me a giant smile and also tears in the eyes at the same time. I love how their voices sound together. This song is full of emotion ans feels very intimate. Which is unusual considering it is a duet. Also a duet for Mika generally is unusual. I would love to know the story behind it. For now, it seems to be about falling in love with someone you didn't expect to fall in love with (like a friend?) and being afraid to admit it, afraid that you may ruin it. Or that the world won't understand (which I think refers to it being a love between 2 men).
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    Chérie FM broadcast Ice Cream studio LIVE and an interview with Mika at 9AM, 3 June 2019. ( this program is recorded )
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    There is a radio station here in Italy (RTO) with a morning program which is called Love today, I listen to it while working. Every 20/30 minutes starts the short gingle with his song, sometimes I start and continue singing, even after the gingle has stopped and my colleagues look at me like I am completely crazy
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    THANK YOU -all lovely MFCers - for sharing sooo much fab. stuff, from the last events you've been lucky enough to experience!! Both Pop up Live - Rochefort - and Landerneau, with all its lovely pics and nice reports, are great reading and stuff to watch stuff! I hope MIKA will relax now, and enjoy his Greece holiday... Love,love me
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    Thanks a lot for posting !! I saved them to my photobucket. http://s1233.photobucket.com/user/eriko-n/library/2013_07_06%20Nantes?sort=2&page=1
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    Some pics of the M&G from Morgan https://twitter.com/Morgan_sans_e
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    I think we will go to this gig. It's not so far from Belgium and if it is not a real festival but more a Mika gig, I don't want to miss this!! I can't wait :boing:
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    Also thinking about it , would be nice to meet you there Thank you Camille
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    Review Ouest-France : dimanche 04 juillet 2010 http://www.ouest-france.fr/ofdernmin_-Mika-soigne-le-show-et-la-mise-en-scene-a-Beauregard_6346-1433983-fils-tous-Une_filDMA.Htm?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter