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  1. Seems to be attitude awards. Not that we can get in, but mystery solved.
  2. I’m pretty short and have been able to see from further back, it’s a pretty good venue for that. As I remember it, there are also some spots at the back that are a bit elevated with a barrier in front but don’t take my word for that as I might confuse it with one of the other levels.
  3. I’ve got an extra, sent you a pm.
  4. Okay got my tickets xD London gigs are always fun, even if a bit overpriced xD
  5. Got my tickets for Madrid and I’m all happy now! Thank you Deb and everyone else who tried to help me
  6. I’m only borderline desperate right now, will be very desperate if the Madrid code doesn’t work lol. But if you do have a spare then...
  7. This whole nothing works (for me at least) stress situation is giving me flashbacks to 10 years ago and reminding me why I left. I’ll give it another try in 2029, it was nice to see you all again xD
  8. If they’re not asking a code for Luxembourg then maybe Luxembourg is the place for me xD I’d have preferred Madrid, but I’m always up for a random adventure
  9. Ay. Thought there was just one in January? Surely he could squeeze another continent in before that xD Okay maybe not...
  10. I’m having the problem that I didn’t get my code. Is there any way to solve that?
  11. What are the chances of this being in January when I’m there?
  12. Gotta love that this is pretty much twice the price we paid for the same venue when he was at the peak of his fame. I’m gonna sit this one out.
  13. I’m not all that pissy about having preordered the album, I’d obviously have bought it either way, but I am kinda annoyed that I’m now even further behind in the queue to get London tickets, as everyone else seems to have their codes.
  14. Seriously, am I the only one who preordered the album and didnt get a code? I guess it’s my usual luck and all, but I just really wonder what I did wrong. I did receive a confirmation of the order 🤔