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    These are the lyrics as I hear them, after about a thousand listens! [ brackets ] around what I'm not positive about. When I hear that sound I know what's coming around 39 degrees Too hot for the breeze [bees?] Grass is turning yellow Streets are slow and mellow Faucet keeps on drippin' And the clock it keeps on tickin' Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny brand new teeth Laughing at my body as it's sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses [sex is?] on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more [Still working on the second verse where they're coming down the runway but the sound is so fuzzy...] [something] car [something] far Lose the space to stand in Temperature's so hot Everywhere I'm so heavy [something] [something] Til then I've ever been Swimming pool is laughing with its shiny brand new teeth Laughing at my body as its sweltering with heat Smell of colored plastic Baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration My senses (sex is?) on the run I want your ice cream (I want it) lying in the sun I want your ice cream (I want it) melting on my tongue I want your ice cream (I want it) Whatcha waitin' for I want it Ice cream every bite All I want is more And yes, it's a very Prince meets George Michael vibe, that's the first thing I said as soon as I heard it! It is SO DAMN GOOD!
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    Only when I see a new post here, hoping it might be actual news... (Hello to everyone who clicked on here for the same reason! )
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    Anybody wants to listen to Mika's new music? IG Story from today 1924807385060569491_179779999.mp4
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    Thanks, Eriko! It reminds me of a Prince's song, I don't know why Edit: I know, it reminds me of Cream, even the choreography:
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    Yes. I think it's a little spontaneous gift for MFC. Everyone of the old MFCers knows what it means. They tried to catch it on camera in 2007, but all he said when the camera was on was "no chicken tonight!". And now, 12 years later, we got it on video from him.
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    Things get better today. Little by little everything is solved.
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    I did a translation into Polish for my website. Here is a transaltion from Polish into English. Sorry if any meanings are missed. Didier Varrod talks with artists in a rather specific atmosphere - this is not just a radio studio, but rather a space reminiscent of a café. This episode includes Mika, Jeanne Cherhal, Cocoon, Terrenoire, Nelson Beer, Arthur Ely and Clio. The interview with Mike was the first, but he also commented on the interviews with other guests. Here are the most interesting fragments of the interview: Didier: For the first time in our program, we will hear what Mika tells us. His name is Michael Holbrook. Born in 1983. Sometimes these are two sentences that define us and save us life. Good evening, Mika. I am very happy that you are with us today. This is our first meeting. Now, when I met so many artists, we rarely see a guest who is in the program for the first time. How do you do? Mika: Very good. At the same time, I must admit that I am very tired. I did not think there was such a nice atmosphere here. We are surrounded by so many people. As if it was a radio program during the festival. This is very rare. Radio for artists can be annoying. You have to get up at five, six in the morning. And we finish around eight in the evening. We are very isolated between various radio stations and we repeat the same information constantly. Here it is different: we are surrounded by people who sit next to us, drink drinks. 😧 We will try not to repeat the information, but we will try to talk about what is related to the new album. We know that everything began with the search for your own identity. In fact, it's nothing new, because I have the impression that from the beginning of your career there is the subject of identity, searching for who you really are. And when you find it out, you will stop singing. So that's good news. M: Absolutely. We are responsible for that. We are artists, composers, musicians. I think that every guest invited here today asks homself the same questions when composing a song: who we are, what we want, what we like, what our desires are. Yes, I always asked myself who I was to understand who I would become in the future. But each time the situation is a bit different. And this time too, the situation is different. 😧 Artists usually choose a pseudonym - stage name. You took half of your name, half ofyour identity. You did not invent something that did not exist. M: It was not even a choice. My mother is a Lebanese, an father is an American. My father is WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). I was born in Beirut, where my family went in connection with my father's work. My father was born in Jerusalem, he grew up in Cairo, Washington and many other places because his father was a diplomat. So his identity was very twisted. My mother also had an interesting story. She was born when her mother was 16 years old. And her father was 60 years old. He was a Syrian, she was a Lebanese. When she went to New York, she did not speak English. And then she gave birth to my mother. My parents met twice and then they got married. My mother decided to leave America. I was born as the third child. There are five of us. My family comes from the city of Savannah, Georgia. There was a certain tradition there. Father begged my mother: name your son Michael Holbrook Penniman Junior. And if he ever has a son, he will be called Michael Holbrook Penniman III. My mother then agreed, but one and a half hours after my birth she said she did not like the name and her son would be called Mika. So I'm Mika from the moment I was born. And this Mika became an artist. Only recently, watching the changes in my family, in my surroundings, I decided to look at this part of my life related to America. I started searching for my identity and topic for new songs. 