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  1. Awww ok! yeah you are a BIT far! im thinking all the LA area people have moved on! Charlotte is going but we have separated seats it wont be like old times, thats for sure. I also got a ticket for my mini Mika but the venue says it's 5 and up and she will be 3. it's her birthday that week and i would SO love taking her with me! im trying to figure that one out.
  2. i can't see a thread for this.... anyone going to this one??? where are my Mika buddies??? 🙈
  3. i don't see Israel on the list. i'm in the US now but I know he has fans there
  4. anyone filmed HAPPY ENDING by any chance? and Lucy, it was really nice seeing you again
  5. I just want to say that this gig was soooo great! We ended up being front row kinda by luck cause we had to grab the tickets from will-call the second they opened the doors while everyone else went inside Mika was communicating with us during the show which is always extra awesome It warms my heart knowing he remembers us little people who supported him all these years LOL The best was being with the MFCers that I missed from back in the day! you guys rock and made this day extra special I still wish he did TOUCHES YOU and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE! meeting Mika was of course GREAT as always. Still the same nice guy i met in 2007. thank you mika and everyone for a REALLY fun day!
  6. I don't see anyone posted UNDERWATER? Here is my video
  7. I'm tryin got get MIKA to sing TOUCHES YOU.... what you think are the chances he will see it?
  8. I thought about that too! hope it will be better this time.....
  9. I'm going...and might have an extra ticket if anyone knows anyone that is interested
  10. Hey everyone! I might have a ticket for the LA gig. Anyone interested?
  11. yes that's what it was it's a show for the "next big hit/artist" (they don't know he is a star and a hit already