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    For the longest time I've had the thought that I wanted someone to write about Mika, this fandom, and Casa Mika/the impact of Casa Mika. I finally thought, no one else is going to write it, so I will! I have a tumblr called "Bad Bad Movies" which I started to write reviews and articles about movies and TV shows I love. I really love bad old sci fi films, so that's what I named my blog. I've got some posts about bad sci fi in my drafts, but this is my first post because I felt like it was just inside me and I had to get it out. I really love writing and loved writing papers for my University classes, and now that I've graduated I really missed writing things. What I've wanted was specifically for someone to write a journalistic, almost academic essay about Casa Mika and all it means to people, so that's the perspective I wrote it from - a sort of neutral journalistic perspective and as if I was talking to an audience who had no idea who Mika was. Hopefully if my blog attracts some followers and becomes popular some other people will read this and maybe check the show out! But of course y'all should be the first to read it, because no one else will appreciate it more! Warning: it's rather long Hope you all enjoy! http://badbadmovies.tumblr.com/post/178330041491/themagicofmika
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    My report about the second live...it's long Here is my report about Saturday night Please skip the second part if you haven't watched The Voice 2nd live yet. I had seen that our awesome MFC fairy ticket was offering two pairs tickets to go to The Voice but I had to be sure to be able to go (which is always complicated as I live with a whimsical pumpkin) I was dying to see Mika again as I hadn't seen him since Bobital (on stage) and I really wanted to see him and hopefully be able to talk with him again Before I decided to enter I asked my daughter if she would go with me (which would probably have the magical power to distress pumpkin) and she said she was free on that week end so I decided to participate. And I won two ticks so I was thrilled at the idea to see Mika and on the other hand I almost couldn't believe it...and I worked many hours that week so I was a bit short of time to get ready...I packed my chicken and TOOL Korean magazine but I couldn't find my book...or the red wine bootle I bought a long time ago for him...never mind I was so happy at the thought of seing him again...I had four questions to ask him... Strangely the day before my daughter's cat had three cute kittens and someone called me for a job interview... So we left a bit later than planned my daughter and I as I was waiting for that lady who never showed up... It was a sunny day and the 500 kms drive went well. The funny thing is that because of a strike we didn't get to pay for a part of the highway which was nice. As we got into Paris I was getting worried that we would be too late as we had to be at the studio 217 at 6 PM but we got there just in time so I was very relieved. We got in and I swear I started beaming with joy as soon as I got the red stamp on my hand. We waited a bit then walked a bit then we got outside and finally into studio 217. We had to give our phones coats handbags everything except our clothes basically. They checked women with a machine and men by hand...someone got caught with a phone in their socks We got fed with the traditional sandwiches. For obvious Mika fans reasons I took the chicken sandwich as always. (And my daughter did like me ) We got little water bottles as well one with the chicken sandwich and more as the evening went on. We had seated places which was great. I had a nice view on Mika's seat After waiting a while then getting instructions and warm up was over we watched the show which I found a lot more emotional for real than on TV. I cried when Frédéric sang although I had never cared for the original version by Jonaz I listened to the lyrics for the first time and I was overwhelmed. He is one of a kind like Mika with an exceptional personality, a great voice and he can also create emotional roller coasters when he's on a stage. He had the longest standing ovation ever and the public voted for him. Mika had a hard time chosing between Casanova and Guillaume, his two candidates. He said the f word, then he said he was told he wasn't allowed to use swear words then right after he said "couilles" which is the rude word for testicules in French and I was like oh my Mika only you can do this but he meant he had pushed Casanova to bare himself in front of the public but not litterally However it was hard for Mika to chose and he got very emotional so Zazie got up and hugged and kissed him... which cheered him up...all fans including me wanted to be Zazie at that moment Later during one of the commercial break Mika removed his jacket and he went backstage. I thought he was hot but next thing I saw was Mika in his white t shirt who kept pushing back into his chair someone who was wearing