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  1. Many thanks, Elanorelle! So glad you enjoy listening because I sure enjoy making
  2. I wish it was a mistake (but in the opposite direction!) Alas, I truly am 28 - but 29 is only one month away for me! I had a myspace page a million years ago that I'd direct you to to prove it but I burnt it to the ground some time ago. And in regards to the first question, yes the building, yes the interiors, yes the acoustics & yes, the repertoire
  3. Fantastic...! We'll meet you in the fields any time! We're a small little troupe and we figured that people who liked Mika might have a slim chance of enjoy us too. Many thanks for the kind words!
  4. that's 1.5 posts a month! I'll be a Mika guru in no time!
  5. Awww! You know of us! Lovely. So glad you enjoy our little tunes.
  6. Words of wisdom? Me? I wish. I only sputter out what smarter people that I have said. PS...I'm jealous of your opera house in Budapest
  7. I know HollyD from elsewhere and she just sent me a message saying that she just discovered I was on this board and that she posted on my introduction message...hence me popping up now.
  8. You folks are so warm & sweet...I should've been posting here long ago. Many thanks.
  9. Nae...not in the least. All I know is that when I start talking I would be. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.
  10. Nice to see you here too, HollyD. And I am a man of few words. Where words are many, sin is not absent
  11. hey there...whereabouts in California are you? I'm from the Los Angeles-ish area.
  12. hello all ~ looks like we're here at the ground floor level of a pyramid and in no time we'll be the wise sages of this board. Nice to be here and look forward to whatever comes this way in the coming year. Cheers! Daniel
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