😧 Often people like to sing this song: "last night DJ saved my life" (yesterday evening DJ saved my life). In my case, the DJ often saved my life. For you there are words. M: That's true. I love words. People think that I am ... that I would call myself a "musical prostitute". I'm really seduced by music. It can be any style: rap, classical music, Wagner, or Dolly Parton. When I hear music, I feel seduced. I love music. But I must admit that when I'm working on a song, I'm obsessed with words and images. I rely on images. 😧 And those first words of the song "My name is Michael Holbrook" saved your life. They introduced you with the creation process. Because you've been on the verge of panic before. It was the white card syndrome. M: Yes, this syndrome is the worst thing that can happen to the person who creates it. It was not even panic. It was worse. Complacency. It was a strange feeling. I was looking for a point from which I could start. I took my dogs to the car and I drove to Savannah Georgia. I visited the Bonaventure cemetery. 😧 It's a bit strange to visit the deads. M: I did not think about it. But cemeteries are beautiful. I visit them often. For example, I recently went to Venice. And I did not want to visit the cathedral or the palace. I went to see the Island of the Dead. Diaghilev, Stravinsky is buried there ... So I went there (Savannah) and discovered that a large part of the cemetery was reserved for my family. For the Penniman family. And all men were named Michael, Holbrook, William and Frederick. And I thought it was part of me. This is a place where cotton fields once were, slaves. I who was born in Beirut and had to face another part of myself. I was a little lost. And when I returned home, I sat down to the piano and unknowingly played .... My name is Michael Holbrook I was born in 1983 ... and bam! 😧 And this is how one sentence can save a life. Death, asses, Eros, Euthanatos, everything is also included in the song from the album, which will be released soon. ("Ice Cream") 😧 From the information I have, I imagine that your new album could be illustrated by these songs (Didier plays fragments of various songs, including George Michael, Maxime Leforestier, Aldebert, Alain Souchan, Aertha Kitt, and Fiona Apple) Mika: This is an illustration of my whole life. My childhood, especially my growing time and adult life. These are songs that are very important to me. I remember that when I first listened to Fiony Apple's "Paper Bag" song, I became crazy about every detail. To the extent that I hired a drummer who you hear here to play on my first album. This is Matt Chamberlain. D; Good evening, Jeanne Cherhal. It looks like Fiona Apple also has an impact on your new album. Jeanne: Yes, exactly. Mika mentioned Matt Chamberlain. I met him. I really wanted him to play on my new album. My favorite album is her (Fiona's) second album "When the Pawn". There are two drummers there: Jim Keltner and Matt Chamberlain. And I managed to have both! M: Really? It must have cost you a lot! J: It costs a little. He's an American drummer. M: It's a different culture. You have to explain what is going on. J: He works very fast. M: He works fast. But you have to pay for his assistant. You have to pay for a truck that goes next to the studio. I was in Matt's truck. He probably had about forty sets inside. J: I was in his recording studio. We recorded there. But it is true that there was plenty of equipment there. It's impressive. D; But let's go back to the illustration ... J: let's finish the drummers' history. M: Everyone falls in love with drummers. Everyone wants to go to bed with a drummer. D; Really? Mika: Of course. D; Because they are well built? M (laughing): No. They are the easiest. J: What do we learn here? D; "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael. Did you want to throw in a little of George Michael or INXS, Michael Hutchence in your first single? M: Yes, this sensuality that raises the temperature. I wondered if we were allowed to do so. Why not? And when I wrote words to "Ice Cream", which are full of images ... of sensuality, carnality... I asked myself if I could dare. But in the end, it's just a song. Why wonder at all? Do it. If it is beautiful, no matter what the text is about. If it's beautiful, then you can do it. You can talk about everything if you keep your elegance. This is our artistic code. J: I agree with you. Taboo does not exist. Everything is a matter of form. D; In my musical illustration there were songs like "Mon Pere est hero" and "My Heart Belongs is Daddy". Is your father a hero? M: He is a quiet hero, almost invisible. But he is very present. He is still with my mother. And probably even at the moment both listen to this program. Yes, my father is a hero. My mother can dominate. I come from a matriarchal family. So all women dominate. I have many mothers. I also work with my sisters. So my father kept to the back. But he was always present in our lives. And I'm more and more fascinated by him. When I was 25, I could not appreciate what he was like. But now, at 35, I see his advantages much more easily. I used to be almost blind. It takes time to create bonds ... the ties between son and mother are more evident. The ties between son and father are more complicated. I think so. D; You are 36 years old. M: I am 35 years old. But age is not important to me. D; So you are 35 years old and in 4-5 years you may be able to release a CD about forty years old man. This is a reference to Jeanne Cherhal's new song "L'An 40", which we played for the first time today at 5:40 in France Inter. J: Really? I was still sleeping! 