his jacket and who was trying to get up and out of the chair...someone who was Fortune He was released before the end of the commercial break though too bad It seemed to me the make up artist and hairstyler also pampered Fortune while he was there I think Mika was particularly hyper and mischevious on that day as before the show started he had Florent Pagny's dog with him and he brought it on stage as well Not the same size as Melachi or Amira so he was carrying it into his arms. The whole show was very entertaining with lots of fog, lots of special effects, dancers of both sexes even the crazy horse girls, a very impressive flying cage for Xam and a disco ball that Guillaume rode on Miley Cyrus style However I watched Mika a lot more than anyone else I was so happy to see him again At some point during the show my daughter remembered she had left her credit car in her car and got afraid someone might have tried to break into her car as it was visible but I told her it was a lucky day and that nothing bad would happen. We went back to her car as soon as we were allowed to leave the studio and the car was fine indeed. She moved it so we would be as close as possible to studio 217 as I was hoping to see Mika when he would leave the studio. There were mostly Mika fans there waiting and two people waiting for Florent Pagny but they ended up leaving. There were up to three guards and at first they told us to move to the end of the road instead of waiting in front of the entrance. One of us was even saying to us that Slimane and Florent Pagny had left. I guess he wanted to discourage us but it was his first year working at The Voice studio and we told him we (Mika fans) had many years of experience as far as waiting for Mika and I told him that he was only a rookie which silenced him... after some time all the guards were gone so we discreetly moved right back in front of the entrance. We could see Mika's Peugeot that was there. Around 2 PM his mum got out the studio and into the car followed by his brother and his sister. A few minutes later Mika got out of studio 217. There was a group of fans close to the car and I was in the other group on the opposite site of the road. Mika said to both groups: "You should go to bed." but he didn't get into the car immediatly and Wildroachfire started talking to him about the show and he answered to her then she asked for a photo with him and he said ok but not for each person. I was close to him and to Wildroachfire and I asked him for a group pic and he agreed which made me very happy for all of us. And I was right by him for one of the pics almost touching him but only the top of my head is showing on that photo but I had never been so close to him There were more photos taken. Three people took different group photos. I was too happy and Mikafied to do anything else than feeling happy and smiling. My chicken had stayed in my bag on the other side of the road but it didn't matter. Sorry as I couldn't ask any questions I had meant to ask to Mika (I had four of them) but I was floating high on my pink cloud plus it went very fast so all I said to him was I asked for a group pic and also thank you several times as he was leaving because he had been so sweet and kind to spend this moment with us which really means the world for us. I was kind of speechless unlike the first time I had talked with him as there were many people around and I was so eager to speak with him but this time we were a small group and the encounter was so natural and sweet that words were not necessary and we were all happy to be together I'll never thank Mika enough for spending this blissful moment with us nor MFC for the ticks nor my daughter who helped organizing the trip and who was ok to wait for me in the car after the show in spite of a big headache she got after the show. She would have waited outside with me and she would have been on the photo too if she had felt well. A very kind Mika fan gave her a med but she was a sweetheart to wait for me as she needed to get some sleep but she knows how much it meant for me if I could meet Mika. The whole day the weather had been dry and rather warm but right after Mika left it started raining.We were exchanging pics with our phones and the first raindrop of the day started falling. Thanks a lot to Wildfireroach for helping me and the others getting all the photos. and to everyone who shared them I forgot to mention I met Chriss and also Boucarilla who were in the group and another French fan but she only realized that we knew each other online when she saw our group pic. I'm still on my Mika cloud and I think I'll stay up there for a while Guys forgive me for not asking him the questions I was supposed to for MFCers but it just wasn't the right time I guess... One thing I can say for sure is that Mika loves his fans and that we are lucky to have such a good guy in our heart because he really cares about us as much as we care about him
