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  1. This is gonna be a long post so stay with me! I'm another who hasn't been here for ages but when I heard about Freddie (David) I had to come here (after I actually composed myself) and just remind people of the amazing person he was.. and always will be in our hearts of those that knew him. Freddie was MIKA's No.1 fan.. you guys might think you are but nope, that was him 100%. This forum wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him setting it up with another guy. It was just an idea and was Freddie who made it a reality!!!! My first gig was also my Birthday so Freddie decided
  2. The Aldelphi holds 1,500 people so will be a big show in London on October 19th. I fell asleep after listening to Metro radio for hours so missed that interview... (Was confused as no presenter on the show called Kenny D?) Fingers crossed he does a show in Newcastle aswell as Scotland. That lady wasn't going to let him out of the studio before he said there would be a show. Exciting times xx
  3. I heard this as a tiny clip on iTunes and was kinda sad. It was just a bunch of words that rhyme all strung together. NOW.... I've heard the whole song and what a difference!!! I now love this song! The video too being just M. It's look at me... I can sing! I'm not just a tv celebrity who comments on others' singing. He looks vulnerable but I like that. The black and white makes it edgy too. I do miss the 'candy pop' but he like us all, has grown up and moved on. I'm liking the new MIKA vids if this is one of many. The song to me has the same vibe as 'Kids' but is more of an ear worm as i
  4. I won't know till I open my eyes tomorrow for definate but looking good to go!!!!!! I won't be there till late so will meet everyone afterwards. Soooooooooo excited!! Just hope all goes to plan now! xxx
  5. I could have a debate about how one person thinks they have the right to dominate the content of every post on this thread...when most of what is being said is just nonsense. Instead, i will just say ...If people have a problem me mentioning the gifts bestowed on SOME Mfcers in the same thread as the people who were at the Winners show then really ... Pity about you. Team MIKA wonder why people who have been here from the start have stopped posting. Here I rest my case! I have refrained from using coloured text on this post. I haven't realised it is hard to read before as so many membe
  6. I feel the need to post! I want to Thank the people who were at the NOT SO Secret Show because by their pix and video footage means that EVERYONE gets to see what happened. They could have not talked, took pix/vid and it all been hush hush but it wasn't and for that I am thankful. Yes there was a camera there so might be on Mikasounds... Who knows?? There are plenty of shows that get filmed that nobody ever sees... Even when Meeks says we will. All this resentment is futile. When have any MIKA competitions gone as they should have? I for one, have had first experience of that (Parc DES Pr
  7. so why wait?? why the discretion? why didn't they email and announce at the same time ...the phrase with the words Piss up and brewery come to mind... yet another unorganised competition...Make sure those WITH emails get their prizes as winners don't always mean prizes!!(no, why should I forget..huh??) would have helped if they actually issued the points they were supposed too...tshirt comp for instance...CD's that wouldn't work!! hey ho..that is life when comps are 'organised' by Mikasounds So hope it was an MFCer who won be good to see some smiles around here!
  8. Contact Music reporting same story nothing new... http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/mika-devastated-after-sister-is-impaled-in-fall_1171297 I personally still can't believe such a thing can happen, but on the plus point she is ALIVE and is SO LUCKY to be. It will just take time now to heal. I wish her all the positive thoughts I can xxxxxx
  9. My heart goes out to Paloma. She is a lovely girl with a big heart. I am not surprised MIKA is in such a state. Bad enough it being someone you don't know and having to witness what happened.. but being your sister!!! All I can say ...M and your family are in so many people's prayers and thoughts, especially mine and hoping that everything goes well and Paloma heals well and fast. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. I've moved your Freaks/Fokkers thread to the Members Chat section, as anything to do with MFC groups doesn't apply to casual lurkers - only to registered members. :thumb_yello:

  11. I have decided to step down as REP for England. I feel I am not a good role model for Newbies as my threads/posts seem to be the only the controversial ones??? and when trying to help new fans/people get told am a **** stirrer...it doesn't look too good now does it. I am too ill to play at schoolground games. Comments here there and everywhere bout me NOT being ill when frankly I am it may not be obvious but all you have to do is ask. Good Luck to whomever takes over!..hope you won't need it! daisylou x x x
  12. Nooooo don't do it!! WE will get 0 points even if it is the best thing ever...it is all tactical voting and sure was a fluke the years we actually won. We love you and would hate to hear people saying how **** you are cos you wrote it. Blame it on MIKA hmmm has a good ring to it lol
  13. Last night i didn't realise (till read BlueSky's message) that Freddie is like MIKA playing Dr John he wears 2 hats. He has given up his ADMIN hat BUT will still be wearing a MOD hat. This is right?? I don't think alot of members realised this either from what they wrote. When Fred wrote he is still gonna be part of the Team... it didn't clarify he was staying as 'heirarchy'..i for one thought he meant all in this together type team. NOW i understand why the MODS were subdued with their empathy....see without ALL the facts (they obviously knew he was still a MOD and gonna be here) it's har
  14. Well said Kath!! I remember when there wasn't anything on the inernet about Meeks and would wait ..for hours.. on here for a snippet of info as he was so new..now photos get photoshopped and there it is an information overload of MIKA on Inet. funny how things change not always for the better..but good for MIKA, he suceeded in being a star! To Silver and Mary I am just saying how I understood Robi's message. Maybe different people have a different opinion..suppose that is what makes us human? I am not being nasty to Robi in any way!!! so no need to jump down my throat. ..just saying
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