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  1. We don't have a certificate here, just the card confirming I've had both shots. I'm applying for a Sur d'honneur from the French embassy to show at customs when I get to France, would that be the same thing?
  2. Can I pay on 6th October? That's my next pay day, and I'm working a ton of overtime this month.
  3. If anyone who has got a subscription, can add me in their 4 ticket allocation, for both nights, or a couple of people one icket for each night, I would be incredibly grateful. I can pay straight away.
  4. Looking forward to this weekend. From Nantes to Paris. Should be fun 😀
  5. With the amount of colds doing the rounds at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised to see more on there later in the week. I've just got over one myself.
  6. Probably tickets from people who can't go now, usually happens about now.
  7. To help make it easier on the night, some advice from security at the venue.
  8. Money sent 👍 Getting quite excited for next weekend. If anyone is in London on Friday night, it would be great to meet up for drinks.
  9. At one of the Glasgow shows once they had a priority queue, and we both went in at the same time. So it probably wouldn't make a difference.
  10. We did something similar at one of the shows a while back, for a few songs, got about the 3 rows from the stage to join in, for Billy Brown, Happy Ending, and We Are Golden. I'd be happy to help explain what you need to do. 👍
  11. I don't think it is an O2 priority gig. I'm with them, and it never came up on their listings.
  12. I don't know where anyone is getting the idea the UK fans aren't up for doing this kind of stuff. We are totally up for it. I did a message last time that stretched along the front row, with glitter letters.
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