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    Hi everyone, This Saturday I was at the first Love show of The Voice thanks to the ticket I won on MFC. Thank you MFC! It's always a great opportunity to meet other fans, to see the show behind the scenes and mostly to see our Mika at a close distance! It helps us while waiting for his next album and his new concerts (Mika told us the new tour should be in 2019). My lucky star helped me win MFC tickets for The Voice... It's such a wonderful show, but do you think I was looking at the candidates or watching the show ?? NO! I didn't want to lose a glimpse of our Mika ! Mika who was happy for the lucky candidates and sad for the candidates who had to leave she show, even for those who were not in his team ... After the show I was among a group of French and Italian fans who were waiting for Mika outside the studio. He came out around 2h30 AM. He was with his mum who seems to have a legs problem as she was walking with a stick. She was waiting for him in the car and Mika when he saw us walked to us, without any security guard nor a safety barrier! Some of you know I left my family and my country in 2006 to come and live in France in order to build a better life, and since 2007 MIKA's songs and his universe make me live and give me again happiness which I had began to lose little by little... So all my family members in Iran became Mika fans ! I'm telling you that because my sister has drawn a beautiful artwork for me with Mika in latin and in persian, in the shape of a star which she he had sent to me as a surprise gift. So on Saturday night Alors samedi soir I dared asking Mika if he would sign this artwork (because he was saying it was getting late and that we should go to bed). He said yes and after that he signed more things and agreed to have some photos taken. I also asked him for a photo of us for the first time and he said yes and once I was close to him he talked to me !!! He asked me if I still lived in Iran, and I answered no. 😍💓 Meanwhile another fan was using my phone to take pics and make this wonderful moment last forever! He was looking at me with so much tenderness and so much respect.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart to MFC for this opportunity made possible by the hand of the person who drew my name! Please, give all my love to Mika team because of this unique opportunity they give us! And a huge thanks to Mika who cares about us and makes our dreams come true. Thank you so much Crazyaboutmika for the traduction. Bonjour tout le monde, Ce samedi j'ai participé au premier Live de The Voice grâce à mon ticket gagné grâce au jeu du MFC. Merci au MFC ! C'est toujours l'occasion de rencontrer d'autres fans, voir l'envers du décor et surtout voir notre Mika de près ! Cela permet aussi de patienter jusqu'au prochain album et des concerts (la tournée est prévue plutôt en 2019 a dit Mika). Ma bonne étoile m'a aidé à gagner au tirage au sort du MFC... Quel show magnifique, mais pensez-vous que je regardais les talents ou le show?? NON ! Je ne voulais pas perdre une miette de notre Mika ! Ce Mika heureux avec les talents heureux, et triste avec les talents qui quittent l'émission, même ceux qui ne sont pas dans son équipe ... A la fin de l'émission nous avons été un groupe de fans français et italiens à avoir attendre Mika à la sortie du studio. Il est sorti vers 2h30 du matin. il était avec sa maman qui a l'air d'avoir des problèmes aux jambes car elle marchait avec une canne. Elle l'a attendu dans la voiture. et Mika qui nous a vu, est venu à pied jusqu'à nous. sans vigile, sans barrière ! Certains d'entre vous savent que j'ai quitté ma famille et mon pays en 2006 pour venir vivre en France et construire une vie meilleure, et depuis 2007 les chansons de Mika et son univers me font vivre et me procurent une joie de vivre que je commençais à perdre petit à petit... Alors toute ma famille en Iran est devenu fan de Mika ! Je vous raconte ça car ma soeur m'avait dessiné un beau tableau qui représente le prénom de Mika en latin et en persan, le tout sous forme d'une étoile. Elle me l'a envoyé pour me faire la surprise. Alors samedi soir c'est moi qui ai osé demander à Mika s'il voulait bien signer son tableau (car il était en train de nous dire qu'il était tard et il fallait aller nous coucher) . Il a accepté de le faire et par la suite il a fait d'autres autographes et a pris quelques photos. J'ai voulu aussi prendre une photo avec lui pour la première fois, il a accepté, et une fois à côté de lui il m'a parlé !!! il m'a demandé si j'habitais encore en Iran, et je lui ai répondu que non. 😍💓 Pendant ce temps là une autre fan à qui j'ai donné mon téléphone pour prendre des photos a immortalisé ce merveilleux moment ! Il m'a regardé avec tellement de tendresse et tellement de respect.... Merci de fond du coeur au MFC pour cette occasion créée par la main de la personne qui a sorti mon nom lors du tirage au sort ! S'il vous plaît, transmettez à l'équipe de Mika tout mon amour car ce sont eux qui nous donnent cette chance unique ! Et un grand MERCI à Mika qui pense à nous et qui nous fait vivre nos rêves.
