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  1. Yes he is!!!!!!!!!!! I know this has been asked but is that the same purse/wallet from the first DVD?
  2. Thanks dccdeb... If Perez said that it would explain it and I can't argue the clay and over it comment..... That should explain it to him then if Perez addressed it I would hope at least that part but the rest of it, well he doesn't have to be a Mika fan and can just listen to someone else, I'll listen to Mika//
  3. Thanks Pam greatly appreciated reply....
  4. Hi Shy poster here... Long time member with a question from a friend who works in PR in NY... I am not sure I can get across what he is saying completely but I will try. He asked me Maria, (Marc) is his name, to post on the Mika board in regards to Mika's recent dinner with Perez Hilton and Mika's mother, and Perez' clothing line... This is fueled by an article as well that Mika did and forgive me for not knowing if it was OUt or which magazine he is referring to... The article I did read on here. Post Gay, Gay Not Gay was close to the title.... Ok here goes and don't shoot the messenger... My
  5. Jemmalee thanks for the link....I promise not to look if this is true....
  6. He will still drive everyone insane on stage with new hair or old hair but he does look younger....
  7. Still like the hair does look younger but anyone younger than me does anyway.....
  8. Thanks for this. His hair looks good to me.. If he is visiting a family member that studies there and found out he has fan support, the fact that he knows some Chinese, is visiting family, I doubt it was a political statement.,... Sounds like a very educated family and man to me... If you look at some of his jewlrey( mala beads ect,,, comparative studies major so I notice) though I'll bet he is not making any anti statements... Just going there to visit family and thank fans.... Without causing more problems... I love that you can't figure him out.... (Personally I am really hoping for peace
  9. You guys make my day with this stuff....
  10. This is a little wierd to me. I hope everything is ok....
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