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  1. I owe Mika a big THANK YOU! I'd never heard of Patrick Wolf before. I just got on YouTube and checked him out. He's amazing. I'm definitely buying his albums. How cool!
  2. This is just who I am, This ain't a greater plan to break your heart or me. I think this is actually: This is just who I am This ain't a creative plan to break your heart over me And maybe: But my troops are bigger than yours 'Cos you'll never stand my fight. is But my dreams are bigger than yours You'll never stop my fight What do you guys think?
  3. Wow, no kidding. I think those were my favorite Mika performances I've seen yet! He is amazing just alone with a piano. That's sooooo rare.
  4. I am constantly amazed at how good he sounds live! Thanks for posting that.
  5. I think it's sad that him being gay or bi could actually be an issue for the public. It would be nice if we could move beyond the prejudice so that the question would be no more scandalous than what his middle name is, you know? I've watched so many friends struggle with the question of how to handle being 'in' or 'out' and wondering how it will affect their jobs, and it's probably no different for Mika if he is gay.
  6. Delilah


    Isn't that fantastic? I still haven't heard him on the radio, but I keep hoping. Of course, it might help if I'd stop listening to his CD long enough to listen to the radio, lol.
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    Thanks for the welcome, guys! If any of you are from the queenonline forum, I'm Delilah there too.
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    I'm just another Queenonline member who's been seduced by Mika. I followed a link on that forum to Mika's myspace page and was hooked at the first listen to Grace Kelly. I'm now annoying people in the US about him.