😧 Charles Peguy wrote: "40 years is the age when we become who we are" ...... .. The conversation is about Jeanne Charhel's style of play on the piano. We hear a fragment of a work from the program dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the death of the French artist Barbara. D; We just talked about drummers. This style of piano playing ... M: That is wonderful. Yes, I have been listening to this when you were talking. It is beautiful. D; In addition, you love Barbara. M: I love Barbara! I learned about her thanks to my friend Doriand. For a month I listened only to her recordings. From morning to evening. It was an icon ... When I first met Brian May (from The Queen), he explained something to me. He said: "Everyone was wrong. Freddy Mercury played the piano like a drummer. He was the main drummer of The Queen. " I do not know what their drummer thought about it. But that was it. This drums-like playing attracted us. Especially at concerts. Not necessarily on the discs, but definitely on stage. J: That is what we imagined with Bashar (the talk about the song heard). We took the piano for the drums. ......... .. D to Jeanne: You talk a lot about strong women. Christine (Chris) also belongs to such. What does this mean to you? J: It's above all a woman who is in harmony with her femininity. A woman who wants to have her place in society and does not have to apologize for that .... I have the impression that for some three years we have been experiencing the return of a great wave of feminism ... since #metoo. I am glad that 19-20-year-old women are much more aware and active than we were at their age. I mean egalitarian, intelligent feminism. D; "Feminite feminin". And what do you think about it, Mika? M: I absolutely agree with Jeanne. I also like the term "feminite feminin". Because a strong woman can manifest in very diverse forms. A strong woman is also expressed through gentleness. It can be a mother who works from morning to evening, who raises children and treats it as her job. There are so many different mothers, so many different women. So many artists, businesswomen. The conversation comes down to the subject of the word "female" used by Mike. But this is a purely linguistic matter and it is difficult to capture its meaning in other languages. M: I grew up in a women's environment. I've mentioned it before. D; Are women in your matriarchal world strong? M: Of course. They are very different. My aunts, my grandmother, who was like a viper. A delicious viper. She happened to bite. She was an amazing, strong woman. She had her own unique color. And even if there was a period when I hated it, the color was special. There are also women and girls in my family that are more gentle. I never generalized when it comes to women. Maybe I was raised in special conditions. But now I think it was a great privilege. ......... .. D; Mika, has your participation in The Voice over the past few years created a similar field of action as in the creation process? M: No, this is something else. There is an artistic side in it, of course, but ... D; Is this also the search for identity? Passing it on to your own children or young people wanting to show you their own world? M: With some of them yes, but notwith everyone. Most of them think I'm crazy and aggressive and I'm just there to bother them. But I think that what you said is very interesting. The artistic process in The Voice, which is based on coaching, is the whole story. This is not an easy task. Really. When you sit in this red chair, it is not easy to speak, to find an explanation, not to change yourself in front of the camera. And it all happens in a very commercial context. This is TF1, in "prime time" and you have to stay yourself. Nelson Beer (another guest): I would like to know how much you rely on the scenario. M: There is no scenario. It has never been. Only for Nikos. Ab-so-lut-ly we do not have a scenario. Of course, there is an edition process. Otherwise, the episode would last three and a half hours. In other countries, everything is prepared. They have ipads and small earphones in which the prodction suggests what to say. We have nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And so it is from the beginning. The producers understood that in this way the program is more credible. D; Mika, if you want to stay with us, feel yourself invited. If you must go now, you are free. Make yourself at home. In any case, the album will be released in September? M: No, in October. October the 4th. D; Ah, so we have to wait a little longer. M: Yes, you have to wait a bit, but in the meantime new things will appear. D; Are you happy? M: Very. I understand that what I do is a great privilege. Writing songs is a zone where I feel really happy. And even if I'm a bit pessimistic by nature, when something beautiful happens to me, I am delighted and surprised every time. I will stick to it. I am not afraid to look into the future, because I see that life offers me a lot of beautiful things. ........
