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  1. Hehe, he's so sweet. I'm glad that with all his fame he has remained sane. I love him.
  2. Well, everybody else has said what I'm going to say already, but yes, the scrapbook was simply amazing. It's really nice to see that you put your time, effort and love into it. And because you did, I really do belive that Mika is going to keep it forever. I mean, Mika looked like a kid on christmas day . You're great, Sivan !
  3. He likes to play with his braces . He likes to wear red pants. He's friends with Perez Hilton. Well, that's all I can come up with now .
  4. Err.. Not really happy about the whole idea of Mika in Eurovision. For me Eurovision is just a political show with sucky songs and (mostly) sucky musicians . But oh well, if that's what he wants, what can we do .
  5. Haha, guess where I'm from. Estonia ! We just have good taste in music, that's why there are so many of us. And that is another big reason why Mika should come here ! Well about me, I'm Carolin. I'm 14 years old (birthday is on the 12th of February). I live in Tallinn, which is the capital as you all probably know by now . When I'm not off studying somewhere in a dark corner I practise track and field (although I'm not that good at it ). I like photography also. But my biggest passion is music. I usually listen to music all the time and everywhere. Aside from Mika I'm a big Queen and David Bowie fan, but I also enjoy music like The Feeling, The Darkness, Electric Light Orchestra, Talking Heads, Blondie, Pink Floyd and so on. Oh and about Russian. IT'S FRICKIN' HARD! I know, I have to learn it at school. And I have a really evil teacher too. But that's that. That pretty much covers everything up ^^.
  6. I'm scared of clowns also, I don't know why, but they just plain freak me out . Silly isn't it? Well spiders are no problem for me, I kinda think that they are cute in their own way . And I love the beach and swimming, just plain love it ^^!
  7. Wow, that's really, really beautiful !
  8. No selge, ma tänan abi eest .
  9. Okei, ma suht alles nüüd avastasin, et meil on kohe oma estonian thread olemas, ma olen ikka nii ajast maas siin kohas . Niisiis, mul on küsimus, kas seda scrapbook-i asja saavad kõik inimesed, kes tahavad saata? Kui jah, siis hakkan mina ka paanitsema .
  10. I simply adore his Yellow Submarine-ish animations . Thank you for this!
  11. Wow, really great idea ! Well, I'm going to send my information too then ^^.
  12. Woohoooooooooo ! You don't know how happy that makes me! You guys made me want to listen to the radio more . And oh yes, he WILL come visit us, or I'll MAKE him visit us .
  13. Summer ofcourse ! I mean, no school, the warmness, not being able to get sick that easily (I get sick alot ) and sunbathing !
  14. Carolin


    So I did a little research and found out that 'Life In Cartoon Motion' is coming out in March or sometime in Estonia . I know that because I went to the mall today, again, and searched all the CD stores, again. So yeah, I guess I have to pre-order it, because I'm terribly impatient .
  15. Carolin


    I wanted to buy a copy today. I actually ran to the CD shop right after school and dragged my friends with me. And ofcourse I didn't find it . Like Nicole said, it's probably coming out sometime in 2089 here. Rawr .