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  1. I also wanted to offer a chicken to Mika :mikadas: but I missed him so it'll be for next time :wink2:

  2. You're welcome :) So how was it?

  3. Hello :sneaky2: Bet you are sleeping now!!! I am still awake - and am going out to the shop!!!! Catch you again soon :wink2::wub2:

  4. Wendi

    Going to answer your private message shortly - didn't even know it was here. Don't get email notifications now, for some reason lol :wub2:

  5. Thanks for my birthday wishes :wub2:

  6. Thanks for my birthday messages :wub2:

  7. Thanks for my chicken cake :das::wub2:

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope u have a great day!

  9. exps39605_TH1193306D67.jpg

    And...a very Mikhappy birthday to you dear Wendy :huglove:

  10. I like it when you stalk me :woot_jump::lmfao:

    I'm off to the beach to swim, the weather is lovely for once it doesn 't rain :wink2:

  11. Happy birthday, dear Wendi! :huglove:

  12. kath

    Always good to see you Wendy:huglove:

  13. Happy birthday :)

  14. Scotland in winter is blooming cold - please find us a warm date Mika
  15. :wink2: Just stalking you :sneaky2::wub2:
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