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    So this year I upped my game and went to 3 out of 4 live shows (life when you don't work on saturdays anymore XD). But as my brain is riciculously messy I'll put there everything that I have to say about the last weeks in no particular order . And, well, it was fun. I haven't watched a single minute of the show on tv this year so of course I didn't remember any contestant and was rediscovering them again and again but choreographies and special effects and confettis and stuff are enough to keep me busy anyway (also, Mika, somewhere on my left). It was obvious right from the beginning that Frederic was Mika's fave (well having him jumping in the middle of the street shouting how much he luuuuuuuved Frederic and how much he wanted him to win was a good clue anyway 😂) - and he was also ours I have to say: this guy is bonkers but so nice and funny, we had some really good times with him. We gave him a massive round of applause in the middle of the street after his elimination, it was a good moment, happy and sad at the same time... Casanova was more of a surprise. The first week Mika explained (off camera obviously, not in the face of the poor guy) that it was not that easy for him to go and work with someone that, due to circomstances, he didn't really know and didn't really choose. But seing his evolution was really impressive though, and even if I am not that much sensible to his voice or else, I have to admit he reaaallly worked hard. Also he was very polite every time our paths crossed so ten points for the nice guy. And anyway Fredo and Casanova's duet on La Carioca was the very best moment on any season of the Voice. Period. (I love this song and the movie it's from so much and they really did it justice. Also turning my head and seing Mika dancing and singing was the gigantic cherry on the cake 🤩) And then I have to confess I don't remember Mika's other contestants. I think the more time goes the less I am able to focus on anything . No offense to them though, I don't remember the other contestants of the other teams eather. Except for Xam. I just simply adored Xam, and still do, and was always amazed by his performances. Also he was so kind, I would have loved to see him take the crown. But how about Mika then. Well... on set, he was still interesting and funny and all but I think you could really begin to feel that the enthousiasm of the first years is gone. But when the camera wasn't rolling he was the kindest of them all. He was much less tired than last year, and was ready to give so much time to his fans. We could talk about Mennel (he basically said the same thing than in Quotidien 2 weeks ago), or about his album to come (it won't sound like what you're hearing on radio right now. He couldn't do that. So he kind of decided to go backward to be able to go forward...), or about how proud he was to be singing at the Stade de France... I think the most beautiful moment was when he was talking with fans in the middle of the street and then a guy who was just working at the shop in front of the studio came out and said something like "Hello Mika I am sorry to interrupt you, I am not a fan or anything, it's just that I work here and see quite a few celebrities going around, and I am not saying that they're not nice and all but you I just keep seeing you coming here and sharing time and stories with people and you're just being you and you're real with them and I can really see what a beautiful person you are. You're a beautiful soul, one can feel that just by watching you with them. So I decided to come out to tell you that, that's all" That was such a precious moment.. and it was so true.
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    I know this whole convo was last week but I haven't been on in a while and I have something to add so I'm gonna add it I agree with everyone else - I'm not worried about Mika. Well, actually I am worried about Mika, but I'm worried about his arm not his mental health LOL (HOW did he hurt that arm? he better tell the story at some point). I tend to worry about the people I love, so I get concerned about him every time he gets sick (which seems to be often) but I don't really ever worry about his mental state. And this is why: I think he's just one of those people who feels things deeply. I think there are some people who simply feel every emotion more acutely, and I think Mika is one of them. At the same time, he's also an incredibly resilient person - nothing ever keeps him down long. I think the writing/recording process is hardcore for him like he says, but I think it's cathartic, and I think the depth of emotion he feels, and then puts into his work, is a primary part of the reason his work is so good! But the key to understanding deep feeling people is that deep thought/intense emotion isn't sad or negative - it's just a sort of thoughtful state. My favorite word here is "pensive". I think it's easy to forget that Mika is quite a serious and deep man, because he also happens to be very energetic and charismatic, which often is more noticeable than the thoughts in the background. I think Mika is perfectly fine and happy - at worst, perhaps the writing process has him feeling thoughtful, and at best he's bouncing off the walls like he always does and is just being bad at social media as he often is. The key is that pensive, perhaps more subdued, or more internally focused periods are very positive states of feeling for some people (I include myself in this, to be honest) and I think Mika is one of those people. He's lovely, goofy, generally quite happy, empathetic, thoughtful, deep, and sometimes pensive and introspective - not sad or down, just thoughtful. So in short I think he seems like himself, goofy and lovely - and if there is any calmer or more serious threads there, it's just his tendency for thoughtfulness and yes, some minor anxiety about the new album - because let's face it, who wouldn't be slightly anxious about that! In general, he seems to have been the healthiest and happiest he's been in a while - maybe ever - over the past two years or so (despite some overwork and tiredness); I've never seen him look happier than he did on Casa Mika - and I think he's just fine! (except for the arm though) (Mika, what did you do to your arm!)