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    I was listening to this song today and thought about what he said about discipline and also that he managed to describe that very well. The amount of love young musicians have for music must be enormous, so they have the discipline to continue day after day to be good enough to be professional musicians. That gives such a literal meaning for "the sound of my love for you". The music they make is literally the sound of their love. Then there's the symbolic meaning which is quite poetic actually. A lovely thought. I really like it when songs grow this way the more I listen to them.
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    Okay so here I come! This is little christmas tree standing in my room This is the one standing in the main room And this is christmas tree from my classroom with ornaments made by my pupils
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    Mika will be a guest at the Vanity Fair stories in Milan the 24th of November 2018 at the Palazzo Cinema Anteo. https://www.facebook.com/6006248039/posts/10156168290048040/
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    Enjoy this Sunday with this sweet voice
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    I wouldn't have counted this sculpture to the Mika world, if they hadn't posted those hashtags. But the post is about the sculpture, not the car, and on a closer look, that sculpture does look somewhat Mika-ish. This combination of colourful bricks and gold, the reference to food / cooking (spoon & bowl) could well be something out of Mika's mind. A part of the album artwork maybe? Didn't he have some book about menu cards for inspiration? But Peasant wedding...? somehow it doesn't make sense yet. It does make me curious though and I'm sure that was their intention.
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    At least he no longer thinks he's pregnant. It's just sex with basslines.
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    @Kumazzz Each week "Le Monde" interviews a celebrity starting from a key moment of their lives. This week the singer explains how music became something obvious in his life, between Beirut, Paris and London, but always surrounded by his family and friends. Singer-songwriter-composer of an euphoric pop music, Mika has sold more than 10 millions of records since the success of his first album, Life in Cartoon Motion. The Lebanese-American singer, who is 35 years old, will soon be again, starting on February 9th, one of the coaches of the show "The Voice", on TF1, and he's about to release a fifth album. I would not be here if ... If I had not be en sleepwalking. At night, from when I turned seven to the beginning of adolescence, I moved furniture in the apartment. I even went out on the street without my parents realizing it. Once, the garbage men brough t me back in pajamas and socks. My mother ended up blocking the door of my room. This somnambulism was magic in my daily life. Do not control everything, let the unconscious lead me without thinking about the consequences, that's how I became the person and the artist that I am. Being unconscious is essential to my survival. Before you were Mika, you were born as Michael Holbrook Penniman, in 1983, in Lebanon, in a maronite christian family who was forced to flee a year later to run away from war. Daily life in Beirut had become very difficult and dangerous. One night, half the apartment was destroyed by a bombing raid. My mother is Lebanese-Syrian but my father is American, born in Jerusalem, raised in Cairo, in Washington, in London...They were able to go to Cyprus, then they chose Paris. There was a link with Lebanon. My mother had learned French. What memory do you keep of your Parisian years? Celui d’une enfance très joyeuse. The memory of a very joyful childhood. We lived in the 16th arrondissement, square Lamartine, my father had a very job in finance, I was going to a little private school called le cours Victor-Hugo. At home it was Paris-Beirut. The food was nourriture était Franco-Arab. Many people were waiting for the end of the war at our place. Time was a bit suspended. My mother made children clothes.Her workshop was in the dining room and in the living room. As she had many orders in the big stores, you could hear the noise of the sewing machine even during the night. We were allowed to go with her in le Sentier to choose material for our clothes that she made herself. My shorts, my shirts, my bow ties were a way to express myself, to have fun. At Christmas, we had to make ourselves the presents, and we were forbidden to buy them – anyway, we had no pocket money. Creating normal, it was life. And music was part of this. So how did your taste for music develop? I took piano lessons with twins sisters, who were a bit old, who were constantly eating cakes. One would sit on my right side and the other on