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  1. Bettyboo, the greatest of respect to you for doing the right thing, many people cannot find the strength to leave. I wish you fabulous new beginnings Music has helped me through many a traumatic time and Mika makes me feel great too! Hopefully you'll be able to get tickets soon
  2. Welcome to the fanclub appletree_angel I hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Khusbu! It's great to have you here
  4. Zabrina I just deleted your post by accident!!! I'm sooo sorry! I will ask SM if we can retrieve it somehow.
  5. WOW WOW WOW The clips are fantastic! The things Mika says are wonderful, his reactions are clearly honest and impressed with the amazing efforts that went towards making the scapbook. And to know he reads the forums, well, that just makes me feel so proud of all you friendly people that make this the great place it is THANK YOU
  6. I don't remember any chest hair! I was too busy looking at his beautiful face!
  7. I've been away from the forums for a little while and I can hardly believe how much the fan club has grown!!! We now have well over 2000 members! I think that's something to celebrate! Thank you all soo much for making this a fun, exciting place to be, thank you for all your posts, articles and invaluable info about all that is MIKA, thank you very much for your donations and comments. And finally thank you to all the other mods who help make moderation a lot easier to manage!! Gg
  8. hehe, glad to be back! I've been away for a little while and can't believe how much we've grown!! Well over 2000 members and all the hard work that went into thousands of posts you guys rock!!!
  9. I like that, thanks for posting it, it's one of my favourite songs
  10. Ooooh that's my birthday! I hope I can get tickets It would be a great way to spend my birthday!
  11. It's great to have you here with us As Steph says, this site is mika-full with info! We hope you enjoy all there is to find
  12. Take a look here http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=250 to see who else is going
  13. Hi and welcome The cd will be worth waiting for!!
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