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  1. I really like their new album. Pretty much every song is amazing.
  2. Ah, I love Nightwish! I loved their stuff with Tarja and their newest album with Annete(sp) as well.
  3. LICM is a great album, but I think people shouldn't really take that poll too seriously. Look through the list and you'll see multiple entries by Girls Aloud and even a Jonas Brothers entry in very high positions...I'm just sayin'...
  4. I've just added MIKA_OBSESSED and musicfreak to the member's list in the first post of the thread. ...I've not been around in awhile, but I should be here more often now. So what does everyone think of all the awesome albums coming out from great classic rock bands? I love Whitesnake's 'Good to be Bad' and Asia's 'Phoenix' and I've just picked up a copy of Def Leppard's new album. I'm also looking forward to the albums Michael Schenker Group (Schenker used to be a guitarist for the Scorpions) and Queen + Paul Rodgers are releasing this year.
  5. Haha. Simon is awesome. He called her something like that, yes. I think she sang 'Proud to be an American' just so the judges wouldn't trash her. ...And am I the only one who thinks that Paula is overly medicated?
  6. Whoa, an Archeology thread?! I'm getting ready to change my major to anthropology and archeology is probably going to be the area I choose for my focus.
  7. I can't stand Kristy! Out all the contestants, she's really boring.
  8. Really looking forward to the album and tour. (even though the word is that they probably won't get around to touring in the States until next year) Word is that the album is going to be either 'Rock the Cosmos' or 'The Cosmos Rocks'...I really hope it's the former, because the latter is pretty awful.
  9. I wouldn't really trust Q's articles on Queen, as the obituary (if you could call that piece of garbage one) that they did on Freddie after he died was the most vile, contemptuous thing I've ever read. That said, I think it would have been pretty easy for the others to believe Freddie was not gay, as Mary Austin was his girlfriend until the late 1970's. Post-Mary, however, I think the others caught on.
  10. There's a few Aerosmith songs I really like (Dream On is one of the greatest rock songs ever) and Steven Tyler is an awesome singer and frontman.
  11. He really does! This is the first time I've actually ever seen any of the Queen guys' kids.
  12. ...Paul Rodgers sings in Say It's Not True? I swore it was just Roger and Brian...
  13. Ooooh, Mika's going to be here at the House of Blues! I might have to go to this if I can get tickets.