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    They just told me I won the box. I cant believe it. Never win anything @alba_bf it's me.
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    I already said it last year, it´s only 6 days in November, 3 days in December and 3 days in January and then 4 weeks for the live shows in April/May. So he still has enough time for his album and planning the tour. He already had dates for next year when I saw him the last time.
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    Terrible news about the bridge in Genova. What an awful thing to have happened Hoping MFCers and their families are safe
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    Remember those times when he completely disappeared for months, without a single Tweet or anything? I certainly prefer the short videos, after all it's his private time now, he's not on tour or doing anything official. We know he already has the tour dates for next year, and we know he has to release the album in time before the tour, so I'm not worried about his activities. August is usually his holiday month, and it's way too hot to work anyway.
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    MIKA will perform a song of Andrew Lloyd Webber on radio2 for a dedicated show http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/andrew-lloyd-webber Imagine some of the greatest songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber - I Don’t Know How To Love Him, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and Jesus Christ Superstar - and then imagine them again as never before. This Easter, as part of BBC Radio 2’s commitment to celebrating the UK’s musical cultural heritage, the station will broadcast four programmes to celebrate the 70th birthday of one of Britain’s most successful composers, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2 says: “What a great way to say Happy Birthday! We wanted to make this show to prove how great these songs are and how they stand up to interpretation. These really are at the core of The Great British Songbook and will be performed and interpreted for generations to come.” Jo Whiley presents Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations, starring artists who’ve been asked to select and perform a famous hit from the master’s songbook. In this programme, Rick Astley records Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Ronan Keating performs Tell me On A Sunday, Holly Johnson sings his version of As If We Never Said Goodbye and Anne-Marie performs Whistle Down The Wind. Other songs and singers are All I Ask Of You (Imelda May), Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Nerina Pallot), Any Dream Will Do (Seth Lakeman), Close Every Door (Hoseah Partch), Gethsemane (Marc Almond), I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Bright Light Bright Light), It’s Easy For You (Jack Savoretti), Jesus Christ Superstar (Peter Bence), Only You (Mica Paris), Memory (The Shires), Phantom Of The Opera (Ricky Wilson), Pie Jesu (Nikhil D’Souza), Song Of The King (The Vamps), The Music Of The Night (Mika), Unexpected Song (Vincent Niclo), Variations (Leo Green and Band). Jo Whiley says: “These are all such wonderful songs; all of our listeners will have their own favourites. Now they can hear them again, but in a completely different way. I am sure many like me, can’t wait to hear the new versions.” In addition, Melanie C, who played Mary Magdalene in the hit 2012 arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, will present the story of this hit rock opera from the early seventies that shot Andrew Lloyd Webber to fame. The Superstar Story will see contributions from performers, producers, directors and critics including Tony Hadley, Murray Head, Paul Nicholas, Marcia Hines, Cameron Mackintosh, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. Melanie C says: “I am really looking forward to telling the story of this fantastic musical, which I love, for Andrew Lloyd Webber's 70th birthday celebrations on BBC Radio 2.” In other programming, Jonathan Ross will contribute to the celebrations with Jonathan Ross On Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Ball will introduce rarely-heard interviews with the composer from the 1970s in Andrew Lloyd Webber at The BBC. Andrew Lloyd Webber At The BBC will be broadcast on Friday 30 March (midday-2pm) Jonathan Ross on Andrew Lloyd Webber will be broadcast on Sunday 1 April (1-3pm) The Superstar Story, presented by Melanie C will be broadcast on Sunday 1 April (7-9pm) Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations will be broadcast on Monday 2 April (8-10pm) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BBC Radio 2 Andrew Lloyd Webber... Variations MixCloud ( a whole of the radio program ) AudioMack : you may D/L MP3 audio-file (15.6 MB) MIKA2018.04.02 Mika [The Music of the Night] YouTube
