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  1. ... Right Now? I'm listening to Grace Kelly
  2. My sister was insistent on buying his album, and as we live in the same house, we didn't both need to get it, but now she wants me to buy it off of her as she said 'it sounds like one big screech'!! How can she say that!?! lol
  3. Thanks for the welcomes
  4. I have the Grace Kelly video. thats all, but I may add more soon
  5. I've sent a couple of songs to a mate, and she loved them, so I did my bit with that Other friends seem to like him anyway, so no convertion needed!
  6. Hi! I'm Tanya, I'm 18 from London I first heard Mika on the exclusive playign on the radio back in November, and fell in love with the song 'Grace Kelly' instantly! I've since heard a load of other songs of his, and thought i'd sign up here to get to know more about the man!