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  1. I got a refund for this one. it was supposed to be today!!! what a bummer
  2. Oh man! Don't tempt me! Lol I majesty spending too much for seeing mika this coming tour 🙈
  3. LOL! I actually paid only like 45$ for that front row. It suddenly popped up! I kept checking and actually @Charlotte Christy Sluder saw it and told me about it! Pure luck!
  4. NICE! would have loved going to Seattle as well if i was solo i would do a tour with mika LOL! i love traveling and seeing him on the way
  5. im thinking to come from LA. not sure yet need to plan the details.
  6. i just want to hop in and say im loving all the new songs! hope im not sick of them by the time he comes back to LA but i doubt it cause im not sick of life in cartoon motion yet so i think im good
  7. some of my pix from the show what a wonderful night it was! CAN'T WAIT to see you again Mikush
  8. OMG! i just realized something! it was me he came and bowed with the hat too....and he was singing Girl in the BLUE.....i had a blue dress hahahaha i didnt think of that till now. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!
  9. I just posted a little review in the after the show section 😊 yeah must have been hard for you with 2 kids. I'm sorry you had to leave 😕😞 I had a blast. I'm glad I've decided to go to the front row. Mika was by me a lot 😅 hope we can all be at the front together next time.
  10. It was so good seeing mika again after so long! The venue was so beautiful! I was front row all the way to the right (mika's left). I danced my ass off so hopefully not too embarrassing videos or pictures of me out there 😂 Mika sounded amazing even with a cold. I missed seeing that energy on the stage!. I will try posting few pix and maybe a video later but I didn't take many cause I wanted to just enjoy the music! . Got a lot of interaction from mika during the show which made it extra special. Thank you mika!!! The set up of the stage was a bit awkward for me.
  11. Anyone interested in 2 tickets front row balcony? MESSAGE ME PLEASE!
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