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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/COKlGd5lPQN/ mikainstagram Très heureux et honoré de jouer prochainement à la @philharmoniedeparis avec l’Orchestre national d’Ile de France. Le retour du live pour tout le monde c'est pour bientôt j’espère et j’ai hâte de vivre avec vous ces 2 soirées uniques et exceptionnelles. Infos sur www.philharmoniedeparis.fr Ouverture billetterie abonnés le 17 mai Ouverture billetterie generale le 8 juin I am honoured to announce that in October I’ll be performing at the @philharmoniedeparis with the National Orchestra of Ile de France. This ha
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  2. I´m Marit from Norway. Hi! My age? Close to MIKAs age;) I love music (MIKA is my favorite), singing, traveling, teather, musicals, i love creating and designing. I have worked in the media business for many years. I was an editor at Norways biggest site for kids a couple of years ago at Scandinavia Online (SOL) https://sol.no/. They got new owners and they decided not to produce their own content anymore. Just link to others. It sadly now has just become an aggregator for news. No own creativity! It was a dream job and i did it all myself. I designed the web design myse
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  3. Eccoci qui con un thread nuovo di zecca per accogliere il 2021! A guardarci indietro, nessuno di noi si sarebbe mai aspettato un anno così complesso e difficile come quello appena trascorso; per questo ci tenevo a iniziare con i miei più sinceri auguri, nella speranza che il nuovo anno possa riportare un po’ di serenità. Come avete trascorso la serata? Avete seguito lo spettacolo di Mika alla Reggia di Versailles?
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  4. his face is beautiful, but a thread for pics of Mika wearing masks or other face coverings seems overdue ...or Mika holding masks, or Mika in the vicinity of masks, etc
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  5. Eight years since that gig in Argelès. One of the best nights for me.Extraordinary performance. Meet&greet with few people, something i think will never happen again, my first pic with Mika.Another night not to forget. And first time I could chat more than two words with him.
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