my left side, one took care of my left hand and the other my right hand. Everything was going well. I was reading music, I was starting to play...and above all there was music all day long, in this apartment where life was very intense. My mother, the seamstresses, everyone sang along with Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Georges Moustaki, Jean Ferrat, Gainsbourg, The Rolling Stones, Fairouz, Oum Kalthoum… music became something obvious for me. I had cases filled with cassettes that I recorded, I made my "playlists" sorted out by par emotion and by color – because I "felt" music red or green. When things went wrong, the sound of the music was turned up in my house. What happened? My father was sent on a business trip to Kuweït by his bank. He got caught in the invasion of Koweït by Saddam Hussein, during the first gulf war, and he was held hostage in the American embassy during eight months. We had no way to be in touch, just a fax once in a while. The stability we had known so far with my sisters collapsed.When my father came back with a beard and Quand mon père est revenu, barbu, thinner, his eyes were different. We didn't call him "dad" any more but " Mike", I don't know why. After the trauma he had lived, it became difficult, he was fired. We lost everything. I learned how to deal with the bailiffs: when they ring, say that there are no adults in the house, that you can't open because you don't know them. But on their fourth visit, I saw them take everything, I was seated on the red couch. I will never forgive a system that allows that. This invasion in what is sacred, home. This is unjustified punishment... How did your parents react? My father was more and more silent. My mother, extremely determined. One night we crammed together in the Toyota Previa and we left for London. We ended up in bed & breakfast. It was supposed to last two weeks, we stayed for two years. When my father didn't earn enough money, my mother worked in a kitchen. When you were 8, you started going to elementary school in the Lycée français in London. And you became a victim of bullying as you explained at the end of 2018, during the national day against this plague... I had problems because suddenly I became dyslexic. I forgot theory, and even how to read and write. It was gone! I spoke English with a Parisian accent. I was dressed with my pink shorts, my overalls with yellow polka dots, my bow tie in the same material. In Paris, people took pics of me when I was going to fashion shows with my mother. There I was an extra terrestrial! A teacher who always wore a purple coat and a little black hat picked me, along with two other pupils, as a victim of her anger. She made me climb up on a chair and she humiliated me, saying in front of everyone that I was stupid, lazy, that all I wanted to to was playing – fortunately, I haven't changed! She wrote atrocious poems about us that the other pupils had to recite. I stopped talking, I wanted to become invisible, I didn't want to be there any more. At my house, it was the same, I barely talked any more, I didn't listen to music any more. My parents didn't understand. Until one day, when she was bringing my schoolbag in my class, my sister Paloma heard my teacher talk to me. My father came, he repeated to the teacher the words she had said and she fainted. I was expelled from school by the headmaster. I walked back home jumping and singing "The witch is dead!" I had in my head the image of the bad witch of Oz who melts because of the water. What did you do to keep busy while you were out of school? I used to go to the park with three ladies, a Spanish one, a Lebanese one and a Moroccan one who spent time in my house drinking tea and singing. Then, my mother hired a piano teacher who had just arrived from Russia. He didn't speak much and he smelt that sweat that comes from several hours of playing the piano. When he realized I couldn't read music, his expression changed. The following week he sent his wife to take over him. An opera singer who seemed out of the 20s, with her long embroidered collar. She was supposed to give me piano lessons but actually she didn't play the piano. She began singing melodies, I sang with her. The melodies became complicated, they turned into melodies by Schubert, by Brahms, by Britten. Three months later, I had my first job. At the age of 9, I was a chorister at the Royal Opera, in Die Frau ohne Schatten, by Richard Strauss. The theater! Covent Garden ! This giant magical box, red and golden where people sing, where people don't work in a bank, where people don't go to school, they get on the stage and life goes by fast.I decided that was what I wanted to do. But you had to go back to school, after a few months? Yes because the children who were in a little school nearby my house saw me everyday play with my two rabbits and heard me sing. They complained to the headmaster. It was unacceptable that all I did was playing! The headmaster asked me to spell words and he realized I had lots of problems. I went back to school, but my mother made a deal, and I had a huge tolerance so as to go on with music. As a young man you were admitted to the Royal College of Music. How did you finally go from lyrical to pop music? Royal College was a dream. Its cacophony reminded me of my mother's living room, in Paris. But I understood that I wasn't as strong as the other lyrical singers. So I had to write my own songs. With the money I made as a waiter, and with other students' help, I made pop songs demos. The voice on Happy Ending, for example, is Ida Falk Winland’s , who became a great opera singer. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I started recording songs when I was 11 years old. I traded musics I made for commercials for hours in a recording studio. After, I used to go to Sony's , EMI's , Warner's offices with my “ghetto-blaster” [cassette and radio player in the 70s-80s famous for its huge size]. I would play my songs to the secretary, who had no idea what to do with them and would sent me to another secretary, and I climbed up the building that way. There was always a time when I would get a refusal from the label, with a logo by my name. I was proud, I existed! After all these rejections, how could your career start? Since no one wanted to sign me, I went back to the main workshop: my house. My mother made clothes for me, I changed the " C" of Mica into " K" so it would be stronger, we drew a CD sleeve and a logo with my sister Yasmine, we took photos with my mother's Olympus , I interviewed myself, we put all that in a big black cardboard box, with a red ribbon around it, as if it were a CD collector. I took it to the majors. It didn't work right away. But the boss of Universal in England ended up giving me an appointment in a hotel. He asked me to sit at the piano and to sing. My first single, Grace Kelly, is a raging song against all these people in the music industry who didn't want me. Your first album "Life in Cartoon Motion" which was released in 2007 sold 7 millions copies all over the world, among which more than 1 million in France. And you find yourself in Parc des Princes in front of 50 000 people in July 2018. How do you react to this rapid success? I sing, I don't care about the rest. I still go on doing my singer job that I started at a young age with the same team, family and friends. I am less afraid in Parc des Princes than in opera: there it is my own music, it's a party! Your latest album, "No Place in Heaven" (platinum album in France) was released in 2015. Will your fifth album be released this year? Yes. It took me a year more than the others to create it. I write my lyrics, my melodies, I coproduce, make the artwork with my sister, all is handmade Music industry has changed a lot over this past decade, with the urban trends. More than ever, what I must do is follow my creativity, work with the melody, tell stories my way, with images, with characters, with colors. Stories sometimes like fairy tales, sometimes extremely dark, dirty, painful... Creating a world in which you can lose yourself during an hour and a half. You have been of the judges in the show "The Voice" since 2014. What attracts you about TV? I like that way of talking about music, as if you were in a pub talking with friends about what you're listening to. I also find interesting to develop someone's potential over a short and intense period of time. If that type of show had existed when I was trying to break through it might have been an option. But I'm not sure I would have made it. Each time I auditioned I was among the first ones to be rejected. I am rather bad at singing other people's songs. Your Syrian grandfather on your mother's side moved to the United States in 1918, your parents moved from Lebanon with you. What do you think about what's happening to the Syrian refugees who are trying to get to Europe? It is the most important human story of our time. Seeing that human beings are reduced to statistics bothers me a lot. I don't know anyone who would not give their hand to grab if someone was drowning in front of them. Yet that is what politicians are doing with their words.
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    I had the opportunity to paticipate at the Vanity Fair Stories and to be present at the Mika's talk. 😊 I loved the two texts he read and how he read them. ❤ It's always a pleasure hear what he has to tell and I'm very happy to be there. 😍 My pics:
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    I wanted to share this. My desktop wallpaper, I found it from here from somewhere. Superb photo.
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    5 clips into one, re-uploaded to YouTube
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    This one from a page of "SNOOZER" Japanese magazine in 2009.