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    Mika will perform live at the grand final of the rugby season 2017/2018 in Paris, at the Stade de France, the 2nd of June 2018. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155781077973040&id=6006248039
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    Thanks a lot for letting me know Sofia. mikainstagram Thank you MFC for being there in so many ways for such a long time already. You are now officially an old friend.... seeing as I’m getting a little older too 😊😉 thank you with all my heart for the support and love it doesn’t ever go unnoticed. X
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    Believe it or not San Antonio aka Frédéric Dard used to type all his books which were all best sellers on a typewriter in his swimming pool And I usually get inspired for my poems when I am driving in my car or swimming in the sea (but I'm not famous yet ) ... seing places and meeting people, seing beautiful artwork, strong emotions, everything that trigger feelings gives inspiration. I remember Mika saying it and I believe it is true from experimenting it. Living in a cave like an hermit is not inspiring Life is Also Mika spent a long time in several studios already and he is entitled to a holiday now Best way to get inspiration going again And his videos are such a pleasure to see So to sum it up Mika makes me happy
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    So! and as for my opinion on the show... I loved it It was so nice to see Mika perform again! I got super duper excited and I was singing and dancing along on my desk chair, loving his bouncy curls 😍 I tuned in a little late so I started watching from the end of Underwater, but I was able to watch it on youtube after that. Yes he was a little out of breath at times, but seeing that sparkle in his eyes was so nice to see. I really missed seeing him perform like that.
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    one of my dreams comes true !!! Hope they upload the video. the song anybody knows
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    Hi everybody! The English subtitles are ready! Thank you @endless_eight with this great collaboration... The password is the same: The Voice Enjoy!
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    Bought 6 more pens in our local office store! You should've seen my reaction when I saw them, people might have thought I was crazy 3 more I will get for my birthday and then there are 3 left for me to get... wich I probably might go and get next week Didn't had enough money with me. Never thought I'd spend so much on pens
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    He will join other influential and inspiring speakers at the 2018 festival on Sunday 30th September. His conference will be at 17.00, the event is free to attend but fans should register at www.nextfest.wired.it . See more at https://nextfest2018-firenze.wired.it
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    Buongiorno a tutti! Sono tornata dalla mia trasferta a Milano, per il concerto di Radio Italia Live. C'eravate anche voi o comunque lo avete seguito in TV? Cosa ne pensate? Io sono stata felicissima di averlo rivisto sul palco e in Italia, perché lo avevo visto ultimamente, ma allo Stade de France e mi sono emozionata tantissimo quando ha dedicato L'Italiano all'Italia intera. È stata una dichiarazione d'amore che non mi aspettavo, perché la sera prima, non l'aveva cantata durante le prove, ma meravigliosa. Mi sono piaciuti molto anche i duetti con Fedez e Chiara e l'intramontabile Grace Kelly. Passano gli anni, ma le emozioni continuano e ogni volta rivederlo sul palco e potergli parlare, resta il ricordo più bello! Dopo le prove, lo abbiamo incontrato, mi ha chiesto come stavo, io gli ho risposto che stavo bene e gli ho domandato: E tu? E lui: Io sono felice! È proprio vero che la sua felicità è la nostra, perché non poteva darmi risposta migliore. Dopo il concerto, uscendo, lo abbiamo visto passare in macchina soddisfatto e sorridente e salutandoci con un mega sorrisone e con la mano, ci ha fatto concludere la serata, nel migliore dei modi.
