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  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole. :yay:

  3. Happy Birthday Nicole :wub2:

  4. It's good to discover Estonian people here :wink2:

  5. Yeah! I remember you too! :) At first I didn't...but sure, I remember talking to you and stuff.

  6. hey I remember u :)

  7. Long time no hear/ see, but I sure hope you're at the gig! x

  8. Ma lugesin praegu seda mingi 6 korda sosinal ja tagurpidi ka, et aru saada, mis sa ütlesid. Siis koitis.
  9. Ok, sorry for making another post again, but I was just wondering what time do you think the gig will be over? Somewhere around 22? Or 23? Or 21?
  10. I dunno, I think I will start lurking there something around five o'clock. Though I am going to the gig alone I will lurk with my friend, so it wouldn't be too obvious I am a crazy maniac who will kill for a place in the first row. Oh, please do try that Yankee Doodle thing. Even if it won't get you in early. Just do it for the sake of it. Haha, well what I just said is actually really irrelevant to the topic.
  11. Ära nuta, pole sa nii igav midagi, paar frenchiet või karvasaabastes imelikku kuskile ja sa oled päris elav kohe.
  12. Love and hugs back at you! Oh my, then I won't be the only one, we can maybe even share a pillow Tuduaeg. I don't know what time I should go to Lauluväljak...I mean...I don't wanna be there too early...but it's even worse if I'm too late.
  13. I got my ticket! Great! Now I don't have to think about that anymore. I don't live in Tallinn actually but I visit it very very very often. So weird to think that some years ago I absolutely hated that city, but now I love it so much.
  14. Yeah! It took him 3 years to realise that there is a place somewhere where he should go. I know what made him understand. The key is trying to be all indifferent towards him. I mean, at first I went to him, to England, being all woofangirlsrule! but then I just started playing cool and whatever...looks like it he's the one crawling back...coming all the way to Estonia. Naah. It's really great actually. Nice to see that many MFCers are happy for us finally getting the chance too see him in Estonia