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  1. Happy birthday!



  2. Heyyyya babez lol

  3. No other artist in the world has a numbering system. Most people just queue. I've found as well that people can get a number then disappear for a few hours and come back expecting to be back where they were. It doesn't work but the MFCers are too stubborn to accept that. The way its going Mika gigs will be full of MFCers and nobody else at all.
  4. I filmed that. Not going to talk about the gig much. I thought Mika was fantastic as always but the entire night was ruined for me by the MFC. I have gone to 100s of gigs in the past from the biggest artists in the world at arenas to small bands at tiny clubs. The night before Mika I was at the o2 arena for Gaga and guess what... there was no numbering system. When people arrived later than others, no one batted an eyelid or caused an argument when they skipped past people in the queue to stand with their friends because there is such a thing as human decency. Lets compare that to Mika's fans, shall we? I'm sorry to say this (and it is definitely not true of all of you) but you guys are the worst fans of any artist in the world. You guys are selfish, pedantic and think you have a bigger right of being there than other people. Guess what guys? We are ALL Mika fans. The fact you paid a stupid amount of money to come here from another country does not change that. Whether you live next door to the venue or the other side of the ocean, we all have the same right and expect the same level of enjoyment? But you guys manage to ruin peoples enjoyment including me. And no, this isn't just me. When I raised a point about it in the venue last night, people were backing me up and agreeing with it. You guys actually expect someone who arrives later than their friend to queue on their own and spend the entire gig on their own because of your precious numberng system? How selfish and heartless is that? If I can see the biggest artist in the world the day before and find there is no numbering system in place yet there is no one pushing and everyone walking in calmly. Compare that to Mika where you guys would quite happily kill someone else if it meant you could get in the front row. I await the abuse, the predictable comments of "But John supports the numbering system" but I honestly couldn't care less. I have been going to Mika gigs before most of you lot had even heard of him. The first year of gigs was amazing. The queues were a lot of fun and that is how I made friends with some of you here. From last year that all changed. I was actually dreading yesterdays gig before I'd even got there solely down to the fans. I have a ticket for the Brighton gig on Wednesday but I'll happily waste the money so I don't have to spend another night with some of the vilest people I have ever met. Again, this isn't all of you but I'm wondering if its a minority of you or the majority? To conclude, I'd like to thank you for ruining one of my favourite artists for me. I don't think I will ever go to another Mika gig again.
  5. lol there's no way he'll agree to doing it again. I suppose we could recreate 'We are golden' and do a pic of us in our pants?
  6. But its still my best pic with Mika. If you can persuade him to recreate it, I'll redo it!
  7. Did someone say Dazkira? (Its our joint name like Bennifer or Brangelina) BAM! Best. Picture. EVER
  8. Right well I should do a little write up, I guess! I was very excited when I found out about this show cos apart from loving Mika, Shakira has been an obsession of mine for almost a decade! A friend of mine had told me they wanted the audience to dress quite brightly... so I came in white skinny jeans. Oh dear. You could easily spot me in the crowd shots which was embarassing. So as was said, Mika did 5 performances in total. Blame twice, Rain twice and pick up off the floor. Gladys Knight was absolutely phenomenal. I felt so lucky to be in a little studio hearing that legendary voice carry through the walls. Amazing. As for Shakira... never wear skinny jeans while in her presence as it can be a very tight squeeze... even if you are gay! After the live show had finished, Shakira had to do one more performance. As they were setting up, I was showing Sara my best Shakira dance moves thinking that nobody could see it. All of a sudden the studio guy who had been warming up the audience noticed me and started talking to me through the microphone. Someone shouted I should do my moves in the middle of the floor so I said "Only if I can dance with Shakira". He said "I know why you want to go over there you little perv". At this point Mika noticed what was going on and looked round to see who the guy was talking to. When he realised it was me, his jaw dropped and he looked at me like a disapproving parent. Was really funny and embarassing at the same time! Afterwards we waited and got to talk to Mika. I asked him what the new single was going to be to clear up the confusion. He then said "Wait til you see the video. I'm wearing clothes this time" so I replied "I don't want to see it then". We then said bye to Mika and waited for Shakira in the hopes I'd get to meet her and propose to her. After a few minutes Caz noticed she had walked past us. How the hell did I miss that? We called her name and she turned around to talk to me. She was so lovely and made my she wolf go back in the closet! So yeah. It was an amazing night even though I was really ill. Love the Mika fans I was with. Love Mika. Love Shakira. Not too fussed on the XX but hey! Blame it on the Daz!
  9. Ok. My name doesn't seem to be on that list even though I got an email saying I was in the first 50. I just tried emailing and got an automated response back so am quite worried now! Anyone help me at all? EDIT: Sorted. Thank God!
  10. i'm assuming that's you with Mika! I'm SO jealous!

  11. Sorry to quote you Carrie but I can't find the original post, but I have been front row at pretty much every Mika gig I have been to (second for one) which is about 12 so far. I love being front row at every gig I go to and was queuing from 10am on Sunday to get front row at the Summertime Ball. The reason I was so far back is cos I didn't find out about the gig until the day they went on sale. Believe me if I was in the front, I would have been the life and soul!
  12. Haven't had a chance to read through any of this yet so just wanted to post my thoughts. Firstly, I don't like seated Mika gigs at all. I wanted to be standing from the beginning no matter how slow the song is. I was so glad when people finally stood during 'Big girl' but I wanted to scream when they sat down again. Also being Row N at a Mika gig is no fun. I saw how much fun everyone was having at the front and resented the boring people around me. But anyway! Was just lovely to be at a gig to hear those amazing songs with that incredible voice and all the lovely people from here I've met before. After the gig I was at the front of the massive queue that formed waiting to meet him. We were told no pictures or signings so he would just shake our hand. But I had my EP and a sharpie in my hand so couldn't resist asking him anyway. He said "I really can't" and walked to the next person before running back and signing for me. He then went round the entire queue (with my sharpie) signing for everyone so you all have me to thank for that! It did come at a price though. I have lost my poor sharpie forever. Will link to my pics when I finally upload them but I have a weeks worth of other gigs to upload first! So yeah had a lovely time with all you guys last night, although the night ended on a downer when I cheated death on my way home. Not the best way to end a Mika gig!
  13. I loved during the group pics when Jemma shouted out "Daz is in the band now":roftl: Anyway. I was disappointed and a bit annoyed cos I coulda spent the day doing coursework but hey! Roll on Feb!
  14. Well OBV! I am a single gay man. This is what I do!