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    I don't know how it looked like on television as I didn't catch up with the replay yet, but from inside the stadium it was just so freakin' impressive. Funny thing is I really didn't want to go at first, didn't see the point and as Mika repeatedly said we would see better from our living room I just assumed he knew better ("rule number one: The Doctor lies" 😂). But, you know how it is when you're part of a group and you end up following and... bless those who pushed me to take a ticket. The cheapest we could find, because "we're going for the atmosphere"... except a lot of people left after the end of the game and after a very funny adventure jumping from seat to seat we ended up in the middle of the second row 😂 Even the game was fun, well obviously we missed the beginning as we were queing for some 45345643€ fries and obviously once inside we couldn't understand the slightest thing that was happening, so much that it took us half an hour to find out which team was in what color (I should be a bit ashamed to admit it considering that both team were actually my local ones) . I was worried that I would be bored but we laughed so much that it flew in seconds. I was also checking on our President, who kept talking with his neighbour, so I guess I was allowed to be undiscplined too xD. And then it was the end, and as everybody was trying to go near the president block to see the medals and stuff we were happily jumping on the other direction. We ended up at the pelouse very quickly and then I looked up to the screen and saw that a giant heart had appeared and oh Jee.... Just the dancing part at the beginning would give you chills, the screams and shouts and all, that was so impressive... and then this dude jumping out of the smoke... OH GOD IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE HIM ON STAGE AGAIN!!! He was on fire, we were on fire, we were flying with him, surrounded by rugby fans who were just standing there, not looking unhappy but cleary very static xD. But who cares, that rush of energy felt so, so good. And he genuinely looked so, sooo happy and proud. Of course underwater was crazy and so intense but I have to say We are Golden and his lights and fireworks and CONFETTIIIIIS was the end of me. I think I was half crying out of joy, realising how I missed that and how it was back all of a sudden. At moments I could hear some glitches in his voice, obviously I won't lie, but he was giving so much I didn't care. Actually I' rather want to see him do crazy stuff at the risk of some glitches than him playing it safe just because of how big it was. Like, sometimes it's the imperfections that makes it perfect, you know what I mean? And I definitely had a perfect night. More pics to follow
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    I managed to be in Paris and to see the show and wrote a small report about it here: https://mikagigs.com/2018/06/03/top-14-grand-finale-2018-stade-de-france/ It was magnificent ❤️ Something exceptional, really. State de France is an enormous place, it's hard to even understand how big it is. I arrived a bit late and reaching my seat in the crowd was difficult because the stairs were so steep they made me feel dizzy and I had to walk sideways. Felt unreal to watch the large green area below and think Mika would perform on it in a couple of hours. As soon as the game was over a giant heart was brought in the middle of the field and it looked absolutely beautiful. I wanted to stand up and raise my hands and scream: LOVE WINS but of course just patiently waited the performance to start. Btw, I think it's quite inevitable Mika was occasionally out of breath during his singing, he had to move a lot and he probably has lost a part of his stage routines during the break. I had the same feeling in Naples 2014 but everything comes back as soon as he starts touring, I'm not worried about that. It was so good to see him on stage again, I listed some of my favourite parts in my report.
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    I started nearly crying when I saw this! I am absolutely obsessed with phantom and have been saying for years how much I want Mika to sing anything from Phantom. This was honestly a wish I did not think was ever coming true. I am so ridiculously happy! I can't wait to hear what he does with it. I would love to hear him break out that classically trained Baritone he doesn't use nearly enough; however the Phantom is not necessarily a very deep voice. While Broadway usually casts actors with very deep voices in the role, the first phantom ever (Michael Crawford) is a tenor and generally sang the role in a higher register. The thing with Phantom is that his voice isn't supposed to be supernaturally deep or sexy, it's just supposed to be supernatural. He's otherworldly and puts Christine into a literal trance with his voice. My personal favorite Phantom singer is Peter Jöback -he's not super popular and a lot of people hate his voice but I really adore the unique and ethereal nature he puts into the songs. It's very easy to believe that he's a sort of otherworldly character. Wow I'm so happy about this
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    I am beyond excited right now. As a huge fan of musical theatre, it will be a dream come true to hear Mika perform this song. "Music of the Night" is one of my favourite songs, and to hear Mika sing it will be simply magical. The strange thing is, I was talking to my mum yesterday, and I specifically remember saying how I'd love to hear Mika perform this song... and now he is! My prayers have been answered.