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  1. I got a refund for this one. it was supposed to be today!!! what a bummer
  2. th?id=OIP.S6A3bUPF-A3VOlvHhMBzSgHaHa&pid

    1. Sivan


      thank you dear!!!Β 

  3. Oh man! Don't tempt me! Lol I majesty spending too much for seeing mika this coming tour πŸ™ˆ
  4. LOL! I actually paid only like 45$ for that front row. It suddenly popped up! I kept checking and actually @Charlotte Christy Sluder saw it and told me about it! Pure luck!
  5. NICE! would have loved going to Seattle as well if i was solo i would do a tour with mika LOL! i love traveling and seeing him on the way
  6. im thinking to come from LA. not sure yet need to plan the details.
  7. i just want to hop in and say im loving all the new songs! hope im not sick of them by the time he comes back to LA but i doubt it cause im not sick of life in cartoon motion yet so i think im good
  8. some of my pix from the show what a wonderful night it was! CAN'T WAIT to see you again Mikush
  9. OMG! i just realized something! it was me he came and bowed with the hat too....and he was singing Girl in the BLUE.....i had a blue dress hahahaha i didnt think of that till now. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!
  10. I just posted a little review in the after the show section 😊 yeah must have been hard for you with 2 kids. I'm sorry you had to leave πŸ˜•πŸ˜ž I had a blast. I'm glad I've decided to go to the front row. Mika was by me a lot πŸ˜… hope we can all be at the front together next time.
  11. It was so good seeing mika again after so long! The venue was so beautiful! I was front row all the way to the right (mika's left). I danced my ass off so hopefully not too embarrassing videos or pictures of me out there πŸ˜‚ Mika sounded amazing even with a cold. I missed seeing that energy on the stage!. I will try posting few pix and maybe a video later but I didn't take many cause I wanted to just enjoy the music! . Got a lot of interaction from mika during the show which made it extra special. Thank you mika!!! The set up of the stage was a bit awkward for me. There was a gap between us and the stage that they wanted us to keep most of the show. Closer to the end it got better cause Charlotte came over to stand with me so we were able to rock it out together 😁 I feel it would have been even more fun if I could stand with more of the mfcers (a guy next to me was sitting the whole time. He was kinda dragged into the show by another fan πŸ˜‚). I wish he did sanremo and stuck in the middle!!! And many others... I could have gone an extra hour ☺️ at least! πŸ˜‚ After the show we almost gave up but then mika came out and went through everyone pretty fast. I got a hug (I asked if it's ok cause he has a cold and he said he is over the contagious stage so who am I to argue?! πŸ˜‚) and a very quick talk but then he had to leave. He seemed like he was tired. Thank you Mika for coming to say hi πŸ€— and thank you for an amazing show! Awsome night! ❀️ When is the next time???
  12. Was nice meeting you!! Hope you had fun 😁 @nvk
  13. Anyone interested in 2 tickets front row balcony? MESSAGE ME PLEASE!