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  1. I need to take many pics of the interior, it's beautiful.
  2. If anyone has a ticket for the second Montreal show on the 16th, I would be eternally grateful.
  3. Curious about the other winner, there doesn't seem to be an entry with his name on anywhere.
  4. This news kind of hit me like a steam train, I knew he was ill, and that he was pretty bad, but always hoped that he would rally and pull out of it. Sadly, that was not to be. I first met this force of nature in Birmingham, 17th May 2007, at my first Mika gig. He was so bouncy all day in the queue, we got separated in the venue, but met afterwards outside, and he invited the very first MFC pic with Mika in (who told us the best way to pose for a photo was to say 'potato', cue 20 people shouting potato while the pic was taken ?) We met many times down the years, he led us astray at his 'local' gig in Newcastle, in Blackpool we had KFC at 1am after Mika played at the Radio 2 show (this was known that night as chicken on a bench, which reduced him to tears of laughter after a few pints?) We flew to Portugal together a few years back, which was just one long laugh the whole flight, walk through the airport and to the hotel. The last gig we saw together was in Madrid, which was an amazing weekend with many amazing people (you know who you are), we got front row and Mikas face had the biggest smile when he spotted him, I think that made David's trip. So many gigs hanging out, the boombox blasting out Mika songs at Brixton before the show, various costumes as pics here have shown (SO many costumes), Doncaster Christmas show, Eden Project sing along, which Mika heard from the stage while sound checking. All good times. We always missed each other when I had jobs that took me to Sunderland, always promising each other to make it next time, but never did. Chats on Twitter about the football, teasing each other when Sunderland met Liverpool, but never mad if either lost, always good natured banter about it. Good long chats about work and family on Wassup, he was always chatty. Always made me laugh and smile. He was very fond of his mum, a lovely lady, looked after her well, loved talking about her. It felt like I knew her, but first chatting to her a couple of months back, when we lost contact with David, I was nervous, worried she might find me a bit intrusive. But she was as lovely as David described her, and we have had quite a few chats recently, keeping up with his condition. This week the conversations more heartbreaking, as you can imagine. I now find myself on Twitter seeing things that I would retweet to David, and having to stop myself, and it's hard. And with Wimbledon on next week, knowing he would have been getting excited for it, makes it harder. I have lost my friend, one of my good friends, one of my best friends. It doesn't feel real. I keep thinking he will jump out and tweet 'Surprise, anyone want a coffee ☕ ' But I know it won't happen. And that hurts. So I want to raise a cup or glass, whichever you prefer, to my friend, and to quote Mika 'it was the best time I ever had' R.I.P. FREDDIESDOUBLE
  5. Darn, I was hoping for a win a boat competition, like the Lozza sunglasses one
  6. I didn't think we were posting pics of Andy? I know he doesn't take pics with fans, so I'm guessing this pic was taken at a private party.
  7. I will be happy if he does a show at Blenheim Palace. There is nothing stopping him.
  8. My bank account could certainly cope with it.
  9. One good thing that came out of this, was that quite a lot of UK fans had emerged, that I haven't noticed before, and i had nice conversations with a few. So I'm hoping I can navigate them this way, with a bit of luck.
  10. I'm not sure that these people were disgruntled BBC ex employees, just people watching Pointless Celebrities, which is a popular show on Saturday nights. Mika wasn't the only person getting attacked, Jeremy Vine (who won the quiz with Jo Whiley) got quite a bit of flak too, as he hosts another quiz show during the week after the regular Pointless show. It is more of a specialised quiz, and because he didn't do great on the category he picked, he was getting torn to pieces on FB. As well as that, the show on after, Let It Shine, which is Gary Barlows new audition show to find 5 guys to make a boyband for a musical he is writing for the West End, got a bit of a hammering too, even though it actually beat the new series of The Voice in the tv ratings. This happens a lot to shows in the UK, it comes from the X Factor culture here, where unless you are a reality show star, you are nothing to this new breed of viewers, hence why I don't watch a lot of these shows. Like Melody, I wasn't sure that using the falsetto so much was such a good idea. He didn't do it so much on The Art Of Song, and it sounded much better. but it was SOOO good to see him back on tv here, I wasn't too bothered by it at the time. Only when I saw some of the harsh comments written, that I thought perhaps it wasn't his best move to come back to UK tv with.
  11. Well I have always loved the song, and I do like this version too. It keeps all the elements from the original, which is great
  12. It's, more to do with the fact that he won't promote himself properly over here, like he does in those countries. Every album that has come out over here, since TBWKTM, promo here has got pretty much non existent He barely did any for TOOL, and only 1 tv appearance and a couple of radio slots, and only 1 show. He used to do full on promo, and tours like he has been doing in France and Italy in the UK. But it's like he has given up for some reason. That is what is sad.