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  1. ico

    holaaa,, que tal¿? hace mucho que no te conectas

  2. hola! soy latina tambien!! :D

  3. Hola BlackQueen! Te acordas de mi? Veo que todavia posteas :) yo hace muchisimo que no. Has vuelo a ver a Mika?





  4. He should be ashamed of the whole song. It's rubbish
  5. hello Allegra! how's life? Have you had a chance to see Mika again?



  6. Wow, the drawings are beautiful, it will become a collectible item for sure. I hope to buy it.
  7. I love the video, much better than We Are Golden, which I hated.
  8. I would expect to see Grace Kelly in a "best songs" list but not in this.
  9. Reading the bible is good, even if you're not christian, it has some good messages and stories.