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  1. Yeah, we will all go away for another few years. You are right though, this place used to full of lively debate and argument. And more interesting for it IMO.
  2. No I don't know, but I think it's a fair assumption as none of these songs have been released in the UK, I am also sorry for the effect that this has had on Jemma and on principle I object to being subjected to French language songs I don't want to hear when we get so few gigs in the UK these days, but people are very much mistaken if they think this has affected me (or my friends) in any other way. I've seen Mika a lot, I've been to some great gigs, done some interesting things in Mikaland and it was all mostly fun at the time. I haven't been so keen on the direction his career has been going for some time and slowly but surely my interest in Mika has waned. I've met some lifelong friends through Mika, which I can't thank him enough for. I've also enjoyed this thread, it's been quite like old times.
  3. Aww bless you. I hope you get an opportunity to see him soon!
  4. No problem! He can play as many gigs and sing as many French songs as he likes there! Hooray, problem solved.
  5. Wow what a world disaster that would be! Call in the United Nations. Get a grip. Jemma, you have caused an international incident!
  6. You know I don't see the problem, he does so many gigs in France where he presumably sings more French songs and talks in French. If people love the French songs so much, just go to a French gig. There are plenty to choose from and those gigs would be nearer for most of the people who want to hear French songs. One gig in the UK in 3 or 4 years? It really is not too much to ask for him to sing and speak in English. It may be, in your view, the special nature of his fans, but the majority of a UK audience are just not interested , they want to hear songs they are familiar with or barring that at least ones they can understand. YOU don't understand how "fans" can criticize. I don't understand how "fans" unconditionally accept everything a performer does, good or bad and make excuses for them.
  7. Sadly I would say these things to peoples' faces. Maybe that's why I am Billy No Mates. I also do believe Mika was hurt by the incident in some small way but more along the lines of the truth hurts. I'm sure he'd like everyone to love everything he does and this was just a small reminder that they don't and aren't shy about saying so. He really should have expected it , the audiences in the UK have always heckled and told him what they really thought. I was watching a tv show last night with celebrities ( actors, comedians and singers) and they were all asked what their worst experience of heckling was. One comedian said that someone had mooned at her from the front row. . So you see it's just not unusual. I have no idea what it's like in other countries.
  8. Nina, you are a lovely lady and I am sure you do lots of things well. Don't be so hard on yourself. And I know you love animals, you will always be high on my list for that alone.
  9. Well that's his job. We all can have a bad day at the office if we have cocked up but sometimes we just have to front it out, bite the bullet, get on with things in our chosen profession. I'm sure he will be fine.
  10. Ha! I must say I have never felt that sorry for Mika whatever tale he spun. Seems to me like he and his family have always been considerably richer than me and he's always had a large and doting family around him to support him.
  11. I think I am out of the habit of posting on forums now, I keep getting my spelling wrong. . For some reason this emoji reminds me of Kata.
  12. Yang , "suck it up" really just means something like "accept it" or "deal with it". The pictures you have posted, I would say are more like the phrase " kissing ass" or in the UK "brown nosing". Personally I don't find any of them particularly rude but if any, the last is the most offensive. I still reserve the right to use it though!