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    so curious what is going to be the main concept for the album
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    4 years today of this crazy trip to Milan signing sessions for swatch *sigh*
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    Nikos IG story Bon anniversaire Jenifer Jenifer ( (born 15 November 1982 in Nice, France)
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    Eriko, look, I found a lot of beautiful birds for your collection of birds pictures . But be careful, it's a rare species, and protected by many fans. 😍
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    Contest by MFC! Questo weekend anche MIKA sarà fra gli ospiti della Wired Next Fest 2018! Due di voi avranno la possibilità di sedere proprio di fronte a lui! Se siete maggiorenni, potete scrivere a mfccontest@gmail.com il vostro nome, la vostra età, numero di telefono insieme al nome e all’età dell’amico/a che vorreste portare con voi. Mi raccomando, fatelo entro le ore 23h di oggi (27 settembre) e, se fortunati, dovrete presentarvi sul posto alle ore 17.30 (un’ora prima dell’inizio) di domenica 30 settembre. Non potete proprio partecipare? RICORDATE: l’evento sarà in diretta qui: https://www.facebook.com/wireditalia/ BUONA FORTUNA! N.B. : Il nostro concorso è separato da quello postato su Facebook sulla pagina ufficiale di MIKA. Potete partecipare ad entrambi, ma vincere soltanto uno dei due. ______________________________________ This weekend, Mika will be among the guests of Wired Next Fest 2018! Two of you have the chance to sit right in front of him! If you are at least 18 years old, send an email to mfccontest@gmail.com with your name, your age, and your telephone number along with the name and age of a companion that you would bring with you. Send your entry by 11 p.m. today (27 September) and if you win, you will need to be at the Next Fest in Florence by 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, 30 September (an hour before Mika's talk begins). If you can't be there in person, don't worry! The event will be livestreamed here: https://www.facebook.com/wireditalia/ GOOD LUCK! PS Our contest is separate from the giveaway that's currently on MIKA's official FB page. You can enter both, but can only win once! Good luck to everyone! 🤞
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    Omg, y’all are gonna make me cry! Thank you so much for all the incredibly kind words! I really got great joy from writing this essay because I felt like it was something I just had to get out. I’m so absolutely flattered that it meant so much to everyone. Especially the comments that you wish Mika could read it - that might be the highest compliment you can bestow. You’re all so lovely, thank you 💗 Wow, I don’t even know what to say. You are so welcome, thank YOU.
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    Hi Everyone! I feel very late to the party on this Mika fan page as it doesn't seem very active at the moment! But anyway... I have been a fan of Mika since he began in 2007, my parents got me his first album "Life In A Cartoon Motion" and this was the first album I had owned myself and I would listen to it all the time! I was 7 years old at this point and I remember Mika being very popular here in England, all of his singles from his first album were hits. However I never heard about him after another successful hit of "We Are Golden". Since I was fairly young at the time I was moving on to other artists to listen to and didn't know he released more music as they did not do very well in the UK. Now I am 18 years old and since I really dislike a lot of today's mainstream music I went through my music collection and found my Mika album and decided to do some research on him. I realized he hasn't stopped releasing music. I got nostalgia listening to his first album again, especially listening to my favorite Mika song at the moment "Relax Take It Easy". I recently got his second album which is similar in some ways to his first album, I really like "Rain" and I didn't even realise it was released in the UK! I know he has two more albums so I will listen to them too after I get more familiar with his second album. Since I have a hobby of collecting CD singles, Vinyl Records and any other music merchandise from music artists I like, I am now excited to start collecting Mika merchandise from over the years. I really like the golden vinyl for his "We Are Golden" single. Please can you suggest any websites for this stuff, apart from eBay as they barely have anything, also Mika's shop doesn't work?! I'm gutted that I haven't seen him on tour and I've seen a few live performances on YouTube and he sounds amazing live. But next time he does tour, I'm there! It is unfortunate as it seems Mika is forgotten about in England and now he is only really popular in France, making him very underrated! I hope I didn't ramble on too much, I have a lot of things I want to discuss about Mika so hopefully I can learn a lot from these forums! Thanks for reading, Gemma.
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    As I just said on the other thread, it looks somehow disturbing to me - but at least they managed to give the swimming pool teeth!
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    Mika, the cat and Strauss, perfect trio. Mel and Amira are adorable but I have a weakness for cats, I'm a cat woman
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    Peugeot IG story: 😍 StorySaver_peugeot_43457125_258634381505278_7952480435075670905_n.mp4
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    Prego! Si sarebbe un'ottima occasione per promuoverlo e per pubblicizzare l'uscita del prossimo album e tour. Non vedo l'ora di tornare a Parigi e magari proprio in occasione di qualche audizione e live di The Voice. Mi piace molto il programma e ogni volta mi diverto tantissimo a far parte del pubblico. Mika e Nikos poi sono il 🔝! 😍Uhhhh... dimenticavo Goupil! Non sia a mai! 😂