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  1. that was very fun to watch i love crazy free mika
  2. I have 1 extra ticket for the 24th if anyone is interested first row on the balcony (seat #7). asking for what i paid. €68
  3. BOTH!!!! and would be so fun seeing you as well!
  4. I got tix for this shows and need to fly from Los Angeles. I'm hoping it happens and nothing comes in my way!!! Would be awesome seeing the MFCers there
  5. Looking for one ticket for the 24th if anyone got it?
  6. Hi everyone, I am contemplating going to Paris for this... anyone have 1 ticket to sell?
  7. Hi there maybe I need one I am thinking about it lol... still have it?
  8. I got a refund for this one. it was supposed to be today!!! what a bummer
  9. Oh man! Don't tempt me! Lol I majesty spending too much for seeing mika this coming tour 🙈
  10. LOL! I actually paid only like 45$ for that front row. It suddenly popped up! I kept checking and actually @Charlotte Christy Sluder saw it and told me about it! Pure luck!
  11. NICE! would have loved going to Seattle as well if i was solo i would do a tour with mika LOL! i love traveling and seeing him on the way
  12. im thinking to come from LA. not sure yet need to plan the details.
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