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    Electric energy in Brooklyn tonight! Mika is so comfortable in his skin and in his songs, and he shared that with us tonight. Some thoughts in no particular order: In the intro, there is a recording of Mika talking all about love: how love created the universe, and lit up the sun, and how the sun created all of us with its yellow light. During this recording the band is all on stage waiting, and you don't see Mika at all, and then he just runs on all at once! Red! Suit! Frilly! Shirt! CURLS!!! And Velcro Shoes???? Dear Jealousy was the second song he played (I think) -- beforehand, he talked for a bit about he hasn't been on tour in four years, and he is starting something new. To start something new, you have to start with new music, and this song was acknowledging something new...basically, how he is a "jealous bastard." 😂 Crowd reaction was great, it felt like everyone around me was either familiar with the song or caught on really quickly. The venue itself had great sound, high ceilings, and a very wide stage that meant a lot of people could get close. Mika did a good job of walking back and forth and giving energy to every corner of the room. Mika was really hamming it up, saying "this song is for my aunties..." he named all of the aunties, some of whom were here tonight, and his mother. Then he said "you'll see why I'll be getting 56 slaps in the face when you find out what song this is" -- then launched into Big Girl. The gig was also RECORDED, which was at first apparent because of the team with the huge camera who walked around filming for most of the concert. Mika also mentioned the name of an accomplished sound engineer who reached out to him about turning a show on this tour into a live album. Mika was saying he's never dropped a live album before! So this was the show that's going to be mixed into an album. When we were leaving the venue, they opened up the side door and you could see into what looked like all the sound engineers mixing right there. Setlist was almost the same as last night, with the omission of Sanremo Lots of LICM songs tonight, followed by TOOL. Plus all the new stuff! Funny, because I think those were the two albums he toured most on in the U.S. so it makes sense to stick within those tracklists. Sofia (not sure of MFC handle) gave Mika a cool jacket (I have photos below) with embroidery and patches that were relevant to the tour. He put it on and it fit perfectly! The renditions of the older songs are some of the best I've seen. Lollipop and Love Today really stand out. Lollipop, they start with a bit of a dueling pianos soundfest that resolves into what the crowd eventually recognizes as Lollipop. He had a spiel beforehand about how his mom told him to avoid the girl next door, but she didn't need to worry about the girl next door...it was the boy next door! Love Today he had the balcony and the floor wave at each other, then told us all to close our eyes and dance our hearts out because no one cares how you look. Encore was GK and a Tiny Love reprise that ended with Mika riffing off the theme of getting and staying high on a tiny love. He said "stay high!" as the last message before he went off stage. The new tracks were great, though the sound made Blue a little difficult to understand. Technically it is a very challenging song, and Mika sings most of it solo with very basic accompaniment. Very cool to see it live, and I'm looking foward to hearing it a couple more times. TOMORROW is a CLASSIC already, the chorus is so catchy and cleverly timed -- it's just doing what Mika does best: clever lyrics, interesting melody, timing that's a little different. He gave us the intro, that this song is about being "15 cm" away from someone in the back of an old Mercedes Benz and making a mistake that you may or may not regret. Pink is the color of sin. Especially when you grow up as a Catholic boy -- because pink is also the color of passion. He used this intro to talk about Origin of Love. This kind of comment is touching to see as a fan who has followed him for so long. He's so much more comfortable in his own skin and sexuality, and open in expressing that. One of the great joys of following Mika over the years is seeing him grow and process this part of his identity through music, and being able to process alongside him. He's come a long way. Show ended around 10:30pm, Mika came out around 11:30pm to sign. There was a big crowd and he must have spent about 20 minutes talking, taking photos, and autographing with everyone. He really made his way around the crowd and took time to talk to those who were at the front. Several times during the concert, he had mentioned how he hasn't been here in four years. So it seems he's making the time to get to know his fans over here. We are lucky! Some photos:
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    The Bowery Presents https://thebowerypresents.tumblr.com/post/187686239987/mikaphotos Professional photos
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    Naughty Mika (see the end of the video...) and here, video #5 (Big Girl) Btw if you search for the location Brooklyn Steel on Instagram and choose the most recent posts view, you'll get LOTS of pix and videoclips!
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    We use this expression in Italian, don't know if there's a similar one in French. It means having a lot of success when on stage, doing a performance very well. For example, if a concert has a big response from the public, we say that the artist "ate the stage", provoked a huge/positive reaction. So in this case, he would have a big success, if he found the right show to perform in. Could it be what he meant?
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    I know, it's always a big dilemma : to start recording, or just live the moment and forget about everything else. That's why we appreciate every picture, video, and every report, it means a lot! 😘
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    This. song. is. so. good!!!
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    Vi ricordo l'appuntamento di domani sera, sul canale 36 del digitale terrestre oppure sul canale 750 di Sky, con Mika all'Arena di Verona per l'evento di RTL, che premia i tormentoni dell'estate 2019. https://www.teamworld.it/concerti-festival/rtl-102-5-power-hits-estate-2019-biglietti-e-artisti-9-settembre-allarena-di-verona/ Buona visione!
