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  1. Hey everyone! Erika is selling some stuff on Shpock, including the jumpsuit she wore for the GG&BB video! ---> Also: her new EP is here: Grab your copy!
  2. Mary

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Hey Silver! Thanks for your concern, I believe no MFCers were affected, thankfully! It's a very very sad situation, some of my friends had their homes in danger, but all is good now! It's time to help those who lost their homes/belongings/jobs/etc
  3. Mary


    FD was one of the first Mika fans I talked to in the early days. Funny guy, passionate fan, kind... I remember having a big disagreement with him a few years ago (well, not THAT big, it just seemed huge back then ) but soon it was all good. We ended up meeting in person, when he came to Portugal for a gig, in 2012, and had such a great time... "We finally meet, sunshine!" You should've seen his face when we told him there was cherry licquor served in chocolate cups! Of course we had to go for it, and toast! That's how I'll remember him: funny, cheerful and with a big heart! RIP, David
  4. Mary

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Yes! I think all the fires are under control now, fortunately. Still, what a, so sad!
  5. Mary

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Thank you so much, Silver! As far as I know, the portuguese MFCers are ok, as well as their loved ones. It's been absolutely devastating to hear the news here these last few days... Entire families losing their lives, firemen exhausted, without being able to do more... I wish it would at least rain for a bit...
  6. Eri's still touring with Skunk Anansie, if anyone's into them, go check out their new show. It's beyond incredible!
  7. Mary

    Hi everyone!

    Bem-vinda, Nanda!
  8. OMG the memories... thanks, Eriko!! Listening to the audio recording...Oh how I miss those days...
  9. Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  10. Passando por aqui só para deixar um abracinho para vocês todos! As notícias que chegam daí não são muito animadoras, né...
  11. Mary

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Aloooo! Esteve muito complicado em várias partes do país, sim... Mas já está quase tudo resolvido, e acho que nenhum de nós aqui foi afetado! Obrigada!
  12. Mary

    Hi from Portugal!

    Bem vinda, Sílvia! Diverte-te por aqui! Qualquer coisa, apita!
  13. Mary

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Caraças, há mais gente a postar aqui! Woohoo! Quanto ao CD, já tenho o meu, por isso passo.
  14. Hey everyone! I didn't take any good pics (just a couple with my phone...a girl's gotta instagram some stuff, right? ) but just wanted to say how proud I am. Proud of Mika, who gave an excellent show and got a bunch of new fans there, and proud of the portuguese audience, that knew how to welcome him. It was amazing to see him perform in front of 74k and doing an incredible job. I knew he could do it (I've been saying this for almost 10 years, ffs!) but I was a bit aprehensive, it wasn't HIS audience. After the show, a friend of mine who was somewhere in the festival too, texted me saying "I WANT A MIKA IN MY LIFE, PLEASE!" and another one, who was watching on the TV, said "what an epic performance". Success!