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    Today I played Mika songs for two hours to my parents and my mum danced with me to Platform Ballerinas.
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    I made a second collage from pictures I took, for my shelfs...
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    Get my tickets for Coruña. To celebrate my ten Mika anniversary, first time i saw him, Carcassonne and La Coruña. Yeahhh!!! Because im happy...
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    Walking down the memory lane... I'm truly missing these pure versions of songs, just Mika and the piano...
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    Mika is far, far away. Lost in the pacific islands
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    So glad that at least the show in Paris was filmed for TV so we have something to come back to now when the big show is apparently over... I watched it yesterday and it helped me a lot with being a bit sad about missing the last show. Social media is nice but sometimes it can hurt. I especially loved Paloma, I have to say it's not my favourite song on the setlist, but in Paris it seemed to be one of the best moments. Thank you again @carafon for sending me the link!
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    Happy Valentine day to everibody and especially to Mika and Andreas!!! 💖
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    PLEASEEEEEEE SUPPOOOOORTTTTT USS! http://chng.it/6fCRv2CLT9 that's my last request from you guys! Just support Im begging We need him in here
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    I have been watching this all day I love that during the origin of love the crowd held up coloured sheets of paper and lightened it with their phones! that happened at the panic! at the disco concert I went to during girl/girls/boys but with tiny paper hearts I hope fans keep doing stuff like this it must be very touching. 💕
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    And Perugia ticket bought......... Please Mikaddiction, leave my body!!!
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    Today I received an envelope and what I found inside? My prize from the contest for MFC anniversary!!!! Thank you very much, MFC ♥️ Now the only missing thing is Mika's autograph on it 😁 I will take care of it 👍
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    Here are some photos what I made at the concert in Strasbourg. It’s not all but a little bit so share with you ❤️
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    I don't know if MFC is the right place for it but since I can't discuss this on social media or irl, I thought I could try it here... What would you do, if someone really close to you express themselves in a slightly homophobic way? Would you try to convince him/her otherwise? Would you just ignore it and avoid this topic in conversations? Or would you even stop meeting such a person ? The thing is, I have a best friend I know for ages, she is the closest person I have in my life besides my family. But it really bothers me when she speaks about someone being gay as it would be a bad/not normal thing. I tried to explain it to her but I think it's not so easy to change her mind about it. She tolerates people being gay but she doesn't approve it if you know what I mean. And I really hate it but at the same time, I know she is not a bad person and it's really hard for me because she is like my sister. It's a similar feeling like when someone in your family says something you don't agree with but at the same time you don't want to argue about it because those people are so close to you but it still bothers you a lot. I hope it makes sense. What do you think about it?
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    So i had a friend over to my dorm room today and she was going through my library and found the song for sorrow book. she preceded to open it and look through all of the art. i saw her looking through it and explained to her what the book was and that theres music that goes with it. she then asked me to play Mikas music for her so she could look at the art with the music and guys, MY HEART MELTED AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! lol i couldn't pull out that CD fast enough. and even better, she liked his music. 😭
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    The kingdom of God is justice and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. (St. Paul) 😍😍
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    currently trying to survive with mika♥♫
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    però Mika dovrebbe fare più date in piemontee a novembre è volato via in un attimo .. i would like to meet Mika one day ...😰ma io a mika gliene offro quanti ne vuole di caffè oppure camomilla ...sapessi cosa e come fare pur di stare un po' con lui se voi del forum sapete come fare aiutatemi per far si di incontrarlooo
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    buon concerto per stasera!!! salutami Mika!!!!
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    Today, I heard Mika's music "Ice Cream" and I thought about what he said during one of his concerts: despite the worries, the rocks that fall on us and knock us down, we must dance! And if you think you're tired, that you can't take it anymore, dance !!! So, in the middle of this coffee shop on this rainy and sad day, I danced seated on a chair! I follow Mika's advice. I think people must have had a good laugh at the security cameras but I needed some comfort. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MnL9CEONfUA
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    doctor John,tocuhes you and good girl gone bad have been stuck in my head all day basically I'm in love with the boy who knew too much it's a masterpiece!
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    Mika n°1 forever!!! and ever!!!
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    I present you my new hat !
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    mika attention a ta santè don't go to Korea please 😰 siamo tutti seriamente preoccupati Mika non correre il rischio se ti ammalassi per me sarebbe la fine non fare come Elthon jonh ti pregooo 😭 ho paura per te!!!
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    I'm a hopeless dreamer about a Miga Gig in Germany, Cologne or Düsseldorf, or maybe my Bochum? Allow me my illusions, I know., Germany is dead for Mika