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    Isn't "Stay High" on this story from Amanda Cerny? 2132269895249187670179779999.mp4
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    I hope it's not "I went to hell last night"! Maybe the one about Jealousy... We might know at midnight - if the lyrics are easier to interpret than for Tiny Love It's a long time since Xmas though, he might've thrown it out.
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    Next Monday the 9th of September Mika will be a performing on the concert POWER HITS ESTATE 2019 organized by radio RTL 102,5. The concert starts at 20:30. https://www.rtl.it/power-hits-estate/2019/l-evento/?fbclid=IwAR3ciy3o7tITiAizelZQ5X56JXTnk4GbKXLJu7eeGGVptuRlzTK4tToI8Yk RTL 102.5, in collaboration with EarOne, launched the ranking of the first 50 songs played by Italian radio stations that awarded the summer 2019 hit. The first Italian radio network provided a new point of view in terms of appreciation of the songs in the competition on the basis of a double criterion: on the one hand the opinions expressed by its audience, on the other the media exposure of the tracks on the front of the radio . On September 9, 2019, the summer 2019 hit will be announced, the winning song of the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019, during a great live radio show, broadcast live on RTL 102.5, from the Verona Arena. During the evening, in addition to the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019” award, the following awards will be assigned directly by the Fimi, Pmi and Siae associations: - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - Fimi the best-selling Italian single in the period June-July-August (gfk data) - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 award - PMI to the independent single most played by radio - the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate 2019 - SIAE award for the most played song in all musical events in Italy - from 24 June to 06 September 2019 - for which the new SIAE music program was compiled online through myBorderò. For the third consecutive year RTL 102.5 organizes " RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate ", the biggest summer music event ! On 09 September 2019, at 8.30 pm, tune in to RTL 102.5 ! Follow the live from the Verona Arena to discover the summer's hit together! They will be with us on stage: ACHILLE LAURO BABY K BENJI & FEDE BOOMDABASH FT. ALESSANDRA AMOROSO CALCUTTA CHARLIE CHARLES WITH DARDUST FT. SPHERE EBBASTA, MAHMOOD, FABRI FIBRA COEZ SWEET BLACK ELISA X CARL BRAVE ELODIE & MARRACASH FABIO ROVAZZI FRED DE PALMA FT. ANA MENA GAZZELLE Ghali GIGI D'ALESSIO Irama J-AX THE VIBRATIONS LEVANTE LEWIS CAPALDI LOREDANA BERTÈ LP MEDUZA FT. GOODBOYS MIKA OneRepublic TAKAGI & KETRA FT. GIUSY FERRERI THE KOLORS THEGIORNALISTI TIROMANCINO AND GREAT GUESTS TO SURPRISE! The summer of 2019 , the winner of the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate” award, will be the song in first place in the combination of two special rankings: that of the 50 songs most broadcast by all Italian radios (the EarOne ranking) , and the approval of the public through the votes expressed on the site rtl.it RTL 102.5 Very Normal People
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    Maybe didn't expect so many answers and being in a big trouble to make a choice The skull could also be one of his ancestors laughting at him…. As for the knife it may be associated to the rope ……..that depending on the global meaning could be kind of an umbilical cord ??? Could be kind of "if I want a MH3 I have to know who is MH2 ??🤔 Or need to liberate MH from Mika ? If we go back to the suicidal tendency ,the beginning could be a missed hanging (as there's the rope on the chair) that could explain that they are both out of breathe And the split of Mika and MH could happen out of this missing ….like falling on the floor the one person would break into 2 separate ones who sometimes hate and sometimes love each others ?
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    at Brooklyn Steel, NYC
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    This part is the most difficult to sing for me. He's is so fast that my tongue rolls up like a twister. It's coming out to get us, get us You better run away while it let us 'Cause like it or not Every day we get a little better at jealousy We got one thing in common Amen Only problem is that it's wrong and Every single person, even you, even me Is jealousy
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    Sometimes it's hard to translate word by word. For me it rather should be "the single for the official release of the album" - in a meaning that it will be the last single before the album release.
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    Tiny Love from 2019/09/Dal-Teatro-del-Silenzio-Andrea-Bocelli-Ali-di-Liberta 2019.09.14_Rai1_ Ali_di_Libertà-Tiny_Love.mp4
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    @superstar @cat_loves_mika thank you so much for your reports While reading them I felt nervous and excited. I'm so happy for you
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    This one sounds so good! I hope we will get a video of the entire song.
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    That introduction at the gig suggests that it's about Michael being jealous of Mika: or vice versa - as in the lyrics it's "thought I was the one who's jealous but you're jealous of me".
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    I love your explanations Mellody, the video totally makes sense Mika did go back on our stories today and I'm glad he did
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    At this point: I don't need to be the richest guy [?] is enough I hear "I don't need to be the richest, I know enough is enough", without the word guy
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    Anyone meeting before queueing? I’m here now, am hungry and ready for show!
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    Tomorrow at 8AM on RTL2 And saturday 12h on RFM
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    I'm going as soon as I put my stuff down at the hotel, late afternoon, I think.
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    W.I.Z. shooting a video at Rijeka in Croatia today. INSTAGRAM IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/casasanvito/ 70384277_780522975697537_216817565432223115_n.mp4 70521329_123385349026655_6660053234551570350_n.mp4
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    At first I didn't know what to think, but the more I listen to it, the more I get to understand it. It's, in my case, one of those songs that need time, to get the intention behind it, process it. After this third single, it seems to me that the fil rouge of this album is the imagery. They're so different, yet each one of them allows you to see a clear picture of what he's narrating, it's all extremely evocative. Just like he said, a proper journey through songs. Can't wait to discover the rest of it!
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    Mika IG story
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    Thank you @Mikasister! Of course, I've heard them all and the newest one, Dear Jealousy, is currently on repeat 😅 So far, Tiny Love is my number 1, I think that it did finally beat The Origin of Love as my fav song ever. But I am super excited about Tomorrow as well.
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    At least we can see this performace in a full light! It sound so different with an orchestra. A musical? A cartoon movie? It's more gentle, more delicate. Maybe Mika had some music in his head from the times when he was supposed to write "The Greatest Showman"? BTW: He again underestimated himself: the dumbest in the family because he speaks "only" 4 languages!!!! Oh,Mika, you are a genius!!!!!
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    @mellody @Poisonyoulove Thank you! I hear "T-shirt off", but I'm not sure
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    woow thank for photo is Amazing i wait for him next 24 november in Turin i hope
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    Forthcoming means "Next, that is ready to come out". It's not fourth coming.
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    He started at around 9. Opening singer had short set. Accoustic BTW, I was right of stage, great view of piano & lighting was good. I'm heading there tonight.
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    Thanks @Marika for finding the lyrics - although not complete yet, but they give an idea. The topic sounds like it might be the follow-up for Promiseland. Although it's hard to tell, some bits seem very clear (like "I can't even write a song if you're standing over me'), but other parts just don't make sense. Anyway, if it really is about Mika being jealous, that's certainly a side I didn't know of him, he never seemed to me like a jealous person, rather the opposite. The only hint to it was Promiseland, that's why I connect these 2 songs. Btw I'm tired, would love to go to bed but I can't, I need to hear that song first! 🙈
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    @mellody it is always worth the wait! Amy Wadge was a guest of The Art of Song in January.
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    Ciao Gabry😊 scusa la mia ignoranza, ma cos'è Late Nigth?
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    Hi @rubberduckiiz2! Thanks for the suggestion! I am interested in checking this ice-cream place out ... something to bribe the kids with before the gig so that they behave :). We are coming to LA the night before, so I can send a private email to you and everyone interested in getting together closer to the gig date with my phone # and we can then just text each other to confirm the plans.
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    Are you sure that it's Melachi ? ItsSeems to me that this dog is older than 9 yo
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    I'm staying in Manhattan too (midtown). If there's several of us maybe we could all split a cab or an Uber or something.
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    In 2019, Mika works busy for "My Name Is Michael Holbrook" promotions. Here is a thread for Belgian press information ! June Chérie FM [ Le Réveil Chérie ] on 3 June 2019 RADIO [ NRJ Belgique ] on 28 June 2019 RADIO [ VivaCité - RTB Quoi de neuf? ] 28 June 2019 Nostalgie Belgique on 28 June 2019 July Radio Contact INTERVIEW on 5 July 2019 RTBF "Les Petits Papiers" 7 July 2019 September Cheri FM on 6 September 2019
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    Mika IG stories
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    Jodi Marr tweets "Mika lollipop on Saturday Night Live! MIKA"
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    The First EUROPEAN LIVE SHOW OF 2016 !!! ======== REPORT ======== tiibet #16 report frenchfan84 #34 Sabine64 #46 Melyssa #51 daeni28 #60 ======== VIDEO ======== Periscope by Grazia : uploaded by Lucrezia Mika - Bourges 1 / Mika - Bourges 2 daeni28 Porcelain / GK Talk before Big Girl Boum boum boum Talk boum boum boum Lollipop Happy Ending Lovetoday Talk lovetoday Sabine64 Snippet of Good Wife Good Guys Last Party K'mille AC Porcelain Porcelain Underwater Elle me dit Origin of Love Love Today Happy Ending Boum Boum Boum Good Guys Last Party Grace Kelly Big Girl Good Wife Lollipop Talk about you Relax Staring at the sun Mika @ Printemps de Bourges - Sortie AmyWings Boum Boum Boum (Speech) Happy Ending Porcelain Underwater Sortie - Mika @ PrintempsdeBourges ======= PHOTOS ======= tiibet photo gallery Melyssa #66 / #67 valerria #72 #73 ======= MEDIA =======