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  1. Tough one to get now . Crazy as they were sold for 10 pounds (I think) in the end , now collectable eBay 50 quid approx
  2. Last one .. for now .. thanks to Ivan (Asun's bf) for taking them
  3. Hola!!! Yes .. always so special to meet up with long known friends (and new ones) and see a different city again .. I love the whole experience I like being front row ... I know it takes hours of planning and Qing etc etc (and without sounding toooo much like an egomanic lol) .. it gives a great experience, the contact and vibe
  4. Such a long time since I did a gig report So ... we Queued from 7 am .... always fun doing that they they decide to form 3 lines to let people in, I felt like I ran a marathon to get front row (half way around the arena, down 4 flights of stairs, lights off then across the length of the floor phew!), just stage left in front of the caravan is a great spot, pleased the MFC was all around that area The support band was brilliant and already had a bond with the fans ! seemed no time at all before he came on ... brought back a lot of memories to actually see him again! He came on to
  5. Two tickets for London .. just remembered I ended up buying 100 to try and get front row Anyone? "spare tickets" if I remember right is how we do it They are together as well
  6. 20 days!!!!! ... wow .... Need to check flights in, get Euros, get